Christine needing to eat gluten free says if she’s a havenot she’ll only eat Milk & Water!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber


9:45am – 11:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Brittany, Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta are in the bathroom getting ready for the live eviction day. In the kitchen Zach, Derrick, Devin, Cody and Frankie are chatting and making breakfast. Donny walks through and says this will be my first dump in the HOH room! Frankie says who wants to sh*t in my HOH room!! Devin heads up to the picnic table to watch over his peasants. Cody comments that 11:15am Big Brother will call them up to the HOH room for the usual live eviction day HOH lock down. Chirstine tells Cody that he looks scary when he wakes up. Cody laughs and says that was mean! Christine says all of you guys look intimidating in the morning. Derrick talks about how at 11:45pm tonight the havenots will get it cracking and start cooking something up to eat at 12am when they’re off havenots. They ask Christine what she would eat if she’s a havenot. Christine says milk and water. Derrick wonders if they would give her gluten free slop. Christine says probably not since they asked me if I was okay not having gluten free food and I said I was okay with it. Derrick says just so you know I won’t ever put you on slop. Christine says it would be a good 7 day fast that’s for sure. Derrick says my wife would slap me if I put you on slop. Caleb says I’ve never been a thief but if you don’t watch out I’ll steal your heart real quick! Jocasta comes out with a grapefruit and Caleb asks what is that?! Jocasta says a grapefruit. Caleb says he’s never seen one before. He says he’s seen one cut up but never whole before.

11am – 11:10am In the fire room – Amber and Cody comment on how they really don’t want to be locked up in the HOH room. Cody says I would rather be locked in here. Amber says to Cody that she doesn’t think either Pow or Zach deserve to be on the block. She says that Devin should be going home. Cody agrees. Donny joins them. Cody says I hope you get HOH Donny. Just thinking about the letter you’ll get I would be in tears. POW wakes up and says I just want to punch Devin in the face! The others laugh that those are the first words out of her mouth waking up. Pow asks which one of Devin’s personalities will we get today?! Big-Brother-16-2014-07-10 10-55-37-577 In the living room – Donny tells Jocasta that he is going to vote Zach out because he wants POW to stay. And I don’t think it will hurt me one bit because its not going to change anything. Jocasta says that she can’t vote to keep Zach either because of the comments he’s made. Big-Brother-16-2014-07-10 11-12-14-998 12:20pm The Live feeds are still blocked and likely won’t return until after the live eviction episode..
1:50pm – 2pm The live feeds return with the house guests still getting ready / cleaning the house for the live show tonight. Frankie trims Devin’s hair and then Derrick trims Frankie’s hair. In the havenot room – Victoria asks what was Frankie talking about? Derrick said that he just asked me if we were all still voting out Pow Pow? Derrick says I told him we are. He just wasn’t sure because he said you were asking. Victoria says I didn’t ask him. Derrick says he probably just got your name confused, don’t sweat it. They comment on how Pow Pow was up late with Caleb and Amber last night.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-10 14-17-40-697 Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds 2:20pm – 2:30pm In the fire room – Devin apologizes to Derrick for throwing him under the bus. Derrick says it didn’t have to be like that! You could have called me aside and talked to me. You’ve never heard anything I said about you did you?! Devin says no, I’m just trying to apologize. Derrick says I do want to be friends with outside the house and I appreciate you coming to me. Derrick says you blew up my game, we’re both here for the same reason. Frankie and Derrick say that the damage is done lets just leave it and move on. Devin says what hurt me was that you have a daughter and I have a daughter… and I dont like the things Zach said about me and my daughter and you’re keeping him here. Caleb enters the room. Devin says I am sorry for blowing things up. Derrick says it is what it is .. You will see something’s that I said about you after. Devin says I saw everyone getting called into the hive room and then you (Caleb) made a truce with Zach .. I felt like okay I’m not a part of this. Caleb tells him he still wants to be friends outside the house. Devin leaves the room. Derrick tells Caleb the beginning of the conversation. Derrick calls Devin a rat! I’m not working with him any more. Frankie says he’s poison! Derrick comments on how Devin apologized for making up lies about me but not to you guys. Derrick comments on how we have the votes Zach is staying.. Big-Brother-16-2014-07-10 14-20-54-478  

2:35pm In the hive room – Caleb talks to Zach and tells him about how Devin just apologized and hoped they could still be friends outside the house. Caleb brings up how Devin wants you gone because of the things you said about his daughter during the veto ceremony. Zach says didn’t say those things about his daughter, that was Pow Pow. Zach tells Caleb that he has his back and that they’ll go far. They leave the room. In the living room – Nicole asks Zach if she should dress sweet or feisty

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-10 14-32-12-513

2:50pm In the hive room – Devin is talking to Derrick. Derrick says when you burned me .. you might have cost me 500,000! If I make it all the way I’ll be able to forget about it but I might not make it that far now. You’re a good looking guy and some other people in here will have opportunities to do acting and modeling. But not me. This is strictly business for me. Devin says there was a bad period of my life where I couldn’t work because I got arrested. Derrick says I know you got the DUI. Devin says I got a couple more times other than that. Devin says out of everyone in the group it went Frankie and then you. When I heard about it, I felt left out. Derrick says its this game .. it makes you paranoid. Guys in the game self sabotage! You blew up the game and we had a cake walk to jury. Devin says what can we do?! Derrick leaves. Devin and Frankie talk. Devin says I didnt know it wasn’t set in stone. Frankie tells Devin the only thing he can do now is if Jocasta, Brittany or Donny win HOH … maybe you can direct this aim. Devin says all I can do is win comps.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-10 14-53-04-453

3:10pm In the fire room – Derrick tells Zach I think we’re golden. Derrick says you don’t f**k with a mans family or money! Derrick says I’ll go home before I work with Devin again. Zach agrees. In the kitchen – Devin talks about how he will mention his and Brittany’s kids if Julie Chen asks him a question. He goes and tells Brittany and she says that’s a good idea. He says he hope he doesn’t forget any because he’d feel bad.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-10 15-04-46-309

3:10pm Big Brother switches the live feeds back to Jeff Schroeder showing high lights of the season again .. The live feeds won’t be back again until after the live show tonight..

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144 thoughts on “Christine needing to eat gluten free says if she’s a havenot she’ll only eat Milk & Water!

  1. Devin’s not my favorite player but kinda feel bad for him, he’s taking all the blame when there were 7 other people in the BS who should be getting the same amount if not more blame than Devin, i hope he stays past next week cause with Devin in the house its just more entertaining.

      1. I totally see what you are saying. But he put SO MUCH EFFORT into making himself the underdog. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for him.

          1. He really is hilarious. We need to milk Devin and his antics for all he’s worth. I hope he stays for another two weeks or so, but tbh he’s probably on track to explode and self-evict within days at this point.

          2. It’s like watching a caveman play this game! There is no sophistication to his strategies. He is a total reactionary to everything that occurs in the house. But I do love the way he holds court and has everyone come to meet with him and he literally looks down upon his minions from the loft…..and he appears so proud of himself in all the interviews. Eight year olds have better long term strategies than Devin.

          3. Like watching a slow trainwreck, you know it’s going to end badly but you can’ t stop watching. I am betting that Devin handles not being in power even worse than he handled having all the power. Especially since he pissed off everyone in the house. I hope he is on slop and they give them something really gross as a HN item. There could be high drama this week! If everything is going against him I wouldn’t be shocked if he quit, citing his love for his daughter because he would probably rather go out that way and save his “integrity” than to be evicted.

            1. He may be just as entertaining as the underdog. Hopefully, he manages to save himself this week. I’d like to see him go on a winning streak like Frank from BB14.
              It’s possible that the new HOH will be a woman. They always go after the girls, so Amber could be the target. Watching Caleb go crazy trying to save Amber might be even more fun than Devin.

          4. Devin is my favorite HG. the entertainment of his lack of strategies.and social approach to the game is without a doubt unbelievably comical. Devin has a daughter is BB16 theme.

      2. I agree, despite the crazy, I still kinda like the guy and don’t want him out this early…the house gets boring when the mental and/or controversial houseguests leave. I like his different personalities, it’s like watching four houseguests in an alliance.

          1. I couldn’t watch the feeds of Devin alone in the storage room last night while everyone was in the living room laughing and talking. Yes he was a DBag but he had a DBag support team with Caleb/Amber/Frankie. It really was painful to watch.

      3. Well said Simon, I couldnt stand Devin at first but now that he is the underdog Im rooting for him.

    1. He’s taking all the blame, because his erratic behavior and game play are the reasons things fell apart. Let’s review…without consulting his alliance, he made a side deal with Pow Pow to make sure he could get Brittany out, when the alliance said they didn’t want to get rid of Brit, he made a separate side deal with Brit so he could get rid of Zach. That’s when the alliance decided he was the cancer in the group. He never cared what the consensus of his alliance was, he did all these things on his own. If he had just put up Victoria as a replacement, he would have been fine this week. He brought it all upon himself…no sympathy from me.

      1. But without all of that, it would’ve been a boring predictable week, he’s given us all a lot of WTF moments to enjoy.

        1. I doubt it would have been boring even if he had put up Victoria. His paranoia would have driven him to do some strange things. Plus, he wouldn’t have hidden in the HOH room all week, so he would have had a lot of interaction with the rest of the house. And from what we can tell in the first couple of weeks…Devin interacting with the other HG’s always produces drama.

          1. Next week may be the best one yet because he’ll probably be on slop and he can’t hide from everyone. Brittany may need an EPO (emergency protection order) against him next week.

      2. He never had an alliance for more then a min. Lol. When he went to get two girls they were already plotting to get him out. Because I know this and he does not, I say go for it. Do you. Cause cause they are after you big time.

      3. what show are you wathing cody and zach always wanted to get rid of devin from the start because they are weak and can’t win with him or caleb in the house but why not put up zach he was telling people he was going to out the alliance told devin to put him up and called women bad names but these people stand behind the first person that outed them. black and white thats all i got to say.

        1. Everyone needs to stop saying race crap it has nothing to do with race people hate devin because he is insane and only cares about his own game

        1. he assumed his alliance member wouldn’t take that and run with it. he assumed devin would understand that was his way of saying its not a big deal. devin took it further

          Zach is a total moron. doesn’t mean you listen to him and nom him, it was a stupid move. Zach=a vote

    2. Are you watching the feeds? Devin is 100% responsible for deciding to break up the alliance and put up Zak, because Zak admitted to saying bad things about Devin behind his back.

      1. again if youre in the game if somebody in your alliance is talking about you can you trust them and then dares hoh to put them up not good gameplay.devin is guilty of trying to hard to think this game through but why out the alliance when it was just devin that he had the problem with,so the next time zach gets put up is he going to out this band of dodo’s.i thouht they were going to get rid of the people not in there alliance so whats the big deal when devin put up brit,cause cody is crushing on her.they are not playing a smart game to many emotions for people who do not want to be with them and that includes devin.thay should have just accepted who devin was putting up and then when thay won hoh they put up whoever was not in their alliance does that make sense.

          1. yes he did!! And they didn’t do it!! It’s amazing! I don’t get why they didn’t but he was the grand master at it!!

    3. I think Pao is going home tonight but I can’t wait to see Devin blow a gasket when he is put on the block. They had better backdoor him because Mount Devin will go off.

    4. Devin was part of a group of 8 that when he got HOH and POV he didn’t consult with anyone in the alliance as to what their group plan was supposed to be. but i did feel kind of bad for him eating alone while everyone is doing the HOH practise.

  2. I hope Donny voting for Paola to stay won’t cause problems for his game going forward. A microphone necklace is not really worth risking your entire game. I don’t want Donny’s niceness to mess things up for him, he’s just so NICE. Good thing in life… Bad thing in BB.

    1. I don’t think so. They are respect Donny and he has told them straight up he is giving his vote to Pow because he’s close to her. They all said he should. Now that being said…. If it was his vote that kept pow in the house and sent Zach home,it might cause problems.

    2. Both Donny and BowTie have told the others why they can’t vote for Zach so they won’t be surprised and it won’t be held against them. The women are getting tired of Zach’s comments about women. They aren’t saving him because they like him. They are saving him to shift the power in the game.

  3. i would love to hear what is going through devins head right now! i hope he gets in a fight with caleb and the both get expelled

    1. Daughter, Single mother, Bro, Dude, Squad, Jury, Daughter, Brittany, Integrity

      those are the words floating in Devn’s head right now according to the OBB brain scanner

  4. What a week this has been! Thank you Devin for your complete lack of self awareness! This week 2 was crazy like last season however I only see this season getting better whether BB15 went completely downhill after Nicks blindside.

    1. Most likely the live feeds won’t be back until after the live episode airs. Last week the Live Feeds were blocked at 11:25am and didnt return until 7:30pm. There always a chance they’ll come but or have a live feed leak though…

      1. I know on BB feeds past we would sometimes see inside the HOH room during lockdowns, because I can remember watching people sleep ( that’s mostly all they did anyway) and doing hair and make-up, etc….but perhaps they have phased that out?

      2. Dang it Dawg – I’m gonna have BB withdrawal! While we’re waiting – here’s my version of “The Good, The Bad & The Who The Heck Knows”: The Good: Donny – endearing, kind & much more clever than they know; Derrick – smart, skilled & SANE!; Hayden – adorable, funny & (I think) loyal; Christine – sly, smart & smooth. The Bad: Frankie aka Andy – Though Andy did indeed win last season, hard to root for someone who is loyal to NOONE! Even Dr. Will & Boogie were loyal to each other; Devin – may not be a true bully but certainly threw his “weight” around, ie: not letting Amber speak when she was HOH & strong arming Hayden into the BB; Zach – way too vindictive w/Victoria & too emotional & unpredictable to be trusted. The Who The Heck Knows: Caleb – Again, way too emotional & easily swayed (think Derrick & of course Amber) But I do think he wants to be loyal – so gotta give him a few props for that; Cody – not at all sure about him – hence – who the heck knows; Victoria – still waiting for some game play; Jocasta – Ditto; Pow Pow – Don’t know if she threw the BOB or not so – who the heck knows! The “I Still Have High Hopes For”: Brittany – Not easily manipulated – but needs to stop playing the sympathy card – if she was really that worried about losing her kids she wouldn’t have left them; Nicole – Doesn’t seem like a push over either & is not stupid. But don’t understand her hatred of Amber. Hope it’s not a jealousy thing.; Amber – I like Amber because she likes Donny. And she literally got pulled into the BB by Devin in the middle of the night. She tried, unsuccessfully, to not link herself with Caleb – but that will either be her salvation or her undoing. Sorry guys, told ya I was having BB withdrawal!!

    1. You must not understand that I can’t be voted out. I’ve made the biggest alliance in bb history. This includes our friendly neighborhood ninja, Jocasta, Seriously i can never find her. The door to enter the backyard, the door to enter the house. the diary room, my imaginary friend brittany who acts just like brittany but actually likes me. the bench i sit on to watch my peasant, the hoh door key i broke, my left shoe (unfortunately my right shoe wanted to do whats best for it’s game, so i flipped out and told it that i dont trust it because it told me the truth.) and the HoH camera full of pictures of the other house guest sleeping.

    2. Time to take out Caleb. Devin knows he’s lost all power but Caleb still thinks he Amber and Frankie can rule the house.

  5. Why do they go on HOH lockdown? What does production do inside the house before live shows? Anyone know?
    Also, thanks to Simon and Dawg for this blog! It’s great!

  6. I can not muster up compassion for Devin’s underdog status… He put himself there with his stupid moves. I don’t think voting to keep PowPow wil hurt Donny or Jocasta… fact is there are a few house guests that will go to Jury. I think there are too many chiefs this season and they will go fater each other to worry about them.

    I am beginning to think jury weeks will have these people in it.


    and people will grow to hate Derrick or Cody.

  7. I don’t think they can bring substances into the house. And meds are dispensed by production. But correct me please, if I’m misinformed. Thanks Simon and Dawg. Hope you boys got some much deserved rest.

    1. Yeah they search you before you go in.. For what it’s worth I read a tweet from last years cast member that said they had drug dogs sniff their bags..

  8. Does anyone know who Caleb and Amber are evicting? I thought Caleb said he had to vote out Zach b.c he promised Pow, but now i cant tell…. and i think Amber is being kept in the dark so im afraid she might vote to evict Zach. Im just really scared this vote is gonna be closer than i would like.

  9. As the Devin turns this has been great no doubt, If Devin is going home at least he did it his way. Derrick is gutless and has the nerve to criticize other people, John Travolta Jr don’t know what he wants, Zach is Devin Jr, Jocasta, Victoria, Donny needs to get involve, Caleb and Amber need to have a date, and my sleepers Hayden Nicole and Christine are sitting pretty. Frankie is my favorite, he is everywhere, Brittany is on a mission destroy Devin. Is that everybody oh yeah Paola bless her heart.

    1. I think it’s fair to say everyone playing the game is playing “their own way.” Clearly there are varying degrees of success. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Devin’s own way won’t be successful.

  10. lets be real if devin goes all your going to get is all these jelly spined people getting picked off 1 by 1 from derrick and his dodo’s this game will get boring real quick and probably kill the ratings i definitely will stop watching if someone doesn’t hurry and wake up.

  11. Production needs to replace the chess board upstairs with something more to Devin’s level of sophisticated game play……maybe Connect 4 (ages 6 and up)

  12. People ask me about Cody…Why did you pick a male prostitute to be on the show? Well, if a guy lets you lick LEMON MERINGUE pie off his chest, he deserves some kind of a break. Right? And…yeah, he does look scary in the morning

      1. Early on, he talked about one client who wanted Cody to p$ss on him, but Cody would not do that. Sounds like a hooker-boy to me.

  13. Has anyone been so despised so early on in this game by house guests? They all avoid Devin like the plague and he avoids them equally. He really has lost it with constantly watching the spy cams alone in the HOH room. He definitely has made for some interesting feeds and even the Tv show is better this year. I actually look forward to seeing what production chooses to air knowing all the craziness that is going on behind it all.

    1. Paul from BB Canada 2 was ostracized after his behavior as the first HOH and he called someone racist for nominating him
      Willie, the first HOH from BB14 was hated so much, that his coach (Brittany) didn’t want him around her other players. People thought he was homophobic.
      Ronnie, the 2nd HOH from BB 11 hid in his room after the rest of the cast found out he was betraying them

  14. As much of a Dbag Devin was he’s not a bad person and honestly not that bad of a player either. He was trying to get rid of the person that wanted him out technically his alliance turned on him first not wanting that person (britany) out, I mean if my alliance wanted the person that wants me out the most to stay I would forget about what they think too. I do think Devin is condescending but i just think he doesn’t have self awareness and he’s doesn’t understand social cues and if you don’t have that you don’t think what your doing is wrong. Watching the feeds last night with Devin alone was actually really sad (I’m no doctor but i think this is how he was when he was younger not self aware so that runs people away and then he’s isolated which probably led to the alleged drug use) even when he finally went to the backyard nobody would look at him and when he did say something the person that answered was real short. I honestly don’t think he would harm anyone, and I think this week he will still keep to himself maybe try to interact with people but if they don’t respond not say anything, for him self evicting I would have to see his behavior for the next few days to determine if he would I think with having the live show and few competitions the next few days will help him get his mind off of things for a little bit any way. Ok I’m done rambling now

    1. When you have such a huge alliance, you’re most likely NOT going to have everyone agree.

      And when it comes to getting Brittany out – a LOT of people want Devin out, so why single out her when the rest of your alliance feels there’s a bigger threat. I think the whole thing is that everyone feels there should have been more of a consensus and since there wasn’t, they felt they couldn’t trust Devin.

    2. I understand Devin wanting to get out someone that wants him gone. Where he messed up was not communicating with his alliance. He went around just doing what he wants and expecting everyone to follow him. If he had just communicated with them before hand, this all would have never happened.

      1. But it wasn’t just that once! He kept deciding to do things for the alliance, and on their behalf, without consulting them. It really is going to tick people off. Then, in front of the whole group he basically said I made Caleb make his choices. Okay, he called himself dictator publicly. Not a great way to endear yourself to your supposed alliance. Actually he created the atmosphere that allowed Frankie to go crazy and really cause paranoia and meltdowns. And, this is the 2nd week in the house!!! Crazy!!

    3. I think that’s likely an accurate read, and certainly a sensitive one. Kids with ADHD have trouble with impulsivity and diplomacy/social cues They often have trouble making friends and can end up being lonely. I feel for him, but jeez, Buddy, grab some cognitive behaviour therapy, wouldja?

  15. I am really glad Donny is starting to play the game. I believe he is a lot smarter than most. Also, he is playing the game like he plays the competitions. Slow and Steady. He didnt talk game to anyone for awhile and he just sat back and watched everyone. Now as the house has been turned upside down, he has started to pick up the ones he wants to work with. I like his gameplay.
    Derrick was doing very good, but i believe he is trying to hard and going to mess himself up. People are starting to lose their trust in him.
    Frankie was also in a good position, but people are starting to see what he is doing. Playing just like Andy did last year. I am not sure if anyone trusts him anymore. Only thing he has going for him now is that he has bigger targets than him on everyone radar.
    Caleb is more worried about protecting Amber than about his own game. This might be his downfall. I could see him nominating himself for the block if he thought someone was putting up his Queen.
    I like the Hayden, Nicole, Christine alliance. Hope they stick to it and they could go far and one of them possibly win the whole thing.

    1. Very well said Mister E! I agree. Donny & Derrick have been my favs, Donny has stepped his game up and Derrick needs to dial his back! (And we were all so impressed with Derrick yesterday!!)

    1. HI, I replied to your emails requesting more information about what type of browser you are using as I have not been able to recreate the problems you are having. That post works fine for me on multiple platforms.
      You are the only person to report having that type of problem so more information is needed for me to troubleshoot.

    2. I mean really. All the time and effort they are spending on this site and you are complaining about what you can’t get. If you are having issues pay for the live feeds and watch them yourself. How rude of you to be complaining.

        1. I don’t take people having troubles with the site as a complaint. I always try to help fix the problem .just need more information when the problems are one offs cause it’s impossible for me to troubleshoot.

  16. Can anyone assist me in deciding whether Nicole is hot or not? I cannot get a good angle on her either on tv or from screenshots. Im torn between thinking she is really hot or maybe not at all. very confused. thanks

    1. This made me laugh. As a woman, I would say she is cute. I’m not sure how guys would see her. Many here think she is hot.

    2. i think my name gives u my answer! i think she is pretty attractive(not the hottest in the house but still cute) and she seems like the nicest girl in the house by far. i love girls like her

  17. Correct me if I am wrong….but…..didn’t Frankie try to encourage Devin to put Zack up on the block? Frankie certainly pushed him in that direction. Frankie is such a snake!

  18. Listen guys we have no ideal what the dr ppl are feeding Devin. As we have heard from Pow Pow she hates going into the dr bcuz she becomes confused. So that confirms that the dr has there hands into this game and project who they want to be the winner. As for the 2 timers,, ie Rachel, Dan, Janelle and Boogie they already had heads up on how the DR can manipulate the way they might be thinking so therefore 2nd time around you have an advantage of eliminating some of that cross talk that is spoken to them. I also feel when certain ppl have some mental dysfunction going on already it doesn’t take much to send them over the edge by playing with their emotion. I believe this why BB enjoys recruiting a few unstable individuals to play. My hope is, that one day it doesn’t backfire on them. It doesn’t matter whether they have the rule book stating ull b rejected. By then the damage will be done and that person couldn’t give a hoot of the outcome after the fact.

    1. ” As we have heard from Pow Pow she hates going into the dr bcuz she becomes confused. So that confirms that the dr has there hands into this game and project who they want to be the winner. ”
      OR…. It confirms that pow pow is a moron who is easily confused….

      1. POWPOW also didn’t like the DR becuase she wasn’t able to be herself and say what she wanted. DR sessions are scripted and couched to maximize entertainment for the TV audience.

  19. this has been the longest week ever. I still dont know how the votes will come out. these people r so confusing.

  20. so i just went to record big brother tonight on my tv and it was not on at 9 instead they are showing the nationals vs orioles game….. wtf am i missing something?

      1. they are not showing it in dc where i live until 1 30 in the fucking morning I’m so pissed off right now this is bullshit

  21. If Jocasta (Whoever she is), Donny and Amber are a lock for PowPow to stay all they need is Frankie, Victoria and one more person to flip the votes. Even though I am on the fence about who I want to go, it would be interesting if something happened and Zack ended up going home… Might be a long shot BUT it is Big Brother!!!

  22. I don’t want Devin to be put on the block, I want to see if he implodes and self evicts or explodes and gets sent home. Either way he makes the show exciting.

  23. As a female, it pains me to no end how gullible these women are! Wake up, yes Caleb and Devin were running the show, but now you have a chance to remove a GUY from the game! “Keep Zach because he is a bigger target” – that is stupid! Keeping him makes another group of guys stronger. And they will pick off the ladies at will!

    1. Just because Pow Pow is a woman doesn’t mean she’s going to help the ladies’ game. Would you want her as a partner? She’s a lying, puppet for Devin, that’s worse than being a guy.

  24. Christine and Derrick are having a discussion about slop and Cbag just blurts out, ‘I’ve never been a thief but if you don’t watch out I’ll steal your heart real quick!’ … What. The. Eff. I have to mute this cat when he talks he’s so self absorbed. Although it seems like most of us are highly anticipating the coming week concerning Devin and his antics, this is the guy that is going to have a psychotic breakdown. Delusional, with very little sense of reality, slop, havenot room, nomination, and/or one jealous moment provided by amber, he loses his sh!t. It’s coming. The guy can only keep up the facad for so long, and it’s meltdown time

      1. I’m saying the guy is insecure and unstable. At some point, he’s going to show us just how insecure and unstable he really is. Most likely thru Amber via Cody. He’s like Woogie from ‘There’s Something About Mary’…

  25. You know you’re screwed when people start saying to you that they still want to be friends outside the house

  26. they all plotting and everyone going with the house,,julie chen is the master shes talks to them all every week,,production,,,they plotting you got get best for you on jury like andy did last year..spencer made it and gm to the end….this how to play it….mcrea almost made it also judd and also amanda,,hopping bb15 cast a cast member return each week to host a contest or something,,,plus robot return

  27. If Derrick says one more time that Devon is f***ing with his family and his money….it’s anyone’s! It isn’t his! Yet! Why is he not called out on these comments! He was playing pretty smart at first, now he just won’t shut up!

  28. Am I the only one who thinks Devin is a replica of Brendon? They are both at the same douche bag level it’s frightening!

  29. It certainly does appear as if Pao is going home and Zach is staying. But cmon imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth if Zach is actually evicted tonight? Who would be the weepers and who would be the gnashers? Just an exit what if question

  30. Derrick is a hypocrite, he says dont mess with a man and his money but yet he bad mouths Devin every chance he gets. He clearly doesnt understand that everybody has a chance to win.

  31. You know that moment when they first walk in and you don’t really think of them as a BB cast, and then after like 4 days, you start to cheer for them like a regular housemate.

  32. Devil said that someone was the worst player in bb history I think he is the worst..
    Also caleb still hasn’t eaten that hat about donny beating hin in a comp!!!
    I think caleb is the biggest tool.. said he didn’t practice but he did yesterday night he took 2 shots and then left it alone because he wasn’t good… but was telling everyone that he has it what a douche bag… and wants donny out because amber keeps telling him she is in love with donny…

  33. I was shocked when Victoria cast her Diary Room vote. Not by her voting Pow Pow out but I was shocked because I forgot Victoria was even on the show. She makes Jocasta look rowdy.

  34. I’ve commented a few times about Cody giving me the creeps. There’s something about him that I didn’t like from day one and if, as stated above, he is a male prostitute then I’m not at all surprised. He looks like a sleaze bag!

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