“Your HOH was useless.. Gotta keep fighting till we leave.. Gotta roll with the punches” -Zach

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

(Youtube seems to be taking a extra long time for videos to process… sorry 🙁 )

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 19-01-30-846
10:06pm Everyone around the kitchen
Chatting about the twist and the clues Big Brother gave them about it. Zach says it’s all clear now the DR’s were very different this week. Production keeps telling them to stop that.

Brittnee is a have nots again, tells everyone it’s a record.

Feeds cut..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 19-38-13-650

10:38pm Sarah’s HOH room
Sarah got 6 beers..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 19-48-58-775

10:44pm HOH The Diapers
They realize two of them are going up this week.
Zach – This will be my third week in a row
They mention that Godfrey was fighting to keep Bruno during the eviction.
Zach – your HOH was useless
Ashleigh – it was flushed down the toilet.. every single person I put up on the block played in the HOH.
ASh – Canada wanted it to happen that’s a dagger
Zach – gotta keep fighting till we leave.. gotta roll with the punches.
Brittnee joins them start reminding everyone she’s been on slop for 5 weeks, “Its a BB Canada record”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 19-53-55-251

10:53pm Kitchen Zach and Godfrey Silent….

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-13 19-57-52-608

10:56pm HOH Pili, Brittnee and Ashleigh
Talking about the competition. They had bugs thrown on them. Smoke “you couldn’t breath”, cold water.
Pili lost count. Brittnee says it was torture
Brittnee leaves.. the goblins still hanging out in the HOH.
Pili – I don’t want Zach to go home this early but it comes down to yo and HIm i’m not voting you out
Ash – best case you win POV take me off

11:05pm Bedroom Godfrey and Brittnee

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Pili, when is it not going to be too early? By F3 you are gonna be saying its too early to get Zach out. ffs

Habs Rule

UGHHH…….There is no God!!!!……..wheres my puke bucket!!!

Not really

Sarah Haters: ::GROAN:: Production designed the comp for Sarah to win. They should just write her the check now!

Sarah Lovers: FTW!

Me: O.o ::Sips tea::


Everyone always says that the comps are rigged for someone
The comps are decided on, planned, engineered, and tested months in advance
There may be some wiggle room for question comps … but otherwise
They’re set already


I’ve always thought they should publish the comps ahead of time though.

They would design the competition schedule then send it to a secure escrow service that holds it (like a large bank). Then once the season is finished the bank publishes it.

Sounds like a lot of hassle but it is fairly standard for some types of business transactions and so is cheap enough. It would also put a total stop to the endless conspiracy theories.

The Truth

Great idea. But then everyone would have to admit that “Reality Television” is not real.


Comps are designed and tested before the contestants are even finalized. I’ve had friends who work as production assistants… they have to run through all of the comps in advance to ensure they’re safe, doable, entertaining, and get to get time estimates and figure out camera angles, etc. I believe production definitely plants stuff in contestants heads in the DR and they can push for a lot of things, but it’s nearly impossible to rig comps to suit contestants.


I agree Mike, I don’t think they purposely rig competitions.

I’ve watched BBUS and BBCAN for 5 years or so and notice that many people complain about rigging. But I find it annoying and it’s usually just anger that their favorite houseguest got the shaft.

I just think from a kind of economic point of view that they could increase the integrity of the game without much cost. Like what is the bad side of ‘publishing’ the competition schedule?

And for the twists in general, i don’t think they are a good idea of they have a large impact on gameplay. For example you could invent a game of soccer where randomly one team gets a free goal. But over the centuries no one has ever invented such a game. That is because even though it would be entertaining and exciting for the home team, it is not fair and it doesn’t work out in the end. People want fairness in a game for the sole reason that they can see interesting, natural strategies evolve.

For example strategy computer games such as Starcraft put incredible effort into balancing the different sides. I’m sure they spend a good fraction of their budget to ensure no one side gets an unfair advantage (there are 3 unique sides in that game). I don’t care that much about all of this, it’s just my thoughts on the matter.

The Truth

Let’s not forget the comp last year where the houseguests had to keep their hands on a podium while being tugged by a rope. Rachelle said her rope was loose. Or when Jon, Neda, Heather etc were playing a buzzer game and some of the buzzers were not turning on. Nobody tried to correct those errors; the game just continued. So yes there’s always something that production can do to skew the competition.


I agree, The comps take time to design, build, and test so they would need to be done well in advance, and therefore cannot be tailor made towards specific contestants. What I think production can decide, based on how the show is progressing or who they may want to move forward, is the timing of the comps. this can be changed quickly and decided at weekly production meetings. As can rules around the comps. What I find strange is that there were two, what I consider, major twists in back to back weeks, near the end of the show which changed the complexion dramatically. This could have been the original plan or could have been determined when it looked like one side was getting too strong.


Plus another double eviction this week!

I’m absolutely not a Sarah fan but I think that shows there is not full blown riggage for Sarah. She can’t compete in Wednesday’s double eviction.

Go Godfrey

It’s not impossible to rig it by doing the right comp when the player needs it. Do we know if the order is planned in advance? Would love to know about that.


I’m worried Sarah is going to mess this up… She’ll nominate Zach/Godfrey. Ash will win veto, take Zach off, have Godfrey/Pili, where Godfrey is voted out.

I’m hoping Sarah will see through this and not leave Godfrey as a pawn!


Sarah should put up Zach and Ashleigh. If Pili knows that Zach is the target and not Ashleigh, she might just leave the nominations the same if she wins the veto.


I’m pretty sure she is smarter than that. I would hope she nominates Zach and Pilar or Ash. The only one Sarah wouldn’t want to win pov would be the diaper she doesn’t nominate. Looking forward to seeing Zach campaign against those two girls. He will be extremely strategic about how he goes about it, Ashley will be asking “what is the capital of Calgary?” and pilar will be too busy hugging her pillow thinking about Kevin to even notice she’s on a reality show. Zach wouldn’t stand a chance.


Okay so maybe getting out Bruno wasn’t so bad. I’m just glad that Sarah won this HOH. I seriously hope she doesn’t decide to nominate Zach/Godfrey to try and show she’s good with the girls. Would be the stupidest move ever…. But her and B have made some dumb moves so I wouldn’t put it past her. This is the perfect opportunity to get Zach out. Pili isn’t winning a POV so nominate Zach/Ashleigh and at least one of them will leave. I legit hope it’s B/Sarah/Britt final 3! And then anything of them can win, makes no difference to me! But I’m kind of rooting for God because I feel likes he needs this money more so then the rest.


I fully agree with you


Sarah needs the money as much as Godfrey
I like Godfrey as a person but as a game player not so much
I get his strategy but, I dislike his game strategy.
I cannot respect anyones game that throws every single comp!
That said he is so freakin hilarious!
I’d Like to see Sarah win and Godfrey get second place


Don’t worry Sarah is going to put up Ashleigh and Zach citing the fact Ash put her up as a target last week. She is also going to tell Zach he is the target. And she isn’t going to say who is the renom (but it’s Pilar)

She’s got it figured out.

In hindsight as much as I wanted Zach to leave by taking out Bruno they pulled Godfrey (as much as you can) closer to them whereas if Bruno had stayed he would have had God and Ash in his pocket so either way both Bruno/Zach had 3 in their pocket so if Bruno stayed it could have potentially given Bruno 4 b/c Ash would have pressured Pilar to do what she wanted.

How is it fair? WAAAAAAAAAH

Now they can’t get the Diapers out of the HOH room. There are other parts of the house guys. Your lease is up!
No, don’t start running a bubble bath, get the hell out.


i know right? do they think they own it there?

too bad sarah cant share it with bitt tho. how she managed to be have not again i have no idea lol

sarah should share room with pilar. zach in have not and pili in the have room….ash will be cut off from both.

best noms is ash and zach i am sure they discussed this before. if zach wins he takes himself off…if she wins same. but if she isnt on she can take him off. if pili wins pili leaves it the same knowing ash wont get evicted since no one is going to keep zach. pili gets mocked but she is aware of these things far more so than ash is.


It appeared this week Pils had caught on…. BUT she is saying if she wins she’ll put up Britt/Sarah and is mad b/c she felt it was “too early” for Bruno to go. This from the same girl who couldn’t stand to talk to him because he was so fake.

Soooo, maybe this is just postering on her part to make Zach feel good, but hopefully she recognizes it’s best to throw the veto unless Zach is close to winning and she can beat him.

Even more impressive would be her winning veto taking Ash down and then voting out Zach with Britt. THAT would make great TV. But, earlier today she told Britt/Sarah she thought Ash might take Godfrey over her.

What I thought at the time is Pils:

a) making a desperate attempt to make them think she isn’t her number 1
b) really believes it
c) Zach or someone planted that in her head and she was just repeating it.

Hard to tell with her.


It’s going to be so sweet watching the diapers try to convince Sarah they weren’t really after her…lol


The silence between Godfrey and Zach was telling. With Bruno gone, those two will be targeting each other.

I really hope Godfrey stops throwing comps. There is no benefit in him doing that now.

I really hope Pilar doesn’t win veto because then all 3 Diapers would slide through another week and Godfrey would leave.

The Truth

The silence between Zach and Godfrey. Awwwwkward.


Sarah winning HOH is everything! Now here’s hoping Zach or Pili don’t win POV and Zack finally leaves.


Pilar really there 2 weeks left and its still to early in the game to get rid of Zach wtf.


Just watch, Zach will avoid eviction yet again..the guys got 9 lives.


That is why I call him Count Zachula…every time they try to take him out…he rises again like the King of the Undead.


Zach has nine lives? Oh my old…lol
B should be gone this week. Still shocked Ash didn’t even compete in the Hoh but b did…what a joke
If anyone has nine lives it would be the one who was handed a power to stay not the one who was taken off the block by a legitimate veto that’s actually part of standard gameplay and not a twisto twist.
Zach doesn’t have nine lives B and Sidney are the detention…both were given two lives in the game.


poor britt she is a have-not for the most in any season.


Yep and her dramatic weight loss shows it.


She needs to lose about 40 more. I dislike the way every time she speaks she looks like an actor in a b-movie.


After seeing the fall out from tonights eviction I feel Britnee made a good move in removing Bruno. He was the glue between God and Zach and with him gone the two of them aren’t even talking anymore. And now with Sarah in HOH power watching him fight for once will be great!!


Godfrey and Zach are not talking because Godfrey rallied to save Bruno before the vote.


Lol bubble bath. Congrats Sarah!


So friggin quick OBB! Thanks! I’m making a donation before bb us starts for sure!


Ya I wouldn’t have bothered paying for feeds last year.
Everybody should give you guys something for sure!
Wow Sarah won hoh ….geeeeez!lol


Obviously Zach is doing something right. He has survived many times even though he’s been the main target. I hopes he wins!!!

another name

if I were sarah and thinking strategically, i’d be putting up Zach and pilar. Sarah knows Ashleigh has a final two with pilar. they talked about it in the bathroom. If Ashleigh wins pov and saves Zach, she loses pilar (they agreed Zach has to go home), if Ashleigh wins and removes pilar they lose Zach as a shield. even if all three stay, their true allegiances are exposed creating a rift. if you want to destroy an alliance aim at the glue.


You are concerned that Brittnee is a HaveNot again? Wow. She should thank her lucky stars for the gifts she has been granted on this show. If I hear her complain about it I am gonna puke. There are players sitting in Jury right now that would have jumped at the chance to be on slop for the rest of the season JUST to be there!


There better be a twist to f up her Hoh or hopefully ash. Gets vindication and gets her out in the double! I’m ready for record setting thumbs down lol ….just don’t like production putting who they want in the end…I’m a stoner…geeezus!


I thought when Arisa said “This is the final Twistos Twist”
It was pretty clear
Sarah for the win!


I still think it was zach’s time to leave because now he’s gonna go guns blazing for that pov and he has a big shot of winning it. Oh well…as long as pilar doesn’t win pov it should be fine i guess…but those girls lucked out with sarah winning hoh.


I wouldn’t say being 2 minutes off was luck
she stayed till 98 minute out of the 100
Good job Sarah!


I didn’t say she did not deserve it, she definetely did and i’m happy she won. However, had the diapers won again, she or Britt would definetely have been screwed and there was no saving them this time. Zach’s influence on Ash and Pili will reign supreme until he’s evicted.


I don’t care what happens or who wins anymore as long as it is NOT Sarah. Can’t stand the girl. Can’t stand her whining and bratty behaviour. Can’t stand her hypocrisy, temper tantrums, fake crying, sexism. I can’t stand that production gave her her own BBCAN commercial, or the fact that production clearly wants her to win. It is flabbergasting to me, how bad they want it and how little they care at how obvious they are about it!


I agree the Sarah commercial is nauseating. “Thanks Toronto, I’m playing for you”.And I’m from Toronto. Based on the Leafs, Torontians don’t care about winning or winners. I am wondering, and viewers from other parts of the country could answer this: Do other contestants have commercials specific for the regions they come from? Like Pili for NS or Zach or Sask, that Global airs on their local stations?


Kevin does! Of course cuz he was also favored by production!


Part of the problem is only Godfrey, Kevin and Sarah give good TV out of this cast. (As did Sindy/Johnny/Naeha/Graig but they’res gone). Zach/Ash/Pils are about as interesting as dirt.

My favorite non-game moments this season are Godfrey & Sarah life chats.

I also remember last season at this point, there was lots of anti-Neda posts by some of the same people btw who are anti- Sarah and she was getting the same amount of hate. In hindsight many realized she was one of the best EVER to play (US & Can) and she got her rightful accolades. Perhaps Sarah will also gain this recognition once the season ends.

I was so gung-ho for Zach to leave, but recognized getting Bruno out accomplished the goal of breaking Zach from God b/c he was still tied to Bruno. Sure it required one of God/Sarah/Britt winning HOH but they did it so I’d say it was the right decision.

Bye Felicia...I Mean Bruno

Can BB get Sarah some Raid to get those cockroaches out of her HOH room?


Ashleigh just realized that Canada does not like her or her alliance. While I dislike that someone’s HOH was completely wiped, it is what it is, and it has happened on Big Brother before.

The Truth

Unfortunately for Ashleigh she is getting the exact same edit as Pilar. She is being portrayed as ditzy. Sometimes I think it’s just an act that she puts on around Zach. He and Kevin always say how cute it is when they say something stupid. But what doesn’t make sense is that Ashleigh said she went to a Chapter school which is heavily focused on Academics. So how is it possible that she doesn’t know that Toronto is in Ontario?


She went to a charter school

The Truth

Thank you for the correction. Charter school.


Please anyone but Sarah win this game. I don’t care if it’s Brit, Pilar, Zach, Ash, Godfrey, Chicken George, My garbageman, My cat, A half eaten snickers bar…..

Bye Felicia...I Mean Bruno

Nope. As you saw last night, Queen Slayrah reigns supreme.


I can’t believe that Zack is playing up being on the block 3 weeks in a row…for gods sake boy the first 2 you were only up there for a minimal amount of time…let’s see how you handle having to fight for your life all week…and Pili saying God voted for Zack to go home does this girl still not realize that Zack voted for her to go home?…come on girl wake up…do some work and preferably with your brain.


I still can’t decide if Britt did the right thing? In a sence she may have. Now she only has to worry about one side coming after her. Bruno was all over the place from week to week. Zack now only has the girls. If he stayed she would still have to worry about 2 groups coming after her now the lines are clear much making it easier to play.


A lot of people are saying to put Zach, and Ashleigh up, but she needs to put up Pili and Ashleigh, and back door Zach. I know everyone plays in the veto now, but if she doesn’t back door Zach, then he has a better chance of coming off. Think about it, if pili and Ashleigh are on the block and either of them win, they will use it on themselves, allowing Zach to be the replacement. If Zach and Ashleigh are on the block, Pili could win veto, and pull Zach, or Ash off. It would force Sarah to use, B or Godfreg as a pawn, and Zach/Ash could stay cause the diapers have the number to vote). Obviously, the same goes if pili and Zach are on the block and Ashleigh wins veto, she will use it on Zach/Pili, and the two of them will be safe. Anyone but Zach can win veto if she puts ash and pili on the block.


If Zach wins, he would take down Ashleigh. Then they’re stuck getting out Pilar. Not a great use of an HOH. Sarah wants to have the best chance at getting Ash or Zach out. The only way that doesn’t happen is if Pilar wins. If its between Zach and Pilar, I’d put my money on Zach winning.


At this point in the game, it all depends on who wins the veto. If 2 of the Diaper Squad are on the block and the 3rd wins veto they could/would take one of them off and force Sarah would have to put up either Godfrey or Britt. The Diapers then have 2 votes to 1, and who ever the replacement nom is would probably go.Strategy is key now. If 2 of the DS are on the block and there were a chance to help the 3rd win veto, it would be in their best interest to throw the veto to the 3rd. If the scenario above were to play out it might be in Sarah’s best interest to get Britt out, as she won’t win against Britt in a F2.

www. I just need zach GONE. com

Can Sarah put up Zach and Ash. Brit wins POV, leaves nom the same…zach goes home. AMEN.


I was pretty sure last week of zach didn’t go home during triple, I was going to stop watching… didn’t happen. Then I was positive if he didn’t go tonight, that was the last straw… but being that Sarah is hoh I’m giving them one last chance to do this right. However I would still like to see Godfrey get zach out like he said he would do weeks ago…


Actually I think Godfrey might try hard to win this veto even though he told Zach he would take him off. I’m betting God wants to win to ensure Zach goes home. He’s enjoying telling Zach he’ll take him down b/c of all the times Zach lied to him. Remember it was Zach who put up Godfrey beside JP and told him he was safe and wouldn’t leave, so I imagine he’s enjoying telling him he’ll save him with the veto.

Watch for Godfrey to pull this veto out, leave the noms they same and gleefully evict him this Wednesday to uproarious applause from the audience.


Why does everyone think Zack is such a good player?
Sure he has control over his minions
But He won 1 HOH and 1 Veto same week
and one of his closet alies goes home.
Yep great move,
So other than controlling naive googly eyed girls
What has he done?


Did you not watch every week until jordan he was in control of who was leaving but the Graig and Bobby week.
The jordan thing was beyond stupid, but the guy has manipulated everyone in the house at some point but Godfrey… Bruno was lying to Sarah, I think he really was going at least to final 4 or 5 with the diapers and thought Zach might take him…Zach either very good at making people feel buddy, buddy(which is what it is dudes very smart) or everyone in the house this season was kinda oblkvious….Until he was obviously with the diapers and people saw a four people alliance was he even a target for anyone…never mind they were all kinda oblivious to what was going on. Up until the diapers Ash didn’t even have any game to speak of, now she kinda gets what BBC is…..sort of

Hate sarah

I cannot stand sarah at all! All she does is complain about the game not going her way. She is not a good player at all. As much as I’m not a big fan of zach if you think about it he’s played a much better game! He’s munipulaued so many People. I do think production is trying to help sarah win


Never ate a twistos, never will.

Imagine if Jeopardy was played like this. “And here’s the last clue – and it’s a Twistos Twist! Pick one of the other two players and collect all their money! You pick Player Two? Congratulations! You’re now in the lead! Sorry Player Two, you’re now back to zero. Unfortunately you don’t have enough money to play in Final Jeopardy.”


Pretty funny God and Zach don’t get along or really know how to talk to one another…with Godfrey playing football and what not