Summary of Rachel Reilly Live Chat – Winners Tell All! Hosted by Jeff Schroeder!


Continuing with the BB16 live feed bonus content that is available ONLY to the Live Feed Subscribers – we are now treated to our third “Winners Tell All” Live Chat event hosted by Jeff Schroeder. If you missed the first two “Winners Tell All” Live Chats they’re available on the live feeds to re-watch or you can read our summary of the Hayden Moss and Jordan Lloyd live chats. As with the other live chats this event is also hosted by former big brother house guest and fan favorite Jeff Schroeder who is interviewing Big Brother 12 house guest and Big Brother 13 winner, Rachel Reilly.
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The live chat begins with Jeff introducing Rachel Reilly and chatting with her about what she’s been up to lately. Rachel says that her and Brendon might Big Brother 16… you never know. Jeff and Rachel talk about the season they were on and the events played out. Jeff asks Rachel at what point did she feel that she had Big Brother 13 in the bag. Rachel says she didn’t until she won the last HOH. Rachel explains why she chose Porsche over Adam because she deserved to be there and was winning competitions. Jeff says that if he had been in Rachel’s situation he probably would have taken Adam because you don’t want to chance the other person winning. Jeff says looking forward to Big Brother 16 do you think anyone you know will be on it? Rachel says that she hopes Ian or Frank will be on it. She thinks it will be a good chance to see some returning players. She says a Two-Night Première is huge! Jeff asks if Rachel will help live tweet with him during his 16 hour tweet marathon after the première. Rachel says that she will help for an hour. Rachel they volunteers Brendon for an hour or two. Rachel talks about her show Reality Relapse.

Live Chat Questions:

  • Which reality show Big Brother or Amazing race do you prefer better? Rachel says that each is fun for different reasons. Amazing race you get to travel all over the world but that Big Brother is fun too you just have to take the stress and put it in a bucket.
  • What did you miss the most while locked up in the house? Rachel says that she missed her dog and her sister a lot. As well as missing just being able to go to the gym.
  • Rachel do you watch the live feeds and do you ever chat in the chat rooms? Rachel says obviously yes! She says hopefully I will be normal this season.
  • What past house guests would you want in a dream alliance. Rahcel says Brendon, Janelle, Jeff, Danielle Donato.
  • Do you keep in contact with anyone from your season? Rachel says yes, she tries to keep in contact with everyone.
  • What do you hope to see on Big Brother 16? Rachel says that she hopes to see some returning players and some great twists.

Jeff says that this Thursday he will be doing the NEXT “Winners Tell All” Live Chat with Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry. Subscribe below to the live feeds now to watch and send in your live chat questions to Ian:


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I really hope Rachael doesn’t come back this year. Enough already. If it’s All Stars, my early vote is for Matt Hoffman, diabolical super genius


I wish the fans had a vote on eviction night.

Jimmy 64

I don’t want an all stars I want all new guests.
All new guests please all new guests!!!!!