Big Brother Spoilers Caleb – “I didn’t do too bad I got the 4th highest score”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 11
Original Nominations:
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

BB16-2014-07-10 19-18-40-411
7:09pm BEEHIVE Derrick and Caleb
Talking about who is going up. Derrick says the target this week is Devin he’s going home unless he wins POV. Caleb says if they want to put him up he trusts them. Derrick wants this conversation to be secret he’s not sure who to trust anymore.
Derrick doesn’t want Devin to do what he did. Derrick whispers he’s going to backd**r Devin. “I can’t trust him because he burned me he probably cost us our money”
Caleb says him, Amber and Frankie volunteer to be on slop. Caleb doesn’t want to be stuck in the have nots room with Devin. Derrick really wants Devin on slop in case the POV is endurance.
Derrick warns him that sometimes Frankie over embellishes things. Caleb says all this is Devin’s fault because he went to Devin. Caleb says Frankie went up to Devin and Said I made a deal with Zach. Derrick asks him if they would have had a problem if Frankie won the HOH. Caleb – “No he would never put us up he said from day one he trusts Caleb, Amber Derick.
Derrick isn’t going to put Brittnay up because she’s been up for two weeks now and he’s got no beef with her.
Caleb says he heard Donny was trying to swing the votes. Derrick is going to ask Donny. He’s a straight up dude so he’ll give Derrick the truth. Caleb – ‘Devin’s going to bug me dude”
Caleb suggests they keep their plan a secret because if it gets spread around the house there’s no telling what will happen. Derrick agrees tells him this is a conversation between the two of them do not share it with Amber.
Derrick says he’s not taking Cody , ‘F** the alliance for right now” Derrick says he told him the person who goes last in the HOH has the biggest advantage because they can watch where the balls go.
Caleb – “I didn’t do too bad I got the 4th highest score”
Derrick tells him he’s safe not to worry

BB16-2014-07-10 19-08-40-667

BB16-2014-07-10 19-15-35-021

7:14 Have nots Amber, Frankie, Cody and Zach
Talking about the plan being to backd**ring Devin this week.

BB16-2014-07-10 19-25-39-048

7:27pm LIving Room Talking about when the battle on the block competition is.
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BB16-2014-07-10 19-25-51-075

BB16-2014-07-10 19-35-41-608

7:36pm Jocasta telling Amber her story about being constipated and having POWPOW guard the door so nobody would come by and disturb her. Jocasta is having =trouble with her bowel movements and she’s been telling us this story as much as she can.. It’s a great time to get the feeds 🙂 Amber brings the conversation back onto game. Says she had to work with DEvin she’s no longer working with him. Amber doesn’t know if she will be able to work with Brittany, “I trust you but I don’t know what is going on.. I think Caleb is mad at me because I told him I didn’t trust him.. the only people I trust are you, Donny, Cody and Derrick sometimes”

BB16-2014-07-10 19-41-34-927

7:42pm Derrick telling Cody and Zach Devin was asking Derrick to put im up. Zach – “What does he think you are stupid” Derrick tells them 4 pawns are going up all they needs to do is to win the POV and get Devin up. Derrick tells them they almost lost their games last week they have to keep this plan quiet. Derrick assure a worried Zach he’s not going to put Devin up.
Derrick – “It’s out house up there” (HOH)_

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Caleb trying to throw Donny under the boss like the little b*tch that he is! I feel like he should go before Devin, he’s dangerous! Devin will self destruct eventually! Freaking snake!



Sheep Deprivation

Why would I want to meet Tennis Singles?


If Devil is not evicted this week he will win HOH next week, I don’t think I can take another week of him AS HOH! This week was ETERNAL!! Hopefully he will not get picked to play the Veto and if he does I hope he loses!!


If Devin is put up, he will win POV….. just watch!


I’m just tired of looking up Devin’s nose every time he talks


Please let them backdoor Devin and get him out this week. He is crazy and needs to go. Hope they at least put Caleb up one one side and Amber up on the other, and Frankie and someone else as a pawn. Hope then that Derrick or Nicole, whichever is HOH, wins the Veto and takes the pawn down and backdoors Devin. He is one sicko. Also, started out liking Frankie and now cannot stand him. He is such a floater and deserves to go right after Devin. Zach did not rat him out, and Frankie acts like a big ole baby and goes crying to Devin. He deserves to be sent home asap also. Sick of BB giving Frankie and Devin good edits and made Zach look like the bad guy which he wasn’t. Devin and Frankie make me sick!


I agree. I get that we didn’t see everything in the veto meeting, but it’s been clear by frankie’s actions on the feeds this past week that he’s done far more damage to Zach’s game than anyone else in the house, Zach included.


Derrick is talking like he’s the only HOH. He’s totally forgotten that Nicole is also an HOH.


That doesn’t matter bc Nicole’s a dip who doesn’t think for herself so its completely irrelevant what she says bc she isn’t a gamer and will get manipulated by Derrick or more likely Christine. 100% guarantee.


I don’t know about that…but I know she’s not concerned with being HoH this week, which I wouldn’t be either…it’s too early to be getting blood on her hands. If she’s smart, she’ll let Derrick call the shots anyway. As long as it’s not Christine or Hayden going home, she shouldn’t really care.


Why all the down votes to his comment? It’s the truth that Nicole is easily manipulated and I like her and I can admit that! If Christine doesn’t do it, smooth talker Derrick will and if he doesn’t do it Hayden will and darn if he doesn’t do it Cody and Brittany would convince her to do whatever they all want. She’s shown that she just goes with the flow!

Not so fast....

Nicole wants Caleb out!!! Derrick is acting like he has control but Nicole has a plan to make a move.


Nicole just wants Caleb out to mess with Amber’s game, since the latter doesn’t have a mind of her own and does whatever he says. Also…it’s no secret her sensitive ass is still hurt from being put on the block (despite not being the obvious target).


Yea, Nicole is a little mouse who so far showed that shes a chicken sh!t saying, devin scares me etc. If she’s so chicken sh!t then she shouldve never accepted to be on the show. We want to see strong women who are woman enough to be a gamer. Shes going to be pursuaded by Cody and Hayden because shes crushing on both of them. She sucks.

Who Cares

Nicole sucks anyway…I hope she gets voted out REALLY soon.


The title of this post says it all. Caleb’s insecurity is on full display as usual. Too bad they edited he and Derricks convo so much on the episode tonight, and subsequently left out the proceeding convos. The one where Caleb gave Zach ‘the business’. :rolling eyes:


No, Devin needs to go this week. As long as he doesn’t win the POV, they should get him out. If they don’t… well, then they will get another week (or more) with Devin and his three other personalities.

Jimmy 64

Way to go Nicole you go girl .


This is so exciting!


2 of my favorite houseguests just won HOH!! Couldn’t be happier 😀
I hope Derrick can stay grounded, not get overly cocky and ruin his game during this HOH run.
Devin is all over the place and not very good strategically so in a sense he is not that threatening as people are making him out to be, but you have to admit so far he’s been very good in competitions.
Frankie is a bigger snake IMO and puppet master, even though I’m not crazy about Caleb, and I’m glad that at least somebody is starting to figure this out.



I’m happy Powpow is gone only because the competitions will be more intense and the houseguests will work harder to win it.

HOH tonight was based on pure chance and little effort.
So when Nicole and Derrick won, I DID A HAPPY DANCE!!
Who’s the peasant now Devin??
Enjoy the slopsicles. 🙂


Need to put Caleb and Frankie up opposite each other in case Devin wins POV


I hope Devin can turn this around. I hope Devin get 1 more chance to prove himself. I hope learning the game and how to conduct himself better. Sorry to all the Devin haters, but i want him in the game a bit longer.


I agree that this game will get pretty boring and predictable once devin leaves


You’re not alone.


I hope Devin quiets down and they decide to go after Caleb. I don’t know if that’s possible.


I am glad they are trying to back door Devin, but sadly this will be a very boring week now, unless he somehow gets picked to play the Veto. Although Devin is crazy, he is very interesting for T.V purposes because he is very unpredictable. I would have liked him to stay a few more weeks not because I could hear him talk about his daughter, but because his gameplay which isn’t the brightest in my opinion creates havoc and makes the other players alter their gameplay.


Nicole needs to get rid of Caleb before Devin this week, Devin staying will be more beneficial to her game because he will continue be a target the week after. There’s a huge possibility that the guys may team up again after Devin goes so she needs to really weigh her options. Hopefully she remains the final HOH so we can see if she has guts or just a sheep. I’m hoping she isn’t because I want her Christine and Hayden to go far.


Derrick needs to put up Frankie and Devin and Nicole needs to put up Caleb and Amber, that way you guarantee one of the four leaves next Thursday no matter how the BOB/POV turns out. It’ll be amazing to see them squirm and TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER!!!!


Nope, this could turn out to be a disaster because one of them wins BOB is safe for the week, and then one of them wins veto, that’s three out of the necessary six that needed to vote for someone to stay. With a house so flip flopping like this, chances are the person sitting next to that person could very well go home.


Absolutely agree! I thought Devin is crazy-yeah he’s certified. Lol but Frankie just isn’t that great. Reminds me of a little red head rat-tattling floater…Caleb is honestly worse than Devin imho. Amber, not sure but I hope Nicole sticks ton her guns and shows she’s a force. Too bad she couldn’t trust flipper to help get Caleb or Frankie out first. This is eerily similar to last year with them ticking girls off one by one right away. Boys will run with it if the ladies don’t get smart about it fast.


I really hope Devin stays this week! Say what you want to about him, he makes for exciting television.


I hope Derrick can tell Caleb is full of crap about Donny!


Derrick’s always going to put Team America first, so Donny’s safe.. I hope.


Absolutely on both points. Donny and Derrick can work together fine. I’m not getting why some are saying Derrick will let HOH get to his head. The guy makes a living…and stays alive at that living by being level-headed. He’s got this.


I hope you are right. Donny is so inoffensive. He may sound and look as though he is a relative of Gomer Pyle and has just stepped out of Mayberry RFD for the day, but I believe he is much smarter than he is given credit for. He tends to absorb all that is said and all that happens but does not stir the pot.

zach's lemons

Kind of predictable that no matter who’s on the block, Devin WILL get to play for the POV! As for Donny, he’s a nice guy, but too gulable for this show!!!!!! Floaters, like “bobby pinhead” (Victoria) and Yoyocoasta need to go up on the block! Just sayin’


I think I’ll have Devin win POV. More cake!!!


Hmmm I honestly feel like Caleb and Amber are in more danger this week, esp since Nicole is HOH and Amber will probably be one of her noms.


Because Nicole’s jealous of Amber and has been from day 1. Poor Amber she’s so sweet she didn’t really want to hear Derrick when he told her Nicole would put her up in a heart beat but she’ll soon see. Nicole’s a snake, not to mention she just rides the coattails of Cody and Christine. If she makes it to the end, make no mistake about it, it will all be because of Christine. The only reason she stood a chance this week at winning HOH was because Amber couldn’t compete.


Amber did compete. She went first I think and scored a 17. Only the final HOH can’t compete which was Devin.


Yes Nicole is jealous of Amber. Amber is super model beautiful and Cody has already said in front of Nicole that Amber is gorgeous. The little sheep has a big crush on cody. She will put Amber up and say her reason is because Amber put her up last week. I want to see Nicole man up because just yesterday she Nicole said I want to make a big move. I dont care for the little mouse Nicole.


I’m very unhappy about this week, I think it will be a boring one and the house will dominate from now, I hope this doesn’t turn into BB15 which was very entertaining on Week 1 and 2 but horrible afterwards.


I’m happy the power has shifted. I think Derrick will be a bigger @hole then Devin. I wonder if people would say that hes just playing the game?


Im really hoping u werent baiting a race card on that comment.. And its than not then cheese whiz

Team Zach

I think the show will be fine if Devin leaves this week. I like this cast, and unlike last year, I don’t think we have to rely on the HG’s hatred of one person to sustain the season.

Besides, Devin’s lousy gameplay has been interesting, but he is not so much. I mean Zach and POW are calling him out in front of the house, and he just sits there and grins like an idiot. Has nothing to say…not very compelling. I HATE to say this…but even Elisa had a holier than thou retort up her sleeve in similar circumstances.


Zach is just as bad as Devin. They both suck along with Frankie. If i was Devin i would punch him in the face after the show. Zach talked alot of trash only becuase he new that Devin would get kicked out if he beat him down. All Zach wants to do is play golf all day. He is a worthless peace of trash.


hope devin stays! #teamdevin


So how did everyone see tonight’s eviction because it sure didn’t air on CBS tonight–the MLB did–and from what my guide says the “live” episode wont air until 1 am.

What is the deal?


Boy Caleb is not a bright one is he?

How he couldn’t begin to suspect a possibly backdooring of him from the rest of the bomb squad–who have already proven they are a bunch of snakes–is beyond me?

“You can put me up. I trust you.” What an idiotic thing to say especially when the majority of the time you’ve been in the house you were associated to the house’s most hated player.

First timer

This is my first season watching so I apologize for my ignorance. Would it be possible for Devin to win the POV and still be sent home? For instance, let’s say that Frankie is on the block and Devin wins the POV and saves him. Can Devin take his place, or does he receive some sort of immunity for having won it?


If Devin is on the block…and chooses to save the other person. Devin wont be safe. THe veto winner can not safe himself and other nomine

Grenades! Yo!!

If Devin is on the block and decides to use it on another person, then Devin stays on the block and CAN go home. If Devin is not on the block and uses it, he can’t then be put on the block.

POV works like this: If you have it and you are on the block: “”!!Save yourself!!”” ‘Cause if choose to save someone else then, that’s just… BB dumb. ‘Cause your arse is prolly going home. See Marrcellas {sp}!!


Victoria is obviously jealous of Amber.

new to BB 14

Calib is jealous of Donny because Amber said(jokingly) when she first saw Donny it was love at first sight. Calib hates competition even though there really isn’t any FFS calib cowboyup and grow a pair!!!


Derrick is talking like he has already won the Battle of the Block… I don’t really care for Devin as a person, but I think that backdooring is the weakest game play EVER. If you really want to show that you are a strong player, face the person that you want out by giving them the chance to compete, don’t give them no way of saving themselves… it just shows how weak of a player you are.

Jimmy 64

Backdooring somebody is how this game is played Devin would
not be the first . Ask Jeremy and Judd last year!


Yeah it’s a big part of the game, but I just think that it is a weak way to take someone out. I feel like people always complain about floaters, but backdooring someone is just as basically saying “hey, there is no way that I can beat you, so I’m going to cheat you out of a chance of saving yourself” in my opinion, its just shows how desperate someone is.


Derrick is no better than the rest of them. He is acting just like Devin and Calib now. He could atleast give the Devin a chance to fight for his life. This Cast is no better than last year. I am rooting for Donny.


Derrick is not acting like either Devin or Caleb in the slightest. Making the best assurance that Devin goes home is his – and the apparently the House’s best game play. Backdooring is a legitimate play.


JJtoWin I know that it is a legit gameplay, I said he does not have the nuts to give Devin a fighting chance. I am rooting for the Bad Guy this year so it wont be another what the house wants show again. The need to put a better twist in the game to keep people from manipulating the twist and bringing it right back to what the house wants. Derrick still sucks eggs he is a rat just like Andy was last year.


Enough with the fake glasses. They are only frames with no glass. Two days ago Caleb had them on and talked about something going in his eye. He put his finger through the frame and rubbed his eye. The only people with real glasses are Nicole and Christine. You can see the lights reflecting off the glass as well as the frames. The others only reflect the light from the frames. I guess the guys think they will look intelligent. They look stupid.


Here’s an challenge for Team America.
Burn the following objects:
a.) The fake glasses with no lens
b.) The blue hat that Caleb, Hayden, and Cody wear
c.) All of Jocasta’s ties
d.) Hayden’s dirty nose ring
e.) Cody’s red hoodie
f.) Devin’s dirty gray beanie, that doesn’t even fit his head
g.) Those darn bunny slippers that Caleb, at the age of 26, is wearing

If Team America can complete those missions, I will give them all 5,000 dollars from my own pocket!!


I truly hope that Derrick doesn’t let the power go to his head – because I really like him & he has shown in the past that he is smart. I don’t think he will put up Donny, but unfortunately, he also probably won’t put up any of the B.S. either. He will want to put up weak players to ensure that he keeps his HOH – that doesn’t leave much to choose from – probably Jocasta & Victoria. I wish he would put up Frankie & Zach or Cody. Then Nicole could put up Amber & Caleb. That way, even if Devin wins POV & they can’t backdoor him, someone from the B.S. would be leaving.


I also wish that Hayden would have won it with Nicole rather than Derrick.


I’m not a personal fan of Devin, but why is everyone making it seem like he is such a horrible player? Yes his social game sucks, but as far as competitions, he has done more than anyone in the game.. We are barely in week three and the house guest are calling people like joey and pow pow the worst players in bb history.. haha. They don’t even know yet… people like cody and zach are quick to call people out, but they haven’t won anything… if you want to see the worse bb players, look at Lawon, Kathy, ADAM, SPENCER, Enzo… just to name a few.


I really don’t find Devin great TV… Janelle that was Great TV… Dan’s Eulogy that was great TV… James Rhine winning POV week after week when they wanted to get him out was good TV…. The first Backdoor of Jase was good TV….. Allison and Jun in a hOt Tub “I hate you… I hate you… let’s for an alliance, no one will see it coming.” Jeff and Jordans love story was great TV…..
A train wreck like Devin is not good TV… I find him to be annoying TV. He isn’t even a good villain… he is no Dan or Dr Will… Not as annoying as Brenchal. the Meow Meow (I had to stop watching BB after Dark that season because he would always eat and the noises he made where vile.) or Yes I will say it… The Slob Squad last Season, he is not as bad as them. I just don’t want to watch him.
In his defense I want Frankie out because he is extremely annoying and the actual head of the BS Squad.
Zach is pretty annoying also…. My dream picks for the next three evictions are Devin, Frankie and then Zach.

There will still be ton’s of fun characters for you guys. I actually think this Season is one of their better casting jobs all things considered…. Hell, Nicole may be I am woman hear me roar this week. She may have a game plan all of her own… we don’t know yet.


I’m with you on your 3 next evictions. Hopefully things won’t be too dull without them. 🙂
Did anybody else notice at the last few seconds of the show, Devin tried to draw Derrick offside for a chat and Derrick said, “No, Man, we have to stay out here for a while.” I’m interested to hear that convo.


Yes! You literally just named some of the greatest BB moments! James winning the pov’s, Janelle vs. The Nerd Herd and calling them bitches on the live taping, Nakomis the creator of the backdoor with the “6 finger rule”, Dick burning Jen with cigarettes and pouring a full cup of juice on her head, Justin holding a knife to krista’s neck and being kicked out of the house, Shannon using Hardy’s toothbrush to clean a toilet and hoping he would use it, Marcellas winning the POV, then not using it (lmao), then Julie hitting him in the head, Jeff uses the Coup d’etat and Chima self destructing, the twins switching back and forth as the same person for half a season, Jennifer lying to kayser, Dr. Will telling every houseguest that he hates them and he would throw competitions to keep them all on slop, yet they still kept him, THESE, are great moments! I agree, Devin being a tool is not good TV, its just not entertaining.


I like Nicole’s plan to backdoor Caleb. Honestly, I think he is more of a threat than Devin at the moment (yes, I hate him too but I’d would leave him in because he can self-destruct). Caleb is playing a smarter social game than Devin. All Devin has got going for him is that he is good at physical competition.
All else fail, hopefully the plan to backdoor Devin will turn out, but I’d rather see Caleb go.

My predictions for this BOB:
Nicole nominates Amber and Victoria
Derrick nominates Jacosta and Hayden



I agree with those noms except Hayden. I think he will put up Frankie instead. I believe Nicole will put up Victoria also because she doesn’t have anyone really in the house that has her back.(Vic)


The only reason I say Hayden is because they NEED someone to win that BOB. Frankie would be a good choice too, as long as they don’t put him up with Amber.
As long as Amber stays on the block, Devin or Caleb will be going home. Even if Devin and Caleb gets picked for Veto.


I love how the crowd turns on people on a dime. Derrick is a good guy and people know it. Trying to put him in the same category as Devin is just f**king stupid. He has to play the game now HELLO.Were most people not the same ones calling him a floater???? Now when he has won the HOH and has to make some decisions, people are saying hes no better then the Caleb/Devin, get real. Those two were on a power trip and people know it. Lets see if Derrick treats the others the same way those 2 douches treated people. (and I don’t mind Caleb now that he seems to have settled down a bit, for now)

Grab the fork and take a bite of some humble pie!


Did I read that right in the convo between Derrick and Caleb? That Derrick was “screw Cody…” (paraphrasing)? He’s playing Caleb, right? Derrick and Cody are tight, yes?