Big Brother Spoilers Devin expands the alliance “Hayden..Welcome to the squad Bro”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-07 14-37-59-664

2:35pm Storage room Amber, Frankie and Christine
They want to send Zach home. Frankie tells the girls to get close with POWPOW make her feel like they’re best friends. The girls leave
Devin comes in, Frankie – “we gotta send Zach packing”
Frankie says Zach blew up the bombs squad to Hayden. Frankie instructs him to be on his best behaviour because he’s the swing vote. They have to work hard to get Zach out. Frankie says Devin needs to pull people up into the HOH and tell them Devin, Frankie and Caleb are going to be winning the HOH’s it’s better to stick with them than Zach. Devin doesn’t hik this is will work it might sound like he’s threatening them.

BB16-2014-07-07 14-39-38-758
2:37pm BEEHIVE Caleb and Derrick
Derrick says Devin putting Zach up wasn’t right. Caleb agrees but doesn’t think what Zach did was right. Derick assure him there’s heat on everyone right now.. Hayden and Brittany knew POW was going to throw the competitions they have heat on themselves to. Derrick points out that Hayden and iole are running around doing damage control so it’s helping them out.
Derrick – “The only ones that are completely clean are Jocasta, Donny and Victoria”
Caleb says they have to stick together they have the numbers. Derrick isn’t sure how many people will stick together but Derick still has his back.
Caleb’s final 5 is Amber, Derrick, Frankie and Hayden. mention that Devin was once part of it but isn’t now.
Amber comes in says they should pull hayden aside bring him into the bombsquad and say he’s replacing Zach. Derrick suggests they play the bombsquad down as a 1 week deal. Derick is unsure Hayden may have told people already. Derrick says Caleb should be the one to talk with Hayden and offer the deal.
AMber and Caleb say they want Zach to go home. Derrick thinks Caleb should go talk to Hayden and offer him the deal.
Amber leaves. Derrick says the one thing he knew would break this alliance is if one of them would go up. Derrick points out that Zach got blindsided he didn’t know he was going up. Caleb understands say he should have kept their names out of it and he did tell Devin to put him up. Derrick says Devin should have just put up Victoria and none of this would have happened.

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BB16-2014-07-07 14-52-16-155

2:52pm Caleb staring at Hayden seeing if he’s spilling the bombsquad to other people. (Hayden is in the pool with Zach, Brittany, Cody, Christine and ) Caleb continues to pace around the house

BB16-2014-07-07 15-02-15-497

3:02pm Caleb and Frankie havenots
Caleb say he’s going to pull Hayden in and drop Zach. Frankie doesn’t know that will be enough, “The best thing is to get Zach out.. Zach is trying to form his own alliance with Cody, Brittany, Nicole, hayden and maybe jocasta and Donny.. I don’t know about Derrick.. he drew a line in the sand there’s no talking to Zach”
Caleb doesn’t think Zach will be able to make an alliance.
Frankie – “What Devin did was smart now we have to do it take him out”
Caleb – who
Frankie – Zach

BB16-2014-07-07 15-06-55-560
3:06pm Cody and Frankie
Cody says Zach is going to tell everyone about the alliance if he hasn’t already.
Caleb joins them. Caleb says he told Devin not to put Zach up he cannot believe he did that.
Caleb – “I don’t care I have a personal thing against you” caleb says putting up Zach was 100% personal
Caleb – “I’m going to stay true to the 8 I said I was going to stay true to “
Cody and Caleb are talking like Devin made a huge mistake and blew up the alliance
Caleb – “Devin no longer has my trust in this house.. he broke a promise we made.. I have a good feeling he’s going home” (He said Devin which is
Frankie stay quiet (Frankie has been beating the get zach out war drum..)
Caleb feel sliek Zach is going to run around and forming his own alliance. Cody is going to talk Zach down from that. Caleb suggests they push Devin to the side and bring Hayden in and they are back to 8
Frankie says Zach wants to bring in Brittany and Nicole. Cody mentions that Zach is running around going crazy he’s not thinking about the game right now.
Caleb says Brittany and Nicole and the rest of the outsiders are not going to trust Zach he just outed his alliance nobody is going to trust him.
Cody thinks when Zach brought up Devin’s pills and his daughter he lost some people in the house (Jocasta)

BB16-2014-07-07 15-16-25-122

3:16pm Christine and Nicole Fireroom
Christine tells her about Devin pulling her into the bombsquad, “You can see in my DR’s I always said i’m using this alliance to bring Nicole as far as I can”
Christine mentions Caleb told her straight up her and AMber were on the bottom of the alliance.
Christine tells her the bombs squad roster, says she was never really consulted about the nominees the only person that gave her any information is Frankie. Christine says they love Hayden and they want to pull Hayden into the alliance with you. (So a 10 person alliance)
Christine says the plan this week was for the bom squad to backd**r Devin but he won the HOH/POV.
They start comparing Amber’s lies. Christine warns her about Derrick.
They agree the bombsquad was a stupid name. CHristine- “they tried so hard to puppet me”

BB16-2014-07-07 15-24-36-113
3:23pm Have nots Hayden and Caleb
Caleb says their alliance is still intact they have the numbers, Caleb – ‘I will never put Zach up that was the Alliance’s plan.. Devin made a HUGE mistake.. I told him to put Victoria up”
Caleb describes the Bomb Squad dream they all stick to the alliance and make it to Jury it was guaranteed Jury they only had to stick with the plan and not put each other up.
Caleb says if Zach keeps running his mouth he’s going to end up going home. Caleb says his plan is “Push Devin out bring Hayden in” Caleb says he’s got a top 4 and 5 because it is deserved, Hayden, Derrick, Caleb, Frankie

BB16-2014-07-07 15-45-27-817
3:42pm Hayden and Derrick Have nots
Derrick says he’s got to make sure 100% that people know Hayden and Nicole had no say in Devin’s HOH. Derrick suggests he tells them if there’s people going around saying they didn’t know the nominations there was 2 other people in the room with hayden, Nicole and Devin.
Hayden rolls in tells Zach He’s good let POW bury herself .
Derrick says Zach is good. Zach – “I need 6 vote no 7”
Derrick – “Don’t be Joey she blew up”
Frankie comes in and gives him a hug, “It’s all good”
Frankie – ‘What’s the plan”
Derrick leaves says he has to talk to Christine.

BB16-2014-07-07 15-54-59-755
3:53pm HOH Caleb, Devin, Hayden and Frankie
Devin offers him a in with the bombsquad says the deal is for them to make it to Jury and never put each other up. Devin quickly adds he put Zach up because Zach had side deals going. (Devin is hilarious)
Devin – ‘You are Guaranteed to make it to Jury Dude” Devin goes one about how tight and serious the alliance is put it’s only good until jury. Devin – “We have the votes Zach is gone.. Pow is going next week.. we would like for you to be part of this.. if you want to be part of it we will protect you”
Devin wants Hayden to go around the house and help them deny the bombsquad exists.
Devin gets up on the TV screen and bring sup the Memory wall he starts showing Hayden the numbers.
Devin – “I would love for you to be part of this this is real we are your brothers we would all take care of each other”
hayden says right now everyone in the house is talking to him right now he needs time to process this all. Hayden appreciates Caleb’s apology and knows Caleb didn’t say he was using hayden like Zach said.
Devin – ‘With that being said you don’t want to me part of the alliance”
Hayden says he’s not going to stay anything and he’s not saying no he just needs time. Caleb chimes in says the bombsquad alliance is a guaranteed jury.
Frankie is quiet the entire time.
Devin says they had a 41.41% chance to get an alliance member in the HOH this week and it happened.
Hayden says the numbers work and it’s keeping the strong in the house so ya he’s down for that.They tells him Zach wanted to go up on the block he asked Devin yesterday. Hayden says he’s always been up for taking out the weak players he thought everyone was planning that. Caleb says everyone outside their alliance have not shown or done anything they don’t deserve to be in the game.
Devin – “You all for it”
Hayden – “ya”
Devin – “Welcome to the squad bro”

BB16-2014-07-07 16-09-18-253

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smd nicole

ugh i want to stab frankie right now he is playing SO stupid and devin isn’t playing stupid he just is stupid and his gameplay is just sad. derrick is freaking killing it right now he is literally in the perfect spot and team america makes it 10x better for him


this whole drama after the veto ceremony is way more entertaining than the whole BB15 season. I am completely enjoying this season solely because of Devin’s decisions. Devin pulling in a 10 member alliance (BS) has me dying over here. Devin is too intense and too paranoid. I usually see people enjoying their HOH reign, Devin on the other hand reacted like he’s on the block on his own HOH. the whole house is an alliance now…LMAO!


So wait what? So this is a whole house alliance now? You drop Zach to bring in someone else into an already TOO LARGE alliance. Are you freaking kidding me right now? Devin doesn’t know how to just chill out for two seconds. Wouldn’t be surprised of he’s next to go. He’s doing too much scheming way too early.

Not a PHD Student

By the end of the week I think I’ll be in bomb squad




Now That’s Just A HILARIOUS Comment… 🙂


I’m already in the Bomb Squad and Devin has already told me that I can’t be trusted bc I chose Germany in the World Cup and that hurts his game. The Microwave is his next target in the house and the slop better watch out!


that’s awesome. by the end of the week, i’ll be asking the BS to put me up. The 10 person alliance is pretty epic. the whole thing is confusing, i can’t tell is Frankie OK with Zach, or not OK with Zach or is it just that he realizes from how the rest of the house is talking that now there is no chance Zach will be voted out so he’d best get on board with that?

Devins Pills

So whats goin on here folks? Is Zach stayin or goin?


If Zach can just keep his mouth shut he’s got a good chance of staying.


who’s planning on keeping him?


Looks like everyone is in the bomb squad.


If Hayden joins the BS alliance, he has lost it!


Hayden didn’t actually join. He said yes because he was being held hostage. They wouldn’t let him leave until he said yes.


Hayden you really scare me because your so good at this game so I’ve made a decision to let you join the alliance as the unofficial 12th member. Now if you are smart you will accept this invitation or you will be gone next week. So tell me Hayden, will you join? lol
Devin is so insane that he is making this season of BB the best ever


Can zach get 7?


Zach potential votes?
who else does he have a shot with? Donny? Victoria?

smd nicole

donny will vote with derrick and if hayden and nicole vote to keep zach christine will too


team America will vote as a block that’s 3 votes for Zach I think, hayden Nicole and Christine and Britney that’s 7 for Zach… Victoria will also vote for who derrick tell her to vote for…..


also Victoria will likely vote how Christine will vote. C has been giving her some good info, i think that if C says vote out PP Christine will be on board with that, especially if she shows that Z will go after Devin, and C wants D gone, for sure.


Donny said when questioned that between Zach and PaoPao he would vote Zach out. IMO, because Frankie and Derrick are saying opposite things depending on who they are talking to, there’s a potential that they’ll both vote Zach out too (also being part of Team America, they will probably all vote the same way). Amber, Frankie and Christine were in agreement in the storage room (above) that they need to get Zach out too. But who knows if they’re being honest or just playing whoever they’re speaking to.


I think Zach can easily get both Donny and Victoria, Donny thinks Devin is a bully (at least) and Victoria despises him more than she dislikes Zach. I reallyreallyreally want Zach to stay for a few reasons, but mainly to see Devin’s face – all that paranoia and thinking he “had this”. Really, his biggest faults are obliviousness and not being bright. You think he’s been unstable up until now? Hooooooboy…Devin on the block – just hope he doesn’t win POV next week.


Remember when everyone said this season was boring …..bb16


The fact the BS is still together is a reflection on how poor these players are. I wish Zach would have gotten to Nicole first but of course Nicole is now part of (what is it the now 10 person alliance) BS???

-I liked Derrick but he is taking Americas team wayyyyy too seriously
-Frankie….not even Andy was this bad (and that says a lot)

Ughhhh I wish Zach could have blown the BS in front of the whole house so the BS wouldn’t have time for damage control. Also saying the stuff about Devin was uncalled for, despite how much we think he has issues, and will kill his chances at pulling in Ghost Jocosta.

Oh right Devin, you sir will go down in BB history for being the most schizophrenic HG ever… I mean you keep adding people in an alliance WTF!!!! Lololol

#fearDaBeard #ZachAttack


LOL. Nicole doesn’t know she’s part of the alliance. They are going to leave it to Christine because its beneath Devin/Caleb to bother with her.


I heard that Devin has asked the camera crew to join the alliance


Oh you are spot on lurker! wouldn’t surprise me at all! rofl!


the next big twist is that Julie Chen is joining the BS too


Devin saw a rat in the corner of the backyard…. He thought it was Andy and made him the 13th BS member. Never forget “the rat”!

To all that are wondering I an not nor have I ever been a bomb squad member. A rumour started on face book by Amanda.


bomb squad? what bomb squad? devin and caleb are clueless! that alliance is done, by their own hands. whatever happens in the next few days, and whatever alliances remain, the bomb squad is d-o-n-e.

caleb, lay off amber, cuddle with devin, you stand a much better chance, and you two are made for each other!


First Joey now Devin? This is the season of awful BB Players. Excusing some of course.
Remember people, nothing could amount to the atrocity that was BB15 so let’s just be happy with what we have. Hopefully we won’t have another Andy this year.


Devin is a clown. Never put up an alliance member my ass. I still see him lasting til week 6 or 7 though. Caleb hates Devin why?? Devin has his back no doubt but yet Caleb wants to get rid of him. I think its because of Amber


Poor Hayden. Trapped in the HOH room with Devin demanding he join the alliance and Caleb hovering over him repeating everything Devin says. The only way to escape was to just say yes.

Brittany for the win

Devin to Hayden. “Welcome to the squad bro.” If we stick together we are guaranteed to make it to jury. In April of 1912 a similar conversation took place. “Welcome aboard The Titanic sir.” You and your family are perfectly safe. The Titanic is unsinkable. How did that work out?

Evel Dick's Ghost

“If we get over these mouintains, we’ll be home free, Bro”

—— “Devin” Donner


Wow. This is all the worst.
Entertaining but the. worst.


So are they playing Devin or Zack???


I don’t think any of them even know LOL

Andy 2.0

i really hope hayden realizes how full of crap Devin is. i also hope everyone there evicts devin, caleb, and frankie. frankie is literally andy 2.0 again and its just awful to have to deal with him on tv. i just hope that zach can stay!!!! btw this team america is awful because now frankie wont go home as easily


Unlike Andy….Frankie at least won a challenge before Week 7…..just saying


Yes but that first HOH comp was a give me – whoever was the next to last decide it wasn’t worth it to be the first HOH & they dropped. so technically Frankie only won b/c nobody wanted to be the first HOH. LOL!

Hey ya

Hayden saw right through the bull****, he was simply agreeing the whole time and was quiet for the most part, I really don’t think he was serious about joining.


LOL what a bunch of loose cannons in this house.

I must say how much more entertaining this season just got with the loose cannon putting Zach up.


Caleb is just going on and on over the same things to Christine and Hayden. Poor Hayden they just won’t leave him alone.


I tought this Bomb Squad was over.. Im alreday tired of it.

I hope Britanny, Victoria, Nicole and Hayden goes after the Bomb Squad


i take that back i really like the bomb squad devin is awesome


Devin in answeome. I would love to ChaCha with him


I really want zach to stay.


You know when your ego is so big you can’t hear what a person is telling you.
Hayden basically told them yes he is in the Bomb Squad… He didn’t say he was in
Devin’s and Hayden’s Bomb Squad. There is another half of that equation.
Nicole, Christine, Derrick, Cody and maybe Zach if he stays. and Hayden and that is 5 votes for Zach to stay
They need one more… that would be Amber and Brittany…. 7 votes to evict PowPow and no Tie breakers for Devin. Devin can not compete in HoH

If anyone but Caleb or Frankie win the best nominees are

HoH1: Caleb/ Hayden or Caleb/Cody or Derrick (You need muscle on this team, it is essential)
HoH2: Frankie/Amber (You need the two people that Caleb may throw BoB for or fight to save in a PoV)

anyway Caleb will fight like a beast for that PoV and you will have brains if it is a mental challenge, just in case Devin gets drawn for PoV

Best case anybody but Devin wins…
If PoV is not used vote out Frankie
If used to save a nominee put up Devin
If Devin uses it and saves Frankie or Amber put up Jocasta

If Frankie and Amber win BoB
anybody but Caleb or Devin
save Hayden
Nominate Devin
Watch the battle of Testosterone Wrestlemania and They will back stab each other
vote out Devin and claim we saved you Devin was always the target and he is disloyal
If Caleb gets evicted and Devin stays he will be running solo his game is over,


The true test of how crazy this day has been…Bow Tie has appeared and stayed somewhat visible. Earlier in the bathroom after the POV ceremony she looked like a lost puppy. Girl didn’t have a clue.

smd nicole

can i join the bomb squad?

smd nicole

alright ur in bro just know if u do anything that is slightly suspicious ur dead to me for a day but don’t worry I’m a good person because i have a daughter so u will be back in the bomb squad in a day bro… got it bro?

Amanda's dog Woofy

No Cats


What is going to be Bomb Squad`s plan for next week?
Backdoor Jocasta?


Since everyone is in the BS they will have to draw straws to see who gets evicted.

Douchebag Andy



Hey Simon and Dawg. Just wondering why there are no video clips this year to go along with the spoilers like there was for the Canadian big brother. I loved those!

Amanda's dog Woofy

I wish we could magically insert JUDD when he ran out of Adderal & Atavan

Douchebag Andy

I would love to see Amanda & Devin go a few rounds myself.


Donny, jacosta and Victoria final 3…..


That blows


Frankie is Devin’s best ammo to wheel their loyalty. In this alliance how ever many people will be Zached by the both of them? Bomb squad has broken like glass but their hastening trying to put it back together. The bonds are divided with derrick, Cody with Zach, frankie and Caleb with devin


why does cody look like he has some extra chip in his step and is so happy all of a sudden when just the other day he was bawling his eyes out for some reason. He is so shady hes the one that needs 2 go not zack.


Every time I get close to pulling for Devin he does something really stupid and im not talking about putting up Zach that was a great move in my opinion but the dumbest alliance ever is over. Everyone knows about the alliance now idiot. Do you really think Hayden want to join the BS. These recruits may not know the game well but the idiocy is highly entertaining


devin is just awful. it sucks that cody and Zach went from on top with HoH to stupid devin in there to ruin it all.

its sad that they all are just taking it. someone needs to just tell him to shut up, oh wait, Zach did, and Frankie went all andy on him for it

Frankie and his stupid dance moves to the BB theme on CBS is enough reason to vote to evict him, please get rid of andy I mean frankie


Frankie is dumb, he claims Zach threw them all under the bus

no, you threw him under the bus, and when he was there expected him to stay quiet about it, when he didn’t, oh gosh how disloyal he is. my gosh, his freaking alliance nominated him, are you kidding me Frankie?

BB Psych Ward

I think they’ll need restraints for Devin if Julie announces Poo Poo ‘s name for eviction on Thursday. Ratings bonanza this week


Testing testing. Sorry to bother y’all. I just joined and want to see if I’m approved.


Okay looks like I am. Yay! Now back to BB.




“Devin offers him a in with the bombsquad says the deal is for them to make it to Jury and never put each other up.”
This is the most 2 faced statement ever made in Big Brother history. What’s even sadder is that Devin probably believes every word of it.
Devin’s next idea…… Tell everyone he’s America’s Team Player with a secret power. This should come as a big surprise to Derrick, Frankie and Donnie, but with a little effort Devin should be able to convince them too.


Julie Chen “We’re about to reveal another twist, Team America actually consists of every single American Citizen, the Alliance is called ‘The Bomb Squad'”


Pretty sure we all have a better chance of making the bomb squad than Jocasta does. What DOES she do all day??!


I really hope zach stays just so that he will go after Devin. That would make sure the house stays interesting


“Devin wants Hayden to go around the house and help them deny the bombsquad exists.”

LOL to who? The remaining houseguests that consists of Jocasta, Donny, and Victoria?

tyrese jones

Devin is so stupid it’s funny. this is hilarious bwahahhahahaha.


I’m literally LOLing right now…

“Dude welcome to the squad bro…”


Devin’s such an arrogant douche. Ugh can he leave already?