Big Brother Spoilers – Derrick -“it’s going to be close.. too close.. do you trust Christine?”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-08 16-56-55-759
4:49pm FIREROOM Frankie, Amber and Jocasta
Frankie tells her it’s going to be 6-6, Zach is going home. Jocasta says she’s shocked that she’s being called a floater alread.
Frankie – “It’s week 2”
Amber – “Who said that” Jocasta won’t say.
Frankie warns her to not tell a soul what her vote is it’s very important. Frankie says Victoria will vote to evict Zach because she’s terrified of Devin. Caleb rolls in
Jocasta tells them Devin is ready to get hot and heavy with Brittany
Frankie is amazed how fast things move in the house.

BB16-2014-07-08 17-14-48-8315:07pm Backyard Devin and POWPOW
Devin says he didn’t use the VETO on her because he just couldn’t send Brittnay home she sacrificed so much “I didn’t want her to go home feeling it was all for nothing.. as much as she put it to the side and got flak for being here she should stay longer.. I couldn’t do that to a single mom I was raised by a single mom”
Devin says he’s still going to go to bat for POW and do what everyone he can to protect her.. He suggests she doesn’t campaign this week just be herself , Be your sweet self and help out.
Devin tells her she’s got his vote. Devin understand she got upset with him that is why he tried to talk to her before hand.
POW – Did Zach apologize yet
Devin – no i don’t expect him to I don’t have any hard feelings towards him.. If he came and apologized I would say the exact same thing.. No hard feelings.

BB16-2014-07-08 17-24-52-370
5:17pm Hammock Amber and Christine
Amber – Frankie said it’s a 6-6 vote”
Amber spills the beans to Christine says Jocasta it voting out Zach.
Christine says Nicole is voting out POWPOW, “I can’t convince her.. because the excuse of him saying he wants to go home doesn’t work and because she wants the people out that Zach wants out”
Nicole joins them
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BB16-2014-07-08 17-25-43-903

5:23pm Frankie and Caleb
Caleb is hoping when the show is over Amber will share her feelings to him, “She’s opening up a little bit.. she came up to me and gave me a hug.. She tickled my stomach..,. it’s a start”
Frankie – Yup”
Caleb – ‘My head is wrapped around the game I know she’s not going to say or do nothing”
Frankie – “yup”
Caleb asks Frankie to “Plant the seed” in Amber telling her to tell Caleb how she feels about him before one of them gets voted out.
Caleb – “She might be straight up”
Frankie – ‘Mmmmm hmmm “
Caleb brings up the dream again about Amber and his mom going to McDonalds and the order was wrong.Frankie says Nicole is not voting Zach to stay, “My gut is saying 6-6 and we all know what Devin will do unless he was another emotional crisis.. it’s going to be Cody.Hayden vs you and Devin”
Caleb – “they’ll lose”
Frankie – “YUP”
Caleb adds that they are at the point now if you don’t vote with the alliance you are out.

BB16-2014-07-08 17-56-23-725

5:45pm Storage room Christine and Nicole
Christine – “I want Zach to stay.. so I’m convincing .. Jocasta is voting Zach to go.. so I’m convincing Victoria “
Nicole – “I already convinced her this morning”
Christine – “Are you sure.. what time”
Nicole – ‘6 AM”
Christine – ‘At 9am she was voting Zach out.. we need to convince her to vote Zach out”
Nicole – “Oh we do”
Christine – “ya it’s 5 against 7”
Christine runs the votes to keep Zach.. Christine, Derrick, Cody, Nicole, Hayden, Brittany says they need 7

BB16-2014-07-08 18-00-16-704

5:41pm BEEHIVE Brittany and Derrick
He compliments her on the Slop cookies.
Brittany tells him she doesn’t trust Frankie, “I heard Frankie talking to Caleb today saying we have to win HOH to get our bird nest back”
Derrick says he wants to keep Zach but will vote with the ouse. Brittany thinks it will be a close vote but she believes Zach will stay.
Derrick says he doesn’t trust Nicole or Hayden because they knew POWPOW made the deal to throw the competition. Derrick says Nicole is playing the floating game she’s doing whatever the person in power tells her to do, ‘that girl never talks game.. those type of people you have to get out early if you don’t they will win half a million dollars” Derrick says Nicole will 100% put up Derrick and Brittany, “she won’t put up Cody because she infatuated with him.. she’s not putting up Devin and Caleb because she’s scared. Derrick and Brittany agree to not put each other up Brittany doesn’t care if she is the only vote she won’t do it. The only two people she shares everything with is Cody and Derrick. Derick would be happy to make it to the end with Brittany and Cody but warns Cody is playing the game just like they are.
They agree Jocasta will put up the younger screw up kids before they put them up. Brittany again says she doesn’t trust Frankie.
Derrick – “Frankie is playing neutral game he’s all over the place”
Brittany thinks Nicole will put up Victoria and maybe Zach.
Derrick doesn’t think Zach will put them up but POW will put them up, ‘that why Devin wants to keep her because Devin made a deal with her”
Brittany says Caleb told her he loves POW, Derrick “Of course she’s legit”
Brittany thinks Nicole will put up Zach, Amber and Victoria. Brittany adds that Nicole is easy to talk to .
Derrick tells her it was because of him that Victoria didn’t go up this week. Brittany wants to keep Victoria around even though she drives her insane.
Brittany counts the votes to keep Zach: Cody, Nicole, Christine, Derrick, Victoria, Hayden and Brittany. Brittany is going to start working on Jocasta, Derrick warns her to watch out make sure it doesn’t mess up her game.
Brittany doesn’t trust Zach but it’s better to keep him here for her game. Derrick -All you should care about if Zach wins HOH he’s putting up Caleb and Devin.
Derrick -“it’s going to be close.. too close.. I’m going to keep talking to Donny to he talks game a bit now”

BB16-2014-07-08 18-14-43-401
6:13pm Kitchen
Derrick – Zach and POW.. do we have the votes
Cody – Christine says we do
Derrick – do you trust her Christine dude
POW walks in
BB16-2014-07-08 18-21-12-9556:06pm Devin and Frankie HOH
Devin says he’s sure he’ll be nominated soon and he knows the target can’t get any bigger on him. Frankie gives Devin a update for of the votes, Hayden, Cody and Nicole are voting out POW. Devin says he doesn’t know he can trust Caleb anymore but he will never put him up. Caleb’s constant talking about himself and Amber is starting to get to him. “I’m good with Caleb from a game standpoint” Frankie says Caleb’s constant talk about Amber is the sweetest most gentle things the problem is it’s consuming him. Devin says Caleb doesn’t know how to play this game.

BB16-2014-07-08 18-45-37-154

BB16-2014-07-08 18-45-28-491

6:47pm Eating and pool

Wheres the vote?

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smd nicole

why is nobody adding donny to the people voting out pow pow? i thought he said he would! this is going to be so great thursday I’m so excited! and i love how devin is getting annoyed with caleb for constantly talking about a girl….. sounds familiar huh?


that is so hilarious.

I don’t even know what the votes are or what Frankie’s scheming is getting the votes to do. If he really wanted Zach to stay, messing with people’s votes is not the way to ensure that happens. i hope Christine keeps Zach and stops saying she’s scared of everyone. She’s scared of Devin too, and Zach would put Devin up on the block, so why not want to keep him. altho maybe SHE’s lying when she says she’s scared of him bleh

This is one of the first BBs since BBCAN2 where there is real uncertainty to how people will vote. so glad we can stop the house consensus voting which is so boring.


Frankie (and Christine) are trying to orchestrate the votes so there’s a 7-5 split. That way they can tell each side they voted with them. There plan is to float in the middle & blame the votes on other people.

Personally I hate when people do this because 1) things never work as planned, it’s too easy for people to sway & send home someone they don’t really want to send home and 2) it’s too easy to caught & create a bigger target on their backs. Frankie & Christine are assuming the houseguests aren’t going to talk to each other (just because Frankie told them not to), but they always do & people are usually smart enough to figure out who voted for whom. It’ll just make Frankie & Christine look like liars that have been manipulating everyone.


damn…I got a freakin’ headache with this vote count. I rather hear Devin mumbling to himself than hearing everyone else in the house right now going to each other in how they are gonna vote. Derrick needs to chill. ever since this team america thing all he does is talk, talk, talk and talk. it’s now this one big whole house alliance in how they are gonna vote. someone needs re-throw a monkeywrench and gather a group that will vote zach off, which will really piss everyone who were manipulated into voting to keeping him. I don’t even think Devin gives a F if Zach leaves or not. he’s love struck with Brittney now.


Devin’s just upset because when Caleb is constantly talking about Amber he (Devin) can’t constantly talk about Brittany.


Am I missing something with Christine? Or is she working it? I have no idea what her vote is and I thought Nicole was pro keeping Zach. For the love of…I can’t keep it straight.
PS – Is Derrick really worried about Nicole? I like him and Brittany teaming up and hope it sticks, I think it will.

Derrick is SMART

He’s been onto Nicole’s sneaky game since Day 1. Remember he’s the one that told Amber to nominate Nicole and Hayden.


Except Nicole isn’t playing a “sneaky” game. In fact, it’s so stupid of Derrick to be putting seeds of doubt into people’s minds about Nicole because Derrick is in an alliance with Cody, and Cody is super close to Nicole. If Nicole wanted Derrick out, which she doesn’t, then Cody would know about it before it happened and could work to prevent it from happening. Or, if Derrick wanted someone else out, he could use Cody to work on Nicole for her vote.

Again, it’s just stupid. He’s preoccupied with someone who’s not a threat to him and it could easily blow up his game. What if Cody or Brittany, who both talk to Nicole a lot, tell Nicole that Derrick is after her. Derrick would have single handily created a target for himself and Nicole has people like Hayden and Christine close to her that would easily turn on Derrick as well.

not Devin's bro

I really hope Zach stays and sends devin packing next week.


Devin needs to leave so that I can rule the house. #Devin’sQueen4POWER

Frankies Bleached Bhole

Come on you skallywags just knuckle up and send that lil pow wow home. Or casually get picked off one by one.


Okay exactly where is the vote at? It looks like Zach is staying but I get really confused…


I hate that pig-faced cop Derrick. Why does he keep throwing Nicole under the bus? They are always blatant lies. Nicole wouldn’t put nominate Devin or Caleb? In what world? And how is she at all like Andy from BB15?


Let me know if this sounds right so far:

Votes to keep Zach:

Votes to keep POW:

Donny – None of the people saving Zach are counting him in their vote, and he seems close to both POW and Jocasta, but I *want* to believe that he is planning to keep Zach.
Derrick – Probably going to save Zach, but the whole America’s vote is making him paranoid. He might flip if he becomes convinced that Zach is leaving.
Christine – I can’t tell if she’s going for the “save Zach” or trying to go along with Frankie’s plan of somehow staying in the middle and adjusting their votes to make it a 7-5 decision.
Frankie – Let me know if this is right. He wants to keep Zach but also wants to orchestrate a 7-5 vote so that he can go back to Caleb and Devin and tell them that he voted with them (otherwise why would he tell Jocasta not to tell her vote to anyone). There’s a good chance he will vote against Zach while still knowing that Zach will stay.


I’m confused, is Christine playing Both sides of the house? Who’s she truly working with? Ahhhhhh i can’t predict who’s going home. Too many flip floppers!!


Holy crap this is confusing! It will be so close! I’m having a hard time following who is and isn’t voting for who.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for trying to follow this on a severe lack of sleep. These house guests NE VER all sleep at the same time!


I am so glad I’m not the only one. I can’t keep up at all. 🙂


My hate for Frankie grows more and more each day. Literally like having Andy in the house again. Straight up rat.


Flunkie is a bigger rat than Andy and more annoying than Wil. I didn’t think that was possible.


And frankie is sucking devin’s D so hard right now it’s pathetic. They forgot to mention donny. Who is he voting out? x__x


There is a condom missing…

Amanda's dog Woofy

If Caleb had to choose between Amber & a Big Mac Combo, it would be a tough call. A nd Frankie may be unlikely to “plant a seed” in Amber.

Jimmy 64

Hey Simon & Dawg and everyone else when you are watching
BBAD .does anyone else want to put a hit on the Sorrentino family?

Ugh, Another Sorrentino Commercial

Devin has added the Sorrentinos to The Bomb Squad as well.
But that stays between us bro.
Yeah Bro, 120% for sure dude!!


The biggest mystery is Frankie. He’s thinking about his game not trusting Zach so much at this point and aligning with flashy players, yet it’s like he wants a house divided and hostile so that’s were he has more influence.

Big ass double-decker BUS

Why does my name get thrown into every conversation? I’m just rolling along and don’t have it out for anyone. But why do I keep crushing these HG’s that are thrown in my path? Seriously, I can’t drive a block without an HG being thrown under my wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Haha clever!


I was just looking at the “joker’s updates” and “hamsterwatch” sites because I’ve heard the houseguests mention them fairly often, but I like this site so much better. Just wanted to thank you guys. Great work!


HAHA The funny moment when Victoria realizes that Frankie is singing his sisters music lol. I wonder if anyone will put two and two together.


As much I love Britanny… Zack needs to go.


why exactly does he need to go?


This is so exciting!!! Actually not knowing what’s going to happen…..great season so far! Don’t be hating people, but I think Caleb is more unstable than Devin. The boy cannot have a conversation about anything but Amber..


Ultimately, the vote comes down to Donny, Victoria, and Frankie. If 2 out of the 3 people vote to keep Zach, he’s safe. Donny’s a mystery guy but I see him to be more likely to vote out Zach due to him thinking its “best for my game” Victoria could easily be flipped by Derrick or Frankie but is too afraid to do so by herself. Which leads me to Frankie, who is a huge question mark. This weeks going to be interesting but is Pao remains in the house I’m going to be disappointed in quite a few HG’s.


Good god… most of these people change their mind at the drop of a hat. Heres a strange idea… keep your mouth shut about game for a little bit and have a little fun. You still have till thursday to make up you mind. So why risk alienation with the entire house by changing your mind every 10 minutes. I guess since they are all pretty much doing it, it’s not as risky but it sure is confusing.

Don't like frankie

When the show first started, I loved Frankie, I wanted him to get far. Now, I want him out of the house. #TEAMZACH. Frankie is a backstabbing annoying little thing, zach was loyal to you, Frankie. Now I want zach to stay. I don’t know what it is, but something in me is making me really wang zach to stay. Like I need him to stay. Pow pow is useless to everyone. She’s not athletic and she’s not smart. She’s a floater.


Frankie is looking haggard; he’s been working so hard, poor duck (sarcasm intended).


Wait! The HG’s havent even asked Simon and Dawg where their vote is going yet!

If I ever get on BBCAN My shout-outs will be going to you two! I am in total agreement with comment up there – this site is the best of any out there IMO! My newspaper everyday for anything I miss or dont understand! Thanks for all you do!


Me too. I want to get on the show and give a shout-out to Simon and Dawg!

The Truth

Frankie has figured out the best way to respond to Caleb’s non-stop comments about Amber is with ” Yup and mmm hmm” That way you never truly confirm or deny the validity of Caleb’s statements.
Good job Frankie.