Devin “Jocasta will send Zach out that’s six a tie breaker all I need.. Done done done”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-06 21-55-20-002

9:55pm Devin in the HOH
“Christine can work on Nicole to send Zach out.. I don’t know about you Cody… Jocasta will send Zach out that six there’s a tie breaker that’s all I need.. Done done done done done done”

BB16-2014-07-06 22-08-09-185

10:00pm HOH Devin and Derrick
Devin “I’ll be straight up with you dude she hit me in my gut last night I was like wooosh.. Her struggles if she left here woosh it would be for nothing.. she’s a strong player.. doing right by her she’ll do right by a lot of us”
Derrick is worried Zach is going to blow up the bomb squad. Devin mentions Frankie talking to Zach this morning and he was saying he’s going to blow everyone up.
Deven – “I don’t want to hear the B word come out of his mouth about Victoria anymore Being a father of a daughter it upsets me”
Derrick – “She’s a pain but she’s not a bad person”
Devin says Zach is going rouge he’s lost his game.

Devin telling him he’s using the Veto on Brittany and wants to put Zach up. Devin is going to call Zach out for calling Victoria the B word during the ceremony.

Devin says the people that will 100% keep POW against Zach are Victoria, Brittany, Jocasta, Derrick, Frankie,, Donny. Devin thinks Christine will work on Nicole and Hayden so Devin is fairly confident he can get 9 votes.
Devin – “I said to you day one I would never put you and cody up .. This is between you and I .. I don’t want to say anything to these two”
Derrick – “Caleb and Amber”
Devin – “He does whatever she wants and if she had her way everyone would stay here for 3 and a half months” Derrick brings up how Caleb and Devin are “Boys” Caleb is going to be asking him why he never told him. Derrick thinks Devin should talk to Caleb.
Devin is going to tell Cody and Caleb right before the ceremony. “8 is hard to control.. the 8th member.. I’m going to call Zach . is like a 12 member you have now idea what you are going to get”
Derrick says he’s assuming everything isn’t in stone yet he tells Devin he’s doing the right thing by talking it through and giving it some thought. Devin says if he takes Brittany off the block he wants Derrick to walk around saying “Damn man that shows how much heart this man has”
Devin – “That Conversation I had with Brittany broke me down dude.. it started off real foul dude.. ”

BB16-2014-07-06 22-38-45-862

10:38pm Derrick and Zach Kitchen
Zach says he hasn’t eaten much in teh last few days. Derrick think this is his problem says If you got no fuel in the tank you’re going no where. Derrick tells Zach he needs to come and hang out with them all in the backyard. Derrick heads to the backyard.
Jocasat rolls in
Zach – “whats up Jocasta” She asks him how it’s going he looks really tired “We’ll you’re still look cute” . Zach says he can’t sleep in the have nots bed. Jocasta will cry when her “Time comes” to be a HAve Nots
Jocasta says the slop cookies that Derrick made look good. Zach – “ya they’re not bad” Vicotira rolls in tried a cookie “OK i’m done with all this sugar”

BB16-2014-07-06 23-02-19-601
10:45pm Devin comes back into the Kitchen. Zach is sleeping at the table. Production tells him to wake up sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms.
Devin is in a good mood and has been singing bits of songs for the last couple hours.. Production tells him to stop, “WHAT it’s like telling Michael Jackson not to dance”

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BB16-2014-07-06 22-58-03-805

11:04 Nothing but Cornhole

BB16-2014-07-06 23-05-47-510

11:05pm POWPOW and Jocasta Fire Room
POWPWO – “You look like you are a member of TLC”
POWPOW – “you think people like me in the house”
Jocasta – “They adore you”
POWPOW – “Thats right you can’t lie”
Jocasta says people are breaking out because they are not washing the pillow cases and the pillows are always thrown on the floor. They start talking about kids names, Prophets and bible tuff..

BB16-2014-07-06 23-17-55-026

11:20pm Nicole and Victoria
The camera zooms in. Nicole tells it there’s nothing to see here go away. Mentions it’s getting a shot of her double chin. Nicole says hayden looks like he’s deep in thought.

BB16-2014-07-06 23-31-31-707

11:31pm Derrick is saying he really trusts his team America team mates. Derrick says they would be morons if they don’t give this team America their all because they get 5 thousands per task. Derrick thinks they have 5 weeks until they start getting into trouble, “That’s 25 thousands dollars”
Derrick brings up he’s been talking to people makes deals. Donny mentions he hasn’t really done much of it. Donny won’t keep a non team american player over a team America player
Donny and Derrick agree they need Frankie in case their tasks are silly.

Derrick thought Hayden, Nicole would be Team America
Donny thought Nicole and Frankie

Derrick says he had a really tough upbringing so he’s thinking that is why people picked up they wanted to give him a good chance .Derrick knows Donny and Frankie have not been manipulating people for being devious because America voted for them.

Derrick – ‘I don’t talk to Frankie much/.. I’m really not close to him”
Derrick says he’s assuming they three of them are playing the most honest game.
Derrick wants to make up a hand signal so when they are in the Diary room they can flash it, “I’m so excited about this i’m not going to sleep tonight”

BB16-2014-07-06 23-47-52-982

11:45pm BEEHIVE Frankie and Donny
Frankie – “It’s going to be great i’m so excited.. you will be great at things we can’t do”
Donny – We can pull it off it’s an entertainment sort of thing we can be silly” (Frankie makes a face see an image)
Frankie – Why did America choose us
Donny says America is seeing a lot of good things he thinks they must see honesty.
Frankie – “the three of us are going to the end”
Donny tell him he’s never going to turn his back on Team America.
Donny Tells him he’s close to Jocasta because they are older and the outcasts. Donny doesn’t care for Devin, :But we won’t have to worry about him hopefully”
Frankie – ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he lasted for a bit longer.. he’s made a lot of deals”

BB16-2014-07-06 23-55-46-736

BB16-2014-07-07 00-00-06-284

12:00AM Brittany and Frankie

Brittany says she doesn’t know what Devin is going to do she thinks he’s either going to leave the votes the same. Frankie says if POV isn’t played POWPOW is going home.
Brittany says if POWPOW and her stay Brittany is going full force after her “She’s a liar, she’;s deceitful she makes my blood boil”
Frankie -’Ya she’s the worst.. I can’t stand her”

BB16-2014-07-07 00-06-17-331

12:05am Frankie in the backyard acting like a “southern bell” offer the boys some cookies.

12:15AM Devin has gone to bed all feeds on the backyard corn hole games.

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team zach

team america has ruined the game now. Derrick was losing trust and targeting Frankie and now this twist has him on his side


The thing with BB alliances is that they are tenuous at best. Derrick or Frankie can reveal this alliance and blow it up whenever they feel it’s good for their game to do so.


I love Frankie. Sue me. No doubt playing like Andy, but that’s smart game play, you gotta admit. Frankie is just way more likable to me. He’s hilarious! I don’t get all the hate.


I dont think he is funny because he is always acting for the cameras.. and he is just a wannabe

Im gay and Im not proud of him.

I wish CBS would at least for a 1 season choose a gay that is not feminine. I am gay and I dont need to act like a girl.
Im dont have anything aganist feminine gays, but I dont get why the gay guy always needs to be feminine.


Yes, but that’s your lot in life – not Frankie’s. Why does Frankie have to conform to what you do? That doesn’t make much sense.

I like Frankie. I like that he’s always performing. It’s better than lying around doing nothing or obsessing over someone in the house or going batsh*t crazy every 30 minutes. Frankie is good, clean fun, IMO.


Yeah I felt the same way too. I didn’t think Frankie and Derrick should be team America. But what can we do? It has happened. The only good thing I can see coming from this is that Donny gets to stay a little bit longer. Frankie will probably work on the bomb squad not to take out Donny, and Derrick will work on Zach and Cody not to vote out Donny. So, if they save the beard, then it’s all good for the beard man.


I actually don’t know what’s more annoying…..hearing Devin mention he has a daughter every five seconds or before dealing with Caleb lovesick drama about amber.


Caleb again told Derrick that once the show is over he will stay an extra week or two to date Amber. If this was real life, she would have told him off in a very nasty way already and possibly gotten a stay-the-f-away-from-me restraining order.


Jocasta is STILL in the house! :))))

Anyhow, not to keen with Derick being in team America, was hopeful it will be Nicole and Frankie, not because I hate the guy its just he’s already in the best position and then gets the “production” advantage. Hopefully the team america choices would be just for fun tasks and not drastic gamechangers like how eric (BB8) was forced to vote out Dustin which propelled the Donatos.

Butters Mom

I agree, I like the BOB twist right now because its another competition and they can manipulate it with game play so that the turn out cant always be predictable. Americas player ALWAYS equals production interference and that is never fair play. Last year they had 1 team America player and it was hard enough to get her out… with 3 Team America players… it seems impossible. I hope it doesnt last long. Im curious… do they all have to vote the way America wants them to or can they do their own thing if they want? They need to weigh out if $5,000 a task is worth more than $500,000 winning prize because this Team America could work against them. On another note.. I think Derrick has lost all reason when he ASSUMES America thinks the 3 of them are all playing honest games or they wouldnt have chosen them… that is kind of dumb for a cop.


I’m hating on team America right now because I think lines would’ve been drawn this season on the next eviction and we would’ve seen who’s with who. From what has happened (and understood) Amber, Caleb, Devin, Pow are on one side fighting against Derick, Zach, Brittany and Cody. Frankie, Christine are in the middle (with Frankie leaning towards Devin’s side?) and is weighing where to align.

Devin’s or Derick’s reaction would’ve been priceless when one of them gets blindsided by the floaters (with the all mighty “I am not here” Queen Jocasta) who would’ve actually gain control of this weeks eviction. With TA happening, Derick (who has Brit , Zach and Cody), Frankie (who has Christine, Nicole) and Donny generally gains the control who’ll be leaving this week. Basically it will be another “House vote”.

It would’ve been really exciting has Frankie stayed with Devin and then ended up being blind sided by Derick’s crew. That would start the “Team Devin” vs “Team Derick” and kick off to a great battle with the winner fighting “Team Christine”. Now it seems that whoever is annoying the House will be evicted.


Devin is playing the game. Brittney and Victoria could be valuable for his game if he doesn’t nominate them during the POV ceremony. That’s earned trust. Dude literally talked his way in a corner last week and could literally talk his way in a good situation if Zach goes home Thursday. The accusation of him not liking women would not be valid. His only threats are Nicole and Hayden. Folks are realizing that they are very close by the way and it could be bad for their game.


I am glad Derrick and Frankie are in TA. I think they could potentially back Donnie–who is great, of course– whereas without TA he would have been picked off in week 3-4. I hope the Nicole-Christine-Hayden alliance can weave around the crumbling bomb squad, would love to see them go far.

Jimmy 64

I agree with you I hope Nicole , Hayden & Christine go far too!


Has Christine told Hayden and Nicole about the bomb squad? If not, I think that could hurt her with those two. If she was smart she would use the BS and feed info to Nicole and Hayden.

On a different note “Devin says if he takes Brittany off the block he wants Derrick to walk around saying “Damn man that shows how much heart this man has”” LMAO! I don’t know if he’s really insecure and needs his ego stroked or if he’s really narasistic. Either way he’s ridiculous! And did you know he’s a father?!


Quick question about Team America — if a member is evicted, will Team America still remain in tact, meaning will they still be given missions to complete? Just curious…


Well Joey was the first member and then Donny replaced her when she was evicted. It all depends on how long they want the twist to go. They’ll likely keep re-adding new members as others are evicted till the twist is over.


Thanks for the insight — makes sense. Love the site, by the way. Found it last year in the midst of BB15, and stuck with you guys through the end. So glad you are back! Your dedication is impressive and appreciated.


Thank you, we’re glad you love the site and that you’ve stuck with us. We appreciate it.


I don’t think Donny “replaced” Joey. We were already voting for the next player prior to her eviction, which is why we knew about Donny before the other two.

I believe the original plan was to pick a player each week for three weeks (which was a TERRIBLE plan and not sure how BB didn’t see that coming). In my opinion, that’s why they decided to choose the next two right now.

Also, I don’t believe they will be replaced going forward. Joey never had an opportunity to complete a task or work with the rest of the “team”, so they replaced her (in fact, right now, I doubt the other TA players even know she was the first one chosen). My guess is, we’ll see a task, completed by Thursday’s episode.


That will depends on what production manipulations feels like doing


Does Christine ever stop laughing?????????? OMG. I am so annoyed with her. She and Nicole are sitting around and laughing like they smoked marijuana. Christine laughs even when she’s having a serious conversation. Who the F in hell married this girl?

That’s not even including the fact she could be THE ugliest girl to ever play on BB. Maybe she knows how ugly she is, so she tries to be likable and therefore laughs all the time. Well, it’s having the OPPOSITE effect on me…


I do like Christine and her laughing constantly drives me nuts BUT her nose blowing is the worst irritant ever! Get some more meds girl – IT’S INSANE DUDETTE!


What’s the point of making mean comments about her appearance? It has nothing to do with the game! Christine is one of the best players in the house.

Christine's Fan Club

Jealous much?…….GOOFY (real original name!!) – so what if she laughs – she is having a good time and is entertaining AND PLAYING A GREAT GAME. Why do you care who she is married to?? – YOU LOSER!! Jealous much????? The person that married her is one lucky guy – she is gorgeous!!! You JEALOUS B****


Frankie does know that Ariana was rallying the votes for him or is he that delusional?


Oh he knows for sure. In fact, if you took notice, Ariana’s release date for her new song was timed for Frankie to be in the house and to say it to the public. He waited until that date to announce it to us feeders hoping it makes it onto the show. Same went for TA Frankie votes. Its obvious there was “family discussion” on this idea before he entered the house. He’s there for a publicity stunt for the “family” but he sure is riding her coattails. What a joke this is. It disgusts me. I just wish someone would get him out soon. I cant stand him


Am I the only person who doesn’t know who Frankie’s sister, Ariana is?


I had no idea who she was. My 16 year-old niece told me.

That said, Frankie didn’t “wait” to tell people anything. He said it in his pre-interviews AND he said it the first night of the show.

I highly doubt Ariana’s label waited for Frankie to be in the BB house to release her album. Those decisions are made WAY in advance – and would have been made prior to Frankie even knowing he was going into the house (unless CBS is her record label – then I MAY be more inclined to think something shady, but doubtful because they’re still pretty separate – label and studio, I mean)

new to BB 14

buh bye Zach or should I say Zankie


I can not believe that Derrick got more votes than Nicole and COdy.

THe only time DErrick was shown on the Episode was last night


Thinking Derrick was pick to protect Donny and Frankie Is likeable but is sister had a hand in getting his votes. #TeamDonny


“Devin is going to tell Cody and Caleb right before the ceremony. “8 is hard to control.. the 8th member.. I’m going to call Zach . is like a 12 member you have now idea what you are going to get””

This from the guy who beefed up his alliance from 6 to 8 without consulting anybody. What a knucklehead.