Big Brother 14 Commercial Number 2 – BB is “Unscripted” now


Another Big Brother 14 Commercial has been released by CBS. Just like every year it reveals some information that ends up having nothing to do with the show. This year they are stressing that Big Brother 14 is “Unscripted and Unpredictable”. The Video is 33 seconds long and highlights Rachel and Brendon’s garbage bag wedding and Bachelor Party.

What do all you think? Is this year actually going to have a season that is “Unscripted and Unpredictable”? I would say Unpredictable is possible but cmon CBS Unscripted I don’t think so. What is the

Big Brother is back! The sexiest, the funniest, the most outrageous summer show returns! Unscripted, unpredictable, unlike any other! Tune in on July 12th for the season premiere only CBS!

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I sure hope they are unscripted that would be refreshing. Only problem is they left themselves an out by saying unpredictable.
I say it is a year too late Alison Grodner punished us all last year with the scripted mess that was BB13, maybe after last season she read some of the comments and realized even JJBR fans could tell the fix was in and her show had zero credibility.
I think they know if it keeps going in the direction it has been going it will only last a few more seasons since they can’t keep bringing JJBR back and their fans were the only ones who couldn’t see it was rigged.
Strip it down and reboot it see how the audience responds.




You guys don’t know anything behind the scene. You guys need some research on behind the cameras. If you don’t like the concept of Big Brother. Don’t bother watching. I’m sure you guys don’t like AG’S ideas. FACE IT, DON’T WATCH IT IF YOU CONTINUE COMPLAINING. JUST GIVE UP AND MOVE ON.


Captain my good friend, by CBS saying it will be unscripted they are basically admitting that it hasn’t been a “reality” show for a while.
You are correct that I have no inside knowledge of what goes on behind the camera’s but I did watch last season and seen it for myself.
I love the concept of BB but not what was produced last year, sorry that you can’t see the advantages Jordan and Rachel were given but I understand that since your idols were the ones that were the benefactors of the rigging you can overlook it.
No one tells you not to watch even though you complain about Porsche, Kalia and Dani on a regular basis. Everyone has the right to make any comment they wish even you, but take your own advice just give up and move on before trying to instigate another fight with people who aren’t attacking you it gets old.


Dude, I have been moving on but you obesse with Allison gordner Rigged competition. Your idol Porsche, Kalia and Daniele has bad strategy and they do suck. Look what eval dick said. “Final 6 before breaking off the couples” Your idol indeed had a downfall and even Rachel singlely get rid of kalia because she too smart on quizzes and for porsche. Jeff right, porsche is to dumb and stupid, which that shelly screwed Porsche and voted for Rachel. Beside, just give up already and move on.


Evel Dick also said it was rigged….


Thank u, I’m not the only one who thinks that!!!

Not A PH D Student

research requested research done

Over heard at CBS……

.if we lose Jeff this week our ratings will go down because all the lonely cat people will not watch anymore and we need the ratings, what can we do??

We can give Jeff a special power to turn things around and keep him in the game longer.

That’s a fantastic idea, we could call it the Diamond power of veto. Not only that we will give Jeff the power to put up however he wants as well.

Crazy cat people will unite and keep on watching our show eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. (note remember to buy stocks in Ben and Jerry’s)

Those are the facts and are undisputable.

Squabble, in the future to avoid the maroon (yes I said maroon not moron) if you put “in my opinion” in your statements/comments that should be idiot proof enough to keep “it” at bay……remember I said should.

In my opinion I think Simon should band him

Time to go and study…toodles


Thanks for the advice PH D STUDENT but in the past I have tried to state it as my opinion but it don’t work.
He calls himself Captainwedgiearchnemesis but I fear he thinks I am his arch nemesis
He is like a broken record that just keeps skipping and playing over and over and over I’d much rather listen to fingernails on a chalk board.
I’m starting to believe he is the troll that is under the bridge down the street.
Thanks for the stock tip.


Dude, you don’t know what producers are doing? Beside, the producers are doing there job. So, let it go.


It’s been a well known fact that some of it is “directed/scripted”. If you’ve been on the live feeds enough, we have heard hg’s say that the producers want them to say this, or do that. Most of the time the “fish” come on in the middle of their saying that but it’s been discussed or hinted in interviews done by the hg’s after they leave the house. Boogy and Dr. Will were some of the first. there were others, many others. They also try and influence the hg’s votes to keep the more popular hg’s sometimes. THAT is also a well known fact.
But I still enjoy the show and take it for what it is. And I will still watch it and get the live feeds. It is.. what it is.

BB King

Captain you are right that we were not inside the BB house to know whether or not BB is rigged, but don’t take our word for it. Take the word of Matt Hoffman’s word for it on Dick@Nite (I think that’s how Dick spells it). He was a contestant and inside the house for the summer so he knows firsthand what went on in BB.

While he claims that BB isn’t totally rigged, he does make the claim that the comps are created to give certain players an advantage over others. So it’s not technically rigged but BB isn’t fair or an equal-level playing field either.


Hey BB KING I’ve been wondering where you have been, glad to see you are back.

BB King

Thanks Squabble. Looks like I didn’t miss much though. Somethings never change 🙂


BBKING, Sometimes we have look for bb contestants strengths and weaknesses. I’ll don’t believe that bb isn’t rigged! We have to look for strength and weakness either quizzes, physical or even mental challenges. That why, bb isn’t rigged. GOOD JOB AG!

BB King

Captain that’s dishonest dude! I didn’t say BB was rigged. I said and I quote: “So it’s not technically rigged but BB isn’t fair or an equal-level playing field either.”

You simply put words in my mouth, words that I did not utter.

Now to your second point, the comps are designed in such a way that certain comps favor certain players over others. Now normally this would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that these comps show up unexpectedly to aid a houseguest who is about to be evicted. Case in point is Rachel. So production makes it very very difficult if not impossible to get rid of certain players that production favors.


Oh! Wait i’m just putting my point that some contestant would get advantage based on quizzes, physical or mental


Hopefully the Glass House will crush it 😉 I didnt watch BB last year because of Rachel. She makes me hurl. Hopefully this year will all be new contestants !! If they do have returning contestants, bring back all the people who were voted out 1st and never really got a chance to play.


I’m kinda of rooting for The Glass House to do well too, just to spite Big Brother and the show that it’s turned into over the past few seasons catering to all the crazy cat ladies. Still one of my favorite shows, but don’t like it as much as I used too.


@Captainwedgiearchnemesis. Despite me feeling pretty sure,that the producers of BigBrother manipulate the game in order for the show to go in the direction they want it in.And the type of manipulation that iam referring to,includes them giving certain contestants,who they want to go the furthest in the game,for whatever reason a good edit.But season 13 went beyond giving certain people a good edit.Iam referring to the moment that Porshe won HOH.The Pandora theyhad for her,turned the game completely in favor of Rachel&Jordan.The producers were clearly going out of there way to try and save Rachel&Jordan.And it’s no concidence that week Rachel or Jordan was more than likely getting evicted.The producers clearly didn’t care how obvious it would look to the viewers,that they were manipulating the game in favor of Rachel&Jordan.And I doubt if they went out of there way to keep Daniel in the game,that you would be so blind to BigBrother producers blatant attempts to influence the game to go in the directIon that they want it in.But because the people who you were cheering for,just so happen to be the people the producers were cheering for.But the difference with that is when the producers like certain contestants they have the power to make certain things happen in the game that will favor who ever it is they want to keep in the game at the moment.I don’t think you like people pointing out BigBrother’s bias towards certain contestants,because you want to pretend as though the people you were cheering for stayed in the game the longest or won the game all on their own,without any help from the people behind the scenes.Yet let them help out someone you don’t like on BigBrother14 or any other season,and you would probably be on another website pointing out the same things that you don’t like other people doing.Back to the reason why I still intend on watching BigBrother14.All though iam aware of some of the blatant manipulation that was done on season13.It basicaly comes down to me having hope that there will be one contestant that will be able to survive all the manipulation and curve balls the producers throw their way,and be the winner of BigBrother.I want the winner to be a person that it is clear to the viewers(the one’s not in denial),that the people behind the scenes are doing everything that they can get away with,in reguards to trying to hinder that contestant ability to be the winner of BigBrother.Hopefully that contestant will win inspite of the odds stack up against them.


The Glass House will probably have more manipulation and shady behind the scene antics than BigBrother.The reason why I think that has to do with them supposedly allowing the viewers to influence the game by voting.But is there a guaranteed way as to knowing for sure what the viewers actually voted for?I mean is there a way we could know that it’s not the people behind the show riging the votes?The fact that I don’t trust the people behInd the scence of shows like this.Mostly due to watching the blatant manipulation that went down on BigBrother13.Makes me concern when I hear a show that will allow the public to impact the game.#1 the viewers will only want to help out the contestant that the producers give the best edit job.#2 Is the fact that the producers of a show can influence the game how they please,without making it look obvious they are favoring one contestant over another.They can succeed at accomplishing #2,by allowing the viewers to believe that whatever the final vote of a certain poll ends up being,came from the viewers voting and not from the people behind the show,rigging the viewers votes.Does anyone see were iam coming from with this?


I completely see where you’re coming from. Unfortunately there is no way of really knowing on BB either. As long as its not completely blatant, Im ok with it.


I also agree with what you wrote in both posts, people that watch “reality” shows can see the writing in the wall when it comes to Glass House. By allowing the public to be involved they are giving themselves a wide berth to manipulate any out come they choose. Whether it is through “voting” or edits.
This is why I think it is important for BB to not interfere in any noticeable way, yes they will edit their show as they choose but don’t go out of the way to influence it one way or the other by obviously tailoring comps to certain individuals.
Since Glass House will be on for weeks before BB starts I think it will be interesting to see what if anything BB copies I also look forward to see the rating of these two shows to see how people respond.


@Mattron & @Squabble.Thanks for your responses.I’m glad to see you guys get my point.