HAVENOT Lock Down – Sarah cries “I’m disappointed with what I did to make Canada hate me!”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 13-00-43-079
4pm Out in the backyard – Bruno “what a way to break it to them you’re havenots for the week go to the room” Bruno and Zach are playing god ball. In the havenot room – Sarah and Britt are sitting on the floor. Britt is still complaining about how she can’t do this any more. Britt asks (Big Brother) are you going to explain why we’re in here or do we just have to sit here until we have to go pee?? Sarah and Britt lay down on the floor.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 13-09-53-526
4:15pm Out in the hot tub – Pili tells Ashleigh that she is scared to be here with 3 guys. Pili says having a weaker player is better for us. Ashleigh and Pili head inside and try to visit Sarah and Brittnee in the havenot room but realize the door is locked. Ashleigh “We can’t even visit you guy! What the F!” Sarah “We’re in prison”
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 13-12-36-847

4:17pm The feeds switch back to Britt and Sarah in the havenot room. Britt says at least give us mattresses and slop. Sarah says I think when we’re hungry we just have to ask. I’m just trying to not think about how horrible I am. Britt says well when other people were put into solitary confinement they were at least told how long they would be in there so can you tell us. This isn’t right! Like legitimately its not right! Sarah & Britt try to sleep.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 13-21-02-343

Out in the backyard – Godfrey, Bruno and Zach talk bro power. They agree to convince the girls they’re going after each other so they’ll want them to stick around to take each other out. They talk about Sarah and Brittnee being locked in the havenot room with out mattresses. Bruno says with Brittnee going up she can’t campaign to any of us. It sucks for her but good for us we don’t have to hear it. They laugh. Zach says they’re stepping it up. They head inside to check on B and Sarah. Zach they realize the door is locked. Zach tells Sarah and Britt to stay strong .. hopefully we can figure out what’s going on with this. Zach heads up to the HOH room and talk about what’s happening with Sarah and Britt. Ash “They’re havenots but maybe they will get something good” Like valuable information or something. Zach disagrees. Ash “Watch it happen and you’ll look like an idiot.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 13-39-53-547

4:40pm – 5pm Havenot room. Brittnee asks “What happens if you evict yourself?” Sarah “Don’t talk about that!” Sarah starts crying and asks what she did to deserve this. We were really really careful to be respectful. Even in there they’re making me say things!! Sarah starts crying more! I’m disappointed with what I did to make Canada hate me. Britt says when your country votes you into a cellar its not a good sign. But at the end of the day our family and friends will love us. Britt says we have to get out of here tomorrow so I can get nominated and we have to go to the washroom eventually. Britt says this isn’t reality. This isn’t real life. You have to remember that. Sarah says I am someone that loves and sees the good in everyone. I really truly believe that we weren’t bad people. Brittnee holds her mic and says so do havenots not get medical assistance or what?! Because she… Big Brother blocks the feeds. The feeds come back and Ash tells them they’re making them cinna-bobs. We love you!! The door unlocks and Bruno comes in with a battery change. You guys doing okay in here? Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 14-01-39-259

5:15pm – 5:30pm Big Brother gave Sarah an advil in the diary room. Sarah sits up from laying down and throws up a bit in her mouth. Britt comforts her and asks if she’s okay. Brittnee asks so did they say this was going to be for the week? “I know you didn’t think there were going to be havenots but…” Sarah says I don’t know. Coming across as a terrible person was my biggest fear and now I don’t know.. I know you’re a great person though. Brittnee and Sarah lay down to sleep. Meanwhile – The other house guests are in the kitchen eating and talking about random things.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 14-30-47-764

5:40pm Big Brother says house guests please go to… then the feeds are blocked.

6:30pm Feeds down

7:50 No Feeds

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Wonder what happens if they step on the pressure sensitive tile




We love you Britt…we love you Sarah!

Hemploring that whiny bitch

For heaven’s sake, I wish Sarah would shut up.


you sound like a relative of bruno, or just a massive woman hater…same thing anyway.

Hann (num2)



I don’t know if you’re a relative of a contestant or just your run of the mill troll, but you need to stop pretending to be me. It’s beyond childish, and I pity you for it. I never make post like this.




Seriously what is wrong with you


lol @ the guys alliance rn. Wednesday is going to be incredible.


So are they gonna be locked in there until they find something? Is something supposed to be under the tiles? I wonder if there’s a threat that neither of them get the power if they don’t have the realization that they should be looking for something.


OMW….. Yeh this part, if it’s production, is a pure farce if true. They gotta find the tile…… wait they gotta find the secret door and how to open it. No that was BB USA. ROFL
For GOD sake production just tell the self loathing crybabies what to do. The script through Wednesday has been written just get the thing done. The Trolls here are in tears at Sarah’s pain the poor douche is suffering.
As was best said on the Oscars…. you like me, you really really like me! Puke bucket please!

Habs Rule

LOL!!!…could not have said it better myself!!…….Maybe sarahs in lockdown to give the other HGs a break from her constant whines…..haha… i wish that was the case……though i really dont mind brittany…if any of the two get this power im hoping for britt.


Now put you two together with Samboooooodee and a few others and we will have all the whiny crybabies together in one place. Do you folks even see how much YOU whine? Talk about getting sick of the same boring crap. I like and support Simon, Dawg and many posters here but really getting sick of a few of you and your incessant whiny and complaining about a HG doing the same thing. You aren’t going to change BB. You aren’t going to change anything. Either accept or give up watching. At the very least please stop posting the same poison over and over and over again.


Ok, Bruno!


This is pretty funny. This is a forum for all to express their views not just what you want and that’s support for Sarah. Be clear on this come say troll speak as often as you want I’m fine with that. but attack me saying I’m a whiner is an out and out lie. I say the truth as I see it from the feeds ect. did Sarah not self loath today. Of course she did and that’s the truth. Did the crybaby not cry today of course she did that’s the truth. I could go on and on. You simply cannot handle the truth about your beloved Sarah. To bad so sad.


Whoops posted before done lol. I’m not here to entertain you by the way. Only open minded folks who are willing to discuss issue on both sides. That’s what I do. I post under 1 name only Stan7777 and always have. Don’t like my take on things don’t read it simple as that. But I have the right to post as long as Dawg and Simon allow. And I’ve been around and supported the site for quite awhile.
When someone disagrees with you and tells the truth doing it then come up with better ideas and don’t lie and say I’m whining. The only folks I no use for is production and that’s my personal opinion. Come up with a better person to support or at least admit my telling the truth is not in any way remotely whining. I do not like Sarah’s character as a person period. It is my right to have that opinion and to voice it as often as I like. I also give her credit for good game play. That’s one of the things your unjust comment did not mention nor the trolls almost never recognize. An example today alone. Previous thread the trolls were trying to explain why Sarah was a victim and crying/loathing well she’s apologizing to everyone as some sort of self awakening and growth drivel. Fact was it was terrific game play to try and improve her image thinking Canada hates her after becoming a have not. To do it so quickly is just excellent strategy. But she is still a self loathing crybaby that is also the truth.
Warning: Trolls are on the forum be prepared!


I perceive your repeated phrases regarding Sarah “douche”, “whiner”, “cry-baby” – and her supporters “trolls” as a form of “whining” .
You post a lot, but quantity does not equal quality. Please find something else to bitch & moan about.


That is one thing I really like about your posts…even if I don’t agree with most of what you say…I too only use 1 name and have since the first day I found this site.


It is not a lie. It is a perspective. I will try not to read your posts anymore because you seem top whine a lot about production, and crybabies and how Sarah is deserving of some of the insulting references you have made. You also insult other people on this site frequently such as this recent post:

Stan7777 says:
May 9, 2015 at 12:04 am

Your a complete idiot unless Zack plays SP. Are you incapable of understanding the game moron!

I have only posted one but we all know there are many, many more that could be posted.

Live by the sword. Die by the sword. Seemingly you support a different standard for yourself than others.
You have some interesting posts but you also seem to behave like you are better and smarter than other people or at least somehow justified in labeling and invalidating opinions that differ from yours. So, once again, I will point out the observation that some of you seem to accuse HG players of behaviours you display regularly. When things do not go your way do you not lash out and behave a bit less reasonably?


FYI my favourite house guest is Godfrey (ever since he woke up! Before that I was hoping the poker player would find his stride). I am NOT cheering for Sarah and never have been but that does not fit in to your dismissive invalidation of people who do not agree with you on this site. Seemingly, no reasonable or unbiased person would ever disagree with your flawless observation. Anyone who does is most certainly a Sarah fan over any and all rational thought or observation. Funny thing is, I have never once said anything challenging your perspective with respect to Sarah. I have pointed out that you seem keen to beat us all with the dead horse and it is getting tiresome reading it multiple times every day. We get it! Do you lack confidence in your ability to express your opinion clearly such that others understand it one day to the next?


That’s a good sign that the are locked in the Have Not room as it probably indicates later today/tonight they will find out of the twisto twist….. Hope Brit wins it as I still cannot stand Sarah.


lol…Zack disagreeing with Ash that the HN’s will get some sort of advantage and Ash saying “watch it happen and you’ll look like an idiot”…lol

Ms Anthrope

I know!!! I literally LMOA at that comment. Ashleigh’s brightest moment in the game so far and she doesn’t even know it!


Ash has these weird flashes of intelligent insight. Unfortunately, they’re quickly extinguished by Zach. Before the triple eviction, Ash wanted to spare Sarah and target Bruno, but Zach was just like “no”. And now she thinks there’s a twist, but Zach is just like “no”. I think that hot tub kiss might have led to the total ruination of Ash’s game.


People on twitter believe they have to press the tile that sets off the alarm siren in order for their competition to start…


Except for a few dance sessions, they’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dogs not to touch those tiles. Sarah has a migraine, she doesn’t want sirens, flashing lights. That could take a while.


Pretty sure that production is going to play this out in order that the non Have Not’s have no clue that a competition was held and somebody won a twisto twist. The Have not’s will be told they cannot tell anyone or they will be removed from the game and then on Wednesday it will be a shock when two are taken off the block and Pili and Zach are nominated.


I think it will be Zach and bruno. not Pilar


I think if Sarah wins the power it would be Zach and Bruno, and if Brittnee wins I think it would be Zach and Pilar


Is this an alternate universe?
Pili is actually making sense
She just needs to realize Ash is just using her to get to the F2 with Zack
Maybe Sarah will add 1+1 for her and she’ll see the light
Ash’s head is going to spin around like on the exorcist when Zack goes. lol
Oh and BBCA stop torturing Brit n Sarah!


Ashleigh’s reaction is going to be priceless!!! Can’t stand her…




does ashley ever have a reaction to anything? does she even have a pulse? a brain? a personality? ANYTHING?

furthermore, can someone please tell her to stop the compulsive need to play with that rat’s nest on top of her head
that is some serious scrag hag hair right there, i am sure it makes hairdressers the world over cringe in horror


Sarah is the ultimate “rats nest” and that’s the truth…. deal with it. If you need a reminder look on the top right of this page that casting photo says it all.


Full Definition of HANDMAIDEN

: a personal maid or female servant
: something whose essential function is to serve or assist


I wonder if they have to step on the sensor to make the veto come up.. or do they waiting.


In a perfect world, Zach and Bruno will replace Sarah and Brittnee when they remove themselves from the Block. I was thinking that Brittnee & Sarah could put up Pili & Zach, to make sure Zach goes home…but it is just too risky. Bruno & Godfrey would vote to keep Zach and Brittnee and & Sarah would vote to save Pili. Ashleigh would have to break the tie, and I don’t think Ashleigh would keep Pili over Zach. Pili would be evicted, and that would be another Big Brother twist completely wasted. The safest move would be to put up Zach and Bruno. Brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey would vote to keep Bruno and Zach would be evicted.


Godfrey despises Zach and it’s his number one person to get out of game.


i really hope that Britt and Sarah realize it’s best for britt to through the comp to Sarah so that she can use the veto on God and Britt and thus force Ash to put up 2 of Zach/Pili/Bruno. I’m interested to see who Ash is more loyal to – Zach or Pili. I’m going to be choked if Britt wins the power.

Sarah's weed stash

either way God and Britt will both be pulled off the block so it honestly doesn’t matter who wins between them 🙂


I was under the impression that the winner of the secret power (Brittnee or Sarah) would be able to decide who goes up as replacement nominees.


You are correct.


Thank you for clearing that up for me. Ashleigh is going to be pissed!


Well regardless of whether Britnee or Sarah get the power. The only people who are “immune” from being put up are the HOH and POV Holder, So that would mean the only people who wouldnt be able to go on the block is Ashleigh and Sarah.


I’m not getting you at all. Makes no difference who wins. Sarah has POV takes herself off and cannot be a renom after SP is used because she has POV. Having Britt win is better technically as she removes herself and I believe removing GOD is a given. But Sarah is going to do the exact same thing.
The only discussion is Zack/Pili or Zack/Bruno GOD is voting Zack regardless IMO. Technically Z could get a save if it’s 2-2 I just think the Bromance is driven by whose HOH nothing more. It’s going to be Britt versus GOD for eviction as far as GOD knows. Of course Zack is his buddy he needs the votes to stay! He’s wanted Zack out a long time he isn’t saving him in my opinion. I’d be less confident if the twist was used a day before the eviction ceremony. Then there would be a real discussion about saving Zack. I don’t they get any real time to talk before the vote. Though granted it’s one of the few interesting points about this week who the SP holder noms. I really think it makes no difference.


Hmmm…God has wanted Zack out for a long time but of course he’s going to be nice to him now…isn’t this the same kind of game play you get down on Sarah for?


Check the name on the post seriously. Unless you consider being a cry baby game play she gets a lot of credit from me on game. If it’s bad I say so. I was simply pointing out GOD is just protecting his behind once he’s off the block he’ll vote Zack out. Sarah’s advanced herself with her votes too but has trashed Cindy and Willow doing it. I guess it’s unfair for me to mention her turning on her snuggle buddy right. The truth always gets in the middle with Sarah. GOD has no such long term relationship with Zack. This Bromance is all about the block and numbers YO!


Really?…so I guess I was just imagining things when God was throwing Bobby and Bruno under the bus


It really DOES matter who wins the special power. Sarah isn’t exactly loyal. She voted for Brittnee when Britnee was on the block against Naeha. She was also the vote that sent Willow to jury. She can’t be trusted. I would like to think that Sarah would put Bruno and Zach on the block, but I am not confident that she would. Sarah makes decisions that benefit her…and only her.

Hard to watch

Hate them or love them, it’s really hard to see Brit and Sarah upset like this. It can’t feel good “knowing” that you are hated by the general population, especially considering they probably know how harsh the people on these forums can be. It’s pretty easy to forget that while the contestants are presented to us in the context of a television show, they are all real people with real emotions/fears. I honestly believe that everyone in the house are caring and good people, even if they have done some questionable things within the setting of big brother… all I know is that if I was sitting in that havenot room I would be in tears as well – and I’m a guy that hardly ever cries. Hope that the news is broken to them shortly because to me this feels…. for lack of a better word cruel.


from what i have seen of bruno, zach, and ashley, they have zero compassion or respect for others in the house. they basically see everyone as disposable and a waste of their time, as bruno said he was quite thrilled they were locked in there so he wouldn’t have to listen to their whining campaigning – zach and him laughed at sarah and b suffering. so, they aren’t nice people. i would be scared to see zach become a doctor, he is so clearly a narcissist who only enjoys talking and thinking of himself. the ego on that guy is scary, especially considering what his face looks like. why people tell him he is good looking is beyond me. ashley has also demonstrated zero empathy for anyone else in there, even pili when kevin left…sarah comforted her, not ashley. ashley is a very detached cold person, so is zach…which is probably why they like each other. those three all have something missing in them emotionally as far as i have seen. any nice words or acts they have done in the house are completely self serving and insincere.


Sarah comforting Pili… when pigs fly that hour started out as drivel designed to get her over to the girls and ended with her brow beating and bullying her. You are in capable of telling the truth when it comes to Sarah. As for self serving no one compares to Sarah in my opinion. Surprise when playing for 100K you are suppose to be taking care of your own behind 1st that’s a complement. Sarah is no more invested in anyone else than Zack. Zack the coward let his buddy JP go. Sarah actually voted her showmance out the door how cold hearted is that. Might just look at the truth of that statement. Might be the fact most folks in “open” relationships use folks for their physical pleasure and then discard them just like Sarah did Willow. Bruno clearly loves his family that is his dog in the fight. How is that being unattached? That’s competing with a purpose. The game isn’t designed to have folks sing Kumbaya! Do you think every house guest is sad to see folks walk up the stairs what nonsense. Sarah see a person leave…. closer to the money. At some point they all do. The game demands that element the desire to win.


Gee BBCA why don’t u add some flashing lights, irritating noise and put them in stress positions too?


Zach and Bruno thinking that Canada loves them and their non-existent “big” moves all while oblivious to the fact that their games are literally about to go down the drain gives me LIFE

Sarah's weed stash

they are going to be so elated when they find the power and realize we don’t hate them! I can’t wait. Also I think Ashleigh is one of the dumbest Big Brother Canada players ever and I want to see her and Pilar on the block next week so bad with either of them joining their boy toy in jury, which is obviously more important to them than winning.


I think many like me voted for Sarah and Brit to shake the boring game up for a week and not that Canada loves them. I personally cannot stand Sarah but I also did not want the game to remain status quo.


The collective we above is a joke as you pointed out lots voted Sarah and B just to change the game. Some voted strictly because they hate Zack and it was very apparent Zack likely gets evicted if either gets the SP. As you said that definitely does not mean Canada has a love fest for Sarah or B.
warning: Trolls on the forum check under the bridge!


Forget the bridge. Look up the definition and then look in the mirror. Most of the trolling in here are the Sarah haters. Just as the WE does not represent ALL of Canada. Not everyone on the forums that do not vote up or agree with your posts are Sarah supporters. We don’t down vote your pathetic diatribes b3cause we love Sarah. Some of us do it because your perspective (negative bias) are sickeningly repetitive.


No Sarah’s actions are sickening and repetitive daily thus I must remind the trolls daily that their misrepresentation has not gone unnoticed. As long as she is a whining crybaby I’m gonna say it because the action of Sarah are to be that person. Just so you further understand Sarah admitted that’s what she has been in the house today herself. That isn’t bias that the truth right from Sarah’s mouth liar. To dislike someone’s character as I do Sarah is not bias it’s an opinion I’m entitled to it. I back it up with truthful facts that’s not bias. If I said Sarah was a criminal and had no facts to base it on just because I dislike her that a lie and bias. By the way I’m sure she isn’t a criminal accept for the weed use unless she has a Health Canada card. 😛
I keep mentioning this I have no favourite so where is the bias your suggesting. When I say that was great strategy she used earlier today was that the bias you refer to? Don’t think you comprehend what you wrote. As for being negative that’s my prerogative. What you see as negative I see as opinion based on facts. I present those facts to support my opinion you would do well to weigh the facts before you suggest bias. If Sarah isn’t self loathing and a crybaby call Sarah a liar!. As for the diatribe at least I’m truthful and you do see the name before you start reading you can always skip my stuff if it’s not for you. Me I like the idea of reading folks I disagree with because if I’m ever wrong on a fact I appreciate being corrected. Clearly facts aren’t something you will recognize. That by the way is an exercise in bias.
Warning: Trolls are under the bridge!

Common Sense

So you are saying that money and a game are more important than the potential for a long lasting relationship, or “boy toys” as you would say? I suppose if you are cold that assertion would might make sense….. which is ironic since most of you who liked this comment also comment on how several of the house guests are cold…


does the winner of the secret veto make the new nominations or will Ash?


the winner of the power selects the new nominations.


Why doesn’t BBCAN just crown who they want to win, they are shifting everything to their desire so hard this year. The fact the winner of the special power gets to choose the replacements completely negates the HOH this week. They just let Emmett and Julian dominate season 1 and this year they are overly manipulative. They aren’t letting the players play. I think the dynamics of how the diaper alliance would self destruct would be awesome to see. Instead we have to see the unseen alliance BBCAN/Sarah/God/Bruno.


Thank you for your post. I respectfully disagree. In my opinion, they are letting players play. This is BB Canada. It cannot be judged by the same standards that would be used to judge BB USA because this is a different game. The BBC game does have a strong strategic element which involves both planning and adapting one’s strategy in response to shocking changes and twists. The unknown twist/powershift/public influence has been a key feature of BC since season 1.


So what’s better TV. A frightening thought with this production team.

POV played 1st B thinks she going more self loathing. That reminds me Sarah your smelly behind is safe what about poor B the renom? Self absorbed Sarah lol. Then they find the Power…. what excitement for global viewers! They play 7 questions and a winner is chosen. Wednesday 2 come down Zack goes home.
What appears will happen based on them being locked in have not room. They are at least gonna find the tile or be given the SP information before POV. Production are dumb aZZes! Then POV is used and B renom. They could have the secret power comp before POV comp as an option but either way the Girls need to be allowed to leave the room for POV ceremony which might not be til Sunday morning. That gives all night to have the comp for SP done.
Most likely they don’t leave HN room til they at least assertain there is a secret power. it’s all about the edit production want’s. Might be a lot of crying in the booth as B and Sarah bond. Tragic day in BB history!


Have not power

Q) After the secret power is used, who picks the replacement nominee(s)? A) The secret power holder, not the HOH
Q) Does the secret power holder vote? A) Yes, as long as they are not a still nominee after making the switch(es)
Q) Can this week’s HOH play in the next HOH comp? A) No, as per usual
Q) Does the secret power HAVE to be used? A) Yes, on one OR two nominees
Q) Who is SAFE from the block when secret power is used? A) HOH and regular POV holder


is the basically a Coup D’etat?




Nice sum up Simon. I hope for all of our sakes people will actually read this /past post comments /watch video or otherwise search online for Have Not Power and this information sinks in.


this sucks for ashleigh though:
coup d’etat: but the original hoh couldn’t play in the next hoh
like even chima got to play in the next hoh AND SHE GOT EXPELLED FOR BREAKING RULES


It’s also pretty scummy that Ash had to win a painful endurance comp for this week’s HOH, just to have it taken away.

I’m not suggesting BB should be 100% fair, just thought it was a low, unnecessary blow to make a HOH winner go through endurance for no reason. And even be punished for it (HOH can’t play next week).


If you don’t look but listen to her talking….Pili. sounds just like Sabrina . ..I miss that drama lol

all is cool– I am not a Sarah hater…actually liked her alot until the Willow heartbreaking move.


Have you guys noticed that usually who ever is HOH sees their popularity rise…but Ash seems to be always at the bottom (even Pili is more popular than her) since Kevin left Pili is starting to strategize…why was she playing dumb with Kevin??? ugh


Probably because Kevin had attachments to the boys in the house, so since she was tied to Kevin…she couldn’t go against what he wanted…now that Kevin is gone, she only has Ashleigh and Ashleigh does not nearly has much control in the house than Kevin did…so, she is more free to play the game the way she wants to…


if it’s a tie breaker vote to evict……we may see a glimpse of the real Ashleigh, unless she gets to redo her hair and makeup prior to DR.


I can’t wait to see everyone opinion on DR about the triple eviction and why did britt not nominate ash. I want to see willow pissed off with britt and see how she was mad at bruno for using the veto. And the hoh is also good. I think monday they will reveal the hn of the week, pov comp, and pov ceremony. And on wed, secret hn power winner revealed. And how will be evicted zach or bruno. I hope it is zach. The girls wouldn’t have a chance with zach in the house. The girls and God will vote out Zach. Now I wonder if the hn power will need to be revealed just like when jeff stands and nominates a person. If this does happen sarah and britt are bigger targets going forward because they made big moves. And pilar and ash will not have them since they can’t beat them in jury. I think God is sitting in a pretty position with Sarah, Britt, and Bruno as bigger targets going forward. Hopefully Pilar wins hoh next to nominate sarah and britt and then have to replace with bruno. And the following the same targets are going up sarah and britt. And god wins the final four hoh and makes it to final three and could potentially win the game if seated in final two with either ash, pilli, or britt. I do not think he has a chance with sarah or bruno to win.


BB may wait till houseguests are sleeping to get this in action,so the game is not exposed…still would like to see the smug look taken off Bruno and Zach’s faces.How about you guys?


Your going to see all the smug face you’ll ever want once the secret power is revealed to B and Sarah. We might not see crying for days. These 2 will be no different than most HG’s in power. The hugging and jumping up and down in the pantry! They’ll talk the same trash the bromance is doing now if they are allowed to discuss the SP. It seems the most HOH’s run pretty similar on trash and targeting.
Difference between Sarah and Ash. Ash has better hair and physical features. Sarah talks way better strategy. Ash has won an HOH. Sarah won a POV. Though Canada made sure the POV was useless. Canada made sure Ash’s HOH was useless. They both entered the house on the same day. They both had showmances Ash has been loyal to Zack and Sarah voted her snuggle buddy out. Which speaks to better character by the way? Ash stays true to her self and Sarah works on manipulation of HG’s daily. Which is better BB strategy. Ash changes her cloths daily and showers to! Sarah can be seen in the same shirt constantly and the same stretch grey slacks, as for showers she occasionally washes her hair. Sarah is loved and Ash is hated go figure?


i jst want sarah to be confident n believe in herself, n don’t talk alot of things to anyone jst like bfore when she only has willow on her side. I jst want sarah winning this game for willow

The Truth

Whether your a Sarah, Bruno, Pilli, Ashleigh,Godfrey or Britt fan I am seriously worried about the direction Big Brother Canada is taking. I enjoy the twist and even though I know it’s not fair I want to see certain people prevail. I wouldn’t mind if Bruno,Godfrey, Sarah or Britt won but I realize that it has been made possible because of the interference by production. The amount of energy production puts into these twists plots would be better spent on selecting housemates that are truly interesting individuals. BB Australia has Canada beat when it comes to choosing people with dynamic personalities. I could not tolerate another year of timid players who require a constant boost from production. So hopefully next year they will do a much better job with the selection process.

Miss Kitty

I wouldn’t really call any of this last BBAU cast dynamic… They all fit the same mold…..the gay one (Johnny/Jason), the ditzy one (Ashleigh/Skye), the jock (Zach/Travis), the old one (Bruno/Leo), the strong female (Naeha/Priya), the whiney one (Sarah/Sandra), etc…

The Truth

Compared to this cast they are by far more entertaining and interesting as people.

The Truth

I’m also not just referring to the “titles” gay, jock, old, strong. I’m mainly referring to the things that come out of their mouths. The life experiences they share. How they interact with one another. This to me is what is lacking in this cast. I don’t care to listen to the inane conversations they are having. With the exception of a few houseguests I find them to be rather dull by t.v. standards.


The way I see it, there are only two possibilities for who goes home. Sarah is getting pulled off the block, Zach is going up. Zach and God will be on the block. The voters will be Pili, Bruno, Sarah, and Britt, with Ash as the tie breaker. It really depends on Bruno’s vote. Sarah and Britt are voting Zach. Ash will tell Pili to vote God. Bruno will either decide to vote out Zach or God. If he votes out God then Ash would be the tie breaker to keep Zach. If Bruno saves Zach then it would be 4 (Zach, Ash, Pili and Bruno) vs 2 (Sarah and Britt). Zach wouldn’t betray Bruno after saving him twice until Sarah and Britt (or at least sarah) are gone. If Bruno votes out Zach then Bruno and God would be 2 against 4 girls basically. (which is why Bruno used the veto on Zach). If Sarah or Britt decide to replace both and throw up Zach and Bruno then Zach most likely goes home because God, Sarah(even though she’s mad at bruno), and Britt will vote him out because he has a strong 3 with ash and pili.


anyone think something different will happen?

BB Canada Circus

So Sarah saved herself. Why does Brit need to be saved with a super power? She was just in power last round. 2 time hoh, and got 3 big players out. BB Canada has become a Circus side show. What a joke.

another name

There are things that I dislike about almost every person in that house in terms of personality.
There are things I like about most of the houseguests in terms of their game abilities.
The line gets really blurred sometimes. Sometimes the personality traits that disgust me overwhelm the appreciation I have for tactics.
I don’t like Zach’s personality much, no secret. But I appreciate his early game ability to be under the radar with his Newport alliance while playing both sides against each other. If I didn’t know about the have not power, i’d think him overly cocky right now, but would have to admit that being aligned with both girls and with both guys separately: he’d have a right to be confident.
I don’t like Bruno’s personality much. But I appreciate that he is an extremely good floater. Given that he is generally liked by the houseguests, that each has said they don’t want to be in final two with him, but he’s still there, I give him his due for that.
I don’t like Sarah’s complaining. But I appreciate her ability to read the pulse of the house and be persuasive. She has been the go to scapegoat for all the bad things that happen since week two, but she’s still there. Being a target but not the biggest target has worked in her favor.
I don’t like Brittnee’s curl up in a ball and go to bed early instead of fighting attitude when she’s on the block. But I appreciate that she will make a grand gesture move when she has the chance. If she’s final two she’s a real dark horse. Two hoh both times taking out strong players everyone else was afraid to target, yet never being considered a threat in the game.
I’m still confused by Godfrey. he’s in a great position at the moment, but I don’t know where he’s actually sitting. I get the feeling he’s just sitting; whoever has power and takes him, that’s where he’ll go. Not floating or coasting as much as taking a lunch break and a nap until it’s time to go with whoever shows up to take him.
Ashleigh: stepford houseguest. I don’t actually respect her enough to dislike her. don’t hate her. she hasn’t done enough one way or the other independently for me to care.
Pilar: good emotion based instinct, but too easily led and coerced by others. she started playing the game 40 days after the rest of the house, so I don’t have enough to go on to have a real opinion.
Without the polarizing emotional traits the house would be a bunch of robots singing kum baya. they do that enough thinking that being on a national network instead of slice means they have to play nice and follow network standards. Give me something to really like and something to really hate any day, just don’t give me another ‘here in he house we get bored, and so as one big happy family here’s what we do’ moment. Show me the blood sweat and tears (figurative, I don’t actually want to watch them literally bleeding sweating and crying).
It’s Saturday. usual weekend unblurring of the lines in progress.

Sarah's weed stash

although this have not twist does really seem rigged in S/B’s favor, we’ve known about the power beneath the have not floor since the show began. and it makes perfect sense to bring this twist in after triple eviction to keep things interesting. Big Brother is also a popularity contest. Janelle was given lots of privledges during her seasons on big brother because everyone loved her. houseguests need to have that in mind coming into that house. yes this is going to seem really unfair to the diapers + Bruno but sorry, not sorry. maybe if they had a clear understanding of how arrogant and dull they are as game players, they would be in that have not room right now.

Sarah's weed stash

Brittnee’s bawling right now 🙁


I would have loved to see your beloved (misogynistic homophobe) Bruno and ( shovinistic, egocentric spoiled brat) Zach locked in the “have not room” thinking that Canada hates them. They would be sobbing for days.


I think S and B know the twist already!! Funny how before their DR sessions it was S comforting B… Now it is B comforting S.. I think it is because S is the better actor. If I’m right,, they are doing a good job 🙂

nana 10

See!! You can’t lie to your Nana!!! LOLl


A part of me wants Bruno and Zach to learn that Sarah or Brit will gain a coup de etat like power. Just for them to start scrambling and to wipe that smug faces off them. :)))))


bruno was given the exact same power and didnt use it. i dont see a problem with it now going to be used by sarah or b. clearly canada wants someone who will actually use it to have it. in fact this is the conditon bruno sould have had to face but due to the baffling mess of an explanation about what we were choosing when votng twist failed .

obviously we i.e. canada wants to see it used as does production for th conspiracy fl


I just watched The Side Show after the triple eviction. It was as obvious as the sun rising in the morning that Arisa, Emmett, Gary and Peter went to extreme efforts to not upset Willow during the interview. Peter never said a word to her and deferred her gameplay commentary to Gary! Emmett and Gary really struggled to keep things nice. “It’s clear you love this game and being in the house.” Peter had smoke coming out of his collar trying to restrain himself.

another name

well, I doubt the thorazine had completely kicked in yet.


I hate Sarah and Britney, watching big brother maneuver the game to help them win makes me sick.