Big Brother 15 Howard Overby: Model, Actor, Counselor and Defensive Back

Howard Overby-3

The pieces are now in place for Big Brother 15: The Live Feeds, House and Cast are known. We have a decent Idea of what the first couple of twists are going to be like. Thank goodness there are no returnees this is a fresh bunch FINALLY. I’m still kinda expecting Elissa Slater to exhibit Rachel like behavior. Like every season there’s plenty of model/actor types and a healthy dose of Summer Girls.

Howard Overby is the ex-jock counselor that dabbles in modelling, doesn’t miss church and wants to be an actor. He played football at the University of Southern Mississippi while majoring in psychology. His profile on on Model Mayham says “seeking to have a career in the acting and modeling fields” send inquiries to If he’s seeking a career in acting and modelling than being on Big Brother 15 is going catapult him to the top ;)

All joking aside he’s going to be a beast in Comps. I also expect him to be the leader of the more religious house guests. Not being seen as a physical threat will be his challenge early on.

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More modelling images here
Howard Overby

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More pics of Howard

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Chilltown Fan

I hope he doesn’t turn into Ollie macking on the girls.


This guy is hotttttt.