Big Brother 16 MEDIA DAY With a few Familiar Faces…

The first episode of the two-night première of Big Brother 16 is set to air in just 2 days on Wednesday, June 25th. This seasons media day took place on Friday, June 6th and is only now being released to the public. Media day is the day when a select group of media personalities enter the newly re-designed big brother house to check out where the new cast will be spending the next 90 days. One big brother alumni that got to take part in this seasons media day is Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 and winner of Big Brother 13.

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Summary of Rachel Reilly Live Chat – Winners Tell All! Hosted by Jeff Schroeder!

Continuing with the BB16 live feed bonus content that is available ONLY to the Live Feed Subscribers – we are now treated to our thrid “Winners Tell All” Live Chat event hosted by Jeff Schroeder. If you missed the first two “Winners Tell All” Live Chats they’re available on the live feeds to re-watch or you can read our summary of the Hayden Moss and Jordan Lloyd live chats.

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Big Brother 15 Cast: Elissa Slater Sister of BB13 Winner Rachel Reilly

Prior to the Big Brother 15 Cast being revealed Julie Chen hinted at the fact that one of the new 16 house guests was a familiar face, but not who you might think. Well today we learned the identity of the house guest that she was hinting about, the sister of Big Brother 12 & Big Brother 13 Winner Rachel Reilly. During seasons 12 & 13 you either loved Rachel or you hated her, there was no in-between. Only time will tell if Elissa Slater evokes the same reaction from the viewers.

Days before the reveal of the cast Elissa did a horrible job at trying to hide the fact that she was going into the house by tweeting she was going to Greece. She was immediately busted by the fans.

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Big Brother 14 Rumor Control Part 3 with Rachel And Daniele

On the third installment of the Big Brother 14 Rumor Control, Spicy and Ellen hosted the segment with special guests Daniele and Rachel. The begin by talking about what happens during the first 5 days of being in the house. Rachel and Daniele talk about how everyone gets to know each other and its fun. They talk about the food that’s available to them and hearing the Big Brother voice for the first time.

They ask Rachel and Daniele if it’s bad to win the first HOH competition. Rachel says that she didn’t think it was bad, she won it last season and Hayden won it the season before and we both won the game.

How hard is it to put someone up after you had just met them? Rachel says that it was nice to have Jeff, Dick and Brendon in the house to help guide her but that it would be harder if it was an all new cast. Daniele says that it’s easy to just put up someone and say that they were weak in the competition or whatever. Rachel says it’s a strategic move because you are HOH for almost 2 weeks so you always have people up there wanting to talk to you.

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Big Brother Duo Brenchel at OK!’s Sexy Singles party

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly From Big Brother 12 and 13 attended OK!’s Sexy Singles party at The Roxbury in L.A. on June 7. Reality Television personalities were out in full-force June 7th for OK!’s Sexy Singles party at The Roxbury in L.A. sponsored by Rusk hair care, Voli vodka, Eos beauty and the Oxygen network. Rachel recently released a new website called Adventures4pets where she travels around the US with her dog checking out pet friendly vacation spots.

Other reality Television personalties that attended the event were Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars, Ali Fedotowsky from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Charlie O’Connell from The Bachelor, Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the straight guy, Christopher Massey, Natalie Getz, Eva Marcille, The Hills’ Stephanie Pratt, Jamie Hilfiger, Entourage’s Rex Lee, Sammy Younai and “GG” Gharachedaghi from The Shahs of Sunset.

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Big Brother Alumni Hearts Of Reality 2012 benefiting Give Kids The World

OnlineBigBrother is putting forth $50 dollars and donating it Evel Dicks Page we are challenging all other Big Brother Blogs to do the same and Support a great cause.. Come on people lets support something important and make a difference.

Big Brother Fans here is a great way to support a great cause and show the reality TV fan world how great of a bunch we are.

A Weekend full of TV’s hottest Reality Stars in Celebration, Florida. Starts Thursday July 26th and Sunday July 29th. Each reality star has a donation page where they are trying to collect a thousands dollars to the Give Kids The World charity.

There is plenty of Big Brother Alumni so find your favourite out of the lot and donate.

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Us Weekly mentions Big Brother Couples Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendon

With the 14th Season of Big Brother set to start in less than 6 weeks, one can only wonder what it has in store for us. With the Big Brother 14 Cast Auditions finished and the new cast still held tightly under wraps, the anticipation is growing. We will likely see tons of Drama, Fights, Alliances, and Showmances, in addition to numerous Twists that keep us watching the most anticipated summer reality tv show. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 14 details as they are released.

Us Weekly Maganize had a small write up about America’s favorite reality Big Brother couples: Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd and Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas. Its rare to find someone you are compatible with, let alone find someone on a reality TV show and be able to stay together after the show ends. Two of Big Brother’s recent seasons couples have managed to stay together despite all odds.

The article states:

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Brendon Villegas And Rachel Reilly on The Price is Right

I know what you are all thinking now that The Amazing Race is over we’ll see less of Brendon and Rachel. Brendon will be hard at work at UCLA (Brendon asking Mat Lab questions) and Rachel will be working on her website Adventures 4 Pets.

That is not the case with these two. May 16th Brendon and Rachel were hosts for the Price is Right.They do a pretty good job showing off the prizes which just happen to be trips to they went to during The Amazing race. India, Santa Barbara and Germany.

Here is a shot of their Dressing room door.. What do you all think is Brenchels 15 minutes up?

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Reality Rally 2012 LIVE Streaming Coverage Brought to you by SuperPass!

In just over 3 months Big Brother 2012 will premiere and if you are anything like me, you CANNOT wait for that day to come! To help pass the time we wanted to fill you in on a reality event called Reality Rally that is full of your favorite Big Brother and other reality stars, it’s an event that is coming up that will not only be fun to watch live, watch on SuperPass and even participate in and it supports a great cause at the same time.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of The Amazing Race or a game like it? Well considering you missed your chance to be on The Amazing Race Season 20, there is another opportunity to be a part of a similar game called Reality Rally 2012, in temecula Valley. The event is taking place from April 13th – 15th, with the race starting on April 14th from 12-4pm.

Reality Rally was created and modeled after the CBS reality TV show The Amazing Race. It is a 4 hour competition where Reality Stars are teamed up with ordinary people like you and I, and compete through 12 gruelling challenges to win the prize & the bragging rights! MOST importantly the event is for a great cause to raise funds for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center in Temecula (

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Rachel Reilly Adventures4Pets Where to Get a Brazilian for your Dog

Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13 Winner and Amazing Race contestant (Still in the race) Rachel Reilly has a new project on the go called “Adventures4Pets”. We first learnt about this web show last month during Rachel’s appearance on BearPaw TV.

Two Sisters Rachel Reilly, Elissa and their pets hit the road to find the most pet friendly destinations in America. site is not live yet, the splash screen says April sometime.. Rachel is starting to publish the videos on youtube. In this episode Rachel and Sis head to San Diego for a “Pet-Cation” which she calls one of the most pet friendly cities in the US.

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