“Right now Bro I honestly think Ash yo .. I know it’s a crazy thought bro.. she’s the glue” -GOD

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Brittnee alone in the Storage room “Zach’s gotta go”

9:02pm HOH Sarah and Brittnee

9:15pm Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno – if we win tomorrow bud i gotta keep you safe
Godfrey – if I win i gotta play it save i’ll put up Sarah and ASh.. if he wins veto he still believes we’re tight.
Bruno – we’re f*** they have two votes bud they win.. Zach wins Veto pulls Ash off they vote out Sarah.. bro
Godfrey – you’re right bro
Bruno thinks if the house see Zach on the block they’ll vote him out, everyone other than Ashleigh.
Bruno – I win HOH you don’t seat.. that’s not just words I mean it
Godfrey – back at ya
Camera cuts to the Goblins in the storage room.. Talking about Zach making a lot of sense. Ashleigh points out the difference between Sarah and Zach is Sarah give them what ifs and Zach gives them facts.
Ash says if Brittnee wins Veto she’ll put up her and Zach if Veto is played Pili goes up.
Pil – and then we’re done

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 18-42-58-313
9:42pm Zach and Bruno
Zach gives Bruno a debrief of Sarah spreading poison saying Zasch and Bruno are related.
Zach adds that Sarah is telling everyone that they put ‘Final two’ on their selfie pic on twitter (Pictures earlier today they got to tweet)
Zach warns if he’s not here AShleigh and Pili will buy everything Sarah says.
Bruno – how can they buy that”
They comment how hard Sarah is fighting to keep brittnee
Bruno – the worst thing is B is sitting their listening to music.. can you imagine if Sarah is on the block
Zach – I know
Zach says he has to stick beside ASh and pili all night now to make sure Sarah doesn’t fill their heads again.
They start joking around they are father and Son. Bruno had Zach when he was 9.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 19-26-58-000
9:47pm Have nots Studying.
Before they start studying brittnee says alone ‘i can’t wait to see th looks on their faces tomorrow”
Brittnee starts to cry through the study session. She never thought BB was going to be so hard.
Brittnee says she’s had it so hard compared to the other players. Brittnee adds she’s always made big moves in the game. Sarah says that is why they are meant to play together because she’s not afraid to make big moves.
Brittnee says she’s up against professional athletes and super fans.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 19-09-04-480

10:08pm Black and Bru kitchen
Talking about how dangerous Sarah is. They agree once Zach goes home she’ll be coming after them. Bruno -I’m telling you now if I win HOH i’m putting her up I have to..
Bruno adds that Sarah is telling pili and Ash she’s putting him up next week.
bruno – I’m telling you I wasn’t going for her… When B leaves she’s going to run to pili and Asheligh and attach to them.
Bruno is starting to think they should take Sarah out before Zach just because of all the lies she’s spreading. Godfrey thinks they should just wait and see, “Who can we beat in a challenge.. Zach, pili or Sarah”
Bruno – I tell you straight up I 100% trust Zach
Godfrey agrees says he’s starting to feel the same way.
Godfrey would rather send ASh home over Zach.
Godfrey thinks he has a better chance in a comp against Zach then Peels. If they give them a crazy endurance challenge Pili will beat him.
Godfrey points Asheligh is the glue between Zach, ASh, and Pili. If ASh goes Pili and Zach are done.
Godfrey – Right now bro I honestly think ASh yo .. I know it’s a crazy thought.. she’s the glue
bruno – I just need Sarah gone man.
Godfrey is thinking AShleigh going out is the most beneficial for them. Bruno doesn’t think he can handle being in the house for so long.
Godfrey tells him that Sarah has screwed up their relationship with all the things she’s said.
Godfrey – She’s super scary bro.. If she (ASH) goes it falls apart.. The only one that isn’t dangerous is PEELS yo
Bruno thinks that is what makes her dangerous
They agree all their plans will probably have to change because the chances of Veto being played are high.
Bruno – I don’t want to think too far ahead

10:13pm The Diapers in the HOH

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 19-48-05-591

10:47pm Godfrey and Bruno saying it’s better for their game if Sarah stays
Bruno – the key we get Ashleigh out.. that’s the key
AShleigh comes down for a moment they comment on how Brittnee hasn’t been doing anything and Sarah is working overtime to save her.
Ash – very weird yo thin kit would be the other way.
After ASh leaves they agree the only thing that makes Zach dangerous is he’s with pili and Ash.
Godfrey – without those two girls he’s only a man

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b really isnt playing like shes going home right now, should be funny to watch zach get voted out tmrw though


We are lucky to have 7 highly skilled BB players left in this game. These superfans are like chess players. All of them are deep thinkers of this game. If Zach and Bruno go up there is no guarantee Godfrey votes out Zach. He may want to keep Zach – a bigger target in the game. Sara probably threw the superpower contest to Brittnee and after Brittnee uses the superpower she will become the biggest target in the game. Nobody will take her to final 2 and she cannot get there alone.

Zach the arrogant

Nope. Godfrey WILL vote out Zach for sure because he knows Sara is going after Bruno. He even JUST warned Sara to keep her mouth shut in regards to her declaring war on Bruno to Ash and Pilar because things are going back to him and he is thinking of targeting Sara now if he is HOH.


I get your logic…but If God kept Zach it wouldn’t change anything Sarah would still be targeting other people but Bruno…actually if Sarah or B win Hoh bruno and God will be on the block just thought of that…and if Bruno managed to win veto bet your bottom dollar the godfathers going home. God game wise needs Zach without Zach those girls are Sarah’s and his final three with B and Sarah is not real…they’re taking ash and peels over him..easy win..
So God is on the block next week if he keeps Bruno, and isn’t most likely if he keeps Zach
Here’s the scenarios with the Hoh after eviction.
Ash Hoh(Zach would still be their so it would be B, S
Peels(B and S)
Sarah (Z and Ash needs to split them)
B( same as S)
Zach(B and S)
Now if he keeps Bruno
Ash hoh(Bruno and God, they’d be with S and B)
B( Same)
Bruno (S, A/maybe B) might try to work with her again
There you have it actually..I just figured it out for my man the God father…only way he avoids the block next week keeping Bruno is if he or Bruno win Hoh
If he keeps Zach he isn’t in the block at all next week.


Hoepfully God weighs all his options for the vote And I’m sure he will….it’s probably better for his game if he voted Bruno out…What Zach told Bruno is true without him those girls will believe anything Sarah tells them they actually thought Zach and Bruno were realated but the craziest thing is they actually believed Zach would take Bruno a father to the final tow…oh my lord they dumb.
Can’t stand though that Sarah can be in locked rooms, use the diary room as ammo….production tells everyone else to stop that…they haven’t told her at all recently…it will make good tv the twist thing but knowing who one of the final two is weeks before the finale isn’t good tv.cough….. Sarah


Not that I support the silly young girls, but they are very young and their current world view is Family, vs everyone else. When they are out in the world more, they will have more experiences on which to base any decision making. I think this is part of why Ash still believes Zach in spite of those hints of lies. She has developed a relationship with him that equates to the only form of Family she in the house. She blindly trusts him.
Zach needs to go.


I fucking can’t stand Bruno.


I hope b gets discovered. Get her the academy award !!!


Wait, you’re allowed to write down numbers and dates? Has it always been that way?

The Truth

I thought that was odd too. Why not give them paper and pen while their at it.


I’m glad to hear Britt’s got Zach, then Bruno in her cross hairs. That is the smartest route to take for her, Sarah, and Godfrey. Then it’s either a matter of picking of the Goblins or the girls taking each other out with Godfrey riding the middle. It will be interesting to see how things play out come Wed. I can’t wait to see Zach and Bruno’s faces.

Sarah I love you, but don’t freak out on Godfrey. He’s telling you the truth about how the things you say to the Goblins go righ back to Zach and Bruno.


tomorrow they will all realize why she isnt campaigning lol. and it will be obvious sarah had no idea.

but godfrey is rigt.h..sarah needs to stop talking…seriously.


I don’t understand Ash, she said it’s her HOH and she decides what happens. Then right after does what Zach wants.


Anyone who thinks Sarah will work with God once Zach leaves keep dreaming bud…gods screwed Sarah will work with ash and peels even still…. Production not only got Zach out they screwed Bruno aswell, has no chance now…..I don’t know why they needed to meddle this late in the game…but whatever
They screwed the best player in the game and cost a father of two….Production you’re hilarious….


So we can agree Godfrey is probably in the best position in the game right now. Once they get zach out it will be bruno after and probably one of the goblins.. hes just riding along and watching whatever sh*t unfold between everyone else

Habs Rule

Go Zach Go!!!


The Godfather lives to see another week in BBCAN3 house, Go God go I love you boy


Just like every BB the people I like leave early. It really comes down to, liking the game not the players.

Sarah. I can’t stand her whining and crying. She is a mess physically (“fugly”). I think she’s not the worst player, but I would rather anyone but her win. Even Zach.


Bruno…get outta there. Defense of him as “a father of two”?…big freakin’ deal!! In the BB house he is just another player, and if production meddles with the game, again, big freakin’ deal…they do that every season. I am so on the Sarah train, hope it’s Sarah and Pili at the end…Pils is a lovely girl, but no strategist like Sarah is. Sarah hasn’t won much, (one fortuitous POV) except the love of Canada. I’m hoping Canada gets a jury vote, to seal her victory. Go SARAH And Pils, well…she’ll have some of the jury on her side, but if they are smart and really think about it, they’ll give it to the player who has worked the hardest to get to the end…and that certainly isn’t Pils. She’s cute, and sweet but she’s no match for Sarah in this game. Britt would likely beat Sarah…all those pawn moments, and a couple of major moves…the biggest moves in the game, really. And now the secret power. If it’s Britt and Sarah at the end, Britt would probably win, only because the jury is so jealous of Sarah’s prowess. I’d be happy if either of them take the season. A win without a showmance. Love it.


OH my how my mind has changed since certain comments have been made. I was all for the diaper alliance. But now Zach and Bruno have just got way to cocky thinking there staying and what there going to do this up and coming week. I don’t dislike them I just don’t like it when people get way to confortable in this game. Its so funny seeing both Zach and Burno talking about Brit going and when infact she’s staying and probably either Zach or Bruno will be kicked to the door. I still like ash and pili though. I would like to see all 4 girls take it to the end. The guys attitudes are just bothering me and I want them gone. So I can’t wait until Wednesday evenings show.