Havenots Sarah & Brittnee will have the chance to compete for the Secret Power!

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 08-16-25-677

10:10am – 11:10am The live feeds were blocked for Big Brother to tell the house guests that Brittnee and Sarah were voted to be the havenots for the week. (They are going to compete for the Havenot secret power, although they don’t know and think Canada hates them.) When the feeds return all the house guests are in the bedroom. They’re telling Sarah to cheer up. Bruno says don’t take it to heart. I don’t think its personally anything to do with you. We’re doing a TV show. Brittnee and Sarah are upset. Big Brother calls Sarah to the diary room. The other house guests are comforting them. Sarah get called to the diary room. Godfrey says its not that they hate you. The people that love you aren’t voting its the haters that are voting. Brittnee says I just don’t want to be disappointing my family and friends. Ash tells her your family and friends aren’t disappointed .. you just won HOH during a triple eviction and sent two huge threats home. Brittnee says I don’t want people to think I’m mean. Godfrey says no way do people think you’re mean. Brittnee says thanks for trying to cheer me up guys.

11:30am Godfrey heads into the bathroom with Bruno. Godfrey says its tough but its only 4 days. Bruno says its just that it was voted. Godfrey says Kevin, Willow and Pili have a lot of fans that voted. Bruno says when he heard Canada voted he thought for sure it was going to be him. Bruno heads to the storage room. In there he and Zach talk about the voting. Bruno “I’m glad we escaped that one (Voted to be havenots) bro!” Zach “yeah me too!” Zach talks about how had Andrew and Sabrina took it when Canada voted for them to be on the block.

11:40am – 11:45am In the bedroom – Brittnee tells Pili that she wants to go home. It’s not a good thing. Pili says Canada likes drama. Everyone will have haters. If they had put God on slop he would have been happy. Okay I’m going to go work out and lose weight. They want you to get upset and you’re giving them that. You can’t give up on this! Keep fighting! This is not who you are! Brittnee is crying. There is so much more positive things going on out there but we only hear about the negatives. You can’t let Canada voting you to be a havenot to ruin your game. Brittnee says I will be okay. Pili says think about the good part of it. Brittnee says there’s nothing good about it. Pili says you know whats good ..you’re final 7! You accomplished so much to get here. Brittnee hugs Pili and says thank you. Pili says we’re all in this together.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 08-39-10-159

12pm In the living room – Bruno says f**king B was already trying to pitch to me about Godfrey. Godfrey’s lost 25 pounds! Ash “Can I look?” Godfrey “Yeah don’t take a look at my junk yo!”

12:20pm Ash asks what was the veto comp called? Pili says “Pin it to Win it!” Bruno, Zach, Ash and Pili try to sleep on the living room couches. Big Brother tells them nap time is over twice. The Big Brother tells the house guests to go out into the backyard we will be shutting the door. The girls scream and they race to the backyard door as it opens. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 09-22-42-911

12:35pm The live feeds return to all the house guests out in the hot tub room suntanning. Sarah asks is the hammock out there I didn’t even see? Zach says yeah. Sarah says right on! Wow its so nice to be outside! Sarah asks B “Are you good?” Britt “Yeah I’m over it, I’m over all of it!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 09-55-21-169
12:45pm – 1pm Sarah and Brittnee head to the hammock to talk. Sarah tells Brittnee that voting is a young persons game. And we’ve been going after the younger people. And we don’t know how close the voting was. We aligned with people we shouldn’t have trusted. Sarah says whatever and if we’re the villains then that’s okay too! Brittnee says I care. Its okay as long as my family isn’t embarrassed to be around me. Sarah says they won’t be. Britt says you don’t punish people that you like. I am usually an optimistic person. If this experience isn’t bettering me ..then why am I here! I honestly just want to go home. I didn’t come in here to be a villain. Sarah says we came in here to be honest with our emotions .. Maybe taking pleasure in Zach and Kevin getting punished. Britt says people have to understand this has nothing to do with slop. It has to do with being locked in the house for 50 days getting a letter from your family saying they love you and getting punished from Canada. Sarah says big deal ..its a bunch of young people. Britt I just don’t care. I worked so hard to find me. I don’t want to do this. Like how is this good for you? How are you going to grow from this.

1pm – 1:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back – Godfrey is now talk with Sarah to calm Brittnee down. Godfrey says they glorify the showmance and we didn’t jump on the gravy train to support them because we’re not dumba$$es yo! They’re probably loving Bruno because he’s kissing a$$ with them now. Sarah says they probably didn’t show Bruno snap at me but probably showed me snap at him.. but I’m okay with that because I know what really happened. Britt says I will pull myself out of it. I genuinely like both of you as people.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 10-56-25-279
1:20pm – 2pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again.. The feeds return to all the house guests in the hot tub room suntanning in silence. Godfrey heads to the Hammock. Sarah joins him. Godfrey says I’m guessing they’re going to put up Britt. Are you voting me out? Sarah says I am just 1 vote. It depends on what they’re all going to do. But you have Bruno and Zach right? Godfrey says I don’t have Zach and probably don’t have Bruno. Sarah says I will do what I can but obviously I can’t campaign for her to go. Bruno totally screwed us. Godfrey agrees. Sarah says you haven’t won any comps.. you’ve done really good at laying low. They talk about how they wish Britt had just won the veto. Sarah says she would have just stood there if Britt had still been in it. Sarah says Zach’s got a lot of luck and I’m not going to be as resentful any more because that’s why I’m a havenot now. Sarah tells Godfrey .. tell them if you’re up against Bruno I would vote you out.

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Bye Zach.


If there’s justice and karma it should be
Bye Sarah


Umm Sarah won veto and saved herself without the twist….


Bye Felicia.


Well boys you won’t be happy for long for…pretty soon you will be wishing you hadn’t escaped that one…lol…and soon we will hear them gloating about how much Canada “loves” them…lol


Here’s to hoping they they are happy and not gloating.




It sucks that they are going to think Canada hates them for the time being. Hopefully, Production will have them do the competition tonight…so they know the real reason we voted them in there as soon as possible. I would think that this whole thing has to go down in secret…so the winner can blindside the house right before voting on Wednesday. I wonder if they will wait until everyone is asleep and wake Sarah and B up in the middle of the night…by raising the podium and locking them in HOH so they don’t accidentally alert the others. Guess it will be all eyes on Have-not room during 3rd shift feed-watching over the next few days.


I’m betting the feeds won’t include a whole lot of Sarah & B or the have not room.


You’re right, of course. Don’t know what I was thinking. Production actually throwing the feedsters a bone and let us watch something exciting go down in real time…especially the ones willing to stay up to see it? Not a chance of it happening this season.


am thinking this secret comp will be in the havenot room due to those two tiles. i just cant see how the could use the vault secretly but it does seem like the vault is set up with the buttons and keys ideally for two person setups like when bobby and sindy were there plus houseguests dont have free access

it will be inteesting to see when bb shows us in an episode who gets named havenots

as a twist this is best one ever imo. diamond power of veto which i dont think has been done on bbus for ages? i know pp think this was made for sarah to win but o wha? we know it will get used and that is the main point of it. in fact i think this is the same veto bruno got and failed to use or be made to use. i think they had to reintroduce it to be done proprley.

i am just wondering when as well as where it will be….i


Oops…I mean they would wake Sarah and Britt in middle of night and lock them in the Have-not room…not HOH…so that they don’t accidently alert the rest of the house that a podium just came up out of the have-not floor.


What’s the difference between a brown noser and a shithead? Depth perception.
Bruno, you shithead, you need to expand your vocabulary beyond the 40 or so words you currently use. Man, bro – holy shit, your empty rhetoric is nauseating.


Should of been 1 of each side like Sarah and Asleigh
Not fair !


LMAO, Did you really just say that and mean it??!


Just really not fair is it? They got no chance once these 2 are given an unearned power! I’m still pissed off for what Sarah did to Willow ….Britnee wouldn’t be as loyal to Sarah as Willow was. Not fair that Asleigh hoh will count for nothing (At least she earned her Hoh) this secret power is given!


Sarah did nothing to Willow, Britt nominated Willow


In my opinion they did earn it…everyone in that house knew that Canada was going to vote on something…they have all discussed this…and they know Canada does not like arrogance and cockiness…maybe those others should have been a little more concerned about how they were being perceived instead of feeding their egos


‘Canada does not like arrogance’

Correction – The world world hates arrogance. I’m from Europe, and Zach is annoying as hell…


Sorry did not mean to insinuate that anywhere else likes arrogance…I just said Canada because Canada was voting.

Habs Rule

No…. but apparently we love bratty spoiled hissy fitting children so much that we award them with gifts!!!…..Yikes!!

Ms Anthrope

I’m originally from Regina and as much as i would like to have cheered for the hometown boy, i just can’t with Zach. He’s an entitled douchebag who is used to getting his own way. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out Canada really likes Team Sarah and Britt and not his smug ass. He needs a reality check stat!

Final 3?

Yeah what Sarah did to Willow may have been her biggest mistake, but if Brittanne, Sarah, and Willow manage to go to Final 3, Sarah/Brittanne will still evict Willow no matter what.

Btw, the motto is: “Expect the unexpected” NOT “Predict the Future”


You probably meant “should HAVE been”… right?


Sarah and Britt are going to be sooooo surprised when then find out why Canada really voted them as have nots.
As for Zach telling B… you gotta remember the last thing they (Canada) saw was the triple eviction, he is rubbing it in as that’s why she n Sarah got the have not votes because Canada wasn’t pleased with what they did.
LOL @ Zach….. you are a simple yet arrogant fool.


LOL. There is a big chance he is thinking that Canada adores him so much that Canadians are punishing Britt for putting him on the block.


Oh yes for sure right, that’s Zach’s only way of thinking lol


Actually all HG’s, except Ash, tried to comfort them in some way genuine or not. They were trying to find rationale reasons for why 2 people that have not done anything outrageously obnoxious where given a ‘punishment’. Fans of those evicted on double eviction rallying to punish is the only thing they can find.
Godfrey and Pili were probably the most sincere…but what do I know.


AW! Brit, Sarah, I am so sorry you are feeling bad. We (well, most of us) don’t hate you. We are trying to give you the best chance we can!

CANADA DOESN’T HATE YOU – Think “blessing in disguise”!


Don’t worry she’ll be voted out 3 – 0 next week.


God’s prophetic words ” when you watch this your going to laughing yo”…lol…yup


I hope these two don’t start spiraling now that they’re have nots and think that canada hates them. I hope they find out that being have nots is a good thing this time around.

And there is a chance that if Bruno is on the block with zach he’ll be voted out, instead of zach. Bruno has stepped on too many toes, I feel. So zach might end up staying ???? which sucks


Nope can’t see it…that would leave the diapers numbers at 3…Zack is done


fFs I sure hope you are not correct. If Zach stays they are still an alliance of 3 in a household of 6 with 2 votes required to evict. Get rid of Zach is the only good thing for half the house. Voting Bruno is emotional play and game suicide


The best move is definitely to take out Zach, because Pilar and Ashleigh already don’t trust Bruno, but trust Zach 100%. Taking him out weakens the trust on that side of the house, and there is the potential to get rid of Bruno next week if he doesn’t win HOH. But Zach is more covered than Bruno is, plus he’s a stronger competitor.


Zack will be going
Godfrey n Brit will be pulled off
Godfrey will be grateful
Sarah, Brit, n Godfrey will vote Zack out
You have to remember that Bruno has been burning bridges with Godfrey and others
In the meantime … This little emotional bit has actually brought Godfrey, Sarah, n Brit closer together. I think they will most likely be working together for abit.


Hot Tub vs HOH Room votes…. Woohooo!!! the Maintenance Man & Seagull


My top three have been Maintenance Guy, Dawg and Seagull. Seagull is in third because she came in late into game and has had all of her info…and cheesy puffs…handed to her without doing any of the work. Dawg is in second because he is working around the clock…behind the scenes…gathering all of the important info in the house. Maintenance Guy also works behind the scenes…but has put in extra effort to clean up any messes that could harm his game…which is why he is my number at the moment. These three would make a formidable alliance together…they could be called “Simon Says…”


Lol, I do the same thing. You nailed it, I agree 110%

Best Twist Ever, Best Spoiler Ever


Good twist BB, congrats – you nailed every last single one of them!!! THIS IS GOOD F*QING TV!!!

Yo Bro

All of their true natures are exposed in this twist.
I like what I’m seeing from Sarah & Godfrey a lot – good losers.
Brittney & Pillar are reasonable & sensitive people – fair loser, fair winner.
The other three – pisspoor winners.


Ugh…the storage room is officially banned from my feed-viewing. Bru-noballs and Zachula are nauseating. They are running out of hands to fist-pump with…since one is being used to pat himself on the back and the other is being used to stroke the other’s ego. They are going to resort to brojobs in a minute here…


Woohoo! I just hope that they don’t think they are hated on television. I mean they might just panic about the game they have played and start throwing each other under the bus.


I am so glad my campaign works!!!
Even you, Sarah haters, Brittnee haters. ๐Ÿ™‚


” Your campaign ” ???

Congrats, lol

Congrats on the success of your campaign. Without your single-handed efforts, I’m sure Sack and Bruno would have been voted as the HNs by Canada, and then where would we be? You should give yourself a big pat on the back.

Seriously, you sound as delusional as they are right now.


He is campaigning for donations for Simon and Dawg to run the site. Not for the houseguests.


I’m nervous they will start ruining their games in the shock of thinking they are hated by Canada. PLEASE Sarah, keep it together. Production better hurry up and tell them the truth,


Sarah will rebound and keep B going now that she knows she’s safe


No reason to watch the feeds until Wednesday night. It’s a guarantee Zach and Bruno will be up and the next couple of days will consist of Sarah and Britt crying and Zach and Bruno fist bumping.


The best choice would to nom Zach and Ashlie….when one of them goes who is going to stick by the girls? Bruno will go where the votes are.


Ash is HOH she can’t be nominated


Gurls I am transferring you Canada’s blessings in disguise!!!


I think the power to change one vote is okay, but 2 is a little much. Why even have a HOH then?


Is it weird I’m actually starting to like the Diapers? Production has basically been railroading them with twists since since week 3 yet they still find a way to win HOH’s and keep as much of their alliance in tact as possible.

If Zach somehow stays and Bruno goes this week, I’ll be rooting for those 3. Now, bring on the down votes.


If Zach stays then Britt and Sarah deserve to lose and he deserves to win. But please NO!

brotalk to human dictionary

It’s not weird. What flavor is the Kool-Aid?
How did the Canada vote week one hurt the diapers? Didn’t.
How did BB bending the rules so players could help each other in HOH week 5 to ensure Bruno’s win hurt the diapers? Didn’t.
How did the double veto twist week five hurt the diapers? Didn’t.
5 people had the chance to come back in the game week six. The diapers weren’t the target, Zach was. Jordan was collateral damage to hurt Zach. Not a diaper thing. A Zach thing.
Triple eviction was the second time a single diaper went home. Zach got vetoed. Diapers could have lost Pilar instead, but chose to cut Kevin loose.
Yeah, production’s been all up into aiding in the destruction of the alliance they’ve been plastering all over every episode since week three. How much showmance time is in every episode? They’re being voted against this week because of Zach’s cockiness and Pilar and Ashleigh’s lack of independent value for five weeks.
Haters say Sarah and B are unworthy of the opportunity, but don’t say why the diapers are worthy of salvation. Sarah and B go after stronger threats consistently, the diapers target weak threats and keep strong threats in the game consistently. It’s a running joke. Too soon for a big move. Canada disagrees.


This is so funny! I can’t wait for their reaction when they found out that they were chosen for the secret power! :))))))
Anyhow, goodbye Zach or Bruno! ๐Ÿ˜€


I’m happy the have not votes turned out they way they did.
Good job Canada


While I’m no fan of Pilar (and still wonder how she even stumbled into BBCan in the first place) – I will however say watching her try to comfort Britt shows again she’s a really kind woman. I’ve yet to see an ounce of conniving or maliciousness come from her (kinda ironic really since it’s BB and that’s kinda a given at some point in the name of the game. While I know it doesn’t make good television, nor is BB really the place for ‘sweet’ people, it is strangely refreshing, and I give her credit for that.


Pilar may be a bit too innocent for this game. But, her comforting the girls may end up benefiting her when one of them wins the power. They may decide to spare her and just put up Bruno and Zach.

Guy From Canada

Brit and Pili are the two most sensitive kind people in the house. I don’t think either of them deserve to win the game, but I bet they were cast for those second place floaters to be carried along (hense B’s multiple pawnstars).


Britt has gotten 3 people out of the house. She should not be considered a pawn, anymore.

Not really

Brit definitely deserves to win the game. She has two HOHs, and evicted three big players who were definitely impeading her game. All the while, the other players have continued to underestimate her and label her as the “perfect pawn.” I can’t recall anyone else ever making so many big moves and still being considered a pawn in BB history.

If she manages to win this secret veto and take out Zach, I don’t see how anyone else could win against her in final 2.


sarah and brittnee need to pull in pilar
of pilar, ashleigh, zach, and bruno
pilar is the most workable for the remainders of the SSB <3

Sarah's weed stash

listening to Britt think Canada hates her is absolutely heartbreaking! I just wanna give her a hug and tell her it is all going to be okay ?


I want to see Peter bashing Zach on the side show this week so bad! Please! Let this happen!


The only real thing Peter can bash Zach about is the Jordan eviction. And with that he relied on Jordan’s read of the house relative to Sarah, Britt and Sindy. Also, Kevin failed to divulge critical information Godfrey gave him about the five votes he had and who from. Instead of letting Jordan or Zach know Kevin dismissively told Ash/Pili…two alliance members that can’t recognize a warning sign if it hit them in the head.
Zach has played a fair game and deserves similar treatment that Kevin received from Peter. (And what was with ignoring Willow all together, Bobby was acknowledged why not Willow)

I am not a Zach fan, and I am not convinced he is leaving this week, but I can’t deny he is a formidable opponent in BBCan3.


why do we have to wait three weeks till finale when production could just give the money to sarah and save everyone’s time


Bloody conniving heartless bastards! Bald-Pezzo-di-Merda and Fin-Nose-Ahole are really the ultimate filth of humanity. The worst is the blonde misanthropic airhead though.

And yes, I must admit that Moronita is a MUCH MUCH better person than all of her teammates combined.



team hate Bruno plz stop leaving comments on here, u don’t even make sense any more


can’t stand britt’s moping….or just her personality in general


Much like your post.


aww did i hurt your feelings??

Guy From Canada

Im so torn here to see that a weak vote for Sarah and B happened. Sarah will win the special power, pull down God and B (to bring in God) and put up Zach and Bruno.

So two things I see happening Safe move, I think they want Bruno gone more then Zach, cause sending home Zach would leave an enemy in the house (Ashley) even though she can’t compete in HOH next week. Everyone competes in the POV, so the true back doors are out now. So send home Bruno

Bigger move, send home Zach, leave Ashley and Bruno as enemies, and try to bring in Ashley and/or Pili to pick off Bruno then God. Bigger risk, but Canada will love that Zach is finally gone.


B ,Sarah and Godfrey are real nice people. You can tell how positive their outlook is thinking Canada hates B and Sarah. I can’t wait till they find out they are Canada’s favorite by a landslide!


this season is the worst season of big brother ever. at least out of the U.S. and Canada bb. production is so far pushing Sarah to win is as bad as U.S. pushing Jeff in his first season. too many twists have tipped the luck to skill ratio in almost all of lucks favor. as bad as it is though, i know i can’t look away. its like a big train wreck about to happen. i am just hoping Sarah does not win. i hope her game ends up like Jeff’s did. i like Sarah, i just hate the way they are pushing everything for her. i just can not help but wonder if she is who they betray her to be, because Jeff sure wasn’t.


Why does everyone think production pushes for Sarah to win? Where’s the evidence?


You can’t be serious, this twist was tailor made for Sarah

It’s bittersweet cause i’m rooting for Sarah but i hate hate hate when production manipulates the game, especially when they do it so blatantly

Not really

This twist was designed even before the game started. They previewed a secret power at the beginning of the show. I don’t understand how they tailor-made a twist for Sarah if we all know that something was going to happen since the beginning of the season.


This is the BEST Season ever. This isn’t production pushing Sarah to win.
The twists have made this Canada’s show. We are influencing, or trying to influence what happens, not production. Production is only giving us the opportunity to be a part of the show.
It’s sad to see Brittney so upset. Looking forward to seeing her face the moment she finds out she was voted because Canada really does support her.


Sarah’s already trying to make us think better of her…by this discussion with Britt. Almost throwing Britt under the bus to us subconscieously…she’s trying to manipulate us right now. If it was Sarah and say Zach voted “have not”right now we would be seeing Sarah crying and wanting to leave! Sarah has been told by production No Doubt!


What will next week’s twist be…putting everyone but Sarah in handcuffs for a juggling competition? Random putting game but only Sarah & Brittnee can use their hands? It’s a TV show but these people are playing for life changing money…stop deciding who will win and let them earn it. Ridiculous.


Lol good one so true


Get off the hate Sarah train. She is one of best players Season.

Habs Rule

If you mean best player at screaming and bitching and throwing hissy fits and crying when she doesnt get her way….Then shes probably the best player in bb history!!


you (and others) are talking about yourselves. You are all over this site doing exactly what you see Sarah doing. Whaaah the game is rigged… Whaaaah production is ruining BB… Whaaaah, Whaaah, Whaaah. Can you folks not even see or hear yourselves!


This game is definitely not for the faint of heart ๐Ÿ™‚


So basically the HOH this week meant nothing? The person who has the secret power can replace both noms or leave them the same so basically they choose who is on the block. The only benefit of being HOH was being safe. Zach is going home 100%, theres no outcome where he does not.


I used to like BB CAN more than BB US but after watching this season and how the production wont allow the best alliance or the best overall player to win is just ludacris. BB US all the way

Go Godfrey!

i want Godfrey in my life!


Would the Sarah fans turn on her if she kept Zach over Bruno? They would, right? That’s how Bruno lost a bunch of his fans. I’m sure there’s a way it can be justified for Sarah to do it though.


i now understand why Kevin use to kiss Pilar all the time ,it was to SHUT HER UP!!!…now all she does is run her mouth off …exposing her stupidity …I CANT STAND PILAR !!… i know some of you ..no scratch that ,a handful of you will be like,” why do you passionately dislike pilar? .
i don’t how to say this but…..well what i dislike about pilar is everything that makes pili ,Pilar.
Basically i passionately dislike her as a whole ,everything that makes her a unique human being.
its that time again…. PILI RANT!!!!!!!
Sarah told pili that kevin was lying to her and keeping her in the dark …she gets upset(for a few minutes) or does she i don’t know (pilars mind is like space a vacuum )…anyway everything sarah told pili is the truth kev did not feel the need to tell pili anything because he knew there was nothing intellectual she would bring to the table or his game ….Pilar i cant wait for you to leave the house and are forced to swallow that bitter pill. Secondly why would you believe Ass i mean Ash over sarah …ash lied to you she never told you about the chop shop. i cant take it pilar !!how easily can you be manipulated.!!!!…… PILAR why are you not upset everyone has lied to you or excluded you from important events in the game ..WAKE THE F UP …yet you sit there and are pissed at the wrong people…Zac voted for willow to stay yet there you are up his ass…Ash lied to you now twice. ..kev thought you where only good for making out with , he talked game with sarah and she wasn’t in the diaper(if that doesn’t say something i don’t know what will) …. more good news kev was going to take you(PILAR) to the final because he was certain he could win over you(IT MUST BE LOVE!…not ).These are your closest alliance and people you trust? what is wrong with you…do you have even a bit of sense in that head…i honestly cant believe you can be that gullible or naive. what bruno,B, sar and god( combined) have done to you cannot even compare to the shit the diaper members have done…last time i say this GET YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!


Just hand Sarah the money already. Like seriously Big Brother Canada is getting way out of hand with their stupid twists. It’s okay to have a secret veto…but to be able to completely change the nominations, that’s so stupid. Inc next week Bruno wins HoH and the twist is Canada gets to change the HoH in favor of another house-guest (Sarah). Why not just make this a popularity contest like every other Big Brother and let the real players go to the US version.


Why not just make BB Canada like BBUK or BBAU? They are already halfway there. You can’t do Big Brother with a combination of skill mixed in with this much fan voting.

You’re essentially robbing someone of $100K because the viewers don’t like them, no matter how well they have the rest of the house fooled.


Exactly. I like Sarah but, if she walks out with anything less than the winner’s share after all of production’s help, she’ll go down as one of the greatest lovable losers in BB history. Frankly, if I were her, and she doesn’t win, I’d be embarrassed that, despite my questionable social game, my ONE win (can’t wait to see the POV) and all of the “twists”, I still couldn’t pull it off. Even if she does, they’ve tainted it for her.


Do you put an asterisk next to Jillian’s name for BBCAN 1?
A voting fiasco makes her the winner.
Do you put an asterisk next to Jon’s name for BBCAN 2?
Canada’s HOH destroyed the first five, not a player in the game on the week Jon was the first five target.
Do you think Adel from season 2 (production’s favorite) was given too much help?
Golden edit and allowed to break the rules by looking at other hg’s puzzles to win his HOH when they were told specifically they couldn’t look at each other’s puzzles. He admitted it on feeds and received no penalty.

River de Nial

Yeah sick of the annoying gesticulating too. Bros ain’t in a gang. The bromance is just too fake. I know Bruno’s phony after giving Kevin all those hugs despite never talking to him for over 40 days, but Zach seems to be really falling for it. Not getting enough from his minion?


if sarah wins. this season will go down as one of the worst seasons ever.

Bitter Nuts

Some twists are game changers. This one is a game breaker. Ruin the game to save a few hundred women from feeling bad.


I thought God is the most votes for a secret veto, but production had to make it sarah and B, and B for the win
This is Bull. Production is a Joke.


Even the poll here had Sarah and B winning


I hope BBCA tells Britt soon that she was voted by Canada to play for a double veto or she is going to have a nervous breakdown thinking that Canada hates her….. Sarah, I could care less about..


I just hope Sarah and B dont misinterpret the power. I have a strong feeling they will go after bruno and not zach .
I also fear they might pull in ash and pillz instead of Godfray.
They should have given d power to Godfray and sarah/B. That would have created a stronger final 3


in my opinion think beyond the eviction to the next hoh.
who is the stronger physical contender in an hoh? Sarah, Britt or God?
if it’s physical and Bruno or Zach are still in the house, who has a better shot?
don’t weaken God in the long run for one week of satisfaction. Better to give the girls with the poor physical track record the slop for a few days.




I know this comment may be out of line for some and I am prepared for the backlash of opinions differing from mine but I can’t even explain how awesome it is to read about the feeds from BBCAN regarding Britnee being a plus sized model and the guys being comfortable enough to play a truth or dare game that includes men kissing men and women kissing women. Had this been shown in the U.S. There would be comments referring to Britnee’s weight and the seemingly homosexual behavior regarding the guys. The fact that this is not an issue in BBCAN is a refreshing change for me as a viewer. We all know how past houguest have been talked down to/about regarding weight and homosexual tendencies but awesomely on this site with the viewers and commenters, it’s a non-issue completely. I think that Britnee is beautiful just the way she is and I think a game of truth or dare should be taken as such, a game. I have yet to see a condescending remark made about Britnee being fat or Kevin/Zach being gay and that is to be commended in my humble opinion. Thank you Canada!


Wooow…Sarah and Brittnee napping in the have-nots room on the floor, without mattresses as the guys are gloating about their misfortune in the backyard. But little Zach and Bruno know what is lurking around the corner for them