ABC The glass house commercial

CBS’s Big Brother 14 Commercial Versus ABC’s The Glass House Commercial

ABC The glass house commercial
The very first commercial just aired for ABC’s “The Glass house” which will première on June 18th, 2012 a few weeks before Big Brother 14 on July 12th, 2012. The new reality TV show The Glass House is very similar to Big Brother, which is why CBS is currently suing ABC for copyright infringement. It will be interesting to see if the lawsuit affects either of the two reality TV shows this season, and whether they will continue to battle it out for viewers each summer. One thing is very clear, that both shows will need to step up their game to ensure they don’t lose viewers. Which is all good news for us fans, as I can just imagine the Twists, and Drama that we’re going to see this season. OR as Big Brother says “Expect the Unexpected”.

We want to know what you think about the two reality shows newest video commercials. Will you be watching both reality shows this season? Tell us what you think about your first impressions of the two reality TV shows newest commercials.

Here is Big Brother 14’s first commercial for the season:

Big Brother 14 by DreamersVids

And ABC’s The Glass House first commercial for the season:

For Canadian viewers:

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Team big brother!!


#TeamBigBrother but I’ll probably watch both. Can’t w8


Can wait for both!!!!!


Hmm, I’m gonna watch both. Big Brother will always be my fave though, no matter what. I’m hoping Glass House becomes a hit show, not better then Big Brother of course. But, it would be nice to see something a bit different I guess.. If glass house isn’t EXACTLY like BB and brings something unique, then I will have no problems with it.


I’m so excited for both to start!! Can’t wait!!


Since Glass house is going to have the viewers voting on who gets rewards and who goes home it might be a big hit.
If Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel were allowed to be contestants on the show it would be a HUGE money maker for them especially if Glass House gets any kind of kick back from the voting.
The problem would be the Cat People would spend all their money on voting to keep their Idols in the house instead of cat food and litter.


The reason why I’m not 100% sold on glass house is how the viewers will mess up the game. Who can mess up the game more, production or viewers? If they include a cost with every vote it’ll put a damper on the crazy which might be a good idea.

Either way I’ll be watching glass house and blogging about it full time up until BB starts.

The cats will rule again this summer 🙁


I agree, I think this kind of reality should be left to those in the house with no outside interference. The first few seasons of BB were the best and made it the show we all love so much.


poor cats


You mean dog people like Daniele, Kalia and Porsche.


Both shows will be interested. NO DANIELE, KALIA OR PORSCHE!

Not A PH D Student

It doesn’t really matter what they (production) ask the viewer to vote on because there is no count to see which thing was actually voted for the most. Production has and will always have final say as to how a show is going to proceed. For them to tell viewers, they the viewer have a hand in how the show is going to play out is simply foolish. Yo to that

Sounding like a PH D Student now, aren’t I?


SO TRUE … Glass House could turn into a complete mess very quickly. It’s not like these shows are legally bound to run legit polls. They are not registered as game shows. The last saving grace BB has against production manipulations is what goes down during the comps. They can try and skew the contests to benefit a certain houseguest but many times things can go very wrong.. think Clown shoe.

I do predict micro transactions for the voting and I also predict CBS to throw more “Voting” into BB this summer.

Not A PH D Student

This is the only comp I want to see. The glass house breaks the group up into 2 teams. Rachel and Jordan come out and the teams have to pick one of them to repesent their team. Then they give Rachel and Jordan a real crossword puzzel to complete on their own with no help. Talk about an endurance comp.


That would be fun to watch except it would take all season. Jordan would be bald and Rachel would cry so much she might actually shed a tear.


UGH! The dreaded clown shoe. That broke my heart in pieces. Poor Jeff 🙁


I completely agree with you.That is why,any show that I hear will allow the viewers to effect the game,I automatically see it as a way that producers of the show,can make the show go in the direction they want it to go in,with out it looking obvious to the viewers,that the producers are manipulating the game.And like you mention,the fact that there won’t be any sure way to know what the viewers vote on,would be in fact from the viewers,and not the producers rigging the vote. And even if they don’t rig the viewers voteswho ever job it is to edit the show,can easily give the contestants that the producers want to go far in the game,the best edit.Thus making the viewers look at that person in a good light.Meaningtheywill help the contestant that the producer is putting in a good light,to go further in the game.So the bottom line is the producers will have more control over which contestant goes the furthest than the viewer and contestants will have.

Teresea Avant

The Glass House sucked tonight so I don’t think you have to worry about losing BB fans to it


GH is a prime example why having viewers be able to vote players off is a bad idea… CBS has nothing to worry about with GH.

The players are cool though I say toss the GH players into the BB house..


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! 🙂 At first I thought it would make it MORE legit. Now I can see that’s soooo not the case.