Hosts of the show The Talk

The Hosts of ‘The Talk’ Are Moving into the Big Brother 14 House

Hosts of the show The Talk
The Big Brother 14 House is going to have 5 NEW Guests prior to the shows première on July 12th, 2012. The Host Julie Chen and her fellow talk show hosts from “The Talk” will be moving in to film the Big Brother house and compete against each other in “Big Brother” type competitions. The hosts of show “The Talk” that will be moving into the house are Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, and Sara Gilbert
Julie Chen says

“Late June as we are dusting off the ‘Big Brother’ house and before we throw the real houseguests in, the five of us are moving in and we’re playing a fast-forward version of the game,”

When asked how long they will be living in the house; Julie Chen responded, “We don’t know, they’re going to unlock the doors and then…” The Talks fellow host Osbourne interrupted and said they’ll “Throw away the key!”

The five ladies will be all alone in the Big Brother House competing against each other without their children or spouses. Julie Chen stated that “It’s just us, we have to compete. No kids. No distractions.”
Sharon Osbourne interrupted and asked “I can’t bring Bella?” (One of her 10-plus dogs) Where Julie Chen Responded “Okay, but there’s going to be a penalty. You can bring Bella if you only eat slop.”

The full details of the CBS cross-over are still being ironed out, but fans of “Big Brother” & “The Talk” will see the footage of their experience this summer on the “The Talk”. Julie Chen says “The premiere date of Big Brother 14 is July 12th, so that afternoon is when you’ll likely see us and see how we did,”

Source: Yahoo News

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Yeah! This is Julie’s House! She is the host of this game!


This is going to be interesting. Can’t wait to see it


My vote for the einner is sara g. She

My vote for the winner is sara g. She looks competitive. It should be fun to watch.


I actually think Julie could be a legit player. I never realized how much she knew I always thought she was just there to announce retarded twists.


My vote is for Julie….I really think she can do it….