Big Brother 16 Live Feed Exclusive Bonus Content will be available June 4th!

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The première episode of Big Brother 16 will be airing on June 25th, 2014. We all know that the wait until the season begins is the hardest part of being a big brother fan. Thankfully exclusive members only content will be released for our viewing pleasure. This Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 marks the first day that the bonus live feed content will be available exclusively to live feed subscribers. New features, more exclusive access and SAVE 20% if you subscribe now!

Be sure to come back on Wed, June 4 to catch all the great Early-Bird videos and join a live chat with a special BB guest! Several Live Feed feature start June 4 including videos-on-demand from several previous house guests and even winners. There will also be some surprise live chat events with special house guests that you’ll have to login to see who! All of this exclusive content is available only to subscribers of the Live Feeds. Right now subscribers who sign-up for the Early Bird season pass can still save 20% for a limited time.

Any guesses as to who the live chat special guest will be? Which Big Brother alumni would you love to live chat with?

By signing up for the Big Brother 16 live feed Early Bird discount you not only save money, get access to the live feeds 24/7 for the entire season and you help support at no extra cost. Trust us you aren’t going to want to miss any of the action with promises of Twist after Twisted Twist!!

Sign-up now for the Seasons Pass for ONLY $23.99!

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20 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Live Feed Exclusive Bonus Content will be available June 4th!

  1. i hope the special guest is not jeff, that guy hardly knows anything about BB whenever he does his interviews. from all the rumours about past HGs, I bet they will be used for these live chats online and maybe even a “where are they now” segment, which is probably why they may have been contacted and there’s all these rumours. still hoping for a brand new cast.

    who’s eyes and hands are those holding the picture in the feed ad? is that a past hg or just a random person?

    1. This is what i remember being told so it could be shaky.

      i think it was good for three nomimation ceremonies and could be used after the regular power of veto. You also had to keep the power secret.

  2. Signed up for the feeds through your link….Thank you for the early access heads up Simon and Dawg!

    PS- You have changed the format of the site, going to have to get used to that.

    1. Your welcome! It feels good to be prepared for the live feeds this early .. soon I’ll need to get supplies to last through the summer ;) Hopefully you like the new design of the site and that its not too different to get used to.

      1. This is the best Big Brother site on the web and I’m ready to go Dawg. Let’s get this season started. Does anyone know what station will be carrying Big Brother After Dark this year?

  3. Signed up for the live feeds early through your site dawg u guys are the best spoiler site out there and I wanted to support u guys!! Anyone know what time the videos are suppose to start? I have been waiting a week and still nothing up there lol and I was excited for today

  4. Simon and Dawg…the new site looks great except the author’s names appear too small. Not good for farsighted folks like myself.
    Will be signing up thru your site for the live feeds and urge others to do the same.
    You guys and the members here are the best.

  5. Hey Simon, the new site looks great. Have you seen any of the content that’s supposed to come out today? It’s still just showing the “Jeff Video” when I click live feeds.

      1. Thanks Simon. I just checked and it says that content is restricted in my area. I’m guessing there are some bugs to be worked out so we can watch in Canada.

  6. Is anyone in Canada having trouble watching the new content? I’m getting a not available in your region message.

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