Sarah “We’re goaded into saying a lot of things.. which now I’m kind of resentful of!”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 11-10-23-933

2:15pm All of the house guests except Godfrey are out in the hot tub room suntanning in silence. Sarah heads inside to sit by the hammock with Godfrey. Big Brother ends the indoor lock down and Sarah heads inside. She goes into the diary room and then when she comes out of the diary room “Sarah look what you did” She then heads back out to the hot tub room. She heads out to the hot tub room and all the house guests are “suntanning” aka sleeping.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 12-09-12-607

3pm – 3:10pm Sarah and Britt head into the backyard. Sarah tells Brittnee that she is going to apologize to everyone about getting mad/upset. I shouldn’t have gotten mad at Bruno. I know why he did what he did. I shouldn’t have called them children. They’re playing a good game and I shouldn’t be mad because I’m not on their side. Sarah says if the live stream is on I’ve taken your note, I get it. We just can’t act like when things don’t go our way that its not a big move for other people. Britt says I just can’t do this any more. I’m so tired. I just can’t. Sarah says yes you can. Britt says Queen B.. yeah! Sarah says were goaded into saying a lot of things as well which now I’m kind of resentful of! Brittnee says I am very resentful of that …like Queen B .. Queen B is here to reign! Sarah says I was like ..Not the sharpest tacks in the box .. stuff like that I didn’t come up with that. And now I feel like they’re just trying to make me look like a villain .. but whatever. Britt I feel like I should wear this crown everyday!! Sarah says whatever that’s confidence. Are we supposed to be like this everyday? ..Yeah I respect everybody’s game. We haven’t been enjoying the experience, I think that’s what it is. Britt says I have though.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 12-23-48-818

3:10pm – 3:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return Sarah is apologizing to Bruno for getting upset with him. He says he gets it and that she was upset with Willow leaving. They hug and make up. Sarah heads over to the hammock where Britt and Pili are sitting. Sarah says she is going to apologize to everyone. I haven’t been myself the last couple weeks. You’re always so happy all the time and I am 27 years old I should have this on lock. Pili gives Sarah a pep talk. Sarah says I let my jealousy make me bitter and I am sorry for that.

3:35pm Sarah then heads out to the hot tub room to apologize to Zach. She apologizes for getting mad and upset when people she cares about get evicted. She says it shows how great of people he and Ashleigh are for still comforting her after the way I’ve acted. Zach hugs her. Sarah says that she’s just been so lonely. Sarah says Its not unfair and I love and respect your game. I appreciate you so much. Zach says I am glad that you can get to that level. They hug again. Sarah says its a game Sarah .. relax. If it doesn’t go your way you can’t get mad. I wasn’t talking sh*t about you guys like that.. I was just moody and bit*hy. Zach says I don’t think you necessarily have to change the way you are playing.. I’m sure people are rallying behind you. You were just in power and making big moves.

3:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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cuz as clueless as pili seems, with kevin leaving, she KNOWS that she has to get out the guys
so i’m assuming zach leaves this week
if anyone but bruno and godfrey win, they are going to nominate bruno and godfrey ONLY IF sarah and brittnee talk to pili
the main problem with them is they underestimate other houseguests (in which they have a point), but i would LOVE an all girls final 4
cuz once zach is evicted, we will finally see ashleigh’s face again out of zach’s b*tt, and everything will be great


That’s a conversation for “after” Zack goes…if they have it now the two puppies will want Zack saved and that doesn’t get Sarah or B anywhere


I just want to do this:



Love Sara !!!!


Zack and Bruno on the block the votes to evict ?

Sara – zack
Britt – zack
God – zack
Pili – Bruno

If Britt wins will she puts up Bruno or pilli. ?


I really love Sarah and am quite surprised to see how well she’s handling the news. I expected her to take it way worse than Brittnee. This week is gonna be another interesting one, with Zach and Bruno probably being the backdoors.


It shouldn’t really be that surprising. If someone is under the impression they are the least liked in the house then most would probably go on an apology tour.

They will want to do the opposite of what they have been doing, which in Sarah’s case is sulking when things don’t go her way. It is good that she’s willing to admit just because things aren’t going the way she planned doesn’t mean that’s the case for other people.


She has a pretty great ability to self-reflect. How many of the others would even think that their responses/words might be “wanting”, shall we say. I actually really respect that about her.

My heart goes out to her, I would never want to cause anyone pain, much less someone I was rooting for. Don’t like being cruel, I almost didn’t vote but I guess the social experiment is on the viewers this time; “Can we push a button and cause someone else pain”. I really hope Global makes sure they know we did this while knowing it would give them power. I also hope they don’t make them twist too long, slop is bad enough.


DAWG, When do you think they will be informed of this secret competition?


What if someone hears them wandering around and wakes up and notice them???…do they lock the backyard cuz that is just fishy…


How long are they gonna wait til they let the have nots know the real reason Canada voted for them???…are they gonna drag this until Wednesday cuz that would be super annoying…are production afraid Britnee and Sarah will let it slip they have the secret power, so they are just gonna drag it til Wednesday….


To Dawg as well….

My takes a little different. I think production will have the comp done before the show Sunday night. It allows the edits it fit “what happens next” senerios.
Perfect order….
POV ceremony
Each HG competes for SP separately.
Find out who won Wednesday just before eviction ceremony.
Caveat…. B and Sarah cannot talk to each other about the contest.
That’s the most fun suspense you can get out of this crappy twist!

Production likely spoon feeds Sarah and has the comp with both together so they can talk no matter who wins. POV ceremony hasn.t taken place yet. This would allow Sarah to use the veto on GOD 1st knowing she and B were coming off Wednesday even further manipulating Canada to be Sarah fans. Or more likely she takes herself off and B goes up then edits of B talking about going how more drivel! If you don’t follow the feeds plus the already questionable production edits watching Sunday/Monday could be a fun train wreck. This season is so freaking bad thanks production.


Ohh Britnee, boo hoo!


Hoping Brit gets the secret power, seeing her so down thinking she’s going home is so sad. She would def put up Zach and Peels, Zach goes home and Ash would be a sitting duck the following week.
Team God and Brit all the way!


Poor B and Sarah 🙁

Don’t change anything! We love you as you are!

Bitter Nuts

Will she still be weepy and apologetic when she finds out she has been rewarded for her horrible game and nasty attitude?


If Zach and Pili are up I am not sure it is a slam dunk that Zach goes.


Break the back board!!!
Sarah/B/God no brainer 3 votes minimum.

another name

I’m sure some commenters will say that sarah is pandering for viewer’s support.
I would prefer to believe that she’s actually experiencing sincere growth in believing her behavior has caused her to be disliked. In what she perceives as near defeat she’s being the least defeatist she’s been in weeks. Yes, I admit i’m biased as someone that has admitted to liking her persuasion skills social game, but hated her complaining.

Not really

I think she is being genuine about her apologies.

But hell, if I were on slop/a have-not for as long as she has been, and the other side of the house kept repeatedly winning, I would be whinny and mopey too. We all have ugly sides to ourselves; some people are better at controlling it than others. Part of Big Brother is enduring an atmosphere that is designed to bring the worst out of us.


Of course she is pandering for votes. Sarah is a lot of nasty things…. stupid isn’t one of them that’s for sure. She thinks Canada hates her and knows Canada gets votes on twists and not being Canada’s fav, thus figures it hurts her game. This apologizing self reflection is simply crap. By thinking that your a true Sarah troll. Tell yourself the truth she is smart enough to believe her game is not liked based on becoming a have not. Then leaps into action looking for ways to fix her perceived negative image. Yes it makes me want to vomit and some HG’s will buy it too. But it’s a smart strategic game move pure and simple. If the trolls actually thought about Sarah’s actions, and where to put their thumbs by extension(I had 1 place in mind :P), they wouldn’t be apologizing and pretending it’s anything other than what it is. Really smart strategy and doing it on the fly pretty impressive even if it’s as phony as hell.

Can’t wait til she is told about the super power and we get to see the real nasty douche Sarah again personally. Lord I hope it’s not to long. Far more entertaining than todays drivel. Self reflection my azz but really good game play.

Yo Bro

Hello, my name is Yo Bro

I am a true Sarah Troll

and I’m powerless over Kool Aid.

I used to think all the jocks were a bunch of douche bags, but now with all of your support I have learned that it was really my problem all along for not being a member of the superior master race. Intelligence is worthless, bullying the weak is the better way. I am much happier now. God bless Captain Canada.

Thank you for allowing me speak. Yo


If they have to compete to get the special power, I think Sara might let Britt win the power b/c Britt seems to be taking being voted a have not very badly and Sara might reason that since she already won the veto, maybe she might give the power to Britt to make her feel better.

Not really

That’d be really unstrategic of Sarah after Britney just blindsided her by putting up Willow as a replacement nominee. That moment should have taught Sarah not to completely trust anyone; no one’s interest align 100%, so you can never be sure they will decide to do what benefits your game.


Sarah is the POV holder 100% she is not at risk. As long as GOD is safe she’s golden this eviction. B isn’t leaving GOD up 100%. This is nothing like willow on the fly being nominated. Remember B is on the block as the renom apparently. The order things happen and to what extent the power is known and when are factors. All senerios have 1 removed of GOD/B. Since it’s a B/Sarah power of course both are coming off Zack plus Pili/Bruno. Bruno is stupid as Zack has to be the target so Pili goes up. If it’s Bruno….GOD/B/Sarah save Bruno any way. Zack’s gone regardless.


The worry is if doesn’t she want to put up Bruno. To be 100% sure they get a successful result, they need both of them up there..



BB hurry the f up and tell them that we voted because we wanted them to get a power. I am tired of seeing sarah apologize for no reason. She better put up zach on Wed or I am outty!


It sucks that Britt and Sarah think Canada hates them, but I hope they find out soon it’s a secret blessing.

Godfrey is a great guy for helping to calm Britt down. I like how genuine Godfrey, Britt, and Sarah are on a personal level.


And Big Brother Canada continues it`s tradition of being a joke. I haven`t really been following to closely this season because I don`t really like any of these puds. But BBC again has ruined the game. It is a popularity contest not Big Brother. Those that play best down win BBC those that have the most fans do. It`s ridiculous. As a Canadian I am ashamed. BBUS helps the favorites from time to time but the best players usually make it to the end. In BBC you can be as useless as a tit on a bull but if you are liked you will make it to the end. It`s a joke.


That sadly is this season at least. they should just adopt the voting method used in the UK and let the fans vote. Oh they tried that in the US a few years back giant fail. I can’t even remember the name of the show. It was that bad.


Allowing fans to vote is good in the short term: more ratings, excitement and people visiting the main website.

But it’s bad for the long term: Houseguests playing up for the cameras, true feelings not shown as much, possible manipulation by production (I don’t believe that last one but it makes it more possible).


I am guessing that this is how the have-not power comp is going to work…during the night while everyone is asleep, they will lock have-not door so Sarah and Britt don’t accidentally alert the rest of the house. The podium will raise up and wake them both up. Instructions will appear on a screen to inform them of what is happening. The comp will most likely happen right there in the have-not room (my guess is some sort of quiz that they will take turns performing on the podium, itself). Whoever gets the higher score, gets the power. Podium goes down, door unlocks, and they both celebrate their new power…and that Canada voted them in there for a good reason…as quiet as possible. I hope this happens tonight. It would be cruel to have them think Canda hates them all week. But, this IS Big Brother, so…


Just look at the polls here. Canada doesn’t love anyone, no ones 50% at least not a week ago. It’s a small percentage for all of them. By the way did you Sarah trolls think it’s simply to get Zack out because he is disliked rather than some strange attachment to a lay about cry baby? Because a lot of the comments from the trolls here were you gotta vote for B and Sarah so they can get Zack evicted. That does not translate necessarily to Sarah and/or B are Canada’s favs necessarily.
Lotta Koolaid being consumed by the trolls today. Perhaps it should be renamed “trollaid”!


Ash just nailed the HN situation, lol – she thinks it they will have an advantage, a little more than an “advantage” I would say!


Bull….s..t! Sarah has been told…and the advantage is not fair at all.


Give Sarah an advil. Poor girls locked up in the havenot room. I think its going to happen soon that they find out.


Lol she’s conning Ya all


Forgot in all my comments to mention the most important thing to happen today.

Pili can definitely rock a kini….. just saying…. DAM!