BB13 – Bachelor Party, Porsche and Adam strip for BR **updated**

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10:41pm Team Bacon Getting ready for the Dance

10:47pm Purple Room POrsche getting ready

10:50pm Kitchen Dani and Lawon Dani is warning him that BR are starting to offer people deals. She wants him to make sure BR is never left alone every time he see them with someone get in the middle of it with some outrageous thing to say. Lawon says he can handle no problem. “No body came to me with a deal yet?” Cani: “Because they’re selling you out” Laonw: “Thats good isn’t it?” Dani tells him just make sure he’s always engaging BR in conversation.

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11:00pm They start the Dance.. Eveyone has a great time lots of complements to POr and Adam for doing it. Everyone is asking where por got the hooded one piece. Por says she brought it with her. Rachel:”Seriously guys that made the big brother experience”

11:15pm Team Bacon takes the plunge (BR are being VERY friendly and nice to Adam)

11:30pm Backyard Brendon, Jeff and Jordan Brendon is telling them it’s a knock out comp this week. brendon tells them to take out Kalia, Lawon then Adam. BRendon also reminds them that if he leaves this week he really want them to stick with her and keep with the plan rachel will need them. Shelly joins them.

11:44pm HOH Kalia and Dani Dani is scolding Kalia for walking around with that I HATE RACHEL look on her face for 3 days. Dani says she needs to reign that shit in be mad for a day but after that she needs to be nice.

Kalia starts talking about her one liners about Brendon in the DR. “Why would I vote out America’s sweet heart when I can vote out out America’s *********”..

Dani tells Kalia to go grab POrsche and offer her cheese to come up to the HOH. Kalia does just that and Porsche runs up to get her cheese. Dani tells Porsche that her eye look awesome. she wants her to be like that for Thursday.. Dani brings up how sweet the one piece says Por boobs like great in it. ASks her if she’s a Big C or small D size. Por says she’s a small D… rachel joins them goes and tries the cheese, “Why did you get this”. Dani: “What do you mean where did I get this.. I’m HOH..” Everyone laughs.

Dani wants to play secret lesbian crush…
Porsche say her is scarlett johansson or Halle Berry, Kalia says janet jackson, rachel says she doesn’t have a secret lesbian crush. rachel leaves..

midnight Porsche says as soon as BRendon leaves the house its going to get really intense with Prosche. Dani asks her where Porsche is with this whole situation. Por: “Nervous about the gripping.. She (rachel) has no body to hang out with but me.. it’s going to look bad” Porsche is really worried what will happen to Rachel after Brendon leaves. Por thinks it’ll be bad for her game if rachel will attach to her. Porsche: “She’s going to play an emotional game and she’s going to drag me down.. What do you do when your all the girl has”

Dani says she knows that BR hate her and think she’s trying to ruin their relationship. DAni really isn’t doing that, they are the strongest couple in the house and they are not on her side it’s basic BB strategy.

Porsche she’ll be hurt with me up here talking to you guys.. Porsche: “we better head downstairs before we’re the new alliance”

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Thought the cop outfit came from Adam when he hosted a comp last week.

My thoughts on Porky and Piggy stripping…. Ewww, just eww

Godless Monkey

An oink oink here and an oink oink there, here an oink, there an oink, everywhere an oink oink…


Haha..LOL oink


Hey godless monkey why not post a pic of yourself stripping.Honestly who in their right mind can say she is fat at all.That’s a ridiculous statement.I’ve been petite my whole liife and lucky to have portugese curves but she has a
gorgeous full figured curvy body.Some people on here are just bullies.


Porsche stripping is better than Kalua anyday!

Aqua Bernie

I’ll say it again. Rachel and her puppy (pinto bean) were meant to be friends. Trash hangs with trash!


Really she must’ve known that she was going to be playing a stripper.


Jessie comes back…aaaaahahaha that would suck.


Aw, come on guys Pinto really hasn’t hurt anyone. Sure she says some stupid stuff (I want directors to respect my game play). And she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. And yeah she’s gained a little weight BUT!! She’s not ugly, She’s really not mean, She seems to really enjoy being in the house. And every once in awhile she’s figures stuff out (she has Shelly’s number) She’s really not that bad. I’m kinda feeling sorry for her now because NOBODY seems to care for her at all in that house. Including the only people she’s teamed up with (br/jj). Pinto, yo!

Aqua Bernie

Duh, that’s her life! Also what is up with Dani always stealing or hiding food? Was she totally neglected as a child what did ED do to her?


Dani, said she always hides stuff in the house because the other pigs eat it all. She doesn’t want to go hungry I guess. If she was hiding her stuff from her HOH basket, I don’t blame her. I would be too with Kalia always talking n eating non-stop. She’s basically taken over Dani’s HOH room. Who knows what ED did to her growing up. I just know she sure loves n adores her grandmother.


its part of some eating disorder she stuffs her face than tortures herself with vigorous workouts


Bring Back PT!


I agree. I want more PT!


I 2nd that. Bring back PT (Dominic for those who will ask who’s PT- it’s a nickname houseguests gave him, since he’s a part time model.


..and once again there goes Rach-ho, walking in HOH without knocking like she owns the place..


Dani is a horse face! Gross! I hope she goes next week!!!


Anyone notice Rachel saying “white trash wedding” then saying “trash wedding” on BBAD tonight? Freudian slip LOL

Which A-hole Will Win?

I feel bad for porshe as well. She’s not fat. She’s kind of a dork but definitely does not deserve the bad rep. I believe Kalia is one of the most irritating people I’ve come across on this show. She just talks about everything and anything. I loved it when she went off during the the house meeting. She was very articulate even though she was lying about the jeff-gate. But that was the one and only time she looked the least annoying. I say, take away 70% of her dialogue and some o that shit is funny! Basically, I think some of the newbies have been so saturated with strategy and personalities from several years of bb (actually all reality shows) that they are over doing themselves. B&R are the biggest victims of this syndrome.


ok I am watching the live feeds and por is SO delusional!!! What DID she do to be such a AWESOME game player??? Did I miss something? Also Kalia…Am I watching a different big brother than what these people are on?? Help me understand the insanity :)) PLEASE!


As a 19 year old girl whose close friend suffered a serious almost near death battle with an eating disorder I’m surprised and shocked at all the comments calling Porsche fat, when she is average for someone with her height. Do you guys really like your women paperthin and nearly breakable or is the weight thing with Porsche just a joke? Now kalia..that bitch is fat! But Porsche isn’t. I just think if y’all think por is fat what do you think Jordan is?


Yea, I am not quit sure why people always have to get in low digs calling someone fat, and FY Kaila, is not fat, she is normal weight and size, irritates me that people sit behind the security of there computers and call people fat asses and ect. what if that was your kid or your friend or your wife….


In one breath you talk about not calling people out about being fat and then the other you say what a cow Kalia is…way to bring your point home..


O.K. she is not fat. But when pinto hauls ass, she has to make two trips.
When she sits around the house, she sits all the way around the house.

Mary R

Kaila is the live feed killer all she does is sign and do shut to cut the feeds it is so lame

Porche's Gut

The one piece is obsurd. Porches legs and rachaels pimples are competeing with each other to see who can grow faster


Get over it PT is not coming back


Porche will work for cheese




This is precisely why Dani’s “big move” was a “big screwup”. Instead of coasting through 9 evictions and gathering up jury votes, just look at her. She has to scheme and watch everyone 24/7 and will have to win almost evevry week. Sound familiar????


Come on guys Porsh and Kalia are not fat. I think Por looks great, anyone would gain weight in that house I think. Not everyone can have the body of an 8 year old boy like Dani. I cant wait to see Boy George break down its going to be awesome. TEAM BACON


Does anybody else notice how Rachel just barges into the HOH room, as if it really belongs to only her? I never see her knock on the door. She just comes right in.


Can I just say Rachel is so transparent with her low self-esteem issues. Yes, she says she’s the best on the game. BB are the best. Right. But deep down she feels inferior and that’s why she always has the need to put people down. Dani is doing her leg exercise and Rachel says: I’ll do what she’s doing but better or in the HOH room saying: why did you get this? (cheese) I hate girls that do that! Such a loser. And ugly to boot.


Porshe is very cute. And that bathing suit was funny.
Dani already made her grave. Her only possibilities are:
Kalia getting the HOH (that is kinda turning on a tv on the house showing what is happening outside the house)
Dani winning the POV.
If nothing of those two happens, she is a goner and doesn´t get anything because she was stupid and forgot about what BB is. She made a mess when she started to try to kick out cassi (dani was the first to make a move on cassi not rachel). Then cassi was gone (rachel got all the credits for that…) dani attacked the cute guy in the house. And for that she started plotting on how to get him to the final 2. Strangely she forgot about Porshe and that on the other side there are always 4 votes. She is now trying to get it to 3… but she, again, forgot about porshe. The only vote that dani has is from kalia. Everyone else ( lawon is getting sidetracks and nobody is getting him to the middle of the game…) would vote to evict Dani because she was a bit.h to everyone.
She had a possibility of getting into the final 6 when the “chevalier” got rachel out of the nomination… but she was after Jordan. So next week dani will get a minimal of 3 votes to be evicted in any other possibility. Not saying that Jeff will play with everything to win the HOH no matter jordan survives or gets kicked out. And Rachel plays very hard on any HOH competition. So very bad move by dani. Kinda stupid move like she did last time she was on bigbrother.

Porsche looks more like Porkchop..
She should change her name to Volvo, wide and extra padded!