Jeff and Jordan allegedly eat 72 OZ Steak each at the Big Texan Steak Ranch – May 8th


Big Texan Steak Ranch off Interstate 40 Amarillo, Texas has a simple contest. Eat a 72oz steak and bam your meal is free. Check out the rules here . For every person who completes this challenge their name is recorded in the Big Texan Hall of Fame. You can clearly see at the end of the document and the screencapture provided that someone named Jordan Lloyd from Waxhaw, NC with the note Big Brother 11 & 13 in Texas, ate a 72oz steak in 56 minutes and 24 seconds thus completing the Big Texan challenge and eating for free! Above Jordan’s Name is Jeff’s (with a misspelled last name) from Chicago, IL with the Note “Do America” Texas Style!.

Jeff and Jordan not only ate the monster steak within the 1 hour time limit but Jordan is also the first female to finish one in 2012!! Congratz Jordan.

So is this real or is someone at the Big Texan trying to impersonate Jeff and Jordan? I find it pretty hard to believe that Jordan was able to eat a 72oz steak they are freaking MASSIVE! What we do know from Jeff’s tweets is during the time steaks were reportedly eaten Jeff and Jordan were travelling from North Caolina to Los Angleas to live together. The day after the steak feast Jeff tweeted that Jordan and him had run into a couple bumps (72oz bumps) but they are still pressing on to “Cali”


Finally on May 19 Jeff tweeted that they had arrived in Cali and are out looking for apartments.

No word yet from Jeff and Jordan about whether this story is true or not, I know Jordan could eat 72oz of cookie dough so it might not be too big of a stretch that she finished a giant steak. Either way we are happy to see Jeff and Jordan taking the next step in their lives moving to LA and starting a new show with CBS interactive.


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OMGeez! Let’s hope that she did but then fasted for a couple of days! LOL!
Yep, our steaks are HuGe in TEXAS! Y’all 😉


She even went back for seconds, and thirds then finished it off with desert.


Days!? More like months! LOL!

Not A PH D Student

We all know Jeff wasn’t about to pay for a meal now didn’t we.


All you people don’t anything about Jeff! So, MAN UP SOMETIME! JEFF IS THE BOMB!!!

Not A PH D Student

Once Jeff spends all of Jordan’s money she will be back at the salon taking appointments and he’ll be looking for another meal ticket. That’s the Jeff we all know and love