Brittany says everyone’s convinced you’re the a$$h*le! Derrick is a d**k! Wow! What a d**k!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 01-25-51-285
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1:15am Up in the HOH room – Devin tells Brittany that he pulled her off the block for a reason and that she might hear things. Devin tells her about the Bomb Squad alliance. He tells her all of the members. Devin says that Caleb has been pulling everyone into the bee hive room. I only trust you and Donny. Devin explains what happened with Zach and why he got nominated. Devin says that they we pulled in Hayden. Devin says the only two people I trust are you and Donny. Devin tells her that he no longer trusts the alliance and I’ve left it. I know that I am against the house anyways and everyone wants me out. I have to win back to back HOH and POV’s. Devin tells her that there is no loyalty and integrity in the alliance. Devin says that Derrick wanted you out. Brittany is shocked to hear that Derrick wanted her out. I felt like I knew his family and wanted to meet his wife. Devin tells her that he is telling her so that she gets her game face on. I am telling you because I feel like we have a bond but I don’t care if you come after me. Brittany says Derrick is a di*k! Wow! What a di*k! Brittany says now I can’t even sleep. Brittany says so max I have 4 more weeks. Devin says I think jury starts in three weeks. Devin tells her that he knows something good will happen for you. Brittany says and everyone is convinced you’re the a$$hole. I knew most of this stuff but I thought it was You, Caleb, Frankie and Amber. Devin says I love love Frankie and I feel horrible I’ve sent him up the river. Devin asks please don’t throw out Donny’s name or that he knows about all of this. Brittany says that she won’t. The only thing I might do is give Derrick the evil eye. Devin tells her that people like you! Use that to your advantage. Devin says if you ever get HOH and you want to dismantle the bomb squad, you need to put up Caleb and Amber. Brittany says I know that, I was already thinking that.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 01-16-05-306

1:45am Out in the backyard – Frankie, Cody and Derrick are playing pool. Frankie says that Devin is going to be 20 times worse the he was before. Derrick says that he’s worried about Brittany. Cody says that he isn’t, she hates him (Devin). Frankie says I am so happy she is going home! (Pow Pow) She is the worse, I can’t stand her. This is just so much better! I hated my life. I felt tormented. Cody is worried about he and Caleb’s relationship now. Frankie says Caleb is a man in every sense of the word. He sees steak, he eats it. He sees girl, he pursues it. He sees enemy, he kills it. Enemy goes away, he see friend.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 01-53-25-400
1:50am The cameras switch to Nicole and Hayden in the hammock. He asks her for a hug and she says no, people are watching. Hayden keeps trying and she gives in and hugs him. Hayden asks if she would kiss him. She says yeah. She says that she won’t though. Hayden asks if he can just surprise her with one. Nicole says no. She gets up and heads over to the couches. Cody joins Hayden on the hammock. Hayden says this is still good because it’s about getting out the weak players with the addition of Devin. Hayden says we need to go hard for the HOH. The thing is what if Caleb wins HOH. Cody says if Caleb wins it he won’t put Devin up because he promised he wouldn’t. Caleb can’t win this week. Hayden says getting out Caleb right now would be genius. Cody says right now it wouldn’t be good for our game because then we’re targets. Hayden reveals to Cody how he could tear Caleb and Amber. Hayden says you know those things Devin said Amber said about Caleb. Those things were true, she said all that to me. Christine joins them. Hayden says the time will come when we need to get out Amber. I have this information that we can use and boom he’s on our side to vote her out.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 02-04-54-836

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2:10am Devin brings Jocasta up to the HOH room having now just finished telling Brittany all about the bomb squad. Devin then tells Jocasta everything. Jocasta explains how outside the house she has a womens ministry. I can’t explain how I kept Zach after the things he did. After I talked to Zach I knew that the women wouldn’t see that. I’m sure that won’t be shown on the show. I know they don’t have the live feeds. I can’t explain keeping him to women that I try to empower about not needing people like that in their lives. Jocasta and Brittany tell Devin it was Christine talking bad about him. Jocasta starts to cry and says I can’t leave I need to do this for my husband. Brittany starts crying and says I came in here knowing I’m going through a divorce. What if he tries to take my kids away from me. Brittany asks Jocasta are you just going to say we were praying? Jocasta says I’m not going to just offer up any information.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 02-19-23-948

2:25am Out in the backyard – Cody, Derrick, Zach and Caleb are talking about how they will tell Brittany that it was only a 1 week deal with Devin. Caleb says I will say that I’ve been with him since the beginning. Caleb brings up how Devin said he was going to pick us off one by one. Okay, try it! They wonder what Jocasta and Brittany are doing up in the HOH room. Cody says if Brittany doesn’t come down and talk to me or Derrick then we know something is up. Derrick tells Caleb that if Devin is up there blowing everything up .. Amber and Christine are in the worst trouble. Us having those two girls was the x-factor. Those girls were privy to conversations with the girls that helped us. Cody says that honestly might help them too. Caleb says Devin is thinking because he pulled Brittany off she now likes her. She hates him. Caleb says we just need to deny, deny, deny. Caleb heads to the bathroom and tells Amber that they have her back. He tells her to not go crazy because when you go crazy I have to go crazy.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 02-23-51-607

2:35am In the havenot room – Frankie starts telling Victoria about the blow up that happened tonight. Christine joins them. Victoria says we have to backdoor Devin. Frankie says everyone will backdoor Devin.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 02-37-54-141

2:55am Frankie comes out to the backyard and tells Zach, Hayden, Derrick and Caleb that Brittany made a deal with Devin for him to use the veto on her. Anything that Brittany says can’t be trusted. Zach doesn’t think so and says it doesn’t mean she make a deal with him just because he used the veto on her. Frankie says you know that and I know that but everyone doesn’t know that. Zach says OHHhh I get what you’re saying! If Brittany comes down and starts saying sh*t. We deny and say you made a deal with Devin for the Veto! You can’t be trusted. Frankie says there you are, there you go!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 02-54-23-064

3am Caleb and Cody are talking laying in the earth room bed. Caleb tells Cody that Amber came to him and said that she’s mad that things were being decided without her. Caleb says that he just walked away. Caleb tells Cody it was going to happen today or Thursday. Cody tells Caleb that she will be over it by tomorrow. They go to sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 03-01-58-432

3:10am Pow Pow talks to Caleb by his bed. Caleb tells Pow Pow that there is no way Brittany and Devin aren’t working together. He used the veto on her. Caleb says I don’t think half the house would believe Devin. Caleb says I don’t know half the stuff Devin talks about. Pow Pow says unless he just likes her. Pow Pow leaves. Amber joins Caleb and he tells her as he is pretty much the head of the alliance going forward anything we decide we will all talk together about it. Amber doesn’t say anything and says I’m going to bed.

Out in the backyard – Derrick, Zach and Hayden that they will tell Brittany it was only a one week deal with Devin. If she doesn’t get on board with us then she will be out next week. Derrick says I can probably smooth it out with her. Derrick tells Zach that me, you and Cody need to lay low because we’re going to be targeted. If Hayden thinks we’re really close he will try and take us out. Derrick says if Brittany says nothing was going on.. then I know everything was said. Derrick says just for the simple fact that Jocasta is still up I know something is up. Derrick says Jocasta and Brittany never talk and now they’re talking. Whenever Brittany talks with Devin she always comes out to talk about it and this time she didn’t. It sucks because I wanted to work with Brittany. I knew an 8 person alliance was a bad idea. Loose lips, sink ships. Derrick says I’ve got to get Brittany alone to talk with her. Jocasta comes outside and Derrick asks what are you still doing up? Jocasta says she has a stomach ache.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-09 03-49-04-898

3:35am – 3:55am Derrick heads into the kitchen and makes small talk with Brittany. She is super short with him and avoids talking. Derrick asks her if she is going to bed. Brittany says nope. Frankie joins them and asks if she’s drinking coffee. She says yes. She says that she can’t sleep in that room. She says she’s wide awake now. Zach tells her that’s not healthy how long she’s been awake. (Brittany has had maybe an hour of sleep in the last 3 days or more.) Pow Pow joins them. Brittany snaps at Pow Pow and asks her if she’s made at her?! Every time I talk you sit there and don’t say anything. Pow Pow says no I’m just tired. Frankie heads out to the hammock with Jocasta and Pow Pow. Frankie tells them that Caleb and Zach made up. Frankie says if Devin and Caleb are truly at war then Caleb with align with Zach. Jocasta tells Pow Pow that means you’re going home. Frankie heads to bed. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Hayden tells Zach that he hates the fact that Amber is in the alliance with them. We have to get her out! And we have information to make Caleb want her out! Hayden heads to bed.

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Not A PHD Student

There is an opening in the bomb squad now that Devin is out, I’m in finally!!!

Did he tell the rest of the house I mean 11 person bomb squad he was out??


This is just crazy stuff.I don’t remember the last time the feeds were so interesting the first couple of weeks.
(I only sleep when Brittany sleeps,wich is never LOL)


I am getting whiplash from all this insanity!


Thank Devin for it!


WELCOME TO BIG BLENDER!!! Where one insane bro-dude will shred your brains faster than his alliance can keep up with him. It’s hysterical that in Devin’s head, he’s spontaneously abdicated from his alliance because his twirly, paranoid brain now wants to work exclusively with his old buddy Donny and his new girlfriend Brittany. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to throw in Jacosta – just so he’s got the numbers and Jesus on his side too. LOLOLOL (New BB Rule: Every season must include one bona-fide crazy person as a House Guest.)


these people need to get some sleep. They are acting crazy.


I hope I can go back far enough in the live feeds. So much happens when I’m asleep. D

Devin is a d$&che, wow! How can anyone beleive a word out of his mouth. Brittany must be stupid or the lack of sleep is not making her see straight. How many times has Devin out or thrown the BS under the bus? Seems like he is doing this daily. Insane.


Oh shut up! Zack was the one that blew it up first. I really don’t get the Devin hate. Yeah he made bad choices, but all this hate is not necessary. He is the only person in the house actually trying to play the game. Why would you want to keep a strong person in the house who going to come after you? Zack was coming after Devin way before Devin put him up. Everyone in this house just sit around and talk about each other, but the one person that is actually trying to make a big move is the one y’all hate. Who else in this house has tried to make a big move? Putting up the weak people and the girls does not equal big move!


WOW everytime i see your comment it usually starts with telling someone to shut up. So why dont you take your own advice and STFU!


Actually Cody was about to backdoor Devin when Devin was given HOH. Zach was at earliest the THIRD member of the bomb squad that wanted Devin out. Every member did at some point (even Caleb). Zach was speaking for Cody and Amber more than himself.


Are you Devin’s baby mother or something.. just stop we all know you hate Devin but you act as if you have a personal grudge with him..its okay to not like someone but the amount of hate you consistently post about devin is pathetic. Let it go


?????? Do most of all BB players not lie, including Derrick alliance. Deny, Deny, Deny. He has been wishy washy, more than lying. Other players have lied worse. PLEASE!!! Does anyone not see the hypocrisy of Derrick’s words? You don’t fuck with a man’s family or money? PLEASE!! So, he is saying that anyone that goes against him, or his alliance is messing with his/their money, and his/their family. PLEASE!! Like he’s not going against anybody. So, I guess he is fucking with peoples’ money and families. If it’s good for one side, it’s got to be good for the other. “Scare the shit out of Victoria.” It’s real funny how everyone jumps on Devin for being a bully, which he really hasn’t been. But they don’t say anything about Derrick, who btw hasn’t been a bully either. Point being, many people blow Devin’s words out of proportion, but not Derrick’s, which actually sound worse. Compare the so called bully Devin to actual bullies, like Amanda from last season, Evil Dick who got in peoples’ faces, screamed, cussed, threw tea on Jen, banged in peoples’ ears as they slept, always women or guys smaller than him. Devin hasn’t screamed, cussed, or gotten in anyone’s face. It’s real sad that so many people across America, just play :Follow the BB Players Blowup of Devin so We Can Look Like I Had No Choice Victims.”


?????? Do most of all BB players not lie, including Derrick alliance. Deny, Deny, Deny. He has been wishy washy, more than lying. Other players have lied worse. PLEASE!!! Does anyone not see the hypocrisy of Derrick’s words? You don’t fuck with a man’s family or money? PLEASE!! So, he is saying that anyone that goes against him, or his alliance is messing with his/their money, and his/their family. PLEASE!! Like he’s not going against anybody. So, I guess he is fucking with peoples’ money and families. If it’s good for one side, it’s got to be good for the other. “Scare the shit out of Victoria.” It’s real funny how everyone jumps on Devin for being a bully, which he really hasn’t been. But they don’t say anything about Derrick, who btw hasn’t been a bully either. Point being, many people blow Devin’s words out of proportion, but not Derrick’s, which actually sound worse. Compare the so called bully Devin to actual bullies, like Amanda from last season, Evil Dick who got in peoples’ faces, screamed, cussed, threw tea on Jen, banged in peoples’ ears as they slept, always women or guys smaller than him. Devin hasn’t screamed, cussed, or gotten in anyone’s face. It’s real sad that so many people across America, just play :Follow the BB Players Blowup of Devin so We Can Look Like I Had No Choice Victims.”


Thank you Devin, thank you for unintentionally giving us one of the best weeks of Big Brother in recent memory.


Exactly what was I saying before! Derrick was getting too out of hand with trying to get in with so many people in the house. He thought he had Brittany in his pocket and BOOM the bomb squad blows his spot with her. Dude got too comfortable.


Wow, watching the “talk” at Brittany. Frankie again is the catalyst for shit! Damn!


I can’t grasp Devin’s thought process. Illogical. He knows his ship is sinking so might as well oust the alliance… I can try to get that… but the only person benefiting from all this knowledge is Jocasta. Both Britt & Devin are definite targets after this.

Float Jocasta, float… all the strong players will target each other first. I really don’t think the original plan of getting rid of all the floaters first will stick.


Devin did not oust the alliance, because there is not one as far as he is concerned. Think about it, they are all plotting to back door him. Lol we are watching it happen, but he can feel it happening. Why ignore that feeling? He is doing the same thing Zach did when he saw himself going out the door. Spilling his guts. So I’m not mad at Devin for doing the same thing. It’s called stir the Pot.


They should have listened to Joey. Each season the majority of the women always try to hitch a ride to what they perceive are strong men and in the end the men always band together. They are fans of the show by now but yet the women sit around talking about each other while being afraid to go against the men when they start out with an equal amount in the numbers. The women should band together and take out zach. Frankie will follow because he wants to flow with whoever the majority is. This season has all of the men thinking they are the head of an alliance and the women go along with them. Devin was right to blow up the BS only the initials stand for something else and it’s not bomb squad. From the beginning no one in the alliance trusted their own members. Each one of them had a group of people they didn’t like or talked about getting out. Yet when devin and Zachary does loudly what each of them had been saying quietly everyone in the alliance is mad. Everyone that wasn’t in the alliance should ban against them and get each one of them out one by one because they’re not interesting just cocky.


The men are such emotional players and so reactionary this year that it would have been the perfect season for an all-girl alliance. Poor Joey – she had balls. Too bad none of the other girls did.


Devin needs to stay in the house for a long time, He is the most entertaining house guest this year.
DO YOU WANT GOOD TV?! DOES EVERYBODY WANT FKING GOOD TV?! (Sorry I got passionate for a sec)
Also (he may do it for the wrong reasons but) getting zach out is a huge game move. He is at this moment in the best alliance of the house (zach,cody,derrick)


#SabrinaBBCAN2 reference 🙂


It’s so irrational that all of the butthurt fans hate Devin and want him to go, he most definitely shouldn’t go. Everyone was so upset when he won HoH but look at what him winning HoH did to the season… I’ve never been so excited to read BB drama possibly ever, hate or love Devin you should appreciate his unintentional entertainment and television gold. His horrendous strategic game is amazing to watch, he changes his mind multiple times and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do next and I like that, I like unpredictability not predictable nominations/vote offs. It’s really just irrational to love this season and hate Devin and deny that he isn’t a huge part of why it is as entertaining as it is. Once he goes, this season will hopefully still be consistently great but it will definitely be losing a huge character/antagonist. I’d love for Devin to stay for awhile, his game is an entertaining one to watch. I love the guys here who will say “I love good gameplay” if you REALLY love good gameplay then go watch Big Brother 15 and watch Andy Herren’s game, all of you hated him but you guys “love good gameplay”… Good gameplay doesn’t always make for entertaining television and an example of that is Andy’s gameplay. I’d rather watch Devin’s trainwreck of a game which is entertaining and unpredictable then just seeing one person absolutely strategically dominate with no challengers even coming close (Andy BB15). This season has a good mixture of entertainment (Devin, Caleb and Zach) and good gameplay (Derrick) so I’m really enjoying this season. But yeah, I just wanted to put it out there that you can’t love this season (or this week in particular) and hate or not appreciate Devin and his contributions to the show. Remember how mad you guys were when he won HoH, now how do you feel? Exactly my point. So keep saying that you want Devin to go, I’d rather the floaters like Nicole and Victoria who bring nothing to the table go. If Devin’s going to be as entertaining and unpredictable as he has been in the last 2 weeks throughout the game then I sincerely wishes that he makes it very far while I doubt that will happen I’d be somewhat content with him shockingly making jury or coming short of jury. Love him or hate him, you should appreciate Devin and maybe think a little more before you continuously bash him. (I expect a lot of butthurt morons to give me a lot of downvotes lol)


I hope Devin goes far. Let Nicole, Victoria and the floaters go. He’ll take out everybody one by one for his daughter.


Brittany is an idiot to tell Devin anything. He’s just going to use this to screw her over. She should have taken the info and left.


Be honest, you guys were furious when Devin got HoH and wanted him to lose and get backdoored (which could’ve been a little entertaining, very predictable outcome tho after his house meeting the night be4) either way, you guys were furious at the outcome of Devin winning HoH. Looking back on it, is it safe to say that you all were wrong? I was very excited that Devin won HoH because I knew it would be an entertaining week, this man is television gold! I love Devin, he’s unintentionally entertaining. But now looking at it from what we know, are you guys pleased with Devin winning HoH and what it caused (this crazy entertaining week)? I’d like to hear some interesting responses to this question not “nooooo Devin sucks i cant wait 4 him to go home (but I do love this week). Let me know your guys opinions and try to make sense and despite most of your hatred for Devin, don’t allow that to base how you will answer the question.


I for respect Devin gameplay. Ihe did what he wanted to do with HIS HoH. He earned it he won it. I small for an alliance, but I draw the line when you win the HoH. Why? Because at the point you do what’s best for your game, and remember that everyone else wants to get in your head to get out the one best to advance their game. A true alliance should respect your final decision. The reason Zach is on the block is because openly told Devin he did not trust him. He for some reason at that point had No Respect for Devins position as HoH. Consider this: how many of us could working for company could openly in front of others walk up to the CEO/Owner and say , “i don’t trust you” ? As a person who owns a company, I would say its safe to say, Your on the Block”!


Sorry, but it was the other way round: Devin told Zach: “I don’t trust you!”
Zach replied: “Can we talk about it?”
Devin: “No, man, I don’t want to talk to you right now”.
Obviously, both didn’t like each other. But the STUPID move to tell the other “I don’t trust you!” wasn’t Zach’s. It was Devin’s.


True, but Devin was being honest. Zach had just admitted to saying things about Devin behind his back. Up to and including backdooring him. He then said, I was just going alone with “the others”. Devin said if that was your plan, you should have come to me and said…I said whatever…but, I’m just playing along.
He also told Devin to put him up.


Agreed!. Like I have said earlier, look what happened to Aaryn when she made nominations based on what Amanda/Mcrae wanted. She was winning HOH and being controlled by others.

Devin's "conscience"?

So far, when Devin feels bad about something he has done or said to a person (Donny, Brittany), his conscience kicks in and he confesses to them and then they are his best friend. If he survives next week, let’s see if he has a conscience attack and does it again. I am calling Devin, Donny and Brittany the Conscience Crew! ha


Devin said he’s done compromising his integrity. Really?! You’ve been using and throwing everyone under the bus, granted anyone who still buys into your strategy at this point is dumb. Here’s hoping Brittany talks to the other house guests and she wakes the hell up!


Devin is using his manipulation skills. He preys on their weaknesses….


Derrick’s not??????


Devin makes TV Gold

smd nicole

caleb and frankie are just so FUCKING retarded i swear to god how stupid can u be to tell DEVIN of all people that u were going to keep zach!!!!!! what the hell where they thinking


The people in the house are very aware of how they shouldn’t use the r word. I hope watching them will rub off on us.

#tHANKSDEVIN (Derrick and Devin fan)

I hate Victoria’s comments about Devin
Victoria to Frankie/Christine- “We get locked up in the HoH room (Thursday). Oh shit. Shit. I’ll be scared. What if Devin has a knife?!”

Say what you want to about his gameplay but Devin’s a teddybear, everything that he says or does is dramatically maximized I haven’t seen him “bully” anyone. Have we all forgot the nightmare that is BB15, if you want bullying watch that season. Devin isn’t BB15 level vile, I don’t get the sense that he’s a bad guy at all or insane or psychopathic like most of you claim he is, yes I’m speaking to you moral superiors. I saw people making fun of the guy for having ADD… Now why would you do that? …

But back to what I was saying about what he says and does and how it’s dramatically maximized. In my honest and humble opinion, there may be racial undertones when people are claiming things about Devin.

You guys hate Devin yet glorify Zach who has said way worse things about people, e.g Victoria. The Victoria girl who has made at least a couple of comments claiming that Devin could “kill” a few days ago (I think it was Saturday) Zach was bashing her and Devin asked him not to say such disrespectful things about a girl (or something like that). So that’s just some food for thought.


Nobody can ever dislike a black person without there being racist under tones right? What if I went out there and said everyone like Caleb, Hayden, derrick and Donny were the worst players I wouldn’t be called racist because their all white. There are shifty people of every race we see bad white people with the majority of last season and Caleb this season. Maybe if bb would put more than one black guy in the house the other one wouldn’t be crazy. That and what he says is not genuine ever. He insulted Brittany many times and now he’s in love yeah he’s kinda psycho. And I made a comment on his adderall addiction not his add. There are plenty of people who go through life with add without adderall


I basically said what you saying days ago and got thump downs. Some were even calling him OJ. I truly disliked that comment about him. It was a low blow for guy who is just playing a game. I really feel that the girls knew exactly what they were doing by telling the guys they were afraid of Devin. I don’t believe any of the people saw BB sites, if they did they learn nothing. If this is a experiment including the race factor, Check! It’s alive an kicking. And we are watching how it subtlety rises it’s ugly head.

It was only a matter of time

Pulling “The Race Card”…


Deedeemaha is right, Devin hasn’t said anything disrespectful compare to Zach regarding the women but yet Zach is getting a pass to stay. The little things that Devin has done has cause majority of the house to hate him I mean for what? He’s playing a game just like everyone else, Devin has never raised a hand but yet some of the girls claim they are scared of him. It is complete B.S. if you think race has nothing to do with it. Of course people are gonna get voted off, But their reason is based on not liking the dude for things that the other guys have done also. game wise or just being in the house.


He’s intense, overbearing, and completely unpredictable.

His race has nothing to do with it. If it was a 240 lb white guy with the exact same personality, people would be just as intimidated.


Devin has said just as bad of stuff about women as Zach (which by the way, Zach says stuff about Victoria and Devin… So it is nothing about women). Devin said stuff awful directly about Britney before he had a crush on her. Zach’s nomination had NOTHING to do with how he treats women. Frankie and Devin have played up his dislike of Victoria (which is not unique to Zach) as him being disrespectful to women. Devin actually IS disrespectful to women.


something a racist would say


It’s always race. Cannot dislike someone’s behavior if they are of color. This guy started inviting people into his alliance, never speaking to other members, in the middle of the night. He is sure Donnie is special forces because his calf has no hair on it. One minute he hates Brittany, the next he is in love. I could go one and on. I don’t hate him. I find his behavior odd at best. Why on earth does it have to be racial hate? Good Grief maybe if we all just stopped trying to find blame or any little reason to hate, we could all just live with each other. I’m not saying it’s not out there, but this ain’t it.
If you are a freak, you are a freak no matter the color.


devin vs derrick is gonna be a very interesting couple of weeks..

can not WAIT for thursday to see who wins hoh man…


I hope that Brittany is just extremely sleep deprived…because if she really believes anything that comes out of that psychos mouth then she is going home right along side him!
And she talked about him going from one extreme to another (wanting to “decapitate” her then suddenly falling in love with her). SHE is doing the same thing! She has been talking shit about him to EVERYONE all week and now she is going to believe him just because he said so?!?!? This is crazy.


Everything that Devin told Britanny is TRUE>

and why would Britanny believe in Derrick… Derrick wants Britanny out now..

Britanny just got win HOH next week


What? Devin was the only one who wanted Brittany out. Everyone else was opposed. Derrick was never voting for Brittany.


Question didn’t Christine already tell Nicole about the BS and if so who knows that Nicole knows?


Hey Dawg & Simon, is there anything known of what Team America’s missions are going to be? Like a possibility for the live feeders to vote between different options? I’m afraid they’ll be told to “save Devin from being evicted” soon, given how entertaining the feeds are because of his crazyness…


OK, thanks!
I thought they had advertised that the live feeders specifically would have the possibility to influence the game, and so maybe they would let the live feeders only vote, not the general audience. The live feeders would already know that Frankie and Derrick are Team America too.
But I guess CBS wants all of America to vote, not just the live feeders.
Anyway, I hope those missions won’t be too harmful to someone specific’s game in there. That would be unfair imo.

Under the Bus

Derrick two face is going to be exposed for trying to play everyone in the house.Tried to screw Brittany and it backfired!


Derrick will explode just like Devin did.

He was doing great while he was floating, now that things are not going on his way he is showing his weakness.


frankie just did one of the stupidest moves all time by telling devin zach was safe

Jody H

Caleb told Frankie to tell Devin! It definitely makes for more drama!!


Oh hell nah! In Devins words its on like donkey kong! Haha…what a clusterfluck! Majorly good tv! Thanks Simonand Dawg! I appreciate your hard work with this site!


At the end of the day… At the end of the day…. At the end of the day… Ugh, I wish Caleb would learn a new phrase!


no doubt


Oh, sorry, wrong BB…


Does the guys still kind trust Caleb? Because seams clear Caleb is and will only protect Amber.


i thought derrick would be better than this but it is he that is trying to be andy run around get in everyones group stirring up the pot to get strong players out because he can’t win anything with them in is good game play but being a cop you would like to see some integrity from someone who’s job is supposed to have integrity the problem with him is why keep zach you have to baby sit this guy he outed the bs and is hating on girls in the house.this guy you would probably putting in jail outside the house but you protect him is a game but you should at least get out the scum this guy is lazy loud mouth little punk who is way more unstable than devin.


I’m not a Devin fan by any means but I think Caleb is way worse. Right after Caleb switched to voting out Pao instead of Zach, he had his errand boy, Frankie go tell Devin about it. He knew Devin would go nuts and put every one on Blast.


What information does Cody and Hayden have against Amber?


sorry… meant to post as a reply… What info to guarantee to change Caleb’s mind about Amber: condom count?… Condoms were discovered missing…

Captain Crunch

Derrick is a hypocrite, its not ok for Brittany to make a deal with Devin but its ok for him (Derrick) to make deals and play everyone else.

Also Derrick said “you don’t f**k with a mans family! And you don’t f**k with a mans money!” when talking about Devin yet Zack brought up Devin’s daughter and thats ok with him, hypocrite much?


LOL Derrick pissed that Brittany won’t say anything to him now that she came down from the HOH room.


Condom count… condoms were discovered missing when Brittany made the water filled condoms


I’m just glad the players “that are actually playing” have grown some balls and are making this a REAL compitition !!! Its starting to get interesting..


So wait Derrick wants Brittney out now? When did he say this? And why? I though they were allies. And how does Devin know about it? Is he lying or what sorry I haven’t got caught up yet.


there is NO WAY to catch up, believe me!


This season reminds me of my high school year when I was on PCP.

MN Moron

Ha Ha! I think we went to the same High School!


bullshit,,,caleb in love he forgive amber,,she jump in his bed if hes hoh and he say yea baby …i dont care on that stuff we was getting to know each other,,things are said like when i and devine got mad we made up….baby you my queen i going take you all the way with devine and frankie