Nomination Ceremony Results! Brittnee “I want to win it! I want to save all of us”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, BRUNO

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 05-28-07-187

8am – 8:45am Big Brother starts waking up the house guests and then blocks the feeds. When the feeds return the house guests are in the HOH or heading there for a lock down. On the living room TV screen it shows that the Nomination Ceremony is Today. Brittnee comments now that its Ashleigh’s bathroom its nice and clean. The other girls agree. Ashleigh and Brittnee start getting ready in the HOH bathroom. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 05-26-51-298

8:45am – 12pm The feeds have been blocked. When the live feeds return – Ashleigh has made her nominations. She has nominated Godfrey & Sarah.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 09-11-44-461
Up in the HOH room – Zach is taking a bath while Ash paints her nails. Bruno and Pili are on the HOH bed. Ash joins Bruno on the bed. Ash says that the POV competition is today.

12pm – 12:15pm In the bedroom – Godfrey, Brittnee and Sarah are talking. Godfrey says if I win they will probably put you (Britt) up and if you win they will probably put me up. Sarah says hopefully its something we can do together like gathering letters. I would give you everything. Godfrey says I would too. Britt asks really. Godfrey says that speech told me everything. Usually if you are told you’re a pawn you’re the target. Brittnee says I was a pawn four times. Godfrey says when I was told I was a pawn I was actually the target. Godfrey calls Bruno an idiot. He gave Zach 100K by taking him off. Sarah says you’re going to win this and take me off. Ashleigh would then have to choose between Bruno & Pili as the replacement. Godfrey says if I’m on the block and you take her off I don’t think you could convince her to put up Pili. Brittnee says I don’t think Zach could convince Ash to put up Pili. Godfrey says I really hope its one were we can help each other out. Brittnee says I really need to win this one. Godfrey says if its an elimination one .. I will eliminate them first. Brittnee says I want to win it.. I want to save all of us.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 09-00-22-948

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 09-26-58-571
12:25pm – 12:40pm Brittnee says I honestly want one of you to win but as soon as he (Bruno) gave Zach the veto I feel like he just won 100K. Godfrey says he doesn’t even have to win the POV! People will give it to him. Sarah says its like you’re in a race with him and you tell him to climb on my back … then 2 meters to the end I’m exhausted and he sprints to the end. Godfrey asks is he just so charismatic or are people just that stupid. I feel like he did that casting himself. You think I’m good looking, okay you’re in! They agree that they thought of everyone Bruno would have been able to see it. Godfrey says as Willow would say “Something is up!” Sarah says I wish I could have ripped the veto out of Bruno’s hands right before he used it. Like physically ripped it out of his hands. Godfrey says I didn’t even get to talk to him before. I didn’t think he was going to use it. Godfrey gets called to the diary room and leaves. Sarah says sure you did God.

12:45pm HOH room – Pili says that Bruno is up Zach’s a$$! When I don’t like someone I notice everything! When I talked to Zach yesterday he wants Godfrey gone before Bruno. Pili says he’s a great guy and I love him but Bruno’s game is just getting to me. How he looks at people. How he follows Zach around.

12:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:50pm The live feeds return after the house guests have picked veto players

VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, BRUNO

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Hey Dawg & Simon! Not to be a pain, BUT do u think u can do a poll and ask “Which 2 Hg’s did you vote for Have-Nots/Special Power?” It would be nice to get a feel for who may possibly get it. Thaaannnkkksss! And thanks even if u don’t do it. Your site is my savior 😉

A Fan

Just wondering- Do you think the results of the have-not survey will reflect how people who do not watch the live feeds or visit this site will vote?


Yes God is seeing Bruno for what Bruno is. I’m praying that Britt, Sarah, or God win the have not challenge and put Zach and Pilli up and get rid of Zach that would be heaven.


Best case scenario oh God wins veto B gets put up either Britt or Sarah win special power take both of them down up go Zack and Bruno and then Zack out the door


Even juicier is if bruno wins the veto and leaves god hangin. Then zach still goes home against pili.


Damn.. I thought Pili was stupid, but Ash is it even more


Woah. Expected Brittnee/Sarah on the block. If Brittnee somehow pulls out a win, there’s a big chance we will see Zach up on the block after “the Have-not Veto” will be used.


Kindly reminder to vote for Sarah and Brittnee to get this secret power!
Give this a thumb up if you voted already! Less than 12 hours to vote!

Guy From Canada

I just wish i could have double voted for God. I want to see this man get blood on his hands. Sarah/Britnee is just a vote for Sarah 😉


If either Sarah or Britt win the Have-not vote they would likely leave Godfrey on the Block with the end result of Godfrey going home.
So since so many of you seem to not see that Godfrey is the one that would make the most rational move to get a comp threat out of the house I have to now hope Godfrey wins the POV.


But God isn’t overtly gunning for them the way Zack and Bruno are…I will grant you it’s possible B would leave him there but I don’t think Sarah would.


Ashleigh Wood — the most despised woman in Canada today! #CanadianEvaBraun


That makes no sense.


Anyone else find this humorous:

Yesterday Britt wasn’t very empathetic toward Sarah who lost her closest friend and felt responsible b/c she believed God’s lie, got yelled at/called a disgusting bitch in front of a watching studio audience and was being blamed for Britt’s HOH decisions despite the fact Sarah would never have put Willow on the block. And all this b/c she was still buying Bruno’s b.s. that she (Britt) was his closest ally.

But, today after nominations recognizing Bruno is actually in tight with Zach and will probably be the re-nom suddenly she is pissed about the decision Bruno made to save Zach.

The one thing I like to do is watch the players to see how they make decisions and how empathetic they are when their allies are hurting. As much as Bruno and Sarah have issues with each other they demonstrate the most compassion to their true allies. And Sarah is the best at accepting what is best for her alliance.

Well, other than Ash/Pils who blindly do what they’re told. Hey Ash, fetch me some ice water would you.


Game Fundamentals:

Sarah relayed to Ash that Bruno told Britt : Ash/Zach were targeting Sarah not God.

Ash never told Zach that info which is pretty funny. It’s a fundamental game situation that proves Bruno is working others by disclosing that info. If Ash had delved in deeper she could’ve discovered Bruno also told God…

The fact Bruno couldn’t keep that to himself but spouts off constantly about Sarah being the one who can’t keep her mouth shut is funny. But the really funny part is Ash doesn’t even realize how important that game intel is.


It seems to be a real challenge for either Ash or Pili to keep much info in their heads for very long. And they would have to recognize it as game intel. It has occurred several times and includes Kevin not relaying important info.
Or, Sarah says so much that Ash and Pili just shut down and don’t listen, ie: zone out.


If they only knew how well they are positioned to get Zach out this week. Patience guys… Expect the unexpected!


They’ve been well positioned to get Zack out several times already tho and failed where each could have had that epic game move. Unfortunately for me… I have a very low tolerance for stupidity which doesn’t do my patience any favors lol. Not only has this season been like watching paint dry… the only excitement has been when it got touched and resulted in being dry enough to slap on another coat of wet paint.
The hope I have right now is that this isn’t another UGhhhh-ed turn out.


What?! This season has been incredible!! I don’t know what people are expecting? JP was a huge and fun moment, and bruno using the veto had me screaming wtf at my tv! Both had me very pleased; not because I wanted this to happen, but because this is good TV! I love it. I may be easy to please I suppose :/


lol, I’m happy to hear you are enjoying it : ) Your reply definitely made me laugh!
I know many folks are…. so that’s a good thing, I won’t rain on your parade ; ) Just speaking for myself… I had bigger expectations following last season and I’m not easily entertained. I’m a go big or go home kinda girl.


Uh, you guys, Willow’s pic is not Black and White anymore.

About the noms, I am not surprised. While I generally do not like Coups on Big Brother, I do not know if it will make things any more exciting. I kind of want this twist-heavy season to end.


i wonder if sarah/godfrey get that have not power and put up bruno and zach which of those two would get voted out. I know sarah/brit/god are really hating on bruno at this moment but would they actually pass up the chance to get zach out?


willows picture isnt greyed out for some reason


Really everyone, how can you hate on Zach so much, or anyone for that matter, I really don’t get it? Every one in this house has an alliance, everyone has lied to everyone, everyone has their someone. What is the most saddening thing about this group of HouseGuest’s is how derogatory they speak of each other behind “closed doors”. Absolutely disgusting, I get there is a production element to this, but holy moly they are a nasty group of boys and girls. This is a game, there is an element of backstabbing/lying/part truths that is needed to get to the end, but the lack of common decency is just sad, hate the play, but seriously, the hate on the players is not warranted.


Yeah, everyone does the things you mentioned but not everyone is so arrogant about it as Zach is.


because Zach is a narcissistic D-bag who is fond of calling other people dumb/stupid.

well, it seemed he has been warned by DR, cause he has realled toned down thw name calling lately.

PS: Zach IS and idiot.


and… your commenting on us is any better?


Disregard my post, sorry misunderstood yours.


I can’t speak for others but the reason I like BB is watching good game play!

Whether it’s the brilliance & charm of a Dr. Will, the absolute dominance of Dan, even players who didn’t win like Danielle Reyes or athletic beasts like Janey or Frank. The youthful exuberance of Ian or when two sides draw lines and go at each other (season 6 US BB). Not all these people rank as my favs, but they sure did PLAY the game.

The point is, even last season on BB16 while the season may have been boring and predictable at least Derrick’s prowess was fascinating to watch.

The difference with Zach is he never reads the house accurately, he’s lost his 2 closest allies, sold out virtually every alliance he’s been in, treats his showmance like a slave while laughing about it and survived virtual death.

And, all that would be palatable if he was actually playing a good game. If he was a rat like Andy, playing Ash like Boogie played Erika, was making these back stabbing moves with a real strategy in mind it would be commendable (even if you didn’t like him).

But, he’s doing all this as a coward who has no clue what’s going on around him and believes he deserves to win simply because he always has. That’s why people are having a hard time with what’s going on, he’s smug, has a superiority complex and I’ve yet to see a genuine moment from him even with his closest alies. They are all there simply to cater to him and how dare any of them even assume they have a right to take what is rightfully his.

Hey, if you’re enjoying it, good for you, maybe you could help me out though…, Can you please make me something to eat, run me a bath, kick some people out of my house so I don’t look bad to them, wash my laundry and write me a cheque for $100k?

No? Oh sorry, I just assumed since you see nothing wrong with this you wouldn’t mind giving it to me just b/c I think I deserve it more than you. Bottom line, I’m joking with you to make my point, but I can’t find a reason to like someone who refuses to play the game but expects, no really he is demanding to win and for us all to suffer watching the season go through twist after twist b/c he’s made it the boring Zach show.

Then again, maybe I’m just on a Zach-free island.


I wish for POV not to be played, Brittnee to win the have-nots comp and save both Sarah and Godfrey.

Men should align

why all the hate for Zach, he is strong, good looking, playing a game that calls for lies, deceit. He has made strong alliances and have people that are trusting in him. Am I missing something? What i see from production is a decent guy. Sarah is a whining sobbing B I T C H, that thinks they are all against her. Well duh, everyone is against everyone. it is a game


On top of that, Zach has been number 1 physical target from the start. Yet somehow he has made it through to day 50.

I’m sure Zach-haters think Bruno just randomly threw the veto around Zach’s neck. The reality is Zach & Bruno had a long, honest conversation the night before. And Zach’s alliance managed to drive a large wedge between Sarah and Bruno the week before by putting Bobby up.


Dawg, Simon! I’d just like to say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all the effort you put into this site, it is well appreciated!!


Thanks Peekay glad you like the spoilers 🙂


It just occurred to me….

Why have Ash and Pils not even discussed with Zach why he voted to keep Willow over Pilar?

Shouldn’t THAT be a huge warning sign to the girls.

Oh sorry I forgot… Pils go run me a bath, Ash go get me ice water and Bruno can you man scape my balls.


Lol funny & true


Godfrey Gold:

(re: how Ash/Pils/Bruno are all helping Zach win)
It’s like being in a race with Usain Bolt and giving him a 5 step head start.



One thing that really annoys me about Sarah is the little backhanded quips she makes about someone after they leave a room. She acts like they’re best buds and then tells them to f*** off once they’re safely at a distance, its just so cowardly and speaks to the drama-less nature of this season because of people like her who have a reason to blow up — but don’t. I know it’s not good for her game to call anyone out blatantly but when she acts like a snake as soon as they can’t hear her, it gets to me. Is that just me?


God screwed her over this week with taht lie. But she needs him in this game, you really think shes gonna take shit in front of him?

really but not really

I don’t usually personalize. Sorry if it sounds weird.
Have you ever had a conversation with someone you didn’t like or trust but had to make nice with? While working in the service industry a few years back, I served plenty of people that I had to be nice to because part of my job was to be nice to them. doesn’t mean I truly meant it. means I did what I had to do to get the job done.
To get along in the game people have to play nice sometimes even if they want to shout “you f@c#ing liar!” in their face. might make good tv. shortens life expectancy on big brother to tell everyone what you really think of them to their face (unless you are in with the majority and s#itting on the minority under mob rules, then its not being an a$$hole, it’s playing good game if I read some comments on here correctly).


I really hope when they do the secret power nominations they also figure out the votes as well! Remember if it’s a tie, Ashleigh gets to break it!!!


Zach is in trouble if he doesn’t win veto and the best part about that is he doesn’t even realize it.


Why Are you dummies voting for sarah to have the power?


Dummiez is a joke

Not really

Cause it will make for good TV. If Zach, Pili, and maybe even Bruno get it, the power will not be used to stir the house…


If Zach wins the Power of Veto can he still go up on the block with the twist ? Does anyone know..???


My understanding is HOH and POV winner/holder are safe from renom, and if someone is pulled off block. So potentially 4 people safe from renom.


If he uses it he’s fair game