This week Canada got to vote for the 2 Have nots. These Have nots also would be given a chance to play for a secret power. The power is considerable, allowing the holder to remove 1 or 2 nominations and appoint their own. It was mandatory the holder removes at least 1 of the nominations. Hopefully this is the last power of the season but seeing as BBCAN is hell bent on making every week a roll of the dice i’m not holding my breath.

  1. This week started off with a triple eviction. Bobby, Kevin and Willow all went home last Wednesday.
  2. Ashleigh won the put Godfrey and Sarah on the block. The target is Sarah.
  3. Ashleigh nominates Sarah and Godfrey tells Sarah she’s the pawn tells Godfrey the same.
  4. The House Guests meet BBCAN1 Emmett in the diary room
  5. Sarah wins the Power of Veto, Ashleigh is thinking about putting Brittnee up in her place.
  6. Sarah and Brittnee are voted have nots by Canada they will get a chance to compete in a competition for a secret power
  7. Havenots hit a new low thinking Canada hates them
  8. Sarah & Britt talk about the diary room feeding them lines
  9. Sarah uses the veto on herself and Ashleigh nominates Brittnee
  10. The house guests get a Task to build a sandwich
  11. Every conversation Sarah has with ASh/Pili sway them against the guys. Every conversation ASh/Pili have with Zach sways them back to the guys.. this pattern goes on for days. Ultimately as long as Zach stays the girls are with the original Diaper alliance.
  12. Godfrey and Bruno are thinking AShleigh is a more important Target as she’s the glue that holds Zach to the Diapers
  13. Late night chat with between, Sarah, Bruno and Godfrey does not end well. Sarah and Brittnee now want Bruno gone over Zach
  14. Spoilers from Twitter

    Brittnee replaced Godfrey and herself with Bruno and Zach. Bruno evicted by a vote of 4-0 (Thanks @Hasmterwatch)

    Next week is double eviction

    The HOH will not be known until the Live feeds come back. Each houseguest was locked in a coffin and told to stay in until 100 Minutes expires. The one closest to the 100 minute mark wins.

    Spoilers from the Show

    Brittnee used the Power and took herself and Godfrey of the block. Replacements were Zach and Bruno
    Brittnee votes to evict Bruno
    Sarah votes to evict Bruno
    Pili votes to evict Bruno
    Godfrey votes to evict Bruno

    Bruno evicted

    HOH Winner is Sarah

    Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 18-58-16-747

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    1. Looks like Godfrey will be the only one left most of the fans like. Bruno shoots himself in the foot last week with the fans and then Britt and Sarah do the exact same thing this week.

      1. Sarah and Britt haven’t shot themselves in foot with fans. Zack would been preferred to go but Bruno going is happy days as well. Sarah still most popular HG whether some want to admit or deal with the fact
        Sarah FTW

        1. Sarah and Britt fans were thumping their chests about big moves and how they were going to take out Zach and that they were the only players going after the big targets. Zach is clearly the biggest threat. Now that it didn’t happen because they’re idiots and don’t even know how to use a special power effectively, its still all good. What a joke.

            1. @Theresa:
              I know!!!! I hope she puts Zach and Ashleigh on the block. I don’t think Godfrey or Pili would change the nominations if either of them won the veto.

          1. They wouldn’t have voted Zac out so B too out Bruno. Bruno is the only way Zac and God were connected. So now Zac needs to just takes a lot of zzzzzZzzzz

          2. I usually agree with you about the game/show but I don’t think it’s necessary to call people stupid and everything… everybody has the right to have a different opinion and players have the right to play like they want even if we don’t like their game. Respect and freedom should be rules #1 to be allowed to post here.

        2. So, it’s a double standard? Bruno got torn apart by fans from the second he decided to save Zach up until his eviction. However, when Sarah and Britt do the exact same thing then it’s strategy and everyone is happy?

          Sorry, I’m just trying to figure out who I should root for. Up until 30 minutes agp, it was anyone that did anything to benefit Zach (aka Ash, Pili, Bruno). Is that no longer the case?

          1. I don’t agree about there being a double standard. The difference between Bruno’s move and Britt not targeting Zach is/was necessity. What I mean by that is that the only driving force behind Bruno using the veto on Zach was paranoia. Whereas Bruno’s nomination and subsequent eviction was a direct response to him showing he was willing to do anything and throw anyone under the bus (including close ally God) and letting his emotions direct his game moves. His mistake was not to mistrust Sarah and B but SHOWING that he didn’t trust them through his actions. This is where social game comes into play and where I think Godfrey did a better job at making SB comfortable with their ties in the game (common enemy Zach/Diapers). The minute he put the veto around Zach’s neck he was fair game. Who is really shocked that one of SB and Bruno took a shot at each other…Britt and Sarah just happened to strike first. Bruno took a risk by saving Zach and I respect that, unfortunately for him it didn’t work out in his favour and that is no one’s fault but Bruno’s.

            1. It wasn’t paranoia, Sarah might not have fully gone with the girls with Zach gone….but she was after Bruno it wasn’t paranoia….if Zach left he’d be the next…now of course even with Zach their he went home..but if their was no absurd double veto/Hoh Brunos move was smart was final 5 or 4 at least.

              1. It was paranoia. And it went beyond rational when Bobby was on the block. Bruno embraced Bobby’s lies about the ‘girls alliance’ and freaked when Bobby was voted out. Bobby (jury house) was even surprised at how much Bruno bought that spin which resulted in Bruno’s save on Zach (their target).

            2. I’d agree. Bruno ruined his game this week by how he acted with the girls. He got comfortable and refused to look at Brit/Ash in the eyes or even talk to them after targeting Zach (making them promise) . His constant “she’s poison” comments and treatment of Sarah felt like a desperate swing to take her out. The initial alliance she wanted to work with Johnny, Naeha, Britt, JP, Kevin and Zach (note: 3 females & 4 males), the second alliance had the same players minus Naeha and the final alliance had 3 guys and 3 girls. So not once did she have an all female alliance, she never even tried to make a F3 with Willow/Britt. When someone screams something long enough and loud enough you know it’s really their thought process. So Bruno really wanted an all male alliance.

              Last night I was concerned the move to take out Bruno was wrong but when I thought it through it made sense b/c Godfrey is someone they want to work with and he was tied to Bruno. Furthermore, if Bruno had stayed (especially after last night) he would have pulled God and the girls to him so he actually had more power than Zach.

              Combine that with his refusal to be honest with Sarah (and worse Britt who he had a F2 with) and treating them like they should just be quiet, not play the game and get ready to leave. It actually made more sense to get out Bruno.

  1. Honestly, i wanted to see Zach leave more, but still pleased to see Bruno evicted. I’m just happy that Britt didn’t leave Godfrey on the block, that was my #1 fear.

  2. They’re evicted Bruno?!? Hahahahahahaha!

    I hope Pilar wins HOH and puts up Sarah and Brittnee to combat their idiotic move to not evict Zach. I also hope the fans turn on Sarah and Brittnee for saving Zach like they did with Bruno last week.

    1. Lol its not only sarah and britt fault (we know their quite emotional)and besides they are only two votes…pili keeping Zach is understandable. But what Godfrey excuse…..for voting to keep Zach?? I mean i can’t wrap my head around that. He was supposed to be the for sure vote!

      1. Based on convos last night and what most likely took place today, I bet Godfrey knew that Sarah and Britt would vote out Bruno if he was up against Zach (though he prolly didn’t know it was tonight) so Godfrey knew Bruno was going no matter what.

        I wonder if there were groans from the crowd when they were casting their votes.

      2. Voting her way may have been a condition of coming off. We don’t know how it went down and how Britt phrased it.

    1. The twist was announced before Ashleigh won HOH, also, if a guy like bruno who seemed like he was going to punch and head butt Sarah, it would be clear they would target him first. They don’t have the luxury of watching every houseguests on live feeds like we do. If anyone messed up, its just Bruno for saving his bromance lover Zacquisha

      1. You’re an idiot. How could you come on here and just make baseless accusations to refer to someone as an abuser? So when Sarah instigates and verbally attacks Bruno its all good? Do you understand the concept of equality you hypocrite? Just like Sarah, so melodramatic when describing an argument between adults.

        1. Noooo, I agree with Jen 100%
          Bruno’s body language was clearly aggressive, it wasn’t ‘just’ a verbal fight on his part… his puff up and towering was throwing physical intimidation at her as well. That’s the difference between Bruno and Sarah.

        2. I wish I could add another 100 thumbs up to your comment. I can’t wait for the toddler to leave BB. My goodness, though, production loves her. She even got her own commercial/ad time for BB on this episode. What a JOKE this has become.

          1. You call people an idiot and hypocrites, try looking at the plank in your eye first Sarahcrybaby, PS its HUGE.

      2. Sarah is a verbal and emotional abuser. She is also a liar and the biggest hypocrite in the game. It’s fine for her to behave in a certain way, but when anyone else does, she can’t handle it. She also constantly manipulates and twists situations and circumstances at the expense of others. I will utterly hate this season if she actually wins. I have never understood her appeal with so many of you. Smh.

        1. So true there Thumbs Down ….i couldnt have said it better myself……How anyone could support such a spoiled little brat like that is beyond belief…….makes you wonder eh……and im just talking in the game here……i dont know if she is like this in the real world or not hopefully for the people she knows outside this game she is not but i just cant stand the way she is in this game!!

    1. He most likely knew that B and Sarah were voting to evict Bruno and he definitely knew Pilar was going to evict Bruno, so he didn’t want to be the odd man out.

  3. I think that b blown her and sarah game because those girls will follow zach not bruno. So it’s 3 vs 2 and now with endurance it most likely zach or pili win hoh put b and sarAh again

    1. I think it’s a counting challenge, no real endurance. Very easy for production to give it to their favorite. Guaranteed Sarah or Brit win it.

  4. My only hope is that Sarah wins this HOH and can get out Zach this week. But I have a feeling that Pili will win it (especially if endurance) and then Zach/Ash will win next week in the double and send B and Sarah out back to back.

  5. They are all stupid. I hope Zach wins. He deserves it. And I hope Britt is gone next. If Zach went home, the girls would run to Sarah and Britt, especially pilar because she hates Bruno. Now the diapers are still almost in tact. And what the Hell was Sarah doing this morning? She knew Britt was safe but ruined it for herself by non-stop campaigning for her. She should learn when to shut her mouth. I’m so disappointed in those two girls. Congrats Zach.

    1. Well not a great day for Sarah trolls here. I don’t understand the thinking that it’s B’s fault. She took 2 off correctly and put up Bruno and Zack nothing wrong with that. Sarah/B both voted Bruno out. A stupid move on strategy. Sarah not quite the strategic genius the trolls think. She’s still decent though.
      Know what would be funny…. if Zack threw the HOH to GOD… I’d laugh my azz off!

      Seagull for the win!

    2. @ Deana:
      Sarah knew that Brittnee had a secret power, but wasn’t given the details. She continued to campaign for Brittnee as a precaution. Her non-stop campaigning also allowed them to see which houseguests were at least willing to hear them out.

  6. Getting bruno may have been a waste. But now, its zach & pilar & ashleigh vs sarah and britt & godfrey (if sarah and britt manage to get god together)

    1. It’s HOH plus minions versus the other side and their minions. So hope it’s endurance. Maybe GOD tries for it… not likely. 1st HOH of the season Pili dropped with 3 left I think. Depends on what type of endurance something geared to Sarah could be another production trick.
      With 6 left it takes 2 votes to evict. Looks like a 3-3 split. No garunatee that 1 of the 2 noms go home. 3rd person not nominated wins POV for either group they can remove a nominee the replacement has to come from the HOH threesome votes 2-1 to evict the renom. As long as GOD is with Sarah/B the numbers stack so POV winner can get the other side down to 2 if not on the block.
      So this HOH means neither side is safe. Also means don’t leave the strongest competitor potentially off the block. Zack gotta go up or the other way GOD should go up versus Sarah for example. GOD has to realize from here on out he has to win.

  7. Britt Sarah or God need to win this HOH!! God now owes Britt so Zak or Ash needs to go next! It is looking good cause I think Pili is about to break away from Ash and Zak!

        1. Not even close to the best. I have more respect for Sabrina. She clawed her way to the final and had no one. These two are handed power after power and mess it up. The sheeple choose to ignore this.

          1. SArahcrybaby is an idiot…ur a fool and I love that this season is bad for you…hahahaha
            you are obviously a misogynist pig like bruno

        2. So, bbboner, you are a liker, not a hater? Is that why you named yourself boner? Just saying, it’s kinda gross on an adult forum. Anyhow, I guess you really liked Sarah’s magnum Merlot stained lips on this episode. It’s seems kinda up your alley. That girl needs to get a clue in more ways than one.

  8. This is why you should’ve voted God for the power. Zach is now coming full force after Sarah and Brit. Letting the remnants of the diapers get to Final 6 will cost them.

  9. read that the hoh is to sit in a box of some kind for 100 minutes. timing themselves. the one that gets out closest to 100 minutes is hoh.

    didn’t pilar think an hoh comp lasted 2600 minutes? she could be there until next eviction night.
    Isn’t sarah claustrophobic?
    oh this could be entertaining…….

    1. Perfect Sarah/B comp this isn’t endurance what a farce. So strategically one leaves box other side one leaves 2 seconds later you can cover all 3 times. If it’s closest without going over time the team that implements that strategy wins. Another BS production ploy for Sarah/B potentially. I really do hate this season ty production you suck! Bet the strategy mentioned was explained to them in the DR.

      1. it reminds me of the mental comp with the briefcases from us season 12 (one of the only episodes I saw of season 12). hold the briefcase for an hour.
        after seeing people mention the coupd’etat a lot I looked it up. I wonder if Ashleigh’s microphone is in the pool yet.
        the message I got about the comp from a friend afer the taping didn’t say the boxes didn’t have lids. I thought coffins when I read it. hence the claustrophobe sarah remark. the messages I got were ‘vote was unanimous’ (didn’t say who). and ‘hoh stay in boxes closest 2 100min wins’.
        I hope I didn’t mislead you stan.

  10. Wow! I haven’t been on in a few days, busy with finals (thankfully I’m done) but I’m actually surprised if this is true. I thought putting up Bruno/Zach was the best move, but I for sure thought Zach would go over Bruno.

    Yes, Bruno is smarter and I feel like they are on an equal playing field for comps but Zach is apart of a couple. Guaranteed similar votes, and safety for a week. Unless something changed in the past few days that I haven’t watched?

    1. Zach only went up to nullify his vote. Bruno was Sarah and Britt’s target because they felt they could trust him more. I am not understanding Sarah’s incessant hard core campaigning this week when she knew Britt held a special power. It boggles the mind.

      1. Because Brit is not trustworthy as I have said from the beginning
        Brit let Sarah overdue it, trying to make Sarah a bigger target than her
        Sarah is a loyal team mate, Brit is a selfish Bit$h!
        I hope Brit is gone way sooner than later

        1. Is Sarah having baby? Or is she a rotten tomato? Or did she forget to return her library book? Not sure what you’re talking about, lol. But mostly not lol.

      2. @ Anonymous:
        The other houseguests would have known something was up if Sarah wasn’t campaigning the way that she was.

  11. Fuck it. I am rooting for Zach to win. Sarah and Brittnee are utterly ridiculous, and will never get jury votes.

    Despite everyone being against him, Zach somehow makes it through, though it has a lot to do with the stupidity of the others. I am sure the jury will ignore the worst excuse of an HOH reign that ever existed coming from him.

    It sucks Ashleigh will not pull a Chima. BB17 needs to start soon.

  12. Well now…isn’t this a fine kettle of fish!!! These girls have the NERVE to say Bruno played too emotional? Brittnee has shocked me. She couldn’t get over the fact that Bruno didn’t go to bat for her. Sarah the scheming witch got her way and her beloved Brittnee stayed. Now whoever puts them on the block again will have to go through the same shit next time with her yapping in everyones ear again……….lol. At this point I don’t care if the Seagull wins, as long as those 2 don’t. They could screw up the Lord’s Prayer. Shaking my head right now, and if Zach won the HOH, he will be right back at them. They deserve this big time. Hope I hear that they are on the block again because I won’t be watching until they are. Just thoroughly disgusted this year. Bad, bad year with all the interference from Production. Wonder if the HOH involved running or such, and they tied everyone’s legs together except Sarah and Brittnee?

    1. Bruno before Zack was beyond stupid. I was never pulling for Zack at all. But Since they were stupid enough to leave him in the house YET AGAIN… I hope he wins the damn thing. Utter stupidity should not be rewarded.

  13. when people say that a girl has never beaten a boy before in a final two scenario (besides bbcan1 cuz topaz), there isn’t enough proof because there have only been 5 male/female pairs for final 2: season 2, 7, 8, 15, BBCAN2 (not counting bbcan1) and the male counterpart was by far better than the female counterpart in every scenario, so a female CAN beat a male in final 2, it’s just that it hasn’t happened yet

  14. Stan7777
    Have these HG’s lost their minds? GOD keeping Zack over Bruno this gotta be a mistake. This leaves diapers with 3 out of 6 left and Zack plus Pili compete next HOH.
    I said how many times this week don’t worry Zack’s gone. What could GOD possibly be thinking? For that matter Sarah has been better than good on strategy like him or not her game is better with Zack gone. The greatest power of the season wasted but not by B who renomed correctly IMO. What a hot mess. Let’s get a Zack HOH right behind this mess. It was his time to go. fortunately if GOD/Sarah/B win HOH 2 diapers go up. Zack pulled a horseshoe out of his butt tonight. The season of bad play BB style continues.

    1. I think the only reason God voted for Zach was because he knew that S and B were voting against Bruno and he didn’t want to be the odd man out. As far as everything else, I completely agree with you. Sarah (though clever) let her emotions get the best of her, and she influenced B’s decision in that way. It makes no sense for either of their games, but a reccurent theme throughout this season seems to be that common sense really isn’t so common after all.

  15. I like Godfrey but he’s starting to annoy me, like win something for fucks sake. It’s big brother not a hotel. Even pili and ash have won an hoh and that’s just sad.

  16. I love it! Just days ago all I read was how smart B and S were and how they were playing the best game. When I pointed out how useless and dim they really are and how anyone could make “big” moves when you’re handed super powers. So two weeks in a row they get super powers and they mess it up both weeks. Eat your words B and S fans. They are no better then the other twats they belittle.

    1. Getting Bruno out isn’t a big move? What show have you been watching? While getting Zach out would have been better, if Bruno was not knocked out sooner or later he would have squeezed himself to the final 3. It’s never a good idea to let a parent make it to the end, because then they’ll get sympathy votes.

      You can troll all you want about Sarah and Britt being useless, but according to the show I have been following they have been directly behind Bruno, Kevin, Willow, and Gregg’s evictions. Zach got out Jordan, Ash had her HOH voided, Pilar let the Diapers tell her to get Sindy out.

      It’s pretty obvious the fembots have been playing a strong game. Is it perfect? No and no one had ever played perfectly. But at least they have been taking people out.

      1. Oh gosh way to distort facts. Brit has had TWO game changing powers in TWO successive weeks. Those TWO powers allowed for THREE people to be eliminated. So even though she had these super powers, she still, along with Sarah, have managed to mess everything up. Bruno was a bad guy for saving Zach last week, even though it benefited his game, yet when they don’t take their chance at eliminating the “glue” its a great move. If anyone else had those super powers they would have figured out how to use them properly. These two are terrible players, get over it

        1. No point debating or discussing with Sarah fans. I think they have been manipulated by her too and are blinded by her self- righteousness. As proof, I sadly don’t think Britnee, despite her big moves and the blood on her hands, has any real fans, they are all just Sarah’s fans rooting for Sarah through her influence on Britnee. Too bad Sarah won HOH. I was hoping Britt would come to her senses and get Sarah up and out at some point. Unfortunately, the two of them are both emotional, vindictive players and are coddled by production.

    2. agree 100% …lol….Im not a zach fan but now i hope he takes it all and next week is a double eviction so he can kill two birds with one stone……get those two sour pusses out the door….Good riddance dont let the door hit you guys on the way out!!….if they are not smart enough to realize that zach was more of a threat than bruno was just because he had the numbers behind him and zach controls these numbers well they dont deserve to win this game!!…….britt and sarahs initials are B and S……..OH SHIT B.S……..sounds about right!!…..LOL!!

      1. I hoping there is a physical POV this week. Mainly because I’m rooting for Zach but also because there hasn’t been more than 2 or 3 physical comps this season that I can recall. After all Zach has been a house target since day #1 because he is physical.

        I don’t normally go for production conspiracy theories but I can’t help thinking they have reduced the physical comps on purpose (i.e. while the season was running).

  17. I can’t say I’m not happy Bruno was evicted, but Zavh would have been the smarter route. With Zach gone the goblins, especially Pilar, would have run right into Sarah’s hands. But Bruno screwed himself over big time. He lost the faith of Godfrey, Britt, and pissed Sarah off one too many times. Whether he saved Zach or not, I guess his time was up.

    If the new comp is the sitting for 100 mins and getting out when you think it’s the closest, then Sarah, Britt, and Godfrey might have an advantage.

    I really hope Godfrey sticks with the gem boys and those 3 ride to the end together.

      1. Peter Brown was on the edge of his seat for sure! If Zach wins this game he better hand the Side Show seat to Kevin. Can’t wwait for the next Sheyld show episode!

        1. If Zach wins the deluge that will hit Peter will be fantastic. As much as I didn’t care for Kevin he should be given a chance on the side show change is good sometimes. :)

  18. im not mad that bruno went home over rooting for sarah and bruno was standing in her way

    now all that needs to happen is sarah, brit or godfrey need to win hoh and get zach out, and since ash cant play hoh the odds are looking pretty good for them right now…

    ( i havent seen the show yet so please dont tell me who won hoh if they showed it -_-)

    1. The odds are actually terrible because besides Britnee, the other two are completely useless. What’s funny is you spent all week talking about big moves and how smart these girls are. They messed up a special power two weeks in a row. They are the worst players in this game.

  19. It could of been 4 – 2
    Now its 3 – 1/1 – 1?
    (1/1 = Brit is not playing as a team, Brit is playing for herself only, where as Sarah was playing as a team) I never have trusted Brit!
    What is wrong with these people?
    I don’t even know what to say
    And as for Pili breaking away from Zack n Ash … no way never gonna happen now
    This is mind boggling???

  20. It IS mind boggling! What are they thinking leaving a KNOWN 3 person alliance in the game at this point??! I think Godfrey would have voted out Zach if Britney lead him in that direction. They (Sarah and Brit) deserve whatever they get now. Brit may soon regret letting Sarah poison her against Bruno.

    1. Sarah didn’t poison anyone. She’s playing the game. As was Bruno. The difference is that Bruno lost the trust of Britt and Godfrey because he saved Zach.

      I can understand why Bruno did what he did from a game view, but he damaged his relationships with the people he was working with.

      1. Well maybe poisoned is the wrong term. I just think that getting Bruno out was better for Sarah than it was for Brit. Of course she didn’t trust Bruno but they were not butting heads like Sarah and Bruno. I was Brit went with her initial thought about “removing the glue”. :(

        1. I totally understand Jess, and I agree. I think Zach wants Britt gone more, possibly because he realizes she’s taken out a lot of people (4 people now). Whereas Bruno was definitely after Sarah.

          I just don’t understand why people call Sarah poison. Everyone on the show has lied at least once in the game. If Sarah’s poison, then they are all poison.

          I just hope Godfrey, Sarah, or Britt can pull out a win. I really hope Zach goes home first next week. Or second lol.

            1. I agree it was a mistake Creole, but hopefully it will be reticfied now that Sarah is HOH.

              But people can’t argue that Bruno had to go. He’s a family man, and parents will always get sympathy votes in the end.

              We just have to hope Zach doesn’t win Veto.

          1. Sarah is ‘poison’ because she twists everything people say and then pushes it out to other houseguests. People see her doing it about other people so they can assume she does it about everyone.

  21. Honestly, I’m happy Bruno is gone. Its not as bad as people are making it out to be. Also, we now know why Sarah was campaining so hard for votes, she didn’t know what the power was!

  22. Britt and Sarah got screwed and help God’s game because he wanted Bruno gone so that if Zach stays he will go after Britt and Sarah because they are getting too much power and especially the goblins cannot carry them since they have too much blood and big power moves like graig, kevin, and now Bruno. Hopefully sarah goes so god has so much control of B

  23. Prior to the triple evictioion week:

    Zach and by extension Diaper alliance was a threat to Sarah but they were gonna go after Bruno;

    Godfrey is a good friend to B and is not a threat to Sarah he was gunning after Zach;

    Britnee is good with Sarah;

    Willow trustsed Sarah 100 per;

    Kevin is not targetting Sarah in fact they had a good game relationship, he needed her to take out Bruno just like he needed Godfrey to take out Zach;

    Bobby is not a direct threat to Sarah as he is throwing comps left and right;

    Ash and Pili will decide however DA wants them to;

    Bruno has been gunning for Zach and Kev but can’t make moves because Diapers were in power 3 weeks in a row. He turned on Sarah because of paranoia.

    Moving forward:

    with the bitterness of Willow’s exit and the godfather of bitterness Bruno in the jury, almost the entire jury is now bitter against SarahSarah.

  24. Great Brit/Sarah cant do mental math… well neither can Pili…. I guess that I have to cheer for Zach to win now…UGH. Peter Brown is not going to happy.

  25. Here we go again with Sarah complaining about people lying… GO PLAY CHESS DARLING! I wish they could cut those parts of her when they edit so I could enjoy her gameplay!

    1. Yeah no kidding because she’s been so straightforward with everyone. Her hypocrisy and whiney attitude make her unbearable.

  26. So Bruno just left the house and was a good sport about it, even though he was completely blind-sided. Anyone want to bet against me that Sarah will be sour and pouty when she leaves?

  27. hahahahaha love how everyone thought Zach was going home 100%. Getting rid of Bruno might not actually be a bad move. I think if Bruno made final 2, he was taking the 100k against anyone. Bruno was a well liked guy and I think Zach not so much. We shall see. God ftw

  28. I did feel badly for Bruno that left on a twist, even though his personality annoyed me. He may have pissed me off a couple of times or more but I respected his ability to be a floater in the game. The people that have their chances ended with twists do have my sympathy.
    I noticed he gave sarah the credit for his eviction…. didn’t she want Zach out this morning?
    either he gives sarah too much credit, B not enough credit or a combination of the two. Haven’t been able to reconcile whether he thinks sarah is far more a mastermind than she is, or if he thinks Britt is a dullard.
    but he was a good sport about it. so kudos on that.
    I’m not taking anything away from the good sport he was in defeat, that was classy, but I do wonder what he will be like when he hits the jury house. Will he be the same class act or will he be fire and brimstone preacher Bruno with his favorite sermon sarah is poison? I’m interested to see. yeah I still want an eviction house fan feed option.

    1. Hey man another excellent post there agree on everything you said but i really dont think that Bruno was a floater …..The guy was in a lot of peoples ears and getting in their heads..campaigning and causing some shit in the game…….a floater doesnt really cause to much shit just agrees with everyone and jumps to whomever has power…….some people were saying that zach manipulated bruno…….It was the other way around …….when zach was going after bruno and bruno somehow convinced zach that he could trust him. Good move on brunos part. Anyway good post there buddy……..need more people on here like you!!

      1. I don’t know what the current definintion of floater has become. I don’t consider floater an insult by the definition from early seasons.
        I tend to follow the jun song defininition: keeping an in with both sides, and moving from side to side when either has power. when with team A tell them bad things about team B. when B gets the power, tell them bad stuff about team A.
        if done well, I have no problem with hg’s doing it. if the other hg’s don’t catch on, it’s them I have the problem with.

    2. In Bruno’s exit interviews he credits Sarah with having a better game than Britt. He admires Britt as an individual but says they didn’t have much game talks. Should Sarah be sitting beside anyone other than Godfrey he foresees giving Sarah his vote. (And his F2 with Godfrey was sincere).

  29. Wooooooow… THey made Bruno look like a jerk in the HN room convo segment… It’s not like if Sarah didn’t get heated like 3 times before Britt came in! Does anybody still think Sarah doesn’t have production on her side? Feeling so sorry for him.

  30. It seems god is now in a good position but now with double eviction its gone be tough. B and sarah are the targets if pili or Zach wins because they cannot let them have too much power especially since they know that Canada voted them as the best players in the house. They made a mistake by not keeping Bruno. But we will see what happens. it all depends on who wins hoh. It seems that anyone could win, but there is going to be some torture in this hoh since its hell. I like godfrey approach if it was bbusa, but in bbcan there way too many twist that you do not know if you are safe this late in the game.

  31. Thanks for the pic of the comp! The setting is so cool! Mental endurance comps are no joke. I really hope Sarah, Britt, or Godfrey pull out a win so they can nominate Zach and Ash. No point in trying to backdoor Zach since all 6 will compete for the Veto.

  32. God acts happy
    Brittnee is a happy havenot
    Sarah looks delirious
    Zach acts like he just lost his best friend, is he gonna cry?

  33. This week’s HOH sucked. Poor Ashleigh. She spends a lengthy time having her head shaken all so Brittnee can steal her thunder, AND then she can’t even play for the next one. She basically wasn’t HOH. Brittnee let’s power get to her head every time she has it, which she either gets from sheer dumb luck or it’s handed to her. Mind you, it may be Brittnee doing all the work but it’s really Sarah’s choices, cause let’s face it, Sarah is so in her ear.
    I still think Zach would’ve been a better person to get rid of this week, he’s a much bigger target, but because Bruno didn’t get along with Sarah, he had to go.

  34. Am I the only one who LOVES the twist as much as HATES it????? Lol on one hand I want Sarah and Brit to go far and/or win, on the other I find it really unfair. but the season was becoming sooo boring I understand why production did this. Hey ppl complain when it’s predictable and they complain when they mix it up with a twist lol it’s a no win situation!

  35. i was on the LiveFeed for two seconds found-out brit is a have-not, that can only mean sarah,God, britt have not won HOH….lol….i cant wait to find out who won the HOH pili or zac …..all i care about is that godfry is safe another week hopefully zac goes againg thing 1and 2(sarah and britt)…Best case scenario sarah leave then followed by zac :)

  36. Congrats to sarah for hoh finally, hopefully she puts up Zach and ash up on the block. I hoping Zach wins the pov so that way the goblins have to go up on the block. You can’t have god go up next to ash knowing there is a diaper alliance. That way ash can go. I hoping the double eviction we can pick the hoh.

  37. Sarah and Britt are so stupid, why are they even in the game. Godfrey is such a floater as well. I don’t know why Canada always cheers for floaters. Its so unfair to bring something like this into the game this late. Thanks production for choosing a winner.

  38. Why didn’t she put up zach and pilar??? I’m confused… That way it’s only him and ash not the 3 of them :/

  39. YAY! Sarah won! Finally!
    Whew – for the first time in a few weeks S & B can finally breathe – right up until DE next week!

  40. Sarah won HOH!!!!! Yeah baby ZACH AND ASH ON THE BLOCK!!!!! Hopefully God wins POV and leaves the noms the same!!!!!!!

  41. dammit Sarah won, shes going to do something stupid like evict Britt thats how dumb she is. I hope Pili wins the game and make Sarah running out crying, don’t forget her buddies Britt and God with her out the door

    1. I really feel like somehow Sarah winning HOH will get either God or Brittney out of the game. Just wait for it

  42. What a letdown!
    Zack should start planning on how he’s going to spend the $100,000. These fools keep leaving him in the game with his girlfriend and dead weight Pillar that follows them around like a moron doing what they say. Unbelievable.

    How stupid is Ashleigh? You could tell how embarrassed Zack was for her when she didn’t know where they were and thought that Edmonton was the capital of Calgary. Yikes!

    Finally, can we talk about Arissa and production and how poorly the twist played out? Arissa is unwatchable, she has to go. She has no personality, her lines are badly written and she adds nothing to the show. How long has she been on television? She has no presence whatsoever.

    They had the perfect opportunity to play this for maximum effect/drama but instead they had her announce it with zero excitement or inflection in her voice. Why does she talk like a robot? They should have played it up like a normal eviction and when Arissa told them it was time to vote Brittany should have stood up and said something like “Excuse me Arissa, I think its time for another Twisto’s Twist. For weeks I was the pawn but this week I am the target so this is as good a time as any for me to use this.” She pulls out the necklace and says “I am saving myself, and don’t worry Ashleigh you don’t have to get any blood on your hands. I’ll do it for you and replace myself with Bruno.” She would then turn to Godfrey and say “Sorry that you are still on the block Godfrey, if I had another veto necklace to save you I totally would….oh wait, I do, here you go, you’re safe too Godfrey, and don’t worry Ashleigh, we all know you would never put your boyfriend on the block so I’ll do it for you, Zack you’re up”. Instead we got robot Arissa saying boring lines that completely dulled any shock value.

    1. I know that Arissa is completely still not entertaining or good as hosting, but even Julie Chen had received criticism for being dull her first years that they called her Chen-bot. She will get better at it soon just give her a chance :)

  43. I called Sarah winning. Easiest comp for production to fix…..That’s enough for me. See you guys for BBB17.

  44. There is no chance Sarah wins this game against Britt. She took out 4 people, Kevin and Bruno being two players who could have won. She’s so loved that she survived 4 eviction with no vote against her, she did what she had to do at the right time. If I was Sarah, I’d be shitting my pants right now. The only way she wins is if she sends Britt home and sits beside Ash or Pili, in my opinion. She’s smart enough to figure this out.

    1. When Britt was sitting on the block with Naeha on instant eviction, she did receive votes from Johnny and drum rolls SARAH her number one ally. B got two votes to evict her.

      1. Omg you’re right I forgot about that! So the soooo loyal Sarah, the one who voted out her F2, the F2 she had behind Britt’s back, the Britt she said she would vote out at any time, this Sarah actually voted her out already, and is still whining about liars and hypocrites, in the BBhouse? I guess I missed something in my loyalty classes. I think I’m gonna call her and ask if she wants to teach me.

  45. Bruno! Rule number one, don’t get into a fight with other houseguests. Rule number two, the jury votes for the winner, you are suppose to be nice to people being voted out. Rule number three, lie when you need to but not when it’s obvious. I guess you were right with one thing, Sarah did poison you in the end.

    God and Zach lost a number with Bruno being voted out tonight. The house is divided 3 on 3; 50/50 chance. Had Zach been voted out it would be 2 on 2 on 2 scenario. God and Zach are in some ways third wheels at this point so it’ll be interesting.

  46. Everyone talking about Sarah being a production pet but are tonight I’m starting to think Zach is one too. They probably planted seeds in Bs mind after Sarah got in her ear about Bruno so they could keep the Zach vs. Sarah battle going. Each have said the other is their target for weeks. Yes Bruno vs. Sarah would’ve been just as, if not more, explosive but Zach is eye candy and is nicknamed Captain Canada. He’s more of a villain than Bruno, who’s a loving father of two and devoted husband.

  47. Funny how the Sarah and Britt trolls were out in force and Sarah just won HOH, so Zach and Ash are going up and hopefully Zach doesn’t win veto.

  48. Congrats Sarah!!! I was off my chair thrilled!! Finally… game time.
    Ohhhh poor zach…. boo hoo-ing about this going to be his 3rd time on the block.
    Hope he & ash are have nots this week too.

  49. After seeing the fall out from tonights eviction I feel Britnee made a good move in removing Bruno. He was the glue between God and Zach and with him gone the two of them aren’t even talking anymore. And now with Sarah in HOH power watching him fight for once will be great!!

  50. Zach and Ashleigh on the block. Pilar wins POV and takes off Ashleigh then the girls keep Zach. Sarah and Brittnee are back to pouting, complaining, crying and wanting to go home. Think harder Sarah. Godfrey is throwing all the comps anyway, you cannot depend on him.

  51. is anyone else having trouble watching the live feeds when I try the page tells me evicted page does not exist???????

    1. wow , i thought it was just me! i dleted cookies, tried other browsers, closed out a bunch of programs and restarted my computer

  52. Idk why their getting so much hate. Bruno was a SLIMEY player after he used the veto on zach and tbh could care less which one went they both had convincing arguments to get voted out.

  53. Interesting it was counting one, who’s closest under or over…..not like BBC production can’t rig that….this season is absurd what was the point of gameplay…
    I’m hoping next season theres no Hoh, just random people in a house getting twisto twists every week oh wait that was this season…lol

  54. Remember Sarah doesn’t lie….according to her., so Ashleigh isn’t going to be on the block..
    If your going to throw an absurd twist to save B and make her Hoh essentially why didn’t that power say she couldn’t play in the Hoh next week and then let ash compete….

  55. I love how when Sarah wins competitions its “rigged” but when any of the Diaper wins its legit. You trolls are too obvious.

    1. Really? you really think that there is no way production on any season in any country helps the players that give them the most ratings? What does that Kool-Aid taste like? I want some! ;)

  56. Sarah and Britt have been in power for the last 3 rounds of this game and now will have gotten out 4 players in a row. The game is boring and sucks when one side dominates the power like this. We need a power shift, a secret veto, a Canadas vote, and a super power to shift the power.

    1. can we get a twistos twist soon? let God be in power now! if Sarah or Britt get in power again next week, and especially if its a double, They will have gotten out 5 or 6 of the last players. Ughh that would be so boring! Cmon Twistos , we need you!!

  57. Just the look on Zack n Ash’s faces may have made it worth Bruno going. lol
    Plus Zack is on slop :-)
    Might as well look at the bright side

  58. Major issue here — where did the Maintenance Guy option go in the voting? I’ve been voting for him even longer than God.

  59. Where is SarahCrybaby account now…hahahahahhahaa….
    whoever that person is is a royal dumbass
    Sarah FTW

  60. britt is the bomb!!!! She made big moves every chance she got Queen B Alllllll The Wayyyy Upppp!!! Her & Sarahhhhh for the WINN!!!

  61. SO i got my big brother predictions although alot depends on who wins CompS…hAVING SAID THAT here goess…First off MAJOR PROPS to Sarah & Britt For playing A Smart game & Keeping it pretty Real overall they are the REAL DEAL!!!
    I say Sarah wins HoH then puts up Zach & Godfrey & if they win Veto She Should Backdoor Ashleigh even tho Britt is now a Target, but her closest allie at the same time but emotions aside u gotta do wats best for ur Game!!! Sarah or Britt could easily win the hole thing if they stay on top of their game Cuz that’s what it’s all aboutt!! Britt is liked by jury & Canada for making a comeback, big moves & winning the super power…Sarah’s been the top favorite from the start, but Ash or pilar don’t stand a chance cuz they have no game or Fans & they were just kept to be used as dead weight-numbers to carry to the end to take out the bigger targets & nobody will vote for them!! #TeamSarah all the way up but i wont mind #TeamBritt cuz they are both sickkkk!!! How perfect would it be if Britt & Sarah Make it to the EnD together:-))) goshh that would be Big Brother Heaven!!! Lets Call them SARITT OR SARITTAH Or BRITTARAH

  62. so i got my big brother predictions although alot depends on who wins CompS…here goesss….Sarah won HoH U gooo Girl!!!! She should put up Zach & Godfrey & if they win Veto She Should Backdoor Ashleigh even tho Britt is now a bit of a Threat/target, she’s her closest allie at the same time, but emotions aside u gotta do wats best for ur Game!!! Sarah or Britt could easily win the hole thing if they stay on top of their game Cuz that’s what it’s all aboutt!! Britt is liked by jury & Canada for making a comeback, big moves & winning the super power…Sarah’s been the top favorite from the start, but Ash or pilar don’t stand a chance cuz they have no game or Fans & they were just kept to be used as dead weight-numbers to carry to the end to take out the bigger targets & nobody will vote for them!! #TeamSarah all the way up but i wont mind #TeamBritt cuz they are both sickkkk!!! How perfect would it be if Britt & Sarah Make it to the EnD together:-))) goshh that would be Big Brother Heaven!!! Lets Call them SARITT OR SARITTAH Or BRITTARAH

  63. Ash & pills are the worst players in historyyyy!!! Zach owns Ash’s brain Kevin Owned pilars They Both SuCKkkkkkkkkk Sooo Badd!! Bruno was insecure & highly emotional & he seemed like he was A Little Psycho not a goood player attttt alll thank god he got evicted!!!! Zach needs to gooo he’s only around cuz of his little crew pleaseeeee him ash & pilar looked like three fools on the couch Last night bunch of PunkS!!! Britt & sarah to the endddddddd they played the besttttttt GamE & they fought hard in their own ways & just came together forming an amazing duo so they deserve to Win !!!!! #Brittarah

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