The Amazing Race cast revealed – Brendon and Rachel, Boobs, Brawn and Brains

The Amazing Race Season 20 starts FEB 19th at 8pm on CBS and surprise surprise our favorite BIG BROTHER couple is one it. Leaked photos emerged last month showing Brendon and Rachel competing in The Amazing Race competitions. Now it’s official hurray 😉

In case you forget this isn’t the first time a Big Brother Couple has crossed over onto The Amazing Race. Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her man Jeff Schroeder appeared and was eliminated on the 7th leg.

There are 11 teams competing for million-dollar prize. Does Rachel and Brendon stand a chance? I’m betting they do. This is going to be a great season.

Here is the complete list of the cast

Brendon Villegas, 31; Westwood, Calif.; Ph.D. student
Rachel Reilly, 27; Westwood, Calif.; event hostess (engaged)

Dave Gregg, 44; New Port Richey, Fla.; “Ambassador of; Laughter”
Cherie Gregg, 44; New Port Richey, Fla.; “Ambassador of; Laughter” (married clowns)

Art Velez, 43; Temecula, Calif.; border patrol agent
J.J. Carrell, 42; Carlsbad, Calif.; border patrol agent (friends)

Nary Ebeid, 32; Los Angeles; federal agent;
Jamie Graetz, 33; Los Angeles; federal agent (friends)

Vanessa Macias, 31; San Antonio; freelance writer; Ralph Kelley, 36; San Antonio; bar owner (dating divorcees)

Misa Tanaka, 27; San Diego; car buyer;
Maiya Tanaka, 25; San Diego; professional golfer (sisters)

Dave Brown Jr., 33; Madison, Wis.; U.S. Army Officer
Rachel Brown, 30; Madison, Wis.; project manager (married)

William “Bopper” Minton, 41; Manchester, KY.; motorcycle mechanic
Mark Jackson, 45; Manchester, Ky.; former state inspector (best friends)

Joey “Fitness” Lasalla, 29; Whitestone, N.Y.; trainer/supplement; company owner
Danny Horal, 27; Holbrook, N.Y.; nightclub promoter (friends)

Elliot Weber, 28; Scottsdale, Ariz.; musician
Andrew Weber, 28; Menlo Park, Calif.; professional soccer player (twins)

Kerri Paul, 30; Gulfport, Miss.; program coordinator
Stacy Bowers, 30; Gulfport, Miss.; self-employed/”basketball” wife (cousins)

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Best reason to watch The Amazing Race since Jeff & Jordan was on the show. Can’t wait to watch.

kathie from Canada

Glad to see you have maintained your sense of humour!!! 🙂

Frank Granda jr.

Hey Simon, back on the thread titled ‘Big Brother Spoilers : Rachel & Brendon On The Amazing Race’ at 5:30am on November 29th I attempted to answer your question on Brendon, when you asked it once before. I think it was a very good theory on his way of thinking. Plus, when you’re dealing with ‘fame crazy’ Rachel, I guy has got to make compromises.




Soooo can’t wait!! I think they will do very well!

Whats up KAYSAR

Glad I don’t watch this show, otherwise I might have to stop. Bad enough that I had to endure these two on BB for two seasons in a row.

Frank Granda jr.

I’m with the majority of those who CAN’T WAIT to see them on TAR! As for ‘Whats Up Kaysar’—>No one asked you to watch. No one really cares what you watch NOW or in the FUTURE.


When it comes to you no one cares. Period

BB King

Waz up Frank! When did you get back from your vacation? I see some people are already trying to start sh*t with you. I guess they messed with the wrong guy LOL! Thanks for having my back against Name’s diatribe. I really appreciate it.

Frank Granda jr.

BBKing, I got back from my vacation and left my first subtle post around Jan. 5th on the thread about BB UK. Now I see Name is the new instigating force for trouble. She (I heard Name is a female) is also writing crap way back on the thread called ‘Jeff worst reality star’. She’s a nut. Unfortunately, she’s getting Utah Mormon ‘Squabble’ all worked up, and defending her. Maybe Name is a fellow Mormon 😉 They can both go campaign for Romney. Hicks have to stick together. Even multi-billionaire Mormon hicks and poverty-row Mormon hicks.

What's Up KAYSAR

Awww does lil Frankie not like it when people criticize his favorites? I have seen your posts in here, if there is anybody that needs to get out and get a life, its you. Frank-n-beans, I don’t give a damn whether you like what I have to say or not, you won’t ever be able to shut me up. So you might find something better to do with your time, shutting me up isn’t gonna happen. Not now, not ever.

Frank Granda jr.

Hey Kaysar, the one the DOES NOT have a life is obviously YOU! Since you’re so ignorant that you have to go hunting back through months old threads in order to make idiotic replies. What’s wrong, your fiancee is too busy ‘working her street corner’ and is not giving you any ‘free quality time’ cause she comes home too sore?

What's Up KAYSAR

Actually the fact that I hadn’t been on this site in over a month, yet you are here everyday says more than anything I can post.

Frank Granda jr.

Hey Kaysar, STILL trolling over months old posts like A F*ing imbecile. Shouldn’t you be counting your fiancĂ©’s take home pay from last night. Please don’t tell me that you two are gonna go back on welfare. Hell, our taxes are gonna go up again!


Skillwise I think they could do very well.

I just hope they don’t have too much interaction with other teams. Rachel’s personality seems to rub others the wrong way, so if they make personal enemies, they could be a prime target for a U-turn.


Brendan and Rachel are going to do great on TAR. I can already picture the other teams looking at her for the first time and saying, ” really? We’re going to whomp this chick”. But when they see her kicking their asses in the first comp they’ll be completely blindsided. Do not judge a book by it’s cover, especially Rachel.


I will bet they get eliminated on the first leg after the skank ho throws her first temper tantrum and ruins any chance she and skype little dick had.




I don’t think they did well because Rachel was making some tweets about 10 days after they were spotted in the airport. Im pretty sure that the length of show is alot longer then 10 days.

What's Up KAYSAR

My fiance tried to watch out of curiousity. However, she quit as soon as she saw Rachel on there saying “Nobodies gonna get between me and my million dollars”. Personally, having to put up with her for two years in a row on my favorite reality show was enough for me.

Frank Granda jr.

Kaysar, your fiancĂ© just told you that she was tired of seeing Rachel and left you to watch BB alone… But, the TRUTH was that she just wanted to keep you busy in front of the television, so that she could go out whoring.

Frank Granda jr.

AND NOW WITH TAR, it seems like Kaysar’s fiancĂ© is using the SAME excuse, so that she can go out and pick up some more cash. That way her and that lazy fat slob Kaysar have something to live on this coming month. I guess she’s gonna have to get sore a lot more dude.

What's Up KAYSAR

Why so cranky frankie? Really? personal attacks on someone’s fiance. You really are a worthless waste of flesh. From lying about your identity, that’s a crime in this country. I am guessing the real Frank wouldn’t want you to sully his name with your childish and classless antics online. Then again, Frank’s a business failure. So maybe he wouldn’t care. As for you, I see it’s easy for you to assault other peoples family/wives/fiances/girlfriends etc. I suspect that would be because you have no one that cares for you. No one that is concerned whether you live or die. Well you can add another person to the ever growing list of people that couldn’t care if you were around to draw another breathe. Decent people shouldn’t have to share the air we breath with a degenerate piece of shit like yourself. One undeniable fact, no one will mourn you when you are gone. Then again, say what you want, all you are doing is proving every word I have said to be true. And for the record, nothing someone like you can say will ever manage to hurt me. I just find it to be incredibly revealing about the character of someone that would resort to personal attacks over the internet. Shows me how truly cowardly you really are. Hiding behind a keyboard and lashing out at others. You’re not a man, your a scared lil boy. And your fondness for mentioning streetwalkers must come from familiarity with them. As I am positive that is the only way you ever get interaction from another real person is by paying for it.

Frank Granda jr.

Wow! It looks like I worked my magic on you BIG TIME! You wrote a diatribe out of FURY lol You talk a lot of crap over the fact that you’re so jealous that now I’m living in LA makin’ a bundle with so much time on my hands to kill. Ha, ha, ha. While you and your ugly deadbeat fiancĂ© are living off her streetwalkin earnings. Remember this Kaysar, when you bring ME UP FIRST on a website, and I’ve NEVER EVEN HEARD OF YOU BEFORE UNTILL I SEE THAT YOU’VE BROUGHT UP MY NAME, you are asking for A WORLD OF HOSTILE TROUBLE, because I LOATHE SCUM LIKE YOU & your fiancĂ©!!