Big Brother Canada 3 – Sarah “I’m so disgusted by these people, they’re sucking his d**k!”

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8:30am – 9:05am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Sarah asks and he gave Zach the veto? Britt says I think it was more of a I going to save you in the hopes of you’re going to work with me. Britt says you’re just going to have to win today. Sarah agrees. Sarah says and he got so personal about the girls thing. Britt says I just don’t care. Sarah says but after he uses the veto he is still lying. Bruno comes down and hugs Sarah. “Morning Sarah, you feel better?” Sarah says yeah. Bruno heads into the storage room and Sarah whispers to herself “Don’t f**king touch me”

They start eating breakfast. Zach joins them. Zach says last night was f**king nuts! It will never be forgotten. Not just Canada but in the US too .. a triple eviction has never happened before. Bruno asks if it had something to do with that button. (Vault button where Sindy or Bobby were offered 10K to leave). Zach says he thinks if it had been press they would have just had a double. They comment on how early Big Brother started building in the backyard.

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9:15am – 9:35am Bruno says I can’t fucking trust her now! Britt asks so you trust Zach now. Bruno says no I trust You and Godfrey. Bruno says clearly she wanted you to put me up. Bruno says actions speak louder than words. If I win today, you’re not going up. She was trying for me to go up before you even won. Britt says I just sent two peoples closest allies home. Zach’s Willow and Pili’s boyfriend. Bruno says I am going to try and win today and you’re not going up. I am f**king pissed at her though. Britt says she’s mad at you too. Bruno leaves and Sarah joins Britt. Britt says it feels like you’re mad at me. Sarah says I was just upset at the whole thing. How it all played out, how we all got lied to. I wouldn’t have broken down at all if he hadn’t screamed at me in the face. It triggered a lot of things. Britt says the way he explained it kind of made sense to me from a game move. Sarah says I don’t give a f**k about peoples game move. Britt says I think he just saw his chance at the 100K slipping away when his name was mentioned. Sarah says I am going to try and win it. Britt says I know you will and if you want to have a sh*t eating grin.. Godfrey joins them.

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In the bedroom – Godfrey and Sarah talk. Godfrey says if I win and put up Zach and Bruno. Sarah asks if you have a guys alliance with Zach and Bruno you can just tell me. Godfrey says oh hell no. Sarah asks why would you put them up right away? Godfrey says so they don’t use it on each other. Godfrey says I swear to you the only two people I would take to the final 2 are you and Britt. Sarah says I am going to win this one today. I can feel it. Godfrey says I don’t think Ash has even voted for herself this whole time .. I think she just waited for the memo. Sarah says I am so disgusted by these people.. they’re sucking his d**k. Brittnee joins them.

10am In the kitchen – Bruno says I am willing to ride this out. Lets do it. We can do it. If we can just ride it out back and forth. Zach agrees. I’m down. Bruno says lets do it. Bruno and Zach talk about what a threat Sarah is. She is able to rally all the girls.

In the bedroom – Pili says that at first she thought Kevin was America’s player because he got called to the diary room so much.

In the kitchen – Bruno says if Sarah wins she won’t put up B or Godfrey. Pili joins them and says they were just talking about Willow. Burno says Willow was dangerous. Pili says people were afraid to put her up because she was so emotional. Bruno says that he thinks Willow threw that HOH. She knew those answers. She’s a super fan. She knows everything about last season and doesn’t know everything about her own season? Bruno says she knew no one would put her up. That was the only way to get her out though for sure.. 6 days of that would have been unreal.

10:45am All the house guests have been called to the diary room. When Sarah when in she let out a big gasp. When Zach comes out he starts pacing around a lot. When Pili comes out she is smiling. Ash comes out and starts laughing with Pili and Zach. Zach says you see why now? Pili says day 50, one of the bests days! When Bruno comes out Zach asks how was that? Bruno says it was an emotional DR. (They possibly saw Emmett in the diary room? He might be the host of the competition?)


10:50am In the bedroom – Sarah and Bruno are talking about the vote last night with Willow going home. Bruno says I though you would have voted for her to stay. Bruno says that he told Willow “we got you” and then she got voted out. Bruno says why logical and game sense would I want to work with you when just yesterday you tried to get me out. Sarah says Zach wants to get you out too. Bruno says I had to do it yesterday to be here today. Sarah says I get your move .. he’s a shield now. Bruno says I wouldn’t put it that way.

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11:15am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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anyone found the logic behind Sarah’s vote yet?? I think she implied that Bruno told Willow that she’s going home? i think i might misheard


She thought the guys were voting for Kevin and she knew that Ash was voting for Pili, so she voted for Pili hoping God would too.


Not sure why that’s downvoted, it’s exactly what happened and I’m pretty sure even Sarah herself admitted it.


Did Willow know that Sarah voted against her? Is that why she wouldn’t hug her?


I don’t think she knows yet, but she’ll know once a couple of people left in the house go to jury. Sarah’s argument is pretty flimsy, too. When she was casting her vote to save and trying to justify what she was doing it just made her look more guilty.


Willow’s departure was melodramatic, that of an immature spoiled brat when things didn’t go her way. Poor sportsmanship 100%. Really, does anyone like to be evicted? I think not and she handled that poorly.

A tad harsh

Willow wears her heart on her sleeve, she wasn’t called weeping willow for nothing. I think if she could have stopped crying, she would have. I thought it’s a more sincere exit than Kevin’s fist pumping, rock star act. She was just starting her game and I feel for her since she could have been a major player.


Wow what a night! Y’all. Can’t say it wasnt entertaining!
Sarah can bitch and cry all she wants … she voted her girl Willow out who would have had her back to the end! Her own respect for Sarah anymore.
Do not vote her to be a “have not” because she doesn’t deserve the special power!


She voted Willow out because she thought the guys were going to save Kevin and instead of looking for two more votes for Willow she would just have to flip Godfrey to save Pili. It makes perfect sense. Sarah cannot control or predict that Zach and Bruno would save Willow. Where the heck did that decision come from?


Seems like somehow Bruno told Sarah/Willow that she’s going up/home? idkkk


Sarah asked Ash to vote for Willlow and she said No she is voting for Pils, Assuming Zack would vote for Kev, Bruno for Kev, Her best bet was Pils to have another girl versus Kev (She could only count on God to vote with her) She would want Willow over Pils any day but she’s trying to increase her chances to win (it was a bummer surprise they voted to keep Willow..)


Why is everyone so shocked that Bruno and Zach voted to keep Willow? She was a member of the original Chop Shop, and they know that if she stayed her vote could help them push their agenda.


Two things: Sarah would have voted for Willow if she knew where the votes were at. And, sure she voted to evict Britt before but that is because Naeha was her biggest ally at that point.

Also, being a Zach ally must be awesome right. Last I checked his closest ally went home in his own HoH because he was arrogant enough to believe that nobody can touch them.


Oops I was replying to someone else and it ended here.


How about you vote how you feel like voting, and not tell others how to vote! Sarah is the only person in there with a mind of her own.


What did Kevin tell Pilli as he was leaving? Anyone know?


Bruno is awesome… he knew zach will keep him safe, cant fault him.


You’re kidding right? Zack isn’t going to save him. Bruno thinks he’s taking Kevin’s place.. that will be very short lived as Kevin and Zach had planned to separate at this point anyways.


You can’t have it both ways. People have been whinging for weeks that Zach is so dumb for trusting Bruno. Yet now that Bruno gets on board with it you think Zach wants to target him?

I think many people here are blinded by their hatred of Zach, or their love of Sarah.


Your comment/reply makes no sense


There is no way Zach is keeping Bruno safe. As can be seen by his HOH, Zach is playing an individual game and there’s just no way he would bring Bruno to final 2 over Ashleigh or Pili… Zach is playing with no loyalty, he just voted out Kevin ffs!!! Bruno has been after Zach for weeks and he really only saved him because he is SO threatened by the sarah and the “girls alliance”. This game move actually made me really dislike Bruno bc he completely did a 180 flip flop on who his targets were and he’s irrationally scared of the girls. Wake up Bruno, Zach is still one of your biggest threats to win the game!


Of course Zach is Bruno’s biggest threat to win the game but if you actually look at how big brother is played, it’s played in phases. Just because you’re targeting someone a few weeks ago, things can change/happen to the point where you end up adjusting on who you wanna get out. If Zach and Kevin left this week, it would’ve been Bruno and Godfrey left with a house of girls who aren’t opposed to the idea of working together. From what I’ve seen, Bruno really has no pull from the girls so he’d be a sitting duck. Bruno saving Zach may buy him an extra week or two, which is HUGE. You don’t let the house take out the biggest threat (Zach) at this point of the game when Bruno would be the next on everyone’s list. He’d literally have to win HOH and alternate POV to stay alive.


Riiight. Being outnumbered by girls who lose comps they are trying hard to win. Bruno and Godfrey could rule HoH and Veto comps while working to fracture any girl’s alliance because girls are quick to distrust each other. The second one of Bruno / Godfrey win an HoH they get rid of Sarah and the rest are easy to pick off.


so bruno makes the moron move of using the veto to SAVE the guy who is his top competition for winning comps, and possibly the game? what a genius move…making construction workers look so smart righ now, bruno…slow clap for you on that one. then to top it off he yells in the face of a girl (sarah) who weighs probably 100 lbs…nice to know he has the balls to bully someone, too bad it’s just a little girl and not a guy his own size. bruno really needs to grow a pair and learn to stand up to a boy for a change…or perhaps the issue is that he is in the closet? he really hates women a lot, and loves hugging and touching guys – will ONLY work with men…what does that say about bruno? i have zero respect for that guy…he is worse than bobby, zach, and graig combined. his wife must be just like pili, a total loser.


I hope they show the fight between him and Sarah next episode. That was so disgusting and uncalled for. he went from one of my favs to I hope they get him out of the door next week.


Where can I find that clip

Not really

Can someone explain why Bruno yelled at Sarah and what he was saying in the process? I missed that.

Rob Pesternino

Hey guys, wwas the fight between sarah and bruno on the lived feeds? Is the video posted in one of these recaps, I dont see it.


The fight was not on the live feeds or episode, but people in the audience at the live eviction saw it happen and posted about it on twitter. Basically as soon as Bruno uses the veto on Zach, Sarah broke down (you see like a 2 second clip of this) then the episode went to break. Sarah was very upset as Zach was the target and Bruno had been lying to them all about targeting Zach (or changed his mind, not sure). I am not sure how it started, but either Bruno noticed Sarah crying, or she called out Bruno for lying to them/targetting Zach, and then Bruno literally yelled in Sarah’s face about the girls alliance and called her a disgusting bitch (apparently). Bruno is still under the impression that Sarah wanted Britt to backdoor Bruno, but Sarah was just justifiably pissed that they could not evict Zach, their target. Sarah called Bruno a dick and was yelling too (apparently). I think Sarah was completely justified in calling out Bruno. And Bruno was completely justified in making his game move. But it was not justified to yell in her face or call her names when she’s upset about a game move. It’s very obvious that Bruno has a problem with Sarah, a personal problem that is not all game-related at this point…


Furthermore, after he won the Veto he winked at Sarah, hugged her and whispered, We did it, We got them.

Then the next thing was him putting the Veto around Zach’s neck. This after making Britt/God and Sarah all promise their targets would be Zach and Kevin if they won HOH.

Her point was if that’s your game move fine, but don’t be a hypocrite and don’t rub it in my hugging me, winking at me and lying to my face.

She also knows he’s been running around the house saying to target her and get her out b/c she’s poison and wants an all girl alliance.

Bruno prefers to keep his cards close to his chest, lie to everyone, tell everyone I’ll never write your name down and make each person feel like they are his F2 or his closest ally. Whereas Sarah prefers to be somewhat transparent disclosing small truths she knows but only make promises to her closest ally. When she is working closely with someone she keeps their secrets: hence why no one knew Bobby’s veto was fake and after JP told her about the Chop Shop she never told anyone (Sindy did that).

The biggest issue is they are both intelligent and want to play the social game. The difference is Bruno wants to play with inferior players he can control (like he did with Graig/Bobby and is doing with Britt/Zach) but Sarah wants to play with players she thinks are intelligent that she can work with who are loyal like JP (until he lied), Willow, Naeha, Johnny.

Suffice to say they have similarities but fundamental differences. Whether you agree with one method more than the other it’s what makes it impossible for them to work together. Sarah can’t trust Bruno and Bruno wants Sarah gone b/c he views her as someone who isn’t malleable to his way.

True, I’m a Sarah fan but not just because of those differences. Sarah has a quality in the game I like (Kevin also had it) which is the ability to adjust and work with people you might not initially be aligned with. Bruno on the other hand is stubborn and set in his ways. The only female he’ll work with is someone he can dominate mentally, physically and socially.

I actually like Bruno a lot but his play this past week has turned me off.


A lot of people aren’t Bruno fans, I have transformed into a non fan as well but I would never insult the guy’s wife.


There’s gotta be a reason and there’s always 2 sides to the story! After dark and feeds are also edited to what they want us to see and what they dont…also THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS WIFE! WOW!


You’re comment makes you look like the biggest moron on this thread. So apparently the feminist movement for equality doesn’t allow for women to be yelled at in a an argument? He should talk with a soft voice because she’s a girl? How’s that for equality genius? When two people are arguing, I’m certain BOTH are yelling at one another. It’s ok when Sarah does it, but not ok for Bruno to give it back? Right

Keeping Zach was a good move for Bruno, and Sarah’s predictable childish meltdown only serves to prove his point.

Finally questioning his sexuality because he’s trying to win a game is really mature of you. Did you copy that from a grade 8 book on jokes? Grow up you whiney loser.


I partly blame Sarah for Willow’s nomination. Instead of bringing Willow and Britt closer, she was busy cultivating a stronger bond with Willow, even letting Willow talk about getting Britt out. All she had to do was bring her allies together. Instead she wanted to be Britt’s top buddy and Willow’s top buddy while maintaining distrust between Willow and Britt so that both of them would choose her over the other


I completely agree with you,I don’t care how she spins it she is the reason why willow went.


100% agree. She was in la la land with Willow. She should have been creating a three person bond and she didn’t. She even allowed one to talk shiz about the other in front of her. I really don’t see why she didn’t work that harder.


I think if Brittnee had of spent less time laying around whinning, complaining and pouting about being a pawn and put more into the game she would have been capable of making a better choice with the replacement nom. It’s on Brittnee not Sarah.


She did the same thing with Britt and Kevin. Instead of her getting Kev and Britt together once she knew Kevin was going after Bobby and Bruno she let Britt think that Kev was with the couples and coming after them. I love Britt but wish Kevin would have been smart enough to continue to work with them instead of distancing himself with the couples because he might have actually had a chance at winning this game. As for Brit Bruno ruined her chances of getting Zach out but I understand why she wanted Willow out. Willow was coming after Britt, apart of the chop shop (reasons why Zach and Bruno try to save her) she would never win a hoh and if Britt was up against her Britt would go home, and now Ash isn’t even coming after Britt they want Sarah or God gone


Godfrey and Brittnee are sitting in the two best spots right now. I wonder if Godfrey would really put up Zach and Bruno if he won HOH.


godfrey saying he’d put up bruno and zach tells me he plans to throw hoh, again. best move for him, i suppose; he still gets to play the middle.


i loved this post by TTOTambz, but i don’t think many saw it…for me it sums everything up right.

I get some people see Bruno’s move as brilliant and are fans of him… BUT if he is so close to Zach WHY IS HE TELLING GODFREY TO NOMINATE ASH & PILI? He told Godfrey he wants to remove Zach’s support so he has to work with them. The truth is he wants God to do his dirty work b/c Bruno has no intention of nominating Ash (in fact he’ll throw the HOH unless he thinks Sarah is going to win it).

Also, to everyone beating on Sarah please know prior to the vote Godfrey told Sarah the boys were voting to keep Kevin. That’s not poor play on Sarah’s part that’s BRILLIANT play on Godfrey’s part. God KNEW Zach/Bruno were voting to keep Willow but he wanted to keep Pili and knew Sarah might go along with that if he told her the boys were keeping Kevin. What God did was remove someone who he accurately saw as the biggest threat in the house. Willow was super close to Sarah (a position Godfrey would rather take over) and God knows he can pull Pili in. Both of these girls are people he feels he can beat AND MORE IMPORTANTLY work with.

So given the fact Sarah was told by God the boys were keeping Kevin you can’t blame her for trying to keep Pili as she thought a vote for Willow would be the only one.

Also: Bruno whispered to Sarah after the veto, we got this, we got them and then hugged her and winked at her. This less than a minute before he saved Zach. Less than an hour later he was screaming at her, trying to blame her for why he switched made the decision to save Zach. Problem is his deflection didn’t work b/c he blew up at Sarah AND he’s been running around all night trying to hug her b/c he knows he went too far. He yelled at her that she was disgusting and foul and called her a nasty bitch. Britt made the point that it wasn’t even what he said as much as how angry and mean he was while yelling it at Sarah.

THIS is not the sign of the sweet Bruno he has been displaying to everyone and THIS behavior won’t buy him any favoritism from Pili, Sarah, Britt or even God. Mark my words Bruno’s choice to over exaggerate and try to play everyone will catch up to him and this move only served to actually move him to the forefront!


If he manages to make it to the end, his actions have lost him a couple of jury votes.


He lost jury votes the moment he stopped working with Sarah, Britt and God. They think anyone on the other side is an idiot.


So the fact that Sarah was yelling as well is irrelevant? Amazing the hypocrisy of the feminists/pro Sarah on this board. Apparently you’re not allowed to use bad words or raise your voice. Sarah is a grown up and advocates for equality so she should have no problem with being treated as an equal. She likes to run her mouth, but the minute she gets called out, she cries and reverts to being “just a poor defenceless little girl” What a hypocrite


Well, so far Sarah, Pili and Zachula have been called to the DR for a minute and come out with big smiles. You even hear Sarah gasp right when she walks in…before they cut her mic. I am guessing…since it is final 6…that they each have a loved one waiting for them in the DR, that they get to see for one minute each. I would bet money on it.


Actually, since they are all smiles and no tears…I am changing my theory to it being a well-known past BB player…that is waiting for them in the DR to give them individual tips as the final 6.


Oh yeah…and this mystery guest most likely will be hosting the HOH comp.


Welp, Bruno just came out crying and saying it was emotional…so I am going back to my original theory of it being loved ones in the DR. (Surprised Bruno was the only one who cried…but he is the only married father, so…) OK…done talking to myself.


where are you seeing this? my feeds are showing blocked


I just heard them say now it was Emmett in the DR.


never mind… found it


Where is Bruno getting all this ‘She wanted me up last night. She was trying to convince you’. WHAT? No, the plan was Zack and Kevin as always and it was smooth frickin sailing until Bruno vetoed Zack.

But I can honestly see why he did it. Zack is a shield for Bruno. He’s still number one to get out even though Bruno is a close second.


Bruno thought that if Kevin or Zach saved themselves then he would be going up in their place instead of Ash. He also knew if he kept the noms the same then Kevin and Zach would go home and he would be the next target.

It wasn’t the smartest move but it definitely wasn’t dumb, even though it upset fans because of their dislike for Zach. If things went the way they were supposed to this is who you would have left in the house:

– Bruno: competition threat that has no one, except maybe Godfrey
– Sarah: social threat who has Brittnee and Willow, and will try to reel in Pili and Ash now that their boys are gone
– Brittnee: does what she’s told by Sarah
– Willow: does what she’s told by Sarah
– Godfrey: has no real alliances
– Pilar: does what she’s now told by Ash
– Ash: would side with the girls because Bruno is all alone

Bruno and Sarah would be the next big targets in the house. However, Sarah has at least 2 people under her thumb while Bruno has no one.


People dislike Zach a lot, so much so that they can’t understand why Bruno would have kept him in the game. You did a good job explaining the why. Like everything in the game there are pros and cons to each game move.

I’m liking the game much more after last night. The three major power blocks took a hit though not my ideal scenario it’s still making for a fun show to watch.
Bruno lost his number 1
Sarah lost her number 1
Diapers lost a key member


I can not believe my ears. Bruno just told Sarah he is not coming after her. Does he think she is stupid? What an idiot. I do not like Bruno at all. He said he used to have a temper. I think he still does and does not think highly of women. His thing is he does not want any woman to win because he will feel like less of a man. I hope he goes next even before Zach.


Naw, still think Zach needs to go next. This veto save just stoked his ego and arrogance yet again.


Bruno kept his biggest competition in the game! God can’t win sh*t, Pili must be related to someone cuz I can’t figure out how she got chosen to be on the show..does she have a brain? Sarah yaps but can’t back it up with a win, Ash is busy being zach’s least Britt wins. Bruno is only really competing against Zach. Why keep your toughest competition in the game? He had enough social game to make it til the end.


Hasn’t anyone told Pili yet that Bruno and Zack voted for Willow to stay?


I guess Willow will be reading her letter to the jury house crew herself. What a stupid reward that was to get.


Lol… yuuup


I have my fingers crossed it’s Godfrey or Sarah winning this HoH. Please!..


It would make my skin crawl, but I guess I’d have to hug Bruno too, after he yelled and cursed me out. I have to give it to Sarah for keeping it all together. I can’t stand Bruno anymore.


You seem to ignore the snarky comments from Sarah to Bruno during the live eviction. Not to mention the non-stop bitching about him behind his back.


And Bruno has never been snarky about Sarah? He’s b**tched about her the entire game. I’ve lost track of the number of times he’s called her poison alone. As if he himself isn’t a liar in the game as well.


Another hypocrite who doesn’t understand the concept of EQUALITY. It’s ok for Sarah to run her mouth and raise her voice but Bruno has to talk to her with kid gloves. She can dish it out but can’t handle when she gets it served back in her face. She’s a hypocrite just like you and many other posters.


Are you suggesting Bruno hasn’t run his mouth practically the whole game about Sarah? I’m not sure you’re one who should be calling other people hypocrites. Besides she rightfully called Bruno out as a liar (he’s been gunning for Zach too, and then shoves his head right up Zach’s backside). And what’s his reaction? He curses her out calling her a B**th! On the live show no less. What a great example for the kids.


Would have loved to see Zach go last night, but do understand Bruno taking him off the block. As he stated, if Zach stays he has a 60% chance of going on the block, but with him gone it was 100%. He had to play the odds. He is not stupid enough to believe that Zach would take him far, and you can see it in the way he is talking to Zach by pumping him up. I think the fact that Sarah was pushing for Bruno (openly) to go on the block as a replacement if needed, pushed him to win the Veto and take Zach off. He basically told Sarah that this morning. But once again, if its not what she wants, its a stupid move. Unfortunately the stupid move was Sarah voting to save Pili. Sarah could conceivable be gone by the time they try to take out Bruno. Sarah (as I see it) pushed this whole thing to play out the way it did last night. Her big mouth and bad vote also caused her friend to go. I do know though that Godfrey won’t be winning an HOH any time soon. He is too busy playing both sides and winning will show his hand when he has to make his nominations. He is sitting too good at this point unless Ashleigh puts the bug in everyone’s ear about him playing both sides. She saw that and mentioned it to Pilar this morning. Should be an interesting week coming up.

Habs Rule

Finally someone with enough common sense to see why bruno did what he did but of course all these sarah lovers hating on him because he is playing for bruno and not sarah.Its funny to see when sarah does something to improve sarahs game which means backstabbing someone else ,its all good but when bruno does the same thing he is a monster.Its a game thats all.Theres no need to get personal and honestly if sarah s game plan was to bitch,moan and whine and cry throughout this game and it got her this far well good on her but i dont know her personally so i cant say i like her or dislike her.My point is everyone in this game has lied,backstabbed someone (Pillar not included)Bruno is playing the game for bruno and all these people shitting on him for doing so…..Sarah playing the game for Sarah and it all ok…lol…….too funny!!!

Habs Rule

Oh and another thing after just seeing her convo in the main bedroom with brittany just goes to show you what a whinning baby she truly is………acting like a spoiled little brat who didnt get her way and now is pouting like a child!! She threw bruno under the bus by trying to get him put up as replacement nominee and wonders why bruno threw her under the bus????are you serious…..and people want this whiner to get a secret power ………holy shit thats plain scary……God save us all!!!……….and im not talking about godfrey though i like godfrey


I know she’s unbearable. How can anyone like such a whiney, obnoxious person. Britnee is allowed to play for herself and doesn’t need to cater her decisions to what Sarah wants.

So now the feminist, who preaches equality, plays the victim and the role of the poor defenceless girl because Bruno served it back to her. Cant have it both ways Sarah.

Habs Rule

Yeah eh!………How anyone could root for someone like that is beyond me.I cant understand how people can get behind someone who constantly whines and has these hissy fits and blames everyone else for her mistakes in the game,Please canada dont vote for someone like this, it will just show that we support this kind of behavior and insulting brunos wife……wow now thats real class for ya!! his wife wasnt even there to defend herself, it wasnt even about his family,and this is who people root for. I dont care how pissed she was,dont involve his family,they have nothing to do with this!! She does not deserve this secret power.




Why did Sarah said that it doesn’t make sense for Bruno to keep Willow over Pilar? i found it ironic


Waitaminute…. who screamed at Sarah?


During the Show taping Bruno and Sarah got in a argument. All I know is Bruno yelled at her for calling him a liar. Sounds like he called her a b1tch. They talked about it last night and I heard apologies.

“Sarah comes in Bruno gives her a hug “I do love you baby.. I didn’t mean what I said you’re such a great person I mean that.. I didn’t mean what he said, I was such a d1ck”
Sarah says something like “we were heated””


I know what the secret power is 🙂


Lol MrJWall… is it coffee?!! ; )


Best Case Scenario With this Twist (And how it could total backfire if it’s Sarah)

Let’s say Godfrey Wins HOH (He’s safe from block)
He puts up Zach and let’s say Ashleigh (Or Pilar or Bruno, doesn’t matter)
Someone out of the two not on the block wins Veto and uses it on someone on the block (Let’s say Bruno Wins and uses it on Zach – Now Zach and Bruno are also both safe)
Ashleigh and Pilar on the block, Sarah wins this power and HAS to remove one of them … only replacement is Brittany – They vote out Brittany. Twist totally backfires …


Simon i wonder are the nominations for have or have not completed?Do you know who Canada voted for ?
Last question i swear, what happened in the DR ? or your speculation


I think we had two days to vote for the havenots.. As of typing this there’s 1 day 11 hours remaining for voting.

From what I’ve gather from Dawg they got a message from Emmett and/or family in the DR


Sarah in the DR… I vote to save Pili so a girl stays. Sarah is a BB idiot not the great game player her trolls think. And what happened to loyalty for her snuggle buddy? Sarah really is disgusting.
It’s a new day and a new HOH. Secret powers in the have not room. 1 veto forced and a second potential use at the finders discretion. The vote will tell us something about Canada’s perception from the Global edits.
Perspective has a lot to do with how you see the game. Sarah fans think Bruno sucks. B fans, are there any, likely realize they cannot count on Sarah for anything. By default GOD fans have things the best ATM. He’s out of the mix as a target and he has relationships. These HG’s better watch their wallets as GOD is looking to walk out of the house 100K richer.

Gonna shake my head awhile over last nights results. Going forward which would you rather have a 1 in 2 chance to find the special power or HOH and immunity. With 7 left that’s not an easy decision as you might think. Normally I’d say HOH and safety trumps all. But we know that veto means noms less important. Reminds me of the old F5 squeeze where an ally in the HOH has to put up his running buddy like BB USA where Dr. Will had to go up after veto was played in All Stars.
POV won and used could mean up to 2 folks safe if POV user is not on the block. Then perhaps both veto powers used that’s 4 safe and HOH could be left with just allies. For example Zack is HOH the 4 get safe leaving him to renom Ash and Pili. The combos left are intreging. By the way if the secret power holder is safe if not on the block we could have an epic situation where they could literaly decide who goes home. POV holder not on the block uses it. That’s 2 safe. Secret power not on the block safe and saves 2. The HOH is safe meaning only 1 person left to vote for. Production you are such geniuses.
Couple things to note….. the order needs to be POV used 1st by someone not on the block. Next secret power holder not on the block, safe from eviction and vetos 2. A Sarah HOH as an example she could be forced to put up B and out the door. Bruno could end up with GOD on the block and so on. As many as 5 as few as 3 and definitely 1 being removed from the block.
Don’t care a lot about who’s HOH. And who gets evicted next. I wanna see this secret power stuff. 1st Who Canada chooses. The forum Sarah trolls will be shocked if she isn’t chosen. I have no idea what the Global minions will do. Exclude the feeds and just on edit gotta be Sarah and Zack maybe. Could be Bruno or GOD to. That’s the only 4 I see in the running. Oh here’s another thing that’s not clear. What if Canada chooses a person whose HOH as a have not? How are the morons at production gonna handle that one? Imagine an HOH finding the secret power they could orchestrate a blindside all by themselves… what fun.


Sarah has got to be the worst person to align with. Britnee and Naeha on the block… she votes to evict Britnee. Willow on the block… she doesn’t vote to save her. Ummm hey Sarah – I think you are missing the point… you want your allies to STAY in the house…

Also – go Zack!


I learned a bit about myself through this season. I’m usually (and known to be) a very positive person who looks for the best in people. It took years to cultivate that and I did it because this world is so full of negativity, deceit and fake, horrible people. I don’t know about you but I find it exhausting and depressing and I’d had enough. I care more about who I am as a person than I do about a TV show.

But, through this season of BB, I learned how easy it is to “relapse” back into negativity. I found it bleeding into my off-line life too, so I’m nipping it in the bud. No more. I think when you look forward to it all year, only to have it ruined by an entire house of people who don’t live up to expectations… it’s natural to get really disappointed. Even though I just don’t care who wins anymore, I’m just going to let the game play out and enjoy it from the viewpoint of seeing what spins and twists BB has up his sleeve for the rest of this season!

Kevy Wevy

I got to be honest here. The triple eviction added a different twist to the game but only benefited two people, who’s game play has been nothing short of joke. Kevin got the short end and Pills and Zach were lucky just to get out of there. The final two were eliminated on the back of Queen B and Sarah, who hasn’t done anything worth noting. This is definitely not the best move for the show is to reward 2 people for not showing up until now.
Also why couldn’t there be two winners for veto since it was a double eviction.
Anything to give those two jokers a shot eh


Don’t forget that Britt is the only person in the house to have won two HoH.