Big Brother 12

Big Brother 12 was known as the “Summer of Secrets” and premièred on July 8, 2010 on CBS and Showtime 2 for 75 days with the finale concluding on September 15, 2010.

Thirteen house guests entered the Big Brother house, however, there were originally supposed to be 14 but one voluntarily left during the pre-season sequester. This seasons twist had one person (Annie Whittington) enter the house as a Big Brother Saboteur who was not in competition for the grand prize but had the potential to win $50,000 if she managed to complete 5 weeks without being evicted. However, Annie was the first person to be evicted out of the big brother 12 house and did not win the $50,000. CBS the held a public poll called America’s Vote to see who America wanted to be the replacement saboteur and Ragan Fox was chosen. Ragan was offered $20,000 if he could accomplish 3 sabotage tasks per week over a two week period. Following the two week period the house guests were informed that the saboteur twist was finished for the season.

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Interesting Facts: 

  • After entering the Big Brother house, the host Julie Chen, informed the house guests that one of them was a Saboteur in the house. The premise behind having a saboteur in the house was to disrupt and cause havoc to the house guests for the first five weeks. If the saboteur was evicted before the first five weeks they would not receive the $50,000 prize. The saboteur was still eligible to win HOH & POV competitions. During the TV aired episodes CBS producers had the house guests gather in the living room where they received messages from a distorted image of the saboteur. After the first HOH competition the lights in the house were shut off and the saboteur (Annie) slipped away and put a lock on the storage room door. The house guests were then informed that their supplies and food were locked up and that they had slop to eat in the kitchen.
  • During the first week, Enzo organized a secret alliance called “The Brigade” with Matt, Lane, Hayden. Enzo then named Hayden “The Animal”, Matt “The Brains, Hayden “The Beast” and himself “The Meow Meow”.
  • Week 3, Julie Chen informed the house guests that Big Brother Pandora’s Box would return, in addition to one player being given the opportunity to become the new saboteur.
  • Week 4, had a Big Brother Luxury Competition instead of having a Have/Have Not competition to determine who would win an advanced screening of the movie “The Other Guys” staring Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell. During the competition Enzo won a 3D flat screen TV, Rachel won $5,000, Ragan won a pass to compete in the following weeks POV competition, and Kristen received the punishment of wearing the “Hippie Unitard” costume.
  • During week 5, Matt won the HOH competition and was offered the opportunity to open Pandora’s Box which he chose to open it. Once he opened Pandora’s Box it released both a good and bad consequence. Matt won the Diamond Power of Veto , which granted him the power to remove any nominated house guest from the block and nominate a new person for eviction for the following two week period. The bad consequence of opening Pandora’s Box was that the publically voted saboteur (Ragan) was unleashed to cause havoc on the house guests.
  • Week 6, Brendon won the HOH competition and on day 43 he was offered the opportunity to open Pandora’s Box, which he opened. Upon opening Pandora’s Box Brendon left the house for 24 hours and Rachel who was the last house guest evicted took his place. Ragan won the POV and used it to take himself off the block, and as a result Brendon put Matt up in his place. On day 48, Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto to remove himself off the block. During the same night, Ragan had successfully completed the two weeks as the saboteur and earned his $20,000 prize.
  • Week 7, Britney won HOH competition and on day 50 she was offered the opportunity to open Pandora’s Box, which she opened. For opening Pandora’s Box she was subjected to a one hour workout lesson from Jessie Godderz (BB10, BB11), while the other house guests received a Hawaiian Luau party. On day 55, a double eviction was held along with a HOH competition, nomination ceremony, power of veto competition and a second eviction happened one after the other.
  • Week 8, Lane won the HOH competition and on day 56 he was offered the opportunity to open Pandora’s Box, which he opened. He subsequently won $91.17 from a money tree, along with unleashing three punishments on the house: the first was all the silverware was removed for 1 week, the second was having to wear sock puppets to speak, and the third was to dance whenever big brother played music.
  • Week 9, Hayden won the HOH competition and soon after the houseguests played a hide and seek luxury competition. Each house guests was allowed 90 seconds to hide a coin with their name on it in the house. Britney successfully hid her coin where no one found it and won a $10,000 prize.

3 Part HOH Competition:

  • HOH Part 1 Hayden, Lane & Enzo competed: Hayden won.
  • HOH Part 2 Lane & Enzo competed: Lane won.
  • HOH Part 3 Lane & Hayden competed: Hayden won.

Big Brother Finale :

  • Hayden then won Big Brother 12 by a vote of 4-3, winning the grand prize of $500,000.
  • Lane won the runner up prize of $50,000.
  • Britney was chosen by America as America’s Favourite Player, and was awarded the $25,000 prize.
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