“Zach first then Bruno.. Zach is the glue between Ashleigh and Bruno” -Brittnee

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Brittnee won the Have Not Power

Q) After the secret power is used, who picks the replacement nominee(s)? A) The secret power holder, not the HOH
Q) Does the secret power holder vote? A) Yes, as long as they are not a still nominee after making the switch(es)
Q) Can this week’s HOH play in the next HOH comp? A) No, as per usual
Q) Does the secret power HAVE to be used? A) Yes, on one OR two nominees
Q) Who is SAFE from the block when secret power is used? A) HOH and regular POV holder

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 16-18-11-874

7:17pm Ash, Pili and Sarah
Sarah trying to convince them to keep Brittnee.. Sarah says it’ll be the four of them loyal to the end. ASh says it makes sense to for them to keep Britt.
Bruno Zach crash the party “WUD UP”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 16-29-10-624

7:28pm Pili and Ash
ASh says if they are beside Brittnee in the end they’ll have a hard time winning but Godfrey they’ll win for sure he’s a joke
Pili wants to get rid of Godfrey but Ashleigh wants to keep him says all he’s doing is sitting there. Ashleigh warns Pili that Sarah is good at talking she’s getting in Pili’s head.
Pili – she has good points
Ash reminds her Sarah wanted them out of the game.
Ash – she took out Graig she was the head of the triple eviction.
Pili – taking Godfrey out this week then Bruno next week it’s us and Zach against those two.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 16-36-34-860

7:33pm HOH Godfrey and Brittnee
Brittnee is pointing out how close Bruno and Zach have gotten. feeds block for a bit when they come back.
Brittnee calls Bobby a sheep.
Godfrey brings up that Bruno was denying the chop shop the longest , “He holds a lot of secrets”
Brittnee points out there’s three chop shop members left in the house, “They still have some loyalty”
brittnee says she’s going home this week. Godfrey knows if he’s left he’ll be the next target of the house. He thinks Sarah will weasel herself back in and Godfrey will be the sent out.
Brittnee says she knows Godfrey hasn’t made many big moves. Godfrey corrects her says he hasn’t made any big moves other than winning that one POV.

Brittnee – you have a better chance with the girls than Bruno
God – I don’t know what Bruno is going to do man
Britt – he’s loyal with Zach and ASh.. he’s tryign to go to the final 2 with maybe Zach or maybe Ashleigh.
Britt wonders if Zach and Bruno are related.
God is puzzled how Bruno and Zach got so close so fast.
Godfrey says he was in the room with pili making beds and she didn’t say anythign to him. Adds that th entire house ignores him when it comes to came talk.
Brittnee – Zach first then Bruno.. even if Bruno is running it he still needs Zach to be close to those girls.. Zach is the glue between Ashleigh and Bruno.
Brittnee now says that Bobby was a smart guy and maybe he got too smart and that is why Bruno got him out.
Godfrey – I don’t throw comps yo
Brittnee – Ash is blinded by puppy love
Brittnee’s boot order is Zach, Bruno, AShleigh
Bruno and Zach join them say they are locked out of teh main bedroom.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 17-00-47-508

7:53pm Bedroom Sarah, peepee and Ash
Scheming.. Ashleigh listing off reasons to vote out Brittnee because she’s done a lot in the game and will have a lot of Jury votes. Sarah counters says two weeks ago Brittnee was the best pawn in the house because she did nothing.
Sarah is listing off the reasons why Godfrey is dangerous and will have a lot of jury votes. She downplays everything Brittnee has done.

Sarah says Bruno and Godfrey were the two biggest people wanting to go after the showmances.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 17-02-27-368

8:03pm Big Brother locks Sarah, Pili and Ash alone in the bedroom so Sarah can campaign to get Godfrey out and keep Brittnee.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-12 17-25-53-170
8:23pm ASh, peepee and Zach
Ash tells him they just had a long conversation with Sarah she was campaigning.
Zach – oh my god
ASh – Godfrey staying how does that benefit you…
Zach – nothing
Ash – Sarah said she will never ever put me on the block.. she would put up you and bruno
Zach – she literally just had a conversation with Bruno today and said the moment he put the veto aroudn Zach’s neck he gave Zach and Ashleigh 100 grand.. we have to come together and break them up.. you cannot listen to the things she’s saying to you..
Zach explains how Sarah will put Zach and Ashleigh up to get Zach out. Zach says once godfrey is gone in this game They know Bruno has nobody in this game. Sarah and Brittnee will target the three of them.
Ash – if Sarah wins potentially bruno goes home.
Zach – no matter what you guys are safe next week.. if Bruno wins h’ll put up Sarah and Godfrey.. no matter we’re ll safe next week
Ash – true
Pili – ya
Zach runs through the math explains to them how dangerous it is with Sarah/Brittnee left in the game and Godfrey gone. Points out Sarah will never put Brittnee up.. by default we go up
Zach – why is she still campaigning B is not.. don’t let her lie to you..
Zach reminds them how they told the couples they were safe right before the triple. Once Brittnee won the power she put three of them up.
Zach – Godfrey is not coming after you girls
ASh – he’s not
Pili – ya
The girls laugh at how Sarah almost convinced them to keep brittnee this week. Both girls comment how convincing Sarah is.
Zach tells them next week he’ll send Godfrey home, Bruno and Sarah can T-off.
Peepee chimes in says bruno is dangerous she doesn’t trust him not even 1%. Adds that bruno will take Godfrey to the end, “I want to strike at him before he strikes at us”
Zach reminds them that keeping Godfrey doesn’t “Super” help Bruno at all he’s not doing anything but Keeping Brittnee makes Sarah a super player.
ASh – I would rather deal with an angry Sarah over a angry Bruno for comps
Pili – yeah you’re right

8:50pm Bedroom the Diapers

The girls are back pro Diapers.

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lol what?

Then let the players of the game get him out legitimately. It’s sad They have to cheat with the help of production to get him out!

Guy From Canada

Well this power has been in place since the beginning of the season and Canada voted so yeah production…….


Ya but did they decide when this power would be awarded at the beginning of the season or when it suited productions plan


Sarah’s comment during the POV; “I’m gonna take this D and shove it up Zach’s A”. Lol.


i’d rather watch all the houseguests sleeping all night
than see zach talk game for 5 minutes


Why cause he’s smarter and better manipulating people than Sarah…lol
You’re supposed to strategize and manipulate people it’s all Sarah does and you all lover for it but can’t stand Zachs better at than her…lol
It’s why BBC production has such a hard on for him he’s good, really good and is keeping sure BBC productions horse Sarah(twisto twits, locked door, best edit, scripted dialogue, scripted diary room.) I don’t think Zachs ever tried to use the diary room as way to manipulate people he doesn’t need to…Anyone notice that Sarah tells them about diary room repeadtlyly to ash, peels to sway them and big brother never says stop that. In that pov ceremony she was supposed to only have five balls but she had one already in one of the letters she didn’t need and had five in her hand…lol
It does make for good tv, seeing how low a tv show can go to manipulate who they want to win….I guess it’s their 100k…clearly it’s only meant for you know who
Rant over.

lol what?

well said! production has sunk this season. 100k is about 83k usd, compared to 500k BB US plays for. You can REALLY tell a difference between the two.


“In that pov ceremony she was supposed to only have five balls but she had one already in one of the letters she didn’t need and had five in her hand…”.
–> You should watch it again because what you said is not true.


You’re right, I apologize for that…watched it again and she had three in one hand and one in the other, thought I saw four…but you’re right


Zach may be able to manipulate the brilliant Ashleigh, but even Pilar doesn’t believe him. She has a good heart and doesn’t want to disappoint her friend, though she is BY FAR the better strategist (which isn’t saying much).

The point you’re missing is Zach has no clue about the people in this game b/c Bruno & Godfrey DO WANT to break up Zach/Ash but he thinks they both will do what he wants. He’s clueless about the Game. Sarah on the other hand has figured out the boys made a F3 (TRUE), the Diapers +Bruno (TRUE), that Ash/Pilar want Zach gone but don’t want to do it themselves (TRUE) & that Ash want to keep Zach/Bruno/Pils so she guarantees F2 (TRUE).

I mean there is no comparison.


Goblins, Oh you two dummies, Godfrey is not the joke, you are!

lol what?

They’re the joke? Why? because they positioned themselves well in the game?, and aligned with good players? and are winning HoH? Isn’t that what you’re suppose to do within the game?


They haven’t “positioned” themselves, they’ve been dragged and carried because they’re idiots. That’s the issue.


Not getting a absurd (twisto twist/double veto/ Hoh what else does this thing do) thrown their way counts for something… no?


Oh how soon we forget… Kevin getting the immediately vote out was in essence a twist for the them b/c he was aligned with JP and Bruno being in power during the option to change both players was also a twist for them.

The fact he chose not to use it is irrelevant.

They ALL had a shot at the triple evict (Bruno was 2nd) and all of them other than Ash had a shot at the have not power.

So let’s not get the Twisto’s Twist Twisted (tee hee). BOTH sides have benefited.

If you want to talk about production how about the fact they let everyone work together so Bruno could win? (no disqualification like Emmett just for looking at Gillian season 1) or allowed Zach/Bobby to cheat on one (can’t remember which one they said) or after expressly telling them they couldn’t change their numbers on the Sindy HOH they allowed Kevin/Zach to change their numbers repeatedly.

It’s entertainment people. We all have our favs and we all have players we don’t like. It’s called freedom of choice. Last year I loved Neda and took a lot of negative flack for it. Now she’s considered one of the best players of all time. Does it make Jon a bad player? Nope, in the end he made the best move in the game and won b/c of it.

Let’s just agree to disagree that both sides in that house has benefited by production at one time or another during this game.

Just like I’m sure if Godfrey finds himself in trouble will be thrown something to help him. It is what it is.

lol what?

Pils won an HoH, and Ash won an HoH.!! How is that being dragged and carried? WoW i cant believe i even have to ask that?


No dude, you are missing the real reason. It’s because they’re male.


Its amazing how after one conversation Zach manages to reel the girls back and and convince them that all of what Sarah says is lies.

Mel B

Well…..let’s just say Zach has something that Sarah doesnt have that Ash is blinded by. As long as he can keep Ash in his back pocket he has at least 2 votes because she in turn influences Pili. I really dont believe he has much game. He is a real yawner to watch because he doesnt have to do anything and he knows it! He has Bruno running around like some dufus believing he is Zachs best bud. So that’s 3 people. What work does he really have to do?

Sarah on the other hand has been playing the game from day one. No matter if you love or hate her, at least she give the audience something to watch, and she makes a lot of sense, unlike BBUS where everyone sits around terrified that it is too soon to make a move or not wanting to get their hands dirty.

As far as advantages…..expect the unexpected! It keeps the game moving and the players dont get too comfortable. And if she does get an advantage she needs it! While Her partner B has won some things, and is a smart girl, her decisions on who to put up can be scary. She blew the last HH. and who knows if she will get Wednesday’s decision right?!

Personally I dont care who wins but at least Sarah has given me something to watch and keeps the boys on their toes.


Maybe someone already covered this, but I found the Pili/Ash convo this morning in the video 2 pages earlier interesting. REASON: Ash LIED to Pils

She told her Zach brought up keeping Sarah which he did not. He said “Are you crazy” when Ash said Sarah winning HOH wouldn’t be bad and that he wants her out first. Further she lied to Pils and said he’d put up Godfrey never telling her that Pils may be the initial nominee sitting beside Sarah! During the convo the fact Ash let it slip that Bruno would never be a consideration you could see light bulbs sparking all around Pils.

Then cut to the outside area with Sarah giving her the numbers re: the boys together, what will happen if Bruno or God win (2 girls on the block), and Bruno telling them how the girls are always saying things & Sarah NAILS something the Goblins actually said so Pils knows he’s playing all sides. She already didn’t trust him and now this will percolate all day.

As for Ash lying to Pili it makes me think Ash is more tied to Zach, but then again she wants to take them both to F3 so she can’t lose. It will be very interesting to see how Ash reacts once Zach is out of the house.


Ash lies to Pili a lot. I don’t believe her diaries.

don't care

Looks like Queen B is going to put up Zak and Brono! Tomorrow is going to be better than the triple eviction! The nervous look on Zacs and Bronos face will be priceless! Bye bye Zak! I am looking forward to see what Ash will do when her shield leaves and all she has is Pili.


If God was smart he’d keep Zach….Zachs the only person who’s better at manipulating people than Sarah…he’ll save Bruno…but game wise he should save Zach


I should have added God should keep Zach cause if he doesn’t Sarah will have a party of 4.
God actually truly needs Zach game wise…be interesting how do you all think he should vote? Game wise nothing more…forget your hate for Bruno and Zach, game wise it would be smarter for God to actually vote out Bruno.


One of the main reason I like Godfrey is because he straight up said he was going for Zach. He should stick to it.


So are Sarah and Brit actually campaigning to get God? Or are they just faking since they have the secret veto?


It is really unclear what they are doing. Setting themselves up for next week I geuss.

Habs Rule

Pillar and ash are the dumbest players in the house……..and there calling Godfrey a joke…..now talk about calling the kettle black!!…..(no pun intended!!)

lol what?

Ya because positioning yourself well in the game, aligning with other strong players, and winning HoH makes them a joke! You are a joke!

Habs Rule

Well thank you!! much appreciated!!…..LOL!!!…….KNOCK KNOCK!!……NOW SAY WHOS THERE??

Habs Rule

pili is thinking for herself
but she also cannot be alone
so she relies on ashleigh (who is stupid)
and zach isnt playing a bad game
it’s just that ashleigh is playing a horrible game
as of now, i see pilar getting more votes than ashleigh

Habs Rule

I agree totally but why are you using my name there fake Habs Rule???….lol


A few weeks ago I went to write a comment here and noticed a completely foreign name that was already filled in for me. So I think there is a small problem with the server where it can send out the wrong name when auto-filling the name box.

Because I have seen a few people using duplicate names and it never seems to be on purpose, like the post above (it wasn’t me just explaining).

Habs Rule

Thanks for the info LegendLength appreciate it!……but i wonder can people use names of other bloggers to screw them around?


This season of BBCAN is for little kids! All of the tasks this year are for 12-year olds. Running around the house collecting T-shirts?, Somebody falls down and pretends to be sick and the rest run around the house and play doctor? Arts and Crafts? Family camping by walking on a treadmill? Making sandwiches??????? Bring back the alcohol, bring back the social psychological tasks and stop blocking the feeds when they are talking game! If you put 1/3 of the houseguests on slop and the others only get 4 hours sleep does production really think anything interesting is going to happen? The show needs to go back to Slice.


It should have never left Slice. You can say goodbye to the good ol’ days when a task would involve drinking as much as you can in 60 minutes without getting caught. Now, it’s “Who can make the tastiest sandwich!?!”


That was honestly the best challenge I have ever seen! A couple Newfies, getting shmammered and trying to act normal. Great TV right there!


At least the important competitions have been difficult. Like the diamond veto where you had to …. count some items, then have unlimited chances to adjust the numbers if they’re wrong.

another name

production must be short on game talk for this weeks episode. first the sarah Ashleigh pilar door look. then Britt said that Zach Ashleigh pilar were talking and the hoh door was locked so she couldn’t get in. Bruno said something to Zach and Godfrey about shaving and being told to go to a room and ‘they’ were locked in. I’m surprised the players aren’t screaming bloody murder.


Why do people hate Zach so much? I don’t watch the feeds so i don’t know?


Mostly his arrogance. Everyone else doesn’t walk around the house thinking that they own it. Think about it, although the secret power is known to Sarah and Brit, they are not parading around talking shit. They are working not only to keep the power a secret but to gather information and to form a solid final 4. All Zach and Bruno can say is BRO! FINAL 2! Sarah is poison, So Poison. BRO! FINAL 2! THE GENERALS!!!!

Seriously. I’m not a huge Brit/Sarah fan, but they have gained a lot of respect from me. I’m rooting for Godfrey all the way!

uh huh

Brit is 1000x more arrogant than Zach.


Well that definitely proves why Brit and Sarah were voted by Canada right? Canada definitely votes for the most arrogant person in the house 🙂

lol what?

a small % of Canada watch BB, a small % of them vote, a small % of the voters are majority with the vote. That equates to “Canada”? even if the vote results are 51% to 49% ,…half the people will still be pissed.

Habs Rule

can we just jump a week ahead with zach and bruno out and have a godfrey, ashleigh, pili, sarah, and brittnee final 5

Habs Rule

ok thtas not me the original haabs rule….someone is using my tag name!!!!


If you are serious, Habs – I used to use the tag “Me” until someone else started using it. I thought maybe it was an innocent mistake, it’s a tag that is pretty unoriginal. Now, however, I am seeing this happen to other commentators and it makes me wonder. I’ve moved on to another tag, but it’s nice to have a consistent identity, if you want to, on a medium that is so easy to be anonymous on. (I mean anonymous on the Internet, not the person who uses that tag in this forum, lol).

Habs Rule

thanks man the dude just posted again as habsrule saying 2 people are now using it or some shit like that and go zach go …..id never say go zach go!!…….startin to piss me off……..Thanks again for the info

Habs Rule

Okay not funny, two people posting under my name. Can we not get a little more original than that?


Habs Rule

k again not the real HabsRule saying this shit……

Next Week

While Sarah is busy trying to flip the script and get the girls on board Brit knowing she is safe is planning ahead being buddy buddy with bruno and godfrey cause she knows they are her biggest threats after she sends Zach packing this week.. By being friendly with Bruno and Godfrey if they win next week they are more likely to target Sarah and Ash and less likely to target her.. Dont know how well it will work cause after this week she will be on everyones radar regardless.

Sarah put in the work on the girls but will not be able to flip them cause there is a barrier there in Ashleigh .. Ash will not go against Zach and she will sway Pili.. you can see Pili mind churning but as long as Ash is there its irrelevant what you say to her and Ash is useless as long as Zach is there ….
Once Zach goes this week those girls will be workable itll be 4 girls vs 2 guys.. with Brit on the bottom of the girls totem pole and Bruno on the guys…

Bruno is literally fucked unless he wins next week..

Godfrey will throw it .. Ash can’t play

so its Pili, Sarah, Britnee vs Bruno
Pili— primary target bruno, secondary Brit
Sarah— primary target Bruno secondary Godfrey
Bruno— primary target Sarah secondary possibly Ash— most likely will put one girl from both pairs

Pili is in the best position in the house once Zach leaves she will have no one coming for her if Zach had stayed it would have been bad for her end game as Bruno would have targeted her to solidify his hold on Zach n Ash and Zach would have cut her in final four to ensure Bruno and Ash both take him to final 2. This girl will walk away with 20 grand no sweat.

BBCan Circus

if Sarah or Brit don’t win hoh tomorrow then they’re both going up on the block together. I hope Brit wins hoh tomorrow so this train wreck of a season can continue


So somehow when Sarah is talking to the girls the Hoh room is locked….and when she’s in the main bedroom talking to them it’s locked….BBC production can’t make it more obvious…they really, really can’t.
I don’t like Bruno but now that you Sarah lovers say you like underdogs, I’m assuming you’ll be begging BBC production for a twisto twist when it’s 5 vs 1 next week right…lol
Love how Sarah throws Godfrey under the bus even though she knows he’s safe this week, B still doing it too….nice girls.
Bruno at least hasn’t thrown Godfrey under the bus as viscously and vile as Sarah has but somehow she’s the most logical and nice person in the house…lol
She knows God will be their next week and yet she throws him under the bus repeatedly all while he magically can’t get I. The room…BBC production yo
This Games more corrupt then Denzel Washington in training day, yo!


The winner of an HOH comp should never lose there power. How can a have not decided by Canada (wink wink Code for Production) easily remove them just saying there names. Bullsiht l hate when production dictates story line. What’s the use for creating the elaborate sets for the HOH comps having the guests suffer to win and mean nothing. Bullsiht

BBC Production

I agree

Production has absolutely ruined this year by steering the outcome too much.


I was also pretty unhappy they made someone go through an *endurance* HOH just to have it taken away from them. But on further thought I realize the HOH is actually safe this week, so they do get that slight advantage.


it wasn’t a waste of an HOH…Why does everyone keep saying that? Besides, didn’t you see what Ash said to Pili? The room is all that matters in winning HOH…lol such a foolish girl.
Ashley solidified her safety this week by not being able to be named a nominee, same with Sarah. If anything she could have been put up beside Zach as a pawn.

So NO her HOH was not a waste in the sense that she is SAFE.


It’s called campaigning. It does not matter who is on the block
Sarah is going to campaign the best she can to keep Brit.
Sarah only knows that there is a secret power, she does not know what it does,
Only Brit knows and They can not talk about it at all or their booted from the show.
Meanwhile, Brit is planting seeds in Godfreys brain and pulling him in, and breaking any trust he has with Bruno.
Sarah and Brit have done an excellent job this week!
Although, Sarah being Sarah has been abit if a whirlwind … Even Brit told her to chill and not freak them out.
Pili and Ashes brains can not compute to much info at a time and they’re scared of not having their authority figure telling them their every move.
Good sheep …keep going keep going … over the cliff …
Tomorrow will be Great!


why is Sarah campaigning so hard for britt? i dont get it…i think the reason bruno and sarah hate each other is cause they are so alike…Sarah assuming this power didn’t exist what ‘s your play?…if britt goes sarah what are you doing to form bonds with the other house guest… nothing…Britt isn’t campaigning.. take that as a sign sarah and shut the F up…Lord your exhausting… all i see you do is bash Godfrey…which i hate …please stop!!…..am i the only one who see’s how pointless it is to talk to pili especially…i just want to shout and say sarah pili is an idiot dont even bother…..the only person that has the power over those bitches is zac and give credit to bruno for recognizing zacs power….bruno doesnt even have to talk to ash or pili and they still put sarah up…that a good social game….sarah runs her mouth constantly to trying to rise these zombies ash and pili to her side ….ash and pili do what zac says and once zac is gone dont delude yourself into thinking they will work for you or with you…you sarah are there next target after bruno or before……its day 57 in that house and those two idiots ash and pili have never wanted to work with you sarah …you think a few convincing long winded arguments wil change that …then your high on some bullshit ;/


You’re either blinded by your personal dislike of Sarah, or you’ve just not been keeping up with the feeds. As bad strategist as they may be, the Goblins have mentioned repeatedly that they would prefer to bring Sarah to the end with them because in their minds they think they could beat her. If they did, and she won the final HOH, she beat either of them.

You can call them pointless conversations, but they are already planting seeds in the Goblins heads, they’ve even talked about getting Zach out (shocking as it sounds).


I’m so happy that Zach is B’s main target this week :D! Hopefully nothing changes where people decide to send Bruno to jury…I dislike both of them, but Zach needs to go. Like yesterday.

Moronita Pilar

This is so embarrassing to watch 🙁

Is Ashleigh really trying to give credibility to blond jokes?! It’s just unbelievable.


Sarah’s skills of persuading are amazing. She talks in such a logical way that it’s difficult to disagree unless like the Goblins a person is thinking illogically.

If the Goblins were smart they would take Sarah and Britt to the final 4 and target Britt. But they haven’t come to that logical conclusion.

At this point the only people I could see definitely winning at the final 2 is Zach and Britt unless they were against each other.

Sarah also has a strong claim, because she’s a incredibly dangerous social player, and has been a target for a long time now, and yet she remains.

Bruno would probably win against Godfrey and the Goblins, but I think if he were against Zach, Britt, and Sarah he might not win.

BBCan Circus

Sarah’s skills of persuading are so amazing, she hasn’t been able to persuade anyone to do anything all season. so amazing


Like who want to like, it is a tv show…could they make it more obvious…it’s a joke


Can you stop complaining about production, if its so bad why are you still watching? We get it you hate Sarah , tough luck on the polls though.

lol what?

why am i not surprised about a surface dweller talking about the polls?

lol what?

i bet you were focused on Derrick’s “pig nose” during bb16 too huh?


Has anyone. not thought that with the way Pili and Ashleigh think, that they may be furious that Brittnee send their other half out of the house and join up with Godfrey and Bruno to take Sarah and Brittnee out. just a thought…..


I understand how they think delta, but I think it’s really sad they aren’t more invested in furthering their own fan instead of Zach’s.

When Alison Irwin got rid of Dana, Jun didn’t count her out as a means of furthering her own game. Jun aligned with Alison because age knew she could beat her.

BBC Production

I think next week we should have a twist called “You Can’t vote for Britt or Sarah” .
The rules of this twist won’t be announced until just before the live eviction.
I think that Production feels they have not help the useless B and S enough this year.

This year is a Big farce!!! Way too much production coaching & interference because one group was too weak


Weak? What are u talking about. B won more hohs than Zach and Bruno and acruallly made big moves than taking the easy way out. Also, Bruno got a chance to use a double veto and make a big move, but obviously he didn’t.

uh huh

i agree, but i wouldn’t call the one group too weak! Brit’s been HoH twice, Sarah help with the one HoH win, and gotten out 3 strong players.


Ash and Pilli will float on over to whatever person wins HOH. I don’t know how he did it… But Godfrey won me over… And I’m a die hard Brit fan! I don’t even know who should take who to the end! Ash and Pilli have played a floaters game but the jury is stacked with their alliance. No one can win against them…..(sigh)…..I give this reality show way to much thought! Lol


Next week’s twistos twist will be awesome. Its the one where you can lose, be put on the block, and then magically you get a pass to the final two. What makes it better, is you don’t have to announce it until the finale, when you magically appear from the sky and decide who you want to stand beside, thereby sending the official final two to jury.


Zach is a good manipulator and great social player, but he is a cocky little shi* and that in the end will be his demise. His cockiness led to JP getting voted out, his cockiness is what led Canada to hate him and thus, the special powers were not given to him.


Ash and Pili: Do they never have to fart?