Caleb tells Devin everyone in the house is talking about putting him up *Kaboom*

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

5:06pm Rock Room Zach, Amber, Nicole and Caleb
Zach tells them the only way Devin stays next week is if he gets picked fo veto, “He has a 1 in 30 chance of that happening”

BB16-2014-07-05 17-37-55-633

3:13pm Devin and Caleb HOH
the thing that set me off bro one thing dude when you say that and said the way I talked to women in this house I was raised by a single mom I have a daughter I’ve never talked to anyone with disrespect.
Devin says when he talked to Christine in the HOH they talked about Jocasta and Devin said he wished Caleb wouldn’t mix business with Pleasure it was nothing scary.Caleb was only going by what he heard. Devin thinks he should have talked to him first.

Devin tells him he’s never said anything to Nicole he never said anything to make her cry eve. Caleb says the only reason why he’s said it to him last night was because that is what everyone in the house is saying. The house is saying Devin is mean to the girls and Caleb was just tryign to tell him. Devin says it’s the way he was going about it.

Caleb tells him Cody, Derrick, Zach “None of them” want Brittany gone. Devin says that is not what they said to him. Caleb thought they were going to keep the stronger players and get rid of the floaters. Devin says they need to get the strong players that are dangerous to their team. Caleb doesn’t really want Brittany to leave.
Devin wants to call a Bomb squad meeting.
Caleb – “Me personally I think Brittany needs to go.. both Derrick and Feel that way”
Caleb “More People want Brittany to stay than POWPOW.. we need to figure it out.. our alliance is split in half”
Caleb says he told the house he voting to keep POWPOW because of his promise so POWPOW has 2 votes.
Devin’s best case scenario is he wins POV takes POWPOW off the block and puts Victoria up he wants to see Brittany and Victoria fight it out.
Devin – “what happened last night that stuff can’t happen man.. “ devin says he would never put up an alliance member but the one person he would consider is Amber.”
Devin wants to call a meeting for the bomb squad right away. Devin says if people call their alliance out they Deny it, points out it doesn’t matter they have the numbers. Caleb thinks bringing people up here isn’t the best idea.
Devin – “We need everyone in the same room real quick and if anyone come sup we’ll just start laughing”
They hug it out and say sorry, Devin – “I still look at you as a brother and best friend”
Caleb tells him everyone in the house is saying to put Devin up. (OMG heres the spark)
Devin – “what everyone.. is Cody”
Caleb – “I don’t know Cody”
Devin – “Zach”
Caleb – “ya everyone they say you are causing too much noise”
Caleb leaves to get the bomb squad

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BB16-2014-07-05 17-30-44-594
5:29pm have nots Cody and Frankie
Zach tells them every girls in the house will put up Devin, Frankie thinks everyone is going to backd**r him. Frankie says the best way is to have 4 strong people on the BLock and 2 strong people in the POV when POV gets played Devin its the replacement nominee. the only way
Frankie – ‘I would put up Hayden and Nicole”

BB16-2014-07-05 17-48-44-529

5:43pm HOH Bomb squad Meeting
Zach tells them from what he’s heard from Caleb they are not on the same page right now. Devin time for everyone to put on their big brother face put all emotion aside. He wants them to Deny deny deny

Caleb told the other house guests Devin wants to talk to two groups of people, “Donny’s been in the Diary Room for a minute”
“It doesn’t matter if someone calls this an Allaince or noit Deny Deny Deny”
Zach – “Deny Deny DEny”
Devin – “this is the deal we got to be on the same page every week who we are sending home this is is not a dictatorship.. getting rid of Brittnay 50% game 50% personal “ Goes to explain..
“she is the only girl that has the SACK to go against them “. POWPOW threw the BOB Comp so they could keep Brittnay up on the block, “She’s working with me she was there with Caleb on this one”
“We’re guaranteed she will lose a physical competition and when she wins a mental comp we will tell her hey we helped you to stay”

Devin says if Brittany wins POV he will put Victoria up and she can go home, “I’m personally threaten by Brittany because she’s coming after me.. she’s a smart girl I’m afraid of her game play it’s about protecting the team.. the deal is we protect each other all the way to jury we made that deal face to face.”

Cody asks him why he’s looking straight in Cody’s eyes because it feel threatening  Devin explains he’s rotating around or at least tryign to he doesn’t want to look at the girls because it might come off as the wrong thing. .
Devin – “Once we get to jury it’s not personal”
Devein says Caleb told him there are people in his alliance that want him out of the house.
Devin – “We have to protect each other”
Devin says he’s done a lot of the fodo work with this alliance so the target is on his back .
Devin explain he’s getting stressed out in the house and agitated, he apologizes for jumping the gun early on. Say the reason he put Derrick and Zach on slop is they volunteered. Devin wants everyone to chill tells them he’s nervous from the stress. Devin asks them who they want out.
Zach – “POW is the weakest player I’ve seen on Big Brother .. I want Brittany to stay”
Cody – “POWPOW is unbelievably terrible.. I’m on board with that
Cody wants to know whose names are saying they want to know whose names are getting thrown out that they want Devin to be sent home.
Devin says Caleb didn’t give him any names
Zach doesn’t want Devin gone people are coming to him.
Hayden and Nicole walk in.
Feeds go to Jeff interviews POV is going down..

BB16-2014-07-05 17-46-45-026


BB16-2014-07-05 17-56-55-660

The outsiders chit chatting POWPOW says if she’s going to win a competition she’ll have to be drunk. POWPOW says when she does finally win a challenge she’s going to be so cocky. hayden say the POV challenge is coming up Donny’s been in the Diary Room for a bit.


6:12pm Jeff on the feeds POV being played

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This house meeting is exactly what was needed. EPIC FEEDS lol


I am bothered by the fact that Devin is making more sense than Cody. At least Zach is smart. And I think Amber will get on-board. She is being smart too. I am sure Frankie, Christine, and Caleb will help the alliance dominate. If the alliance falls apart, it will be Cody (or far less likely Derrick). And anyone would be stupid to let it crumble. They should just accept that their side-alliances might have to fall apart. It is actually good. Cody can let Devin destroy Britney or later, do it himself. Devin doing it is much better game for Cody! If Devin had any social skills this would have gone so much better.


^^^^^This right here. Devin is being too aggressive but if he manages to rally up his alliance, then I’ve gained respect for him as a player. His biggest mistake was trusting Cody and Derrick in an alliance. Should’ve brought in Hayden to the BS instead


Watch Derrick closely. He has the Zach and Cody alliance likely as one. He is tight with Christine as well but maybe his best social move is chess time with Caleb. He’ll be able to manipulate him if Caleb has power.
Should also say still a fan of Christine as a BB gamer. As a person she is showing she just poor white trash IMHO. Looking down her nose at people behind their back. Who the F does she think she is? A face only a mother could love. Starting to get a good hate on for her antics!

Allison Grodner

Simon/Dawg! Every year, about one week into the show, I ask you who you think will be final 2, and who will win! IT’S TIME! Man up and make your predictions!


My prediction is Hayden & Christine in the final 2 with Hayden taking the win.


Hayden?! Please explain.


Just for the fact that he’s smart (had a over 4 GPA in high school), he knows the game, he’s physically fit, he’s a competitor, not too cocky, isn’t playing to hard to fast. He’s not a hot head like cody, devin, zach or caleb. The other house guests like him and he’s in good with the guys and the girls.

Butters Mom

Hayden is my favorite also.


I think Derrick is worried about Hayden but I agree both Hayden and Nicole are playing well and have a chance to go to the end.


Dawg, why would you pick hayden over derrick though?


No reason in particular its still early its still hard to tell what everyone’s skills are..


This is what I’m confused about: Everyone says “don’t play too fast” or “so and so is a great player because they aren’t playing too fast,” but then someone like Jacosta get’s called the ultimate floater or the weakest player when she is doing just that, just getting to know everyone.

Nicole hasn’t made any alliances except for with Christine and Christine is CARRYING that and by the looks of it, Nicole will ride that coattail to the end.

Victoria, Brittany (until she realized she was probably next to go), Hayden, and Pow Pow all played the same guy. None of them talked strategy or made alliances with people. So could you explain just how does one player “play the floating” game without being called an ultimate floater?

Because it seems to me like everyone sees respect in Hayden, Brittany, and Nicole floating around but not in Jacosta.


same game*** not guy

Allison Grodner

Yeah it’s hard to know which medium/full floater will make it to the end. Christine is a good choice, although it feels like Paola might be on the block every week and still make it to final 2 because no one would give her the prize due to her being not talented and too silly to deserve that much money. I think Derrick is more likely than Hayden though.

I’ll predict Derrick winning it against Christine or Paola.


Yesssssss! Things are finally starting to get intriguing, I have a feeling s*** is about to go down after this POV.


Does Caleb have connected brain cells??? Why would he throw the other members of the “alliance” under the bus & create a bigger target for himself?! Unbelievable…

Team Zankie

So SICK of Caleb and his around the clock drama. He has to go. At this point, I want him gone before Devin.


Uh why shouldn’t Caleb do that? Buying one more week by hiding behind Devin isn’t really anything but one more week.

The rest of the members of the Bomb Squad haven’t been thinking about the Bomb Squad from day 1. Caleb was smart in telling Devin because he, Devin, and Amber have been running around looking like idiots saying “do everything for the squad, our squad has the numbers,” when in reality the other members have been targeting the three of them.

It’s about time everyone woke up on their game and realized an 8 member alliance was never going to stay loyal.

Jimmy 64

Win the POV Brittnay


I think Derrick is playing a good game. Flying under the radar. no one sees him as a threat.

fabio sucks

he’s playing a fantastic game! he is flying under everyones radar but it seems like he is actually strategizing and everyone here seems to trust him. he is my early pick to win the entire game


I can’t agree at all. He is unwilling to trust anyone except Cody (maybe Christine and somewhat Zach). I do not consider irrational paranoia “good game.”


And the reason no one sees him as a threat is because he isn’t. Worse than POWPOW in HOH and then had a tantrum about doing so poorly.

Team Zankie

Derrick has yet to impress me. Terrible read on people, bad at comps, poor temperment (though compared to Devin and Caleb, an exceptional one, granted), and an average social game at best. Again, just because his social game isn’t as lousy as Caleb’s and Devin’s doesn’t mean he’s doing great by any means. See Hayden and Frankie for exceptional social game.


Reread. Fabio said everyone trusts HIM. He said nothing about Derrick trusting everyone in the house.


I agree Derrick is playing the best game so far

non-metal spoon

Jocasta is playing best. Her 2 person alliance with GOD is working. He has given her the CLOAK of INVISIBILITY!

fabio sucks

was hoping that brittany would win the veto but after seeing that she doesn’t even know how the veto works she does not deserve to win it.


Hey guys, Frankie’s sister, Ariana Grande will be performing at the IHEART Radio Ultimate Pool Party this coming Wednesday July 9 at 8pm est on the CW Network. Other performers include Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, Lil Jon, Neon Trees, and others. Nick Cannon will host the show. Check your local listings.


DANG! Why all of the down votes? Just giving information on an upcoming special which includes Frankie’s sister as one of the performers. I guess you guys must not be Frankie Fans or Ariana’s fans. Lol.


its because every big brother fan is already annoyed with big brother shoving the fact that he is related to ariana grande down our throats


Maybe because you are on the wrong site. This is about the players and not the other way around, for sure ariana is great, famous and all, but personally on this site I prefer comments that is relevant to the game or the players. Has the comment been Ariana’s campaigning for Frankie to be America’s player or something that would affect his game it would’ve mattered but as for what Ariana’s doing couldn’t care a dime. Would you be happy if posts are about Nicole’s dad working, Christine’s husband having a party, Donny’s girlfriend watching Big brother?

non-metal spoon

TMZ just reported that Simon wears pink cat-ears.


Thanks Simon. It’s O.K. I found it hilarious that they voted my post down.


I thought Flunkie was related to Seth Green?


That convo was 100 kinds of hilarious ????. OMG Devin.


Wow the last 30 minutes of the feeds was Epic. I know BB was trying to stall Donny as long as possible… Devin is annoying at times but he is the star of this show so far….. I hope in and Celeb can work things out


This is a great cast, especially compared to last season’s. Even though I’m not a fan of Devin or PowPow, they pretty much keep the season interesting for me


if they are smart they would keep devin around he’s the biggest target so they could get him out at anytime since so many people are against him use that to your advantage people


Devin’s just been backed up really hard into a corner and now wants to seek support from his alliance, (which is a perfectly understandable thing to do) But he is getting played sooo hard by Cody and Derrick it isn’t even funny. I think all of this Devin hate is rooted in him trying to get out Donny week 1, which he ended up realizing was a mistake and apologized for. I respect his loyalty to his friends and his alliance but he has played the game in such a messy way that I don’t see him making it past week 3.


Devin brought in Amber and Christine without telling the others and now he’s told them that he and Caleb made a side deal with Pow Pow without talking with the others. Do he and Caleb really think that’s going to help him build trust with the other BS members?


I agree with you, the only thing is I don’t think they should be mad at him for wanting Donny out. I mean someone had to be the target and nobody else stepped up and said they wanted anybody else out. I actually think its a good idea to get Donny out soon since everyone likes him he’s gonna slide right to the end. And I get Donny is a nice guy but you are there to win money ultimately not to make friends that a bonus.


Donny can easily make it to Jury but he isn’t enough of a gamer to actually win. If I were to guess, Frankie or maybe Christine/ Hayden have what it takes to win


“which he ended up realizing was a mistake and apologized for”… Kind of like Joey trying to make an all girls alliance and realizing it was a mistake and apologizing for it… Then getting shunned and evicted.


Oh please, who’s fault is that? Devin’s. Oh get real!

No one had to go with voting out Joey, but everyone did. Everyone gave Joey that lame excuse about her going against the cardinal rule “do not make alliances the first week,” when half of them knew good and well that was bogus because they made one.

They made Joey the scapegoat so they could have one more week and are now making Devin the scapegoat so they can have another. The pattern will just continue and if anyone was smart they’d ride the bandwagon for the week.


Mallory, keep up. I never blamed Devin for Joey.


Caleb only apologized to Devin when it was thrown out that if POV is played Devin could put up Amber. Caleb panicked and then threw the rest of the BS Squad under the bus. The other girls in the house are seeing the way Amber is playing Caleb and they don’t trust her anymore. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the BS Squad and Devin/Caleb/Amber are shown the door before jury.


Wake up houseguests!! Devin is so manipulative. If you want to be his b*tch, play his game, then you deserve to go home.

Caleb, where is the strategy? You don’t think Devin is coming after your “queen” in the next few weeks? He targets anyone who doesn’t feed his ginormous pathetic EGO.

Donny, Hayden, Brittany, or anyone against Caleb and Dumbo right here need to win the next HOH. Light the fuse to this ticking time bomb.


Devin doesn’t know this game as well as he thinks he does or he wouldn’t be putting himself in awkward leader situations. That goes for Caleb too.
I’m now pulling for Brit and Dereck, ’cause they seem to have the most level headed game play.


Don’t discount Nicole and Hayden. They were smart enough not to get in a showmance and get a target on their backs. And they were smart enough to know that the meeting in groups was something more.


I’ll give Hayden and Nicole some credit but avoiding a showmance in the first 10 days is kind of a no brainer. Of the two, Hayden impresses me more. He missed HOH and IMHO he shouldn’t have actually tried so hard for it. He wasn’t in danger so why did he want HOH at this juncture?


Nicole smart??? if she was smart she would already found out that her BBF is in a alliance


True, but it doesn’t even matter. Christine would pick Nicole over the Bomb Squad any day if she had the numbers.

Let’s be honest, this meeting did nothing but push the blowing up of the alliance a week or two more, if even that. The alliance still won’t last.


Does Devin remind anyone else of O.J.?


Yes and I have read that comment before. Maybe a 30 yo OJ.


Oh please, Devin looks like the Rock.

The only commonality Devin and OJ have is the “Big Scary Black” guy stereotype syndrome.


I love how Devin made sure Everyone was in the room before they started talking…. That was the smartest thing he’s done all season. He wanted to make sure no one “telephone the conversation” this may have bought him another week at least.


And then he told them that he and Caleb had made a deal with Pow Pow so now the BS Squad can’t get rid of Pow Pow. I don’t think that’s going to help his cause.


Seriously! It’s like he didn’t learn his lesson the first time when he told Amber and Christine about the Bomb Squad before telling the other BS members. SMH Devin, you’re digging your own grave…


What is Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Britanny, Victoria, PowPow and Jocasta doing that they have not noticed anything wrong??

How come? If I saw 2 people in the same room I would already get suspicious..



Why should they be alarmed, they all know that the heat is on Devin. Pow Pow is already on the block so umm what is she going to do? And Victoria already knows there is heat on her.

Would they be smart to go bust up 8 people walking into a room that they’ve clearly been uninvited to…ummm no then they’d get the Nicole comment “they need to go…they linger too much.”


Simon/Dawg. I’m going to subscribe to live feeds. Is there a code to use to make sure you get credit or just use your link?




i’m having trouble keeping track…house meetings are at 4pm and 10pm daily now, right?

new to BB 14

Do NOT discount Donny yet he is a nice guy laying low remember he says hes seen every episode of every season,I would not put it past Donny to actually be playing a wise game. dumb and nice and let the others tear each other apart if Donny makes it another 3 weeks or 3 evictions then we will see if he is indeed a gamer or not!!


i have a daughter


It’s interesting how he always says it when he’s trying to get the heat off of himself for something horrible that he said or did. We get it, man. You have a daughter. But you’re also a dick.


If this works, I will give major props to Devin. Unfortunately, and it isn’t Devin’s fault, the BS is doomed because there are far too many schemers in the group. Zankie and Derrick/Cody have already planned Caleb/Devin’s exit. I expect the house to explode after POV.


There are far too many HGs in the BS. An alliance with half the house? It’s only the 2nd eviction and they are falling apart.


Oh man, I wish I could watch a video of that bomb squad meeting….i need a good laugh


I’m really liking this years big brother so far. Theres a bunch of drama stirring up and its no where near as disgusting and nasty as last years. So far I think Frankie is leading the race to win he’s showed he can compete fairly well already and he has good social game. I mean I personally don’t like Frankie but from a game point I think he might be doing the best but he may be playing alittle too hard too early. Personally I’m pulling for Donny and Hayden! I hope the bomb squad blows up soon would like to see more drama.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for this wonderful blog keeping everyone up to date!


I can’t stand Cody or Derrick. They have to go soon. My favorites are Frankie, Donny, Nicole, Christine and Hayden


How exactly? They seem to be the least controversial males in the house imo


I was with you until you mentioned Nicole. What has she done to deserve the win? If she gets to the end it will be by the coattails and schemes of Christine.


Devin wins POV, now we will see if Brittany was lying about not sucking up to him. 100% she will.


hi…do we know who won the pov?….


Devin is delusional, a liar and not even a good liar. Poor Brittany trying to have an intelligent adult conversation with Devin. He contradicts himself over and over, he is so self absorbed that he doesn’t even see that he put Caleb in a bad spot by proclaiming that he was the power behind Caleb’s HOH. Even when she tries to break it down for him, he doesn’t get it. He is the detonator of the bomb squad. He doesn’t see that he has intimidated every person in the house and he just doesn’t shut up. Was hoping anyone but him would win POV, but it will make him so big in the head that he is bound to continue pissing off everyone until next week when he can’t play for HOH.


But that’s just it. He didn’t put Caleb in a bad spot, he put himself in a bad spot by revealing to the house that he was the mastermind behind nominations. That is why now everyone thinks he’s the bully telling everyone who to nominate, who to vote, and what to do.

Caleb should be happy that Devin did that.


Caleb is a complete idiot for throwing any names out there like that. I still don’t like Devins game and cant wait to see him leave. If not this week then next.


I think Caleb needed to blow the snakes in the BS cover. I mean Zach, Cody, Frankie, Derrick (though I love him) and Christine have been making schemes from day 1. It’s about time Caleb and Devin realize the bombsquad of 8 really is a squad of 5 against 3.


White people always say black men look threatening. You look at them and they say oh you look like your threatening me.