Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! KABOOM

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

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The Power of Veto Ceremony is taking place at this moment. Devin has been changing his mind every hour on who his target is this week. First it was Brittany, then it was Victoria and NOW he wants Zach out of the house. Devin is now in love with Brittany and wants to right his wrongs of nominating her and making her a havenot. Devin doesn’t trust Zach after he voiced his opinion of going against Devin’s HOH wishes. Devin has made deals with Brittany, Pow Pow and Victoria if he keeps them safe this week. Devin has stated that of the once 8 members of the bomb squad he now only trusts Caleb, Christine, Frankie and Amber (Leaving only 5 members of the bomb squad). Leading up to this point Zach has been threatening to blow up a part of the bomb squad exposing Devin, Caleb, and including Pow Pow in it while protecting the other members by not mentioning them. Derrick and Cody have promised Zach their support if he goes against Devin. Cody being the most vocal saying that he will be standing right there next to Zach. Zach plans to push Devin’s buttons calling him a liar, bully and a bad father in order to get Devin to attack him ultimately getting him expelled from the house. This is going to be a crazy week on the live feeds for sure.

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12:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto Ceremony and when they return – we learn that as the power of veto winner Devin used the veto to remove Brittany from the block. As he is also the head of household he then nominated Zach as the replacement nominee.

1:20pm In the fire room Pow Pow says he just threw everyone under the bus! Pow Pow says I’m not f**king scared! I will blow up on Devin AGAIN! Pow Pow says to Nicole I didn’t f**king throw the comp! Can you please tell Brittany that I didn’t throw the comp! I will take his protein shake and throw it in the garbage right now!

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1:25pm Nicole asks to talk to Brittany. Nicole explains what happened when her and Hayden were nominated. Nicole say that Devin basically threatened us. Pow Pow comes in and asks Nicole to explain that she didn’t throw the comp. Nicole says in her honest opinion I don’t think she threw it. Hayden says it was the plan for her to throw the comp it was basically forced upon us. Brittany brings up all the reasons how Pow Pow’s friendship with her changed after before the veto comp. Brittany tells Pow that she doesn’t think its fair for her to go home when she was being loyal. Brittany says my honesty gets me in trouble and I will probably be up on the block each week. I am not making any deal especially with someone the whole house is against. Pow says heres the thing ever since that day he’s been trying to manipulate me. Thats why I blew up on him. I would rather put my head in the toilet than stay in the house with him another week. Brittany says why wouldn’t you come up to me then? Pow says I didn’t know what to believe! People were telling me that you were making deals with him. Brittany says its different when the whole house is against him. He is on the verge of exploding. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks out of this house. Pow says are you kidding me if I see him again I am going to go off on him and get in his head. I hope is daughter isn’t watching. Brittany says don’t tell me that you didnt think about throwing that comp. Pow says of course I thought about it. Brittany says don’t think I won’t put you on blast if you put a knife in my back! Pow says I’m sorry but I thought you were working with Devin. Brittany says nobody freaking likes him. You should have hit pause and told everyone. Then everyone would have started working together. We’re talking about 1 person that no one likes! Brittany says I don’t know how to fix this. I think right now its going to be a close vote. I think you have to lay low and not campaign. Pow says I think everyone will be voting for him (Zach) because of your speech about me.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 13-26-58-664

1:19pm Zach and POW in the storage room
Zach is saying POWPOW sore on her moms grave her moms not even dead
Jocasta I didn’t know she was lying like that
Jocasta says she never heard Zach say he wanted to go home. Zach sasy he told Devin to put him up
Zach asks her if she’s voting for him to stay. Jocasta says yes they

1:20pm Zach and Frankie HAve nots (Frankie is pissed at Zach)
Frankie – “Ok explain to me why you are smiling
Zach says he called him out because of cody and derrick they don’t trust Frankie so now they think Frankie and Zach are not tight but they really are. Zach mentions final 2
Frankie – the whole house doesn’t trust me
Zach – you serious
Frankie – I don’t understand why you would do that
Frankie – I I have no idea why you would do that to me it’s just terrible WOW
Frankie says he was his friends he had his back why would he called him out to the whole house.
Zach says it had to happen, “ well now you have to work hard to keep me safe”
Zach says he’s with Frankie 100%
Frankie – Cody and Derrick won’t even look at me.
Zach says they don’t trust him at all before so theres nothing new.
Frankie storms out gets to the door and Brittany comes in.. the conversation expands
Zach say he never meant for it to come off “Like that”
Zach asks him for his vote.. “I’ll vote for you in the f*** end”
Frankie – You threw me under the bus to them.

1:24pm Rock Room POW and Zach
POW – Bro I didn’t throw that f*** competition … f** that broi I told him that
POW wonders what they should do Zach says he’s going to campaign and try to stay/
Zach – “He’s fucked now” (Devin)
POW – “He’s totally f*** bro”
POW says she wants to go home Zach says he’s going to go to all her shows.
BB16-2014-07-07 13-30-43-228
1:28pm BEEHIVE Cody, Caleb and Frankie
Cody says that “I don’t trust you” is ridiculous. Cody tells him they don’t have to talk every single day he told Frankie that already, Cody knew Zach was going to blow up the second he went on the block
Frankie -”Trying to blow up everyones game… I thought he was going after Devin and he called me out personally”

1:31pm BEEHIVE Caleb and Frankie
Frankie says Zach called them and Devin out in front of everyone frankie is in shock . Caleb says frankie has to beat him at something to get him out. Caleb – “He’s acting like he’s the only one without something to hide.. You are in the alliance you dummy”
Sounds like Zach brought up Devin daughter and all the pills Devin takes. Frankie goes to leave.
Caleb “I confronted Amber to”
Frankie – “ I can’t believe her”

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 13-39-43-019

1:35pm backyard Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Zach
Zach apologizes for putting Frankie on blast the one thing he regrets is throwing Frankie’s name out there.
Cody tells Frankie him and derrick are doing everything for Devin and Caleb. Cody knows he’s at the bottom of the bombsquad and he’ pissed about it. Frankie says all Zach had to do was be quiet and POWPOW would have been the one sent packing. Cody still thinks that will happen.
Frankie says he’s playing this game to survive week 8 now zach is forcing them to take sides week 2.
Hayden comes in to explain to them they had nothing to do with Devin’s plan this week. All he knows is they were put up on the block because they were strong competitors and Hayden/Nicole played to win to get off the block and be safe. Amber comes in and claims she had nothing to do with Devin’s plan says Devin told her nominees they were going up before Amber even had it figured out.
Amber says she’ll give Zach her vote. Amber leaves. Hayden says Amber was part of Devin’s plan he was up in the HOH with Amber and Devin and they were talking about who the 4 nominees will be.
Zach gives Hayden the skinny on the bomb squad. Says he was approaches day two about it Originally it was Devin, Cody, Caleb, Derrick, Zach and Frankie. then Devin and caleb wanted to bring in Christine and Amber. Caleb was going to bring hayden in but deiced the alliance was too big so decided to use Hayden as a vote.
Hayden knew there was an alliance between Devin and caleb that was called bomb because they would always make bomb explosions with their hands.
Zach tells them yesterday when he told Devin to put him up it was part of his plan “I wanted to open the house out”
Zach says Caleb was going to keep Hayden on a side alliance since the start of the bomb squad then he was going to blow him out
Zach – He doesn’t have you back at all AT ALL
Hayden mentions that Amber is running around trying to make everyone think she wasn’t part of devin’s plan. hayden is going to make sure everyone knows she does.

1:40pm In the havenot room – Cody is talking to Frankie. Frankie says obviously I am staying close with Devin …HE IS HOH!!! Frankie says if he (Zach) had just shut the f**k up Pow would have been going home! He just split the house! Frankie says I think its going to be close who goes home after Zach’s rant about Deivn being a bad father and haing an Aderall adiction. Cody says it wasn’t cool. Frankie says all Brittany had to do is say thank you and sit down. I feel like I’m playing with children.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 13-43-17-152

1:50pm – 2pm Zach comes into the havenot room to talk to Frankie. Zach says I had to do what I had to do. I have to start playing my game. Frankie says but you threw me under the bus. Zach says indirectly. Frankie says no you did it directly! Zach apologizes and tells him that he loves him. The cameras switch to the HOH room where Jocasta is talking to Devin. Jocasta tells him that shes proud of him for how he acted when his daughters name was brought up. I don’t think I could have held my cool. The cameras switch again to the fire room where Frankie tells Chirstine and AMber that Zach just exposed the ENTIRE Bomb Squad to Hayden. Frankie says I think we need to deny it. Frankie says he threw everyone under the bus! He said this couch versus this couch. He’s got to go!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-07 13-57-12-455

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115 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! KABOOM

  1. this is when is gets good! its time to see what type of player zach is!!!!! I’m excited to see how he handles this i think he can do it if he gets derrick hard on his side he would probably automatically get frankie and donny i think he can pull it out and flip the house! i think it is al going to rely on that nicole christine hayden alliance and i have no idea where they stand

    1. I didn’t see many Zach love. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Zach’s my favorite entertainer. I still like Zach and Hayden for final two and instead of Brittany, I’m now thinking Christine.

      I lost all respect for Amber when I saw last night’s episode where she’s practically in tears nominating Hayden and Nicole. Yes, Amber, you must play if you want to make it til the end.

    2. I’m glad he did something exciting, but I am bummed he did that to Frankie. I think w/out Frankie, Zach doesn’t stay. I would MUCH prefer him over Pow.

      1. Frankie kept telling Devin to put up Zach and get Zach out. Frankie didn’t have Zach’s back at all! Frankie should be called out about playing everyone

  2. Say whatever you want about Devin, whether you like him or hate him he’s great TV. I love Devin, he’s such great entertainment.

    1. to me he is not great entertainment, and I love a good game player, I even enjoyed Russell Hantz’s first 2 trips through survivor, I appreciate Boogie, I just can’t grow to like this guy. he is like that one day Russell from BB went off on Ronnie, but 24/7. with crazy mood swings and he scares people ONLY because of his size, not his intellect or because of any other intimidation factor

      I hope he is gone next week, this isn’t Rachel who was great TV, this is just a mean guy who then spends most the episode talking about his daughter and stuff that is out of the house and has nothing* to do with in house gameplay. stop using her as a prop, I am sick of hearing about his daughter.

      1. Don’t think about it as Russell or Boogie, but more in terms of Tony this season. Was golden in alliances, but very paranoid and easily manipulated. But I think tony had a little more brains than Devin.

      2. Devin is an idiot…he does not make great tv, unless it is an ad for bi-polar medication. He gets on my nerves. I think he thinks he is the godfather of the house. He needs to GO!

    2. You got that right, Gizmo. I paid for the live feeds and Devin gives me at least a couple of good laughs every day. I want to see idiots act like idiots, and Devin is an idiot.

      Anyone who down voted you should be carful what they wish for, a house full of Nicole’s and Christine’s would be a snooze fest.

  3. Hoping PoohPooh goes. Love Zach! Not too smart player but, he has balls. This season is finally getting some drama. That is what I watch for. Chaos!

  4. Zach is the NIck Uhas of this season in a bad way. Because they are full of themselves and he is about to be evicted in the second week just like nick.

  5. Devin is a nut job! The BB staff needs to get their doc to prescribe a antipsychotic med for him along with some lithium for his manic depression.

        1. I think the real psycho is caleb, walking around with a women’s dress around his neck all day. he is the one people should be scared of. this is just like the bullshit with howard last season. because he is big and black, he is automatically scary.

          1. I keep reading comments about Devin being black. Has this been confirmed? I thought he was Somoan. Either way, the fact that he freaks me out has ZERO to do w/his race and EVERYTHING to do w/his behavior.

            That said, I’m not on the “he’s a psycho” bandwagon. Then again, I don’t watch the feeds; I just read the updates. But it does seem this house drives most people a little nutty. He could just be a really intense guy and it comes off scary in the house. I highly doubt he’s actually “psycho” like people keep stating as fact.

            1. I doubt it has 0 to do with it but i know its not 100 percent the reason….everybody isnt like that….And yes Devin may not be full black but he is at least half and he maybe part samoan….I know what he is not though and i also know what Country we live in.

              1. Oh grow up, this country is so full of closeted bigots and racists minded people and BB is one of the best places to see it come alive.

                There is definitely a lot of racism hurled towards Devin…”he looks like OJ” and the popular “I’m so scared, he threaten me, he bullied me,” there is a house FULL of cameras, and Producers all around set, not too mention a half a million dollars up for grabs and people like Victoria think “he’s going to murder” her!??

                This is the “big scary black man” syndrome.
                But with that said, no one is more of a racists than Devin himself. He totally hates him self and his race, he said he doesn’t think Amber’s great cuz she’s black but he’s black haha

                Just wait until he sees these white kids play him.

          2. Oh spare me with the racial stuff…it is purely due to the fact he is an idiot…he doesn’t even know his own mind and gets made if anyone questions him or has a difference in opinion, then he is automatically against them…he doesn’t have game, he is just playing based on his mood for the moment…one second he is preaching integrity, the next minute he is promising then breaking promises…ughhh!

        2. A little paranoia doesn’t mean he’s JTR. Cut him some slack, he misses his daughter. Not saying he is a good player now, but its almost understandable.

          1. Thanks for reminding us that he misses his daughter, i kind of forgot about that the last 99999999999999992 times he has brought up his daughter.

  6. OMG!!! I can’t believe he went through with it. Bye bye Pow Pow! Stuff is going to hit the fan big time. I might have to sign up for the feeds…

  7. oh yeah baby..zack is nominated, chaos started after zack oust the bomb squad, people running around with their hammers trying to fix things..haha perfect :)

  8. it’s so funny to see the rats scurry, especially frankie and caleb! will this move save zach? who knows. the hypocrites are acting like it’s zach’s fault, after they lied to zach’s face, all while devin changed his mind on every decision and acted on his own, anything devin could do to undermine the alliance.

    devin, frankie, and caleb all knew up front that zach would blow up the squad if he was nominated, and now they act upset because he followed through and did what he said he would? too much! i hope it works out for zach, but even if it doesn’t, i admire his game over devin’s any day.

    1. How is Caleb a rat? Frankie sure, but Caleb has been faithful to the Bomb Squad alliance and Devin from the beginning. It’s been Zach, Cody and Frankie that have been planning to backdoor them from day 1.

      Whether you hate Caleb or not, the guy has been loyal to a fault to a sinking, stupid Devin.

  9. Devin is horrible. He is so paranoid and never shuts his trap, its annoying. I have never disliked someone as much as him on big brother. Yuck!

  10. Ugghhh I am so over Devin as HOH!! I feel like I lose brain cells every time he talks, like he is ridiculous!! Also I feel like he should be called Crazy Eyes.
    I’m really happy he pulled Britt off the block BUT I think he’s an idiot for putting Zach up as the replacement!
    I would’ve liked to have seen a floater put up as a replacement but specifically Victoria
    Zach is too entertaining to go this early! I’m also waiting for Frankie’s game to blow up..he can only play an “Andy game” for so long without someone picking up on that unless he wins another HOH.

  11. Hope they keep Zach because the chaos that will come next week will be awesome!!! Can’t wait to see how this pans out!

  12. I highly doubt Zach is going home. Devin is crazy and unfortunately Pow has become a victim.

    1. To be truthful Pow Pow has not done anything worthwhile to stay!! This is very amusing! He told them he would do exactly what he did. I love the scurrying about. If Zach is serious about having Frankie’s back, they can work it!! Too flippin’ funny.

  13. Devin winning HoH and POV were the best outcomes for the show… What a crazy week it has been, I love Devin he’s amazing television. First Devin was targeting Brittany (and rightfully so because she was targeting him too), then he changed his mind to Victoria and now he’s changed his mind to Zach. He convinced Pow to throw BoB and that he’d save her, but instead of saving Pao who actually listened to him, he saves Brittany who he was the first target all along and who he’s wanted out (and who wanted him out) since early last week and now he has a crush on her…. Devin is so indecisive it’s actually amazing, sure it’s bad gameplay but man it’s entertaining! I don’t mind bad gameplay if it’s entertaining, if you guys only want good gameplay but horrendous entertainment watch BB15 and Andy’s gameplay while it was amazingly intelligent gameplay it was such bad TV. Devin makes good TV and he’s much more valuable to this season then most of “the better” players of this season like Nicole and etc. I don’t want Devin to leave, he’s great entertainment and a great asset to this show. Anybody watched last season of Survivor? He reminds me a little of Kass from Survivor, she was so indecisive and flipped a lot. Either way, a lot of people hate Devin and say ridiculous things about him like he’s a bad person and what not. Even Derrick admitted that Devin’s a good guy, I get the sense that he’s a good guy but just a very confused player but he’s always entertainment and he actually brings something to the show unlike the floaters in the show. (While he’s playing horribly) at least he’s playing which I can respect (people who try to play over the non-entities who do nothing). You guys may all hate Devin now but once he’s evicted his presence will be missed.

  14. Zach with the idiot move. the house will be stupid not to vote him off now. going at Devin insulting him as a father and adderall addiction will keep the votes close this week. I hope it comes down to Devin with the tie breaker.

  15. If you’re still waiting to sign up for the live feeds, you waited too long. It’s absolute bedlam in the house, everyone’s game just blew up, along with the B.S.

    1. I want everyone to vote him to stay for two reasons: Devin wants him to go (against his alliance, and because in an alliance, he doesn’t once check with the alliance as to his moves as HOH), and because Frankie is talking to others about how Zach has to go.

      Now maybe F is only saying that to specific people that he think needs to hear him say that, but i don’t think so. And he must know that Z is in a better spot to keep, both as a target and as someone who will act to get Devin out. In any case, they need to keep players not just bodies, and PP is a body.

  16. it pisses me off that frankie is acting like the victim tho he totally deserved that he was encouraging it and trying to throw zach under the bus what a snake he is

  17. Well Pow Pow if you didn’t throw it then you didn’t keep your end of the deal so why would Devin take you off? an eye for an eye, Zach you told him to put you up so there you have it. Hey ppl you are forgetting the motto… “expect the unexpected” In this game you will make last minute decisions when revelations are at your HOH doorstep. Devin is playing his game just like everyone else.

  18. Devin made the fatal mistake most men do, he started thinking with his dick instead of his brain. Many of men have fallen because of this.

    1. I think it was half brain half dick. Zach was one of the main people talking about back dooring him next week. I dont understand how people dont realize that. Devin actually made a pretty good move. And further more anybody who wants to win this game or is thinking with any ounce of strategy would keep Pow and get rid of Zach

  19. So didn’t Frankie go to Devin & basically tell him to put up Zach? Now he’s pissed cuz Zach somehow (not sure what the details are) called him out in the POV? Hilarious! Sounds like Frankie is only throwing a fit because he’s losing his control over people & they aren’t playing to his benefit!

  20. For those who are hating on Frankie, you will see just how good of a player he is if he succeeds in turning the lemons thrown in his direction into lemonade.

    1. Frankie’s the one who told Zach to say something demeaning to Devin about being a father. And now Frankie wants to dig her claws into Zach??? He got what he deserves, and America’s player or not, I hope he goes down with Devin.

  21. well, i don’t know what to think about all this, even tho it was no secret it was going to happen. I’m surprised Frankie feels that whatever Zach did threw him under, since prior posts kind of indicated he was clearly not going to do that. Frankie running around and saying he did tho ensures everyone else will know he’s part of the BS. keeping quiet or acting confused would have helped more.

    not sure if they would keep zach over PP. They might think he is a far better chance to help get rid of Devin, since it seems all agreed PP is the last resort, a vote and a body for the block and that’s about it. I totally believe she didn’t throw the BOB, I don’t think anyone tried to throw it, it was just the worst comp ever, since the only way to win was by the other side getting their answer wrong. The Brit side tried to answer more often than the Nicole side, and that is why they lost lol. had they kept quiet, they would have won by all the wrong answers of the other side.

  22. Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for! All the power lies with Christine, Hayden, and Nicole. I don’t think they know that nor do I have any inclination on what they are going to do. Thoughts?

  23. its funny because Frankie doesn’t even realize that it wasn’t Zach who screwed up his game…he screwed up his own game by dropping Zach at Zach’s first sign of issues with no food/paranoia. my gosh, you sank your own battleship, and now its becoming andy like. notice how cody never jumped ship? Frankie is a fake.

  24. I actually think it will hurt Frankie more going against Zach than trying to keep him. No one trusts anyone after this, and if Frankie really has not done anything rat-like, it makes more sense to keep someone who is so obviously manipulated into going nutso!! Pow Pow is the one you put up so her opponent goes home. Who would you rather face. Getting Zach to melt down at the right time really takes the attention off you.

    Pow Pow is so insignificant, people can’t help but notice what you are doing.

  25. BIg Brother when all is said and done is still a game for 500,000 dollars I belive Devin still knows this and as much as they may like Zach the HG best chances of getting that 500,000 is to vote Zach out pow pow is never ever going to get it she has no gameplay but shes a better pawn for a HG that does i.e. Devin,Derrick,frankie,calib etc. Zach is a huge threat to any of them winning the 500,000 best get him out while they have an opportunity despite how it may make the show not as exciting!!! Hopefully the other HG’s will keep their eyes on the prize(half a million bucks or about 375,000 after Obama gets his take) and get rid of Zach!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I don’t care who doesn’t like who in the house, Im loving this. This is what big brother is all about everyone scrambling trying to come up with whatever to stay safe. No more unanimous votes…fingers crossed

  27. you know Devin is the underdog of this season he reminds me of Rachel in a way but i give him respect atleast because he’s playing the game, people have to be evicted eventually, there will be only one winner i think that Zach needs to go and let the players that actually want to play the game some space yesterday he said he wanted to leave bla bla bla bla he’s acting like a spoiled trick. I cant wait for Cody and Britney(i like her) to leave this morning i watch them for 3 hours talking bad about every houseguests they are bad they’re not doing anything at all they need to leave i actually like Devin the guy is playing the game.

  28. whats up with this deserve shit this is a cutthroat game. these people are like drake on a sunday morning all in their feelings.

  29. Nice… Britanny and Victoria are safe… I just hope Zack goes home now.

    I want Britanny to win HOH next week and keep Devin safe.

    1. It’s too bad he made it personal, though. I blame the lack of sleep and food, but he did say in his opening interview he would “say anything to anybody”. Honey Badger don’t care.

  30. Watching Derrick and Frankie go around is awesome. Derrick may emerge to be the real leader of whatever alliance forms out of the Bomb Squad.

  31. the game is on.
    Am I the only one that finds it amusing that Frankie is mad at Zach for kicking him under the bus, when Frankie has been kicking Zach under the bus all week. They should just shake hands and compare tire tracks.

    That bus has been very busy so far and is only officially week two (Getting to know you week never really counts.)
    This Alliance has seemed to spent most of it’s time focussing on how to get the Alliance out of the House than the Who is not in the Alliance, no wonder their Initials are BS…., at least the Horseman had the good sense to not admit they where BS. Look at us we are Big Brothers best Alliance the BS.

    They have pretty much all of them kicked an Alliance member under the bus since week one. At this rate the final three will be
    Jocasta (the bow toe that shows up and it will mean that there will be three more weeks of winter.)
    Donny… Oh shucks, You are so kind to me
    Nicole: Where is everybody? I was taking a nap.

  32. Simon: think my previous comment is floating in space. Are live feeds available outside of North America? I am in Caribbean and do not want to go to trouble of signing up for feeds only to get notice “content not available in your region”

  33. Does anyone remember the Glass House? Thought about that show when Alex was on Worst Cooks in America last season and when Andrea was on a rerun of Family Feud.

  34. I’m pretty sure zach make the same exactly mistake that judd made in the nominations speech, trying to do something brilliant but digging their own grave.

  35. Hope Zach pulls off something good. I would love to see him make it far into the game. Devin is a nut job

  36. Zach was 120% loyal to Frankie… Unfortunately that extra 20% came out of Zach’s obedience to Frankie… Which is apparently all that Frankie cares about.

  37. Send Pow Pow packing, Zack is making this show interesting this season! I am so sick of Calab and Devin acting like they are running the show time to dethrone them…the uprising has begun and the crazyness thanks to Zach

  38. There once as a House Guest named Devin
    Who thought his HOH would be heaven
    The along came Zack
    Who went on an attack
    And then the whole BB house was leavened.

  39. Here is my take on the players

    Devin: He is too indecisive. And I don’t find him entertaining. Just annoying. What Anon posted at 2:41 is true. Devin is not intimidating because he is smart like Boogie. And Rachel was entertaining and at times annoying but she won comps and didn’t ride the coattail of her showmance and she fought to save her self at all times. Devin is only intimidating because of his size. He tries so hard to be a legendary player. But unless he can form a strong alliance (Brigade) and make it through the game that way, or make it to the end by being a powerhouse without an alliance (Rachel) then he is not entertaining. If he can’t learn how to work together he needs to learn how to win knowing that whole house hates him. He also needs to think ahead. Don’t be upset that Zach comes after you later on for putting him on the block. also, he said he has seen only season 10 (Dan’s first season). And maybe that is why he thinks that he can win this game by being honest and kind. He needs to know that Dan was the exception and not the rule.

    Amber: I now honestly believe that she is using Caleb to get to the end. She is a recruit that doesn’t know what she is doing. If she had seen past seasons I think she would do better in the game and know what happens to people who are constantly strong armed by their alliance members. I think (as long as Caleb leaves before her) She might end up getting brigaded later on.

    Christine: She is confusing me at the moment.She is in an alliance with Nicole and in the BS. But Nicole doesn’t know about the BS and supposedly Christine’s alliance with Nicole is the real one. I guess time will tell. Currently, she is laying low for game purposes but in a while she might achieve floater status if she doesn’t do something noteworthy or game changing.

    Nicole: She is a sweet girl but you can tell that this game has definitely changed her because she is becoming increasingly catty. She is so afraid of doing the wrong thing that she may end up not doing ANYTHING. and eventually become a floater. Her fear of letting people know where she stands is going to get her in trouble. People have already picked up on it. I guess we just have to wait and see. I do think that if she or Christine win HOH the game would definently be shaken up.

    Caleb: He will only be remembered for his obsession with Amber kind of like Danielle is only remembered for her obsession with Shane. This whole Amber thing is really clouding up his gameplay.

    Jocasta: Why is she here? She said in her Jeff interview that she wanted an alliance. But if after the first week and half and you haven’t been approached to make an alliance than you clearly need to go ahead and make one yourself. I think she is the player that ends up becoming collateral damage or a pawn that goes home.

    Donny: So sweet. But his personality may prevent him from doing making any game changing moves.

    Derrick: he is my favorite and has a real shot at winning. Everyone likes him but he shouldn’t be trusted. He gets info about everyone so subtly that they will eventually be surprised when that info they gave him comes back to haunt them. I really applaud him for being able to talk Amber out of Victoria up on the block.

    Cody: I think he is craving authority. He is rebelling against Devin and Caleb because he is tired of playing BEta to their Alpha. But if he breaks off and forms an alliance with Zach and Derrick I’m afraid he might end up doing the same thing. He seems like the kind of player to make is far (final 3,4 or 5) but eventually be sent home because of his relationship with the girls. He may not be the best person to take to final two.

    Zach: Definitely not as much as a jerk as I though he would be. I feel embarrassed for him because of his relationship with Frankie. If he is gay, he is basically out of the closet now on national tv. and If he isn’t people are going to think he is gay. I’m afraid he might be a little too much of a loose cannon. I just hope that he will be good at keeping quiet when he needs to be.

    Brittany: I like her. She has the strongest backbone out of all the girls. At the end of the day, she is going to do what she wants to do. Though, I think that is what will get her in trouble. If she hasn’t noticed, she isn’t in an alliance. And unless you are a powerhouse in comps, then you won’t make it far. Also, I do think she needs to mend her relationships with some of the girls, since they are her only lifeline and they are have deemed her controlling.

    Victoria: If she had to go home this week that would have been fine with me. But she really is suffering from a language barrier in the house. Hebrew really is a very direct language. And now that she knows that the rest of the house isn’t okay with her behavior I think that she will change. I think BB is trying to portray her as the Jessie(BB15) of this season even though that is not entirely her personality.

    Paola: Floater. And I don’t think she will get much better than that.

    Frankie: I just hope he won’t be the next Andy. I am confused with his gameplay. Is he with Devin/Caleb or Zack/Derrick/Cody? He does have a great social game though, but he will need to start winning Comps to protect himself now that others already know that he is sitting pretty and plan to get him out.

    Hayden: He has a shot at winning. He is laid back and level headed and a great at comps. I think he might win HOH this next time. But I don’t know who he is after or aligned with (aside from Nicole). Sometimes I think he thinks that BB is a vacation. But if he wins HOH we will finally know where he stands.

  40. so excited to see frankie being mr, drama queen its only a matter of time before hes gone and hopefully prejury

  41. I love Devin, I think he’s great tv. There’s nothing psychotic about him, he’s just impulsive, but he’s a good guy. This whole notion that he’s terrible for putting up an alliance member is garbage. They were 100% coming after him, what else is he supposed to do? Might as well take out the biggest flop this season in Zach. He needs to go and they better not make Team America vote how “America” wants to vote cuz what’s the point of playing the game when it’s rigged that hard. If the houseguests ultimately vote to keep Zach, fine, but if it’s done through Team America, then it’s total BS

  42. Well everyone wants to give Jacosta crap but she is playing the best game. Everyone else in this house is absolutely nuts!

    1. Zach may go home and all he had to do was stay loyal to his alliance until the final 8, but instead he had to run his mouth. Self destructing his own game.

    2. Victoria is exploding and ranting about how she hates Amber but she isn’t even on the block, just shut up and LAY LOW!

    3. Pow Pow talked ALL that crap in the beginning about how she was going to run this game and somehow she’s been made as a permanent seat holder on the block LOL…goood job Pow Pow

    4. The way I see it Jacosta, Donny, Nicole (although I will pay to see her go)–the top 3 floaters are sitting pretty because there name never comes up, and no one is looking in their direction.


  44. I like Frankie, but I think I’ve heard him tattle tale and I don’t like that Andy type of behaviour. I also don’t want him being Devin’s puppy.

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