Big Brother 14 Rumor Control Part 2 Cast and Mentors Discussion


The SuperPass Rumor Control is an exclusive live segment that you have access to with your Big Brother Live Feeds. The rumor control segments are live, but you can re-watch them at any time.

The rumor control segment begins with Chelsia and Laremy introducing the show. Chelsia says that both Rachel and Janelle aren’t there for the show today. She says that they don’t have any guests for the show, but then corrects her statement and says that they have one guest. Laremy is the man behind the pre-season interviews and today he is going to give inside information about the Big Brother 14 cast.
Chelsia says that Mobile for Iso devices goes live on July 12th and you do not need Flash to play the video. (You do not need to download Flash or an App to watch the live feeds.) She says that you will have access to watch the live feeds and the live shows. For android devices you will need Flash 11.1 to run Superpass.
Chelsia talks about the rumor about the mentor’s photo that was released by superpass and she states that they just randomly picked photos because they had to a few days prior. She says they have no idea who will be entering the house.


  • Rachel Reilly they join’s them by webcam and they begin talking whether or not the mentor twist is real or not. Rachel says that she thinks the rumor is true and that it would be a pretty cool twist. Chelsia asks Rachel where the mentors would live if the rumor was true. Rachel says maybe the room off of the diary room, or in the Pandora’s box room. Laremy mentions that CBS had said that someone will live upstairs this season. They bet that the mentors will be Dan, Daniele, Boogie, and Britney. Rachel says that it will be interesting if Boogie is in the house because he is evil.
  • Chelsia brings up how all of the big brother 14 cast dislike Rachel and didn’t want her in the game. Rachel responds by saying that she thinks they are just intimidated by me.
  • They then begin discussing the new cast. They play a clip of Joe Arvin’s Mad Love Cooking. Laremy predicts that Joe will be one of the first cast evicted because he is pretty aggressive.
  • They bring up how a few of the new cast have the same tattoos.
  • They make fun of Shane wearing puka shell necklace and Laremy predicts he will have a romance with Danielle.
  • The talk about Wil Heuser and he really plays up to the camera. Laremy thinks he will go far in the game.
  • Next they talk about Willie Hantz and how he plans to keep it a secret how his brother is Russell Hantz from Survivor. They think the cast members that are big reality fans will recognize him. Rachel also brings up how some of the guys may recognize Kara Monaco.
  • Laremy says that the casting producers searched her out on Facebook and that she really doesn’t know the game at all in his opinion.


  • Laremy compares Jojo to Fran Drescher. They comment on how Jojo doesn’t know much about the game either and that she was recruited. Laremy says that she switched her profile on them and says that originally she said she was a bartender and then said she was a promotional model.
  • Laremy talks about how Kara only gave one word answers to all the questions. They discuss how if she is recognized she will be done. Chelsia thinks Shane will try and go for Kara.
  • They then make fun of Frank’s strategy how he plans to get people into an alliance and get them to do stuff for him. Laremy says that Frank is a cool guy that he would have a beer with, unlike Shane.
  • They talk about how Ian is a socially awkward person that is really really smart and how he has a photographic memory. They discuss how the women will try and protect him. He has 7 pairs of glasses and will match them with his outfits in the house.
  • Chelsia wonders how Ashley managed to pass the psych test. Laremy says that in her interview she got progressively more and more bonkers. Rachel says that she is already obsessed with Ashley.
  • They talk about how the house guests will pick the mentors. Rachel thinks they will have a competition and then the winner will get to pick first choice and so on. She thinks the house guests will be told information about the mentors to then be able to pick a mentor based on strategy. They again say that they think the mentors will be Boogie, Dan, Daniele and Britney. Chelsia brings up how Janelle is in Greece so it wouldn’t be her.
  • They then take calls from viewers. A caller asks who Rachel would pick if she was a mentor. Rachel says Ashley, Ian, and a toss-up between Wil and Joe.  Chelsia says she would pick Ashley, Ian.
  • A caller asks who they think has a good chance at winning. Rachel thinks Ian has a great chance to win. Laremy says that he ranked all the house guests after he interviewed them all and said that he has Ian number 1 on the list.
  • Rachel thinks that the house guests are connected in some way, where some of them may know each other.
  • A twitter question asks if they think Ian is hiding something. Laremy says no, it’s just that he is really socially awkward and isn’t used to interacting with people. Laremy says that Ian thinks he will be a villain by accident. Laremy also says that Ian is a feed watcher and will know what the people want to see.
  • Laremy says that he thinks each of the mentor will get $20,000 up front and $100,000 if their player wins. Rachel agrees and says she thinks they got offered $20,000.
  • A caller brings up how the commercials promoted this as the biggest cast ever, but that there are only 16 house guests. Chelsia comments how this season has the same amount as my season (BB9). They speculate on whether or not there will be another person entering the house.


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Beyonce fan

I don’t like the mentor twist its lame. I hope one of the 4 twist is if you win HoH you can play in the nex one I never can understand why the HoH had to sit one out.


@Beyonce fan. I’m going to guess that one of the reasons for Big Brother not allowing the house guests who was just HOH,to compete in the next HOH competition has to do with the viewers having a problem with the same person being in power twice in a row.The viewers will probably only like that idea if the house guests that they’re cheering for ends up being the consecutive winner of the HOH competitions.But that’s just one reason that I can think of.




Has anyone else noticed that Danielle didn’t host rumor control part 2? Therefore the houseguest entered the other day so I think she is prolly in the house….I think she is a mentor for sure


Not surprised Rachel is impressed with Ashley, the only HG that was so annoying that I couldn’t watch the whole interview. Looking at the photo, it’s clear that the girl on the right is Janelle. If you look closely at the top of the towel, you can see her blonde hair. I just don’t want the season to be a 4 player chess game, where the mentors make the moves and the newbs are the chess pieces. That would suck. They already had their chance and their moment of glory. Give some new people a chance. What I really want to see is a mutiny against the mentors.

Beyonce fan

I hope evil dick little bitch is not back in the house God I hate that girl

Alexander The Great

Fuck you, #teamdani

Beyonce fan

Um ok


It was bad enough we get Boogie and Britnow they add Dani to the mix what the hell for?
I gotta hear that squeaky voice again plus with Brit always biting her nails and picking at her face.

By the way what the deal with Kara, why would the other hg recognize her???


Google her name. She was Playmate of the Year.


Why does BB always pick a few hg who dont know shit about the game?


The ones that don’t know anything about the game are the ones that give the most Nu_D_es

Beyonce fan

I think kara was some kind of playboy slut


I WISH DANI WOULD BE A MENTOR! but she was blacked out by cbs………

Lady E

Another season, here we gooo!

I just wished they didn’t include past HGs, mentors or not! They do not need veterans to make this game interesting. No point of an All-Stars if they keep doing this…