POV Results – “how things change so quick.. wow all it took was a triple eviction”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, BRUNO

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 21-54-28-812

12:54am Bruno and Zach HOH
Talking about if either of them win HOH they are safe..
Bruno – Of all the paris we’re doing well… we’re doing the best.. I love that
Zach mentions that Sarah is telling him Bruno is coming after him.
Bruno says Sarah is “So f***g poisonous”
Bruno i’ll fight for us.. How crazy is this season bud.. how things change so quick too.. wow all it took was a triple eviction
Zach mentions how bad Godfrey is at competitions.
Bruno says he’s uncoordinated

Sarah won the POV

Pili, Bruno, Zach and Ashleigh talking about targeting Brittnee this week. Ashleigh is worried that Sarah will be pissed at her this week because she’s sending Brittnee home.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 22-09-49-267

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 22-12-37-272
1:14am Godfrey and Brittnee
Telling her he has no idea what they are going to do.
Brittnee thinks Bruno is working with Zach “He seems pretty comfortable”
Britt wonders what Ash is doing
Godfrey – “Drinking”
Godfrey is worried about Bruno, Brittnee says he’s kissing “Zach’s A$$”
Godfrey – this entire time I have not seen him spend that much time with freaking peels and ASh

Godfrey heads to bed
Brittnee about the players in the HOH ‘Just layghing away.. loving life.. HA HA HA

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 22-18-49-768

Sarah joins her. Brittnee says ASh told her the target is Godfrey. Sarah wants to get Ashleigh Drunk so they can keep her word and not put Brittnee up.
Sarah – did she seem sincere she wanted god out
Britt – Ya
Sarah – that’s all that matter
Sarah is certain she was the target this week not Godfrey.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 22-24-52-824

1:24am HOH Gofrey, Zach, peepee, Ashleigh, Bruno

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 22-33-28-465

1:33am HOh everyone Chatting about the Season.. Graig is the centre of the topic.

zach and bru

1:36am Storage room broing out
Zach – we got Vote
Bruno – we’re going to crush this baby
Zach – we bro up and just rode.. money time baby
Bruno – i’m OK with that I’m very OK with that
Bruno points out Sarah is now the big Target goign into next week.

Bruno tells him the best part is if Godfrey wins the next HOH he’s not coming after them
Zach – Just make sure he won’t burn us
Bruno – he won’t burn us

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I’d honestly rather watch the empty storage room on the fan feed than Bruno and Zach’s conversations, I just can’t deal with the cockiness and inflated ego anymore.


same tbh.


UNBEARABLE! A bundle of incoherent sentences and annoying noises. Plus, this obsession by Sarah is getting pathological…


At this point, out of all the remaining house guests, I genuinely cheer for no one in particular. I liked Kevin’s personality, but unfortunately he failed to cover all his bases and now he’s out.





Coup d'etat

Really praying Sarah or Brittanee wins it, the looks on pilar/ash/zach/bruno faces will be priceless



In before Sarah’s haters say that production rigged it for her.


Why would anyone make such farfetched claims? It’s not like Sarah is getting special treatment or has had competitions geared towards her right?…


Your an idiot and I don’t think your a crybaby fan. Sarah’s edit has been golden all season. Interesting thing is will she need to do POV ceremony before ASP comp. Freaking season of production loves douche bag Sarah is about all I can take. Guess BB 17 USA better be good as they’re handing the money to the undeserving makes me sick. BB Can should never see 4 if this bs drivel continues. Send all these A holes to the unemployement line

Alec Tryhard Beal

Wondering who are the likely people to be on the block after the twist.

Sarah would put up Zach and Bruno, 100%. As far as Godfrey, I’m not sure what he would do or who he could go after. Maybe it would be Zach and Pili? He is close to Bruno and Britt so he wouldn’t want them up there.


Sitting here laughing my ass off ………. Ash, isn’t sending anyone home!!! Zack is going home on Ash’s (our) HOH!!!! Canada knows how to take care of business.


Obviously we know who your cheering for. But you have to admit this is the most unfair twist ever. We might as well be playing BB US season 1.


Canada with the huge help of Production, let’s not delude ourselves.


Now that Zach hasn’t won pov, once the twist reveals itself, Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee NEED to make sure zach goes home this week. They can’t afford any more mistakes like the one with willow. It’s their last shot.


Hey bruno\zach, if sarah/brit win the havenot power one of you is going to jury.


sarah won something

haha.. now if she wins that secret one oh my

takes britt and godfrey down puts zach and bruno up?

it will be the most interesting event ever

also one of the rcaps here quotes ash saying llshe wants from her hoh is for noms to stay the same. how great will it be to see her watch her hoh turn into sarah or godf or britts hoh???

BB Karma

Ash is going to get screwed hard … about 70% chance of her boyfriend walking out the door on her hoh PLUS she can’t compete next week hahahahahaha
Zach n Ash will go down as the worst couples in power in bb history both of them will be known as the pair who evicted their closest allies on their own hoh lmao EPIC


Finally … Sarah won a comp!
This is going to be a great eviction.
The Diapers as their usual mo … think they have it all figured out.
If Zack goes out on Ashes HOH? It will be Golden!
I’m hoping Sarah wins the SP and puts Bruno n Zack on the block.
But anyway it happens and Zack goes is ok with me.
What will the little sheep do?……
They’re so conditioned to follow they will naturally seek out a new leader
Sarah perhaps? lol


Did Sarah win her coup de’sarah yet?


I hear it’s actually shaped like an ‘S’ and has a frowny face.


Finally she won something! Haha. Zach will be this weeks’ casualty unless and unless Bruno wins next week I could see him being the next target of almost everyone except Godfrey. He has burned his bridges with Britnee and without Zach, Ashleigh and Pili would likely want to to the end with weaker players. Godfrey even is starting to doubt Bruno’s loyalty to him so he is really in a terrible position. I can’t wait for the have nots power and watch Bruno and Zach’s speech. 😀
Everyone vote for Britnee or Sarah or Godfrey for havenots! 😀

Not really

Does this mean the Sarah-haters will stop complaining that she can’t win a comp? (Me thinks not…)

Goodybye Bruno?!?!

I have a feeling bruno is in far more trouble then Zach here. After Sarah won the veto Ash is going to put Brit up. When God/Brit/Sarah win the havenot power they will prolly use it to take both the nominees of the block. Ash will then have to pick b/w Bruno, Zach and Pili. She knows that once Zach is up he is gone and no one chooses their BFF over their showmance. Therefore she is going to put up Bruno and Pili and Bruno will end up leaving by 3-1 vote, that 1 vote being Zach. I ain’t mad about that 🙂

Chima 2.0

NOPE, Ashleigh ain’t putting shit up when the special power is used !!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


FYI … Whoever wins the “have not power” picks the noms … not the HOH


Has this been confirmed anywhere?!? How do we know for sure the power player gets to pick and not the HoH?

John Ross

It has been confirmed by Arisa Cox on her twitter page.


I did like Bruno OK, but the incessant rear-end smooching of Zach has pushed me over the edge. Odds are now that QB1 will be kicking dirt this Wednesday….. and I can’t wait to see the look of horror on Bruno’s face as his worst fears are realized.

He’ll be left with four chicks (two of which absolutely hate his guts in this game) and Godfrey (comp anti-beast). I wonder to which feminine butt-cheeks his lips will be re-directed.


I did like Bruno in the beginning, but seeing him keeping going overboard with “Sarah is poison” or “Sarah is poisonous” has turned me down. This is not to say I am a huge Sarah’s fan, but this Bruno’s strategy (if it is a strategy at all) has gotten trite to say the least.


Don’t understand why Pilar is so baffled that Britt nominated her and Kevin when both of them nominated Britt during their HOH’s, like who the hell did she expect her to nominate.


Well she did spend a long time in the house unaware a game was being played.


I hope sarah wins secret have of power so she puts up zach and pili because it’s forced bye bye zach. God could be sitting pretty if he can let the girls go after bruno or sarah especially since she took out the big players. Wow congrats Sarah on pov


Zach and Bruno are so much in love with each other right now, I never heard so much mutual ass kissing.
They should kick the Goblins out of HOH for the night and just go for it. Now they’re talking about being on all-stars. Jeez Louise I can’t take it… faaaack


Zach and Bruno were talking about allstars, or—–talking about themselves BEING on allstars?

those 2 are in for a reality check on Wednesday, I wish we could see kevin’s face when one of them walks through the jury house door.

Guy From Canada

Naeha has a better chance for allstars and she went out super early…..then again so did Mike Boogie and look what he did in allstars BBUSA 😉


I thought the secret power was that you could change one nom… Can someone clarify ??


Whoever wins must take one houseguest off the block, but has the option to take both houseguests off the block. I’ve heard that the player who holds the special power gets to personally replace the nomination.


winner of special power must change one or can change both nominees. the winner of special power chooses the new nominees. the winner of the special power cannot choose the hoh or pov holder as replacements.

Bbcan fan

They have a choice. They must use it to replace one nom, OR take down both noms. They can be replaced by anyone excluding the HOH and POV holder.


The winner of the secret power has to pull at lest 1 player off the block
and the winner can pull both players off the block if He/She wants to
Then the special power winner has to replace the noms …
hoh has no say who goes up
Pov winner and hoh can not go up either


looks like bruno or zach will be entering the jury this week, hoping its zach LOL

Alec Tryhard Beal

Anyone think it’s time for Bruno to consider a shaved head or buzz cut, as opposed to slicking back or spiking his thinning hair?


I’m so proud of you Sarah! Now if she wins the secret power she can save Godfrey and Britt, and replace them with Zach and Bruno!

Bruno and Zach are ridiculous. It’s like a competition of who can shove who’s head up the others bum the farthest.

Alec Tryhard Beal

If Zach goes the pairs will be:

I think the main targets would be Sarah and Bruno. Ash and Pili would be in a good spot to go far. God seems to be in good with everyone else remaining as well.


I wouldn’t be too sure about the Bruno/Godfrey pair. Godfrey has more than enough reason not to trust Bruno if he’s clever. Best move for Godfrey’s game would be to help the girls target Bruno if Zach leaves. Then he can throw the following HOH to any of the girls and then go with the side that wins to the final 3. Logically that’s his best route.

Then again the girls may come together to get rid of Bruno and Godfrey.

Ideally for me though Sarah saves Godfrey and Britt this week, and then those three stay tight till the final 3.


That would mean they would need to win some HOH’s.


Hann and I think a lot alike lol.

I doubt Godfrey will want to attach himself to anyone really BUT the one thing he does know is that Sarah/Britt have worked to save him and not nominated him. No one else in the house can say that except Bruno. However, Bruno has repeatedly lied: didn’t tell him about Chop Shop, & still lied about it after the fact, lied about Bobby’s Secret Power, made him promise if he won HOH to put up Zach/Diapers, and Kev told God that Bruno pushed for God to go up/home instead of Bobby. .

Godfrey is super smart and knows Bruno has to go, on top of all that the biggest slight is by keeping Zach, Bruno directly kept the person who is gunning for God in the game. If you recall he was really angry when he voted to keep Pils (b/c Bruno kept Zach, it’s the only time in the game I’ve seen him mad)

As for the Goblins, Godfrey knows he can’t trust them either and that they a) are more likely to win comps than B/Sarah AND have a ton of friends in the jury. SBG already discussed how Zach would push for Ash to win if she got to F2 as would Kev for Pils.

I do believe God will play the middle and play instigator to have the girls target each other, but I also honestly feel he is more loyal to B & Sarah. Now factor in it’s highly likely Britt and Sarah will be the Have Nots and win the power to remove him from the block. It will make him even more loyal to them. (as much as God can be loyal, lol).

Sarah/Britt/God are smart enough to know they won’t get another shot at Zach so they’ll vote him out, but they’ll expose Bruno somehow this week or in their nomination speech. Ash can’t play for HOH so ideally Sarah wins (I want her to get her letter) and then they can take out Bruno. I mean Sarah taking out Bruno just drips of irony. If I were Sarah I’d also put Ash on the block since her/Bruno will be the only ones who haven’t gone up and Pils will vote to keep Ash as will Britt (and they only need 2 votes).

The girls will probably make a fake deal to get out God but I’m betting they’ll both be gunning for each other. I actually think God would be more likely to keep Sarah given the Bruno/Zach hate of her. Could we have a bitter MAN jury this time? It may make Sarah much more attractive to take to F2. Imagine if it’s Ash/Sarah in F2 how any of those people could vote for Ash over Sarah would be a joke (though we all know Bruno/Zach would).

The most exciting thing for me right now is while I can’t stomach listening to these 2 patting each other on the back about how amazing they are (or Bruno continuously saying Sick, sick, sick), it’s going to make such a great TV segment of them ostracizing Sarah and laughing telling Ash to just tell Britt straight up she’s going home and how they’ll win out now between the 2 of them. They can run that segment just prior to the live eviction when they go from sitting pretty to sitting ducks ROFLOL


Sarah, Britt and Godfrey need to be super smart about how they handle this. If I were SBG I’d keep constant communication between the 3. Knowing Bruno he’ll say he is still with them, wants Zach out and will tell both Britt/God they are safe (b/c he promised to never evict either and both have F2’s with him)

On eviction day SBG get their payback b/c whoever puts him up (assuming it’s Sarah) can simply say you were the mastermind behind breaking up the couples and further had F2 deals with both God & Britt and have continued to say Zach is your target. We have no issue with you realigning, but painting us as the liars is unacceptable. Therefore I am removing God/Britt from the block and putting you and your new fake BFF up as replacements. Now tell me why this poisonous bitch and your other 2 original alliance members should save you.when you shafted all of us to save him?

Then they vote out Zach b/c they won’t get this opportunity again. Sure he’ll put all his vehemence on Sarah but it will make Bruno the primary target based on his double dealings and lies. Moving forward nothing short of winning HOH himself will save him b/c Pils doesn’t like him and won’t work with him and Ash can’t play for HOH. If he can get himself out of that good on him, but all this “poisonous” and “I got you bro” crap needs to stop.


Only reason not to vote for Godfrey as a have not to get the have not secret power is there’s an hoh comp right after the vote.
Choosing between Sarah, Britt and Godfrey, who do you want more physically fit and well fed for a comp. to face Bruno.
I was working a double shift and couldn’t post before.


Sarah has the slop pass, it will just affect Britt. But I doubt God will try to win HOH as long as Bruno or Pils aren’t close to it.


when did sarah get a slop pass? willow had the season long slop pass.


Bruno asleigh and pili should just go and lay a red carpet for their king zach. What is wrong with these people . Such morons . And they portray sarah to be the evil snake . Their game is laughable .


Your a complete idiot unless Zack plays SP. Are you incapable of understanding the game moron!


And your attitude toward your fellow participants in this website sucks big time, you PUNK!


The more the Diapers + the turd talk their crap
The sweeter the eviction will be.

John Ross

I really don’t understand how ANYONE can be worried about pissing someone off at this point in the game.


Is anyone else expecting to see Bruno sitting at the foot of Zach’s bath tonight? I mean………….


Before or after they ask Ash to sleep on the floor so they can spoon in the HOH bed?


Okay, you trumped me I laughed out loud even. 🙂

double entendre

Zach leaves the diary room saying, “time for me to rip this competition’s a$$ apart, gonna shred this thing into a new f@c#ing lesson”
game talk or plans with his new final two?
is it too soon for the big move?


Good job Sarah!!!! I would love to see Sarah & Britt in the final 2 with Sarah winning. She deserv the money!


If they make it to that spot together, then they both deserve the money.

another name

so the comp was a ball drop. but from the initial description by Zach and Bruno it was a complete crap shoot who would win (crap shoot because they didn’t? or crap shoot because it was a crap shoot?), but forty minutes later in the pantry they’re yanking each other’s d!c#s talking about how much skill they showed in that comp. (that they lost, to the poison girl that they’ve both said can’t do sh!t) which was it? was it an elimination comp (crap shoot) where they should have been able to gang up on sarah and b but failed, or a comp that required skill and ability as they imply while they’re sticking their heads up each other’s butts simultaneously?
anyone else confused?
and about confused… yo Godfrey man, why are you playing the yo i’m worried about Bruno bro is he with us or against us crap bro? He’s been up their a$$es since he vetoed your sworn target off the block. Both the girls know and believe he’s flipped. you don’t have to act for them. it’s a case of they know you know they know.
and about knowing… Britt. why are you asking how sarah knows she’s the target? you told her yesterday that Bruno told you in secret that sarah was the target. Add what Ashleigh said to Sarah and Pilar telling you she won’t vote out Godfrey and why are you acting skeptical? you know you’re going on the block. you therefore know you’re the new target. I know it’s after 10, but stay awake a while.


Here’s the thing I’m wondering how they are going to tell the house that Sarah & Britt or God were selected to be Have Nots. Remember everyone knows that light/sound is in that room. Will they start to get suspicious?

OR will Zach in his usual manner completely be ignorant to the situation at hand?

I’m kind of hoping it’s done in a way to make the house think Canada doesn’t like them for taking out Willow/Kev so they were voted Have Nots. I can just hear Zach/Bruno going on and on about how poisonous Sarah is that even Canada hates her.

I’m trying to decide what gives us the bigger Zach/Bruno drama. Paranoia that the girls got something or just being blindsided. On one hand I think it might be good for them to get paranoid b/c it would open up the doors of communication for the girls. On the other hand I can already see Bruno/Zach/Ash/Pilar all ostracizing Sarah & Britt so I kind of almost want it to be a blind side.



Chill by’s Zach’s probably not going home anyways. If Sarah uses the POV on herself then Ash replaces Sarah with Britnee. Say sarah, Britnee or God get the Special Veto and remove both God and Britnee from the block. Ash can still replace both people on the block without putting up Zach. She can put up Bruno and Pili. I don’t see Ash putting Zach up on the block. Don’t count on it. The only way Zach is going is if the Special Veto holder get to put up the replacement noms which I doubt it.


Ash doesn’t have the option to put anyone up after VETO. The special VETO holder does the nominating. Essentially, they are hijacking her HOH and leaving her powerless.That’s why this is SO sweet!


The sp holder puts up the replacements not the hoh


Expect the unexpected! Any fan of the show knows that you can’t go around thinking you’ve won the game with 7 people left! At this point, unless you are the HOH or POV holder you can’t feel safe on any week! Expect the unexpected means you always need to be playing the game with everyone in the house and not falling back on delusions of physical grandeur.

Reality check Bruno and Zach: There are 3 competition types: endurance, mental and physical. Memory games related to the season will become pervasive. While being physical might give them an edge in some competitions, big brother isnt a sports competition so it’ll be brain before brawn.


Now that Sarah has POV she can’t win the special power. So that means it likely will be god & Brit who will compete for it and hopefully since they will hopefully be both on the block they’ll be able to take themselves off and put up Bruno and zach.


according to the rules only the hoh couldn’t be a have not in contention for the super power. when did they change that rule?


Thank you God ! Go Sarah and Britt get the power and put up Bruno and Zach. I hope Bruno goes He should not have crossed the line from game to the foul attacks on the ladies in the house .Not acceptable. Shame on you so low, dang and do not want to here at all that it was just game….bull****. It is totally how this guy views women.


As much as I’d like to see Zach sent home, isn’t this twist kinda unfair? Say it was Britnee or Sarah that had the HOH power this week and their noms were zach and ashleigh. Then this twist was put into play and pilar was able to take them both off the block , would it still not be considered unfair?