Battle of the Block Competition Results! Zach asks “Why the f**k would we keep Pow?!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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5am – 6:30am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Battle of the Block competition to take place. The Battle of the Block competition was between Devins Nominations Pow Pow & Brittany against Ambers nominations Hayden & Nicole. When the live feeds return we learn that Amber’s nominees – HAYDEN & NICOLE won the competition. Which means they are no longer nominated and Amber is no longer Head of Household. Hayden & Nicole are safe from being nominated as a replacement should the power of veto be used, however as Amber is no longer HOH she is could be nominated as a replacement nominee.

Up outside the HOH room – Devin, Pow Pow and Jocasta are talking. Pow Pow is going off about how much she hates Victoria. Devin says this isn’t the time. Pow Pow says she’s so rude! I can’t be nice to her any more!

In the bathroom – Pow Pow, Christine and Brittany are talking. Brittany says I have to win Veto or someone needs to win the Veto and save me. Pow Pow says it side says MOO. And you put WOO! Brittany starts talking about Victoria taking her seat when she was eating. You took my seat! I’m eating! Brittany then comments on oh Victoria was demanding Zach to get tweezers for her! Pow Pow asks Christine can I kick her a$$!! Pow Pow asks Christine if she would be a target if she says something!? Christine says no. Pow Pow heads to the kitchen and says I’m going to go say something! Jocasta grabs her arm and pulls her back telling her not to say anything!

In the HOH room – Devin says if Brittany wins the Veto and takes herself off then I’ll throw Victoria up and she’ll go home. It would be better to have Victoria here next week to take the heat off us. Caleb, Frankie and Devin talk about how Victoria acts very entitled. She’s a bitch! Devin comments on how Pow Pow was supposed to throw it and she didn’t. Devin says he looked at her at one point and was like seriously!? Devin says but then she sat there and didn’t say anything.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-04 07-10-06-159

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7am – 7:35am In the hive room – Zach, Christine, Cody and Derrick are talking. They agree to stay close to Devin, Caleb, Jocasta and Donny. Cody asks who’s going home? Zach says Brittany! Zach says whoever goes home this week is fine. The other person we real in. It’s fool proof. Derrick says the only reason he started this alliance was to get out the floaters and now he is keeping the biggest floater (Pow Pow). Zach says maybe this week we vote out Pow Pow and reel in Brittany. Zach says the only person that wants Brittany out is Devin. Why the f**k would we keep Pow! Zach says we need to be careful though because they might be on to us. We need to be careful when we talk game. Cody agrees. Cody says when they ask me who I want out I’ll say yeah yeah yeah Brittany. I am not saying anything until after the POV. Zach leaves the room. Cody says to Derrick and Christine that Zach only thinks one dimensionally. He is thinking about this week and they’re thinking about next week and that week after. I am not going to keep voting out people that can help us. Hayden joins them. The congratulate him on winning and being safe. He talks about how great it feels to be safe. Hayden comments on how Devin apologized the other night about strong arming Caleb to put up Donny. He said he wasn’t going to do that and now it sounds like he strong armed Amber to put us up. Derrick comments on how Pow Pow is getting people killed out there. Cody says I am not keeping Pow here. What if she wins and she’s close to them. Or if I’m up on the block next to her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-04 07-15-27-799

7:40am Hayden, Derrick and Cody leave the hive room. In the kitchen Pow Pow watches them come out and says sketchy! Cody comes over and hugs Brittany. Brittany says this sucks! It sucks! Hayden comments on how Nicole didn’t buzz in even once. Hayden says it feels nice to be safe! Cody, Hayden and Derrick head to bed.

In the kitchen – Pow Pow and Brittany continue to talk. Pow Pow says that if she wins the veto she will stay on the block and take Brittany off. Brittany says no I can’t let you do that, I can’t let you go out like that.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-04 07-36-47-123

In the havenot room – Brittany joins Derrick and Cody. They tell her that they don’t want her to go this week. Derrick says it comes down to who has the balls to do it. Brittany agrees. They talk about how obviously we want Devin out but that’s not going to happen this week. Zach and Pow Pow join them. Cody goes to take a shower. They figure out the bed situation and head to bed. Zach, Brittany, Derrick and Pow Pow climb into bed on the earth room bed. Pow Pow asks Zach if they can cuddle. She then says just kidding. She tells him not to fart on her. Zach says you better not fart on me! Brittany asks for them to turn off the lights. Derrick says we can’t its day time now.

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7:50am – 8:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.. When the live feeds come back – Cody is getting out of the shower. He heads to the havenot room and then both he and Hayden head to the kitchen.Cody says I don’t like what’s going on right now. Hayden agrees. Just as easy as you got put up I could be put up. Hayden says I think for now we just leave it and then when it starts a new me run it. Cody says its frustrating. Hayden says it is frustrating but we just have to sit back right now. Its kind of good now that we didn’t get it because now there is a line drawn. Cody says as sweet as Amber is she just fell right into it. She showed her weakness. Cody says I know its just a matter of time be before I go up. Hayden says the only way for strong players to go home this season is to be backdoored. I don’t even care about nominations. I’m in the room laughing right before. Cody says I just don’t like that Amber got pushed around. Cody comments on how everyone just throws all their dirty dishes in the sink and leave them. Hayden says I want the HOH so bad! Cody says If I was HOH I wouldn’t make a move on Caleb, I would on Devin though. Hayden tells Cody you can talk to me any time.

Cody comments on how Hayden’s decision to throw the beer goggles to Brittany was the best decision. Hayden says that was the only thing that impacted vision and this was a visual challenge. They talk about Victoria and how much Zach hates her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-04 08-16-08-390

8:45am Cody says if I won HOH I would put up Pow. I would keep putting her up till she goes. Andy I would put up Jocasta with her. Hayden and Cody laugh about how they don’t know what Jocasta is doing in the house. Hayden pretends to call Jocasta and tell her that she’s 2 weeks late coming into the house. You’re supposed to be in the house. If you could just come to the house that would be great. Cody asks what do you think about havenots. Hayden says I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind it. Cody asks why? Hayden says because I’m already safe and it wasn’t that bad.

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9am – 9:15am Hayden takes Cody into the havenot room and shows him the cheat sheet he and Nicole made out of rice to study the Big Brother messages they heard last night. Cody asks did you make that? Hayden says me and Nicole. Hayden says dude she’s a gamer! They leave the room and then not long after big brother blocks the live feeds. When they come back Hayden is removing his rice cheat sheet. He tells Cody we’re not allow to do this. Hayden says its weird because we were doing it all last night and pointing at the camera and they didn’t do anything. They head back to the kitchen. Donny wakes up and joins them.

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Fragment of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
Defunct alliances
TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

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Could this group of sheep possibly be waking up? Even with all the new twists we aren’t seeing game play. It’s still the What the House Wants as the cover for personal dislike. ARG!!

smd nicole

these twists ENCOURAGE people to go with the house because u r never safe and u can’t make any big moves… for instance nobody is going to ever nominate caleb and devin together because they would be scared they would win BoB and then they would be safe and you would be a huge target and go home that week…. the twists on the show ruin it this season could be so much better if it was like big brother 10…. no big twists just relying on a good cast(which the might have this year) to keep it interesting and let them strategize.


Everyone always complains about strong players being targeted early in the game until all we’re left with are the floaters. People are constantly throwing competitions to make themselves look weak so they won’t be a target. Now we have a twist that requires strategic thinking and rewards people for being dominant in comps.

I think this twist is going to do a lot to keep the game more interesting once the house guests understand how to fully exploit it. The HOH position is much more limited, now. They have to put more thought into their nominees. If the nominated players work together, they can even dethrone the HOH and go after them for a replacement nominee.

Time will tell, but I think this twist has great potential to keep the game interesting to the end.


Problem with this twist is that most of the strategic people (who are often weak and throws competition) may go out early. Has Neda played in this type of setting we would not see how good of a player she is and it was really fun how she maneuvered herself into a “safe” position during her season. I’m hoping to see a player like her in this season and not just the “competition beasts”

smd nicole

YAY nicole is safe!

i really really hate the 2 HoH twist though big brother ruins another season with stupid twists… this is just the worst idea ever though i have no idea what they were thinking making this twist it just ruins the game and i hope the end it soon


Agree and I’m confused by this thing since if Amber’s duo won, shouldn’t Amber be the full HOH winner? I guess HOHs will have to choose the weakest pair they can to hold onto their HOH status. THIS TWIST IS BEYOND STUPID.


Go Devin but most of all go Nicole I’m a huge fan of hers ????

Mister E

i can not believe Devin is upset that Pow Pow did not throw the competition. Why does he think everyone is supposed to obey him? It would be stupid to throw a BOB competition when you have a chance of going home. Anybody that has ever watched Big Brother ought to know you are never 100% safe if you are on the block, so why would you not try to win. I wish someone would put Devin in his place.


How else is Devin supposed to feel. If he wants to stay HOH then his nominations have to loose. Now he’s wrong for wanting to stay HOH. Give me a break! Everyone who becomes HOH wants there nominations to loose if they truly want to be HOH. Can we come up with better reasons to throw Devin under the bus. Of course the nominations are not under any obligation to loose which could lead to their eviction. However there is absolutely nothing wrong with Devin trying to get them to throw the competition.,it’s called good game play if he could pull it off. There is nothing wrong in him trying to convince them.


Question…. So Hayden is off the block now… but if the pov is used, can he be put back on the block? (I am not saying I want him evicted, just using him because he is now off)

Mister E

I believe they can not be voted back in, and are safe for the week.


Hayden, Nicole & Devin are all free from the block.


Wish someone would tell Caleb to shut up since he’s NOT the H.O.H


I think the 2 HOHs idea was a unnecessary twist, this cast is good enough to give us some excitement.


Well we have Devin for one more week…. ugh… yay… crap… woohoo…
A full week of paranoia… Cody, Zach, Derrick and Christine really need to stop telling people outside of their four about wanting Devin out… especially Pre-Power of Veto. It does not take much to make Devin paranoid… hell Donny just had to wear pants.
PowPow seeing them leaving the hive is bad… a girl like PowPow will for sure spread some rumors to save herself. She is already working overtime to backstab Victoria.
Why are people disliking Victoria this Season? She is kinda…. meh…. to me, so I have not paid any attention. She still does not strike me as the Super Bitch that some people are calling her.


Victoria hasn’t gotten much screen time but from what I’ve heard the other HGs say is she never asks but orders. She doesn’t say thank you or help out with anything. This is a social game and if you are rude and entitled you put a target on your back…see Devin.


Lots of people confused by the Double HOH’s so i’m no the only one 🙂 .. here some tips

1) The HOH whose teams loses the Battle of the block stays HOH and their nominees stay nominated
2) HOH want their teams to lose the BOB so they will pick the weakest players to play.
3) in the case this week Amber nominated two stronger players and Devin nominated two weaker players.
4) DEvin’s two nominees LOST the BOB so he is still HOH and Brittany and POWPOW are still nominated.
5) Amber nominated two stronger players and they won the BOB and are removed from teh block, Amber is dethroned.

(If I don’t type it out every couple hours I mix it up.. lol )

smd nicole

do u hate this twist also? i have literally hated every single twist since season 8… the last good twist was eric as americas player… i just want one season without a major twist again like they did in season 10. tons of twists don’t make this show interesting they make it stupid! the strategy is what makes it a good show and they have ruined that this year


The only good thing about Devin being HOH is that he can’t play for the next one. Fingers crossed. I hope Victoria goes this week, she is kind of a waste of space, at least Pow Pow is entertaining. Or Jocasta the invisible ghost of Jameka can go. Very disappointed in Amber, what a dumb move she just made. She has placed herself on Nicole and Christine’s radar. She will be an easy nomination if either of them wins HOH.


was thinking the exact same thing about jameka!


Cristiane radar`s?… SHe is puppet of the Bomb Squad. She does and will do what they tell her to do.


Amber is part of the bomb squad.. so Nicole wont be putting up amber if she wins hoh…


Christine is in the bomb squad.. she wont put up amber if she wins hoh…


Ughh Amber was ALWAYS a target for sneaky Nicole. She’s said plenty of times during live feeds with Christine that she wants to get Amber out, why? Oh she doesn’t really have a reason, she just doesn’t like her. Amber will always be their target so long as Nicole is in the house, which is why I’m hoping Amber listens to Derrick and gets her out. But Amber has talked so much stuff about wanting to be the first girl to win, but she’s instead being too cowardly in her game play to think real strategy. Boy she is wrong to blindly trust Caleb and Devin to keep her safe…but then again I can see Caleb, being the in love sick puppy that he is totally going crazy and winning POV to save her.


I just want to say that I haven’t seen BB16 since the premiere .. and I don’t think I’m missing alot, but reading here is enough for me! Thanks Simon! 🙂


Victoria and Britanny can not go home.

Amber, Nicole , Cristiane are the ones that should go home. Because Victoria and Britanny are playing their own game and the guys games. Amber is a floater stupid girl.

I can not believe how stupid Cristiane and Amber are. They know they guys are working together and see clear how close they are, and they don`t realize that the 2 of them are not even acatuallly part of the Bomb Squad?


I meant to say.. Amber and Cristiane are playing for the guys


You’re kidding me right!? Did you not see what happened to Joey, Amber and Christine know the guys have a power hold, but its not like they can exactly go against the boys…I mean when Joey tried that strategy (which would of been brilliant if the girls weren’t so cowardly) all the girls starred at her blankly.

If more girls in these games stuck together and realized a girls alliance could actually be a threat to unassuming meatheads in the house they’d win. Amber and Christine should be playing a double agent game, while sitting around with the girls doing their hair and make up, they could easily slip in strategy talk and dominate the game.

Which brings me to my question, why was it such a stupid game move for Joey to try to start an alliance the first week in the house when the Bombsquad formed theirs the first week in the house?

Double standard much…the only thing I see as her downfall is awkwardly admitting it.


I disagree – I think Christine (not sure about Amber) knows perfectly well how this is running now, but (hopefully) will do her best to backdoor somethin’ somethin’ when she gets the chance. If she doesn’t take the opportunity when presented, she’s dead to me! 🙂


Hayden and Nicole are safe this week but Amber is not.


Jacosta probably thought her bowties were going to get a lot more airtime.. Does she get weird tanlines from them?


God those things need to seriously go. I hate awkward black girls just as much as I do loud ghetto black girls because they make us normal ones looks so bad.


I swear I’m starting to dislike Zach as much as I dislike Caleb and Devin.

non-metal spoon

Brit & Vic are spoiled, entitled snots.


I don’t understand why they called Amber weak,she was in a tough position.


Amber has placed herself in that position. She and Christine could have been building their own alliance and funneling information about the BS Squad to start controlling the game. But instead she now lets Devin/Caleb tell her what to do. She thinks Caleb is going to take her to the end.


Totally agree – it doesn’t even seem that Amber/Christine talk much at all…and Christine knows this game, yes? They should totally be working a sideswipe as we speak. I think it’s Amber’s “fault” as I don’t think Christine trusts her to not tell the rest of the BS, and I agree, I think Amber would – at least right now she would. I hope she wakes up soon, that girl.


Zach knows what he’s talking about. Keeping Pow Pow is like giving the HOH a gift. The first HOH that nominates will choose her to solidify their position. She’s like an anchor for her teammate/fellow nominee. They should either get rid of her as soon as possible, or bring her into an alliance to help manipulate the BOB competitions.


Yeah, but let`s see if Derrick, Cody and Zach has the balls to go after Devin.
I don`t think they do, because the only reason they want to keep Britanny is so she wins HOH next week and go after Devin.

I have never ever rooted for a guy in any reality show. But I think this season I will rooting for Devin and Caleb. I don`t see any girls having a chance this year.


Respect. ur probs one of the few people that openly support C&D. I really don’t understand all of the hate for them; from a gameplay standpoint, their doing pretty damn good so far.


I honestly think the Bomb Squad is really stupid. They are taking out people who are weak and aren’t threats, when they really should be taking out each other. The girls are just being dumb at this point. People should be wondering why Nicole and Hayden were nominated, as they are two well liked people in the house, instead of people like Derrick and Zach. Praying that some people start playing this week.


Its a smart idea for big buys like Cody, Devin, and Caleb to keep around other big targets, so all in all I can see why Devin is holding so hard onto the bomb squad, and it would be stupid to take out strong players, in his case.


Not a fan of the bomb squad… kinda hope a sub alliance breaks off soon and goes rouge.

Caleb/Devin/Amber or Derrick/Cody/Christine ..

Zach and Frankie are getting a bit tooo cocky for me.


Right there with you Simon. I’ve never trusted either of them but they may be useful in taking out Devin and Caleb. Then they have to go.


My dream alliance from the Bombsquad would be Derrick, Amber, and Christine….I like Frankie but at the sametime I don’t because he really can’t be trusted, Zach ugh I can’t stand him.

Double HOH

I agree that the two HOH twist was designed to get the floaters out early. I bet it only takes place one or two more weeks then we go back to the one HOH.

new to BB 14

OMG Zach is so the puppetmaster for this season he is either really good at hiding this from the HG’s or they are real dumb!! They the HG’s so need to wise up and get rid of Zach or he will win it all !!


Amber nominated hayden and nicole. They won BOB. Shouldn’t that mean Amber is hoh and Devin is dethroned?


Lots of people confused by the Double HOH’s so i’m no the only one 🙂 .. here some tips

1) The HOH whose teams loses the Battle of the block stays HOH and their nominees stay nominated
2) HOH want their teams to lose the BOB so they will pick the weakest players to play.
3) In the case this week Amber nominated two stronger players and Devin nominated two weaker players.
4) DEvin’s two nominees LOST the BOB so he is still HOH and Brittany and POWPOW are still nominated.
5) Amber’s two nominess won the BOB and are removed from the block, Amber is dethroned.

Amber is now able to be nominated for eviction if POV is used. Hayden and Nicole are safe from being put up.

Confusing i know…

Blue Velvet

Where does Christie’s true allegiance lie? With Nicole? Does Nichole know abt Zach& Cody? Bomb Squad?


Good question re Nicole knowing, I’m not sure. But I do think Christine’s loyalty to Nicole is solid. We’ll have to wait and see what happens when either Nicole or Hayden win HOH…and maybe they won’t even them then as both would have legitimate reasons to put up Devin and/or Amber as noms.


Hayden has a chance here. To wreck these other arrogant meatheads game. He now has a reason to retaliate full force as well and not be seen as a bully. i’m rooting for Hayden, Nicole, and Donny!

Amber literally just became Devin’s and Caleb’s B*tch Lol! Nicole is a lot smarter than her too and I hope next week is a mental challenge and two non Bomb Squad members win and mess everything up!


From your lips to the BB gods’ ears. I think there’s a lot of us who’d like Donny, Nicole, and Hayden to do well. I’d add in Derrick and Cody (provisionally).


Whatever you just want Amber to play your dear game to keep your favorite alliance safe but the reality is Derrick was right, Amber would have been stupid to nominate Victoria who is her pal in the house, Pow Pow (she had no choice though really), and Jocasta–any other guy (besides Hayden) she nominated would of really ruined the Bombsquad (Even though its already splintered off) and Nicole has NEVER liked Amber, she’s always plotted against her and Derrick being the good under cop that he is sensed that something is off with “Nicole.”

The sucky thing is that Amber’s noms couldn’t have stayed her noms because really Nicole needs to go if Amber is to be safe in the house. Whether Devin and Caleb are liked or not isn’t really Nicole’s deal because they are aligned with her and will work to keep her safe so of course her noms were the best for her. No one else is going to keep her SAFE but the people she chose to not nominate.


A lot of people are saying Amber he weak for letting Devin and Caleb determine her nominations, yes she should decide on her own but it wasn’t those two that told her to put them up it was Derrick that was pretty much forcing it and the others went along with it. Although Im not to fond of Devin he’s trying to stay in the house so of course he’s gonna put up the weaker people and if Amber putting up Hayden and Nicole was better for his game I would go along with it if I was him too.


Has any seen Donny being deceitful? I thought he was a super-fan and therefore thought he would be playing the game more. I love having a Gomer Pyle in the house just to make everyone else wonder about his simpleton persona…..especially how Caleb is certain Donny is a navy SEAL…….


The two HOH twist is confusing and sort of annoying right now but that’s because there’s a huge alliance dominating the house, after a few more weeks when we see the bomb squad crack and new smaller alliances form, or the house splits something like that, the two HOH’s is going to get much more exciting. They’ll probably drop it half way into the game anyhow.