Big Brother Spoilers – Zach “DO it bro take Brittany off and put me up on the block”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-06 15-14-47-403

3:19pm BEEHIVE Brittany, Amber and Caleb
They tell her nobody wants her gone Devin’s got a huge target on his back he’s going to want to take a person out that the house wants out. Brittnay “I feel like it’s too soon for me to go but if I go home I’m going home to my kids.. I dunno it’s just too soon”
Caleb – “I want all the pretty girls to go home that way my game is straight” They laugh

BB16-2014-07-06 15-23-28-519

3:22pm Hammock Christine and Frankie
Caleb told Devin that someone in the alliance is plotting against him and Zach confirmed it
Frankie – “Zach in his craziness told me Derrick doesn’t trust me.. he say I’m flip flopping” Frankie pulled Derrick aside and set things straight said they are both stuck in the middle of their alliances. Frankie says the bombsquad is back together. Frankie suspect Derrick is with Cody and Zach but he’s not sure. Christine is unsure about Cody. Frankie showed his hands a bit to Derrick but he had to because he’s smart. Frankie pitches him, her and Derrick would be unstoppable. Frankie and Christine agree Derrick is playing the same game as Derrick. Frankie mentions how he was down with getting Devin out but he wasn’t making actually plans.
Frankie – “whispers i want to lick codys P***s”

BB16-2014-07-06 15-24-24-527

3:23pm Living room Devin and Zach
Zach says he may have said things he never met. Devin tells him the way you deal with that is right after you say it come to the person and set things straight. Zach says he did Devin mentions how there was things said days ago he never came to him.
Devin watched Zach in the backyard and was reading his lips. Devin – “All the time I pulled you aside that’s real.. when it’s over said and done I plan on hanging out with you.. “
Zach – “Bro i’ve always been 120% honest with you If you want to put me on the block than do it.. I don’t care”
Devin – “that never crossed my mind until you said it now”
Zach – “I’ve always done where I can for the F** team.. F*** it “
Devin tells him when pieces of the bomb squad are not talking and they can’t hash things out he’s going to tell Zach he doesn’t trust him.
Zach – “Then take brittnay off the block and put me on the block”
Devin – “I wouldn’t do that.. it’s not a option bro”
Zach – ‘Do it .. DO it bro take Brittnay off and put me up on the block.. do it bro.. do it bro.. you don’t trust me you want me out of this house ”
Devin You are digging your own grave”
Zach – “Fine I don’t care .. clearly I don’t care”
Devin leaves to go to the storage room but isn’t let in.
Zach says he’s getting heated up because Devin is saying he doesn’t trust him but Zach has been loyal to Devin 100%
Devin – “Why would I take her down and put you up it makes no sense bro”
Zach – “I hear so much shady sh1t that is going on”
Devin – “thats the game”
Zach – “I’m not throwing anyone under the bus
Devin – “Thats great dude I’m glad”
Devin doesn’t want Zach to think he was going up because it never crossed his mind. Zach keeps telling him if Devin doesn’t trust him he should put him up. Zach

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BB16-2014-07-06 15-37-12-346

BB16-2014-07-06 15-48-56-104

3:44pm Living room Caleb, Zach and Devin
Caleb saying they are 100% guaranteed to make to jury if they stick with their alliance.
Zach says he told Caleb things and he was loyal to and caleb told Devin
Caleb – “I never told him names bro..”
Caleb – “We all made a promise to hold this alliance for 3 weeks”
Zach says if he goes up he’s going out swinging

Zach – “I’ve tried to be honest to him clearly it doesn’t work I was honest to you clearly it doesn’t work.. I would love to go home this week I want to see my dad and my brother.. you don’t trust me put me up do it. I’ve only been true to everyone”
Caleb – “He’s not going to put you up and if he does it’ll be the biggest mistake he’s ever made” Caleb says he’s the head of the alliance and he thinks there’s 3 other people they need to get out.
Zach says Caleb and Devin do sh1t that Zach doesn’t know and they are up in the HOH say they have everyone where they want them.
Zach – ‘He’s been isce grilling me for a week”
Zach says he’s over it he’s going to lose his shit “I’m not a pushover dude I don’t care how big he is”
Zach says Devin has been saying stupid sh1t all week why hasn’t Caleb seen
Caleb – “I see everything” (Of course you do)
Caleb repeats over and over the group doesn’t want Zach gone he really wishes and hopes that Zach holds it together, “If Devin doesn’t trust you thats fine everyone else in the groups does”
Zach says everyone was talking sh1t about Devin.
Caleb says he’s said sh!t abour devin but he’s still kept a promise to Devin and to Zach

Amber comes by give Caleb a hug followed buy giving Zach a hug


BB16-2014-07-06 15-51-45-344
3:48pm Backyard Derrick and Cody
Derrick tells Cody they are not able to keep Brittany. Cody fumbles his words “What we can’t’” Cody says when he talked to Devin he said “I will never put you or Derrick on the block” Cody is worried that he clumped their names together.
Derrick is to but thinks they can play it off as they are close it makes their team stronger.
Derick says Caleb and Devin have a deal with POW, Derrick asks him if Victoria goes up and POW is off who goes home. Cody says Victoria. Derrick Is fine with that they now have to convince Devin and Caleb.

BB16-2014-07-06 16-07-22-976

4:07pm Zach and Cody
Cody saying he’s got to keep his cool Devin is going to put take POW down and put Victoria up. They are going to vote out Victoria bring Brittany. Cody says the plan is to get “Them out” (Caleb, Devin’s side of the alliance) but first they have to get power so for now just chill. Cody says he has Zach’s back he doesn’t want Zach to blow up because it will mean he has to blow up. Zach was thinking that as soon as Devin say “I’m using the Power of Veto” put Devin “on Blast” in front of the whole house. Cody – “Don’t do that definitely don’t do that”

BB16-2014-07-06 16-32-17-464

4:01pm HOH Devin and Frankie

Frankie – “If you put Zach up and he explode Derrick will go along”
Devin thinks Caleb is really going to take Zach going up heart to heart, Devin – “Dude you gotta cut the cancer out.. You gotta cut it out”
Devin only trusts Frankie and Christine, Devin doesn’t like amber and Caleb is too attached to her.

Frankie says he wants him and Zach to win HOH next week so they can get him in the HOH and get him back on the right path. Frankie doesn’t think Zach is lost to them.
Devin goes over the votes to get out Zach out.. Christine, Nicole, Frankie, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, maybe Hayden maybe Brittany . Devin isn’t 100% sure he has Brittany’s vote. Frankie – “If you save her! she’ll owe you” He thinks Brittany might vote out POW.
Devin tells him the guys are underestimating the girls because there will be a comp they excel in. Devin is expecting fully to go up next week. Frankie -Not is I win.. Not if Caleb wins”
Devin – “Me putting an alliance member up is heavy heat.. heavy heat.. I’m ready”
Devin says him saving Britinay will be Huge for her. “there two options.. i’ve been practicing both you need to get me back in the favour of the people that think I’m villainous”
Devin admits the times he gets grumpy is when he gets nervous outside the house he’s not like this.
Devin “I get to watch a movie every day and it’s called growth it’s being a father”
Devin says he doesn’t have a lot of friends so he’s a bit of loner, “I hate judgement.. I try to look at everyone with no expectations”
Devin says he in a weird way he has a crush on Brittnay after their talk last night it was parent to parent thing. Devin says he was raised by a single mom and would never push a single mom out in the cold.

(Devin doesn’t tell us what he’s doing sounds like he’s putting Zach up.. it’s very confusing right now what Devin is saying one minutes he has a crush on Brittnay another minute he wants Zach to go.. )

4:40pm Picture time




5:01 Corn hole



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Okay, so who’s being replaced on the block and who’s going up? Devin’s been saying 1000 names a minute


This year’s Big Brother is turning my brain into Big Blender! Yikes!!! I can’t keep up with Devin’s brain.


So true!!!!


Ok so….I believe Pow, Brittany, Victoria, Zach and “Bro” went up…in that order.


I feel like Devin has said every single houseguests names as to putting them up….He really does change his mind over and over. He needs to stick to one houseguest as his target. Like Frankie said ” he’s a mess!”


Devin doesn’t look like the Rock, he looks like OJ Simpson.

non-metal spoon

Roid Ninja Turtle


hey maybe he likes to have a pimply back and a small penis 😀


haha you’re so clever! He looks nothing like him, for the record.


When they showed him on tv tonight my wife said ” my god, he looks just like OJ”


…Its called Big Black Scary Man syndrome ahh stereotypes

smd nicole

zach is just trying to save brittany and get pow pow out because he thinks he has the votes to stay against her…. it won’t work and he will be gone


5:02PM Jocasta comes out of the bathroom. She has been there for 4 days and the other houseguests so forgot she was even still here.


Wtf is a “Jocasta?”


She’s one of the twists this season, whoever catches her will get a pass to the final five. :)))
Funny how seeing her is now a big deal to the live feeders. Where’s Waldo? :)))))


You mean Lunesta it’s a sleeping pill.

A Nony Mouse



Why do so many men this season have vaginas? Crying, cuddling, drama-wtf?


All the estrogen in the drinking water due to birth control pills
GMO Soy products etc…
Notice the younger house guests ask Donny if he wants vitamins and he says why?
he is the only one who understands nutrition does NOT come from a bottle of pills or a protein shake.
Fruits and Veggies for Donny… Smart guy!


Cuddling, crying, and drama are actually not side effects of having a vagina 🙂 In fact, any person of any gender has the ability to do those things, as some houseguests have displayed! A vagina is just a part of the body, has nothing to do with a human’s personality. So thanks but no thanks to your comment 🙂


I agree. Other than Donnie, the men seem to have too many XXY chromosomes.

Agenda 21

When power manipulates society into deliberately breaking down the family structure this is what we get nowadays. Self-absorbed women and wimpy men!




-Devin is an absolute moron in many ways
-Frankie….. You are spineless and pathetic (you don’t even deserve Andy 2.0 lol)
-Zach Isn’t my fave but I hope he blows up the BS and stays

I must say that Hayden is absolutely killing it right now, just killing it.


-I want the BS dismantled and Devin/Frnakie gone ASAP
-I HOPE If Zach goes up he takes One member of the BS (preferably Cody)and is like “we are taking this house over with the others” and they get Brittany, Ghost Jocosta, Victoria, Hayden, Nicole, And Donny tell them about the BS without letting the BS knowing.

I just want Zach to survive because well Pow Pow is pretty bad lol and take these rag tag floaters and draw the line in the sand and get rid of Devin and Frankie.


everyone else is so erratic and noticeable, i don’t think many people are noticing that Hayden tends to come in 2nd in a lot of comps, and did win the Block battle. I tend to think he and Nicole are the favourites for putting up when the alternate HOH is putting up the ones any group wants to go home. it would be a mistake to get him out too early, if it seems like he can win things in those kinds of comps as well.


Ugh, Devin drives me nuts.


Devin wont put up Zach. Too risky to piss off anyone else and too late to secure votes.


Devin is like a friggin’ pendulum. He swings back and forth way too much! He needs to just chill out! And what is up with Caleb saying he’s the “head of the alliance?” I think he might just be the dumbest member of the alliance right there next to Devin. It’s a tie.

Eric CA

It is insanity. he will not put up Zach. he will take off Brittany and put up Victoria… so it will be Victoria/ PowPow
and the alliance should vote out Pow Pow… not Victoria.
If he puts up Zach… kiss your BS goodbye House guests because it is time to reboot this crap…. BS Bombs all over the place.


When is the POC ceremony?


Unless things have changed, the POV ceremony should be tomorrow


The bomb squad has been the worst alliance in the history of big brother they spend way more time talking about getting each other out than anyone outside their so-called alliance lol

smd nicole

actually the worst alliance ever is the nerd herd or as they call it the “friendship alliance” yes they won the game but they are just the worst people to ever be on big brother


The group at the end of BB14 that just did whatever Dan told them to do was worse.


I wonder why Zach is so upset about Devin not trusting him. It’s a game!!! It seems ever since Devin said that to him Zach has been paranoid and acting impulsive. If zach wants to stay in the house he needs to put his pride to the side.


Umm – after watching the show. I honestly don’t think PowPow threw the competition. ROFL!! If she & Devin want to believe that go right ahead.
Gad Donny isn’t trusting Devin so much!
And has anybody seen Jocasta??


Devin does not give a “A” to Donny anymore.. and who does??


jocasta is laying low and not running her mouth every five seconds like the rest of those idiots. Good for her.

Jody H

Let’s be honest. This group is so much preferred than last years group! They may be making bone-headed moves but at least they aren’t disgusting and vile!

However, this is a game and real early in the game! These people need a happy pill…

Jody H

Simon, I agree! If nothing else I am being entertained. As a woman though, I really would like the women to work together. They never do seem to manage this. But in the meantime, bring on the drama! I need a good laugh!!


Yes it is and I’m heading to get some intermittent sleep cause in 8 1/2 hours I’ve got to get up to go to work. thank goodness I can come here for anything I miss. 🙂 later peeps!


Oh without a doubt. I doubt BB will ever feature a more horrible collection of human beings than last season.


I really cant wait till Derrick puts Frankie out on blast

Caleb's Duct Tape and Van

How many “as a person”s and “blood on my hands”s did we get tonight? As a person big brother isms crack me up when they get so over used.


Devin is to chicken to put Zack.

If he does not put Zack up, I hope next week Zack wins HOH and backdoor Devin.

smd nicole

devin said he has a daughter 200000 times tonight i legit counted


and he cried 99999999 times

and he said bro 99999999999999999999 times


WHAT?! Devin has a daughter! I would have never guessed! Omg shut Devin up already.

A Nony Mouse

If you had a drinking game to go with that you’d die of alcohol poisoning.


I wish Devin would shut up about his daughter. I really don’t care. Last night when he was talking to Brittany he denied talking bad about her, the proof he wouldn’t do that is that he respects women because he has a mom and a daughter. Wow. Show me a man that doesn’t have a mother. Lots of men also have daughters, and that on its own doesn’t make them respectful. When I look at Devin I see Brendan on steroids. Same condescending know it all attitude, same fake smile, same annoying traits, just bigger and darker. The resemblance is creeping me out.


My main problem with Devin is that I can’t take anything he says seriously cause he always changes his mind 0.2 seconds later…like seriously who is he taking off/putting up?

King Silva

Did they already do the POV ceremony because some people on one of my forums are saying it happened but I don’t see any posts about it on here.

Someone please help me out. -_-


I swear to christ that this dumb tucker uses his daughter as an excuse more and more every episode. If he truly loved his daughter no one would know he had a daughter until he won hoh.


Oh c’mon. Saying the dude doesn’t truly love his daughter is going too far and total BS. As if you would know.


I love the alliance with Hayden, Christine, and Nicole. They’re so awkward and funny.


I have to actually have to say Devin made sense when it came to Zach. If people are telling him Zach is talking bad about him (yes others are too but Zach’s name is the only one that is being brought up) why would he trust him and then Zach basically confirmed that he was so yes Devin should be skeptical about him. Zach is the one that is screwing up not covering his tracks Devin basically just gave him a pass to do it if afterwords Zach pulls him aside and say oh thats just game I was trying to go along with others. If you actually listen hard Devin does kind of make sense in some weird kind of way.


To be honest… I don’t hate this cast. they do not drive me nuts. I have not really been offended by any of them and they are for the most part been playing the game… except maybe “Where is Jocasta?”. After the last two Seasons… The Season of Stupid and The Season of Racist Slobs… These guys are great. A Breath of Fresh BB Air.


Oh Man! Just watched Big Brother on TV tonight and all I could do was roll my eyes EVERY TIME Devin said something…and thanks for clarifying yourself Zach…HaHa!


I love the drama Zach and Devin are creating! I’m not pulling for either to win but they are really making the show interesting lately! I mean who knows what Devin will do he’s all over the place and Zach is about to blow. Hoping to see a huge blow up for bs Bomb Squad. Also why do people like Frankie so much? I mean i thought his social game was good at first but he’s just another rat like Andy except he’s playing too hard too early and he’s been pretty sloppy. Hopefully they’ll send him home soon. Though he’ll probably stay and get extra power for being selected as part of “team america” :/
I’d like to see Hayden and Nichole/Christine get selected you know people who actually watched the show and seem to be in a good position!

A Name

The Devin hate is honestly getting so pathetic and tired at this point. Yes we all know he’s made terrible game moves, but he’s also made some good ones. I’d rather have that than people like Zach, Cody, and Nicole who literally do NOTHING


Correction, Nicole does nothing.

Zach and Cody have been doing something and that’s been making a mess out of a good thing. All they had to do was sit pretty for a few weeks and make it to final 8, instead they stirred up a lot of chaos and a lot of drama an d now, when Zach could of been safe and off the radar for a few weeks, he may be going home because of it.

What a mess.


Devin please put Zach up! Brittany doesn’t deserve to go home! She got 3 kids! She needs that money!


I cannot believe I am the only person who feels sick to my stomach watching a gaymance happen on my favorite show. Hey, I’m fine with having the token gay guy and I don’t hate gay people, but this is nauseating. I’m considering not watching the rest of the show if this continues. I DO NOT want to see ANY of that. Call me old fashioned.