Big Brother Canada 3 – Head Of Household WINNER! Who wants a shot?!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 7th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-07 16-05-29-187

1pm – 7:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Head Of Household competition. Shortly before the HOH competition began each of the house guests got a 30 second diary room session with Big Brother Canada 1 house guest Emmett Blois. They didn’t get talk talk game with him. He just asked them a couple questions and some of them asked him questions. He is also likely that he was the host of this HOH competition and will be appearing on the tonight’s episode of the Big Brother Canada side show.

The WINNER of the HOH competition is: ASHLEIGH

All the house guests are up in Ashleigh’s HOH room. Brittnee is looking at Ash’s HOH letter. Ashleigh starts picking up her HOH photos and talking about her friends. Godfrey is liking Ashleigh’s friend Melissa. Godfrey says oh yeah she’s taken! Oh yeah I am too. Godfrey says yeah you’ve got some dope a$$ friends!

7:20pm Ashleigh then asks who wants to take a shot? They pass her bottle around and take drinks shots from it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-07 16-12-59-466

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 16-30-48-658

7:30pm HOH Pili and Ashleigh
Pili giving Ash tips on how the HOH’s are like saying that people will all come to you asking you things. AShleigh says she’s going to put up Sarah and Godfrey if the POV is played Brittnee goes up.
AShleigh – this week i’m feeling we have to break those girls up
Pili warns her people are going to tell her what she wants to hear “You know who you’re friends are”
They agree they want to get rid of a girl this week. Pili points out they’ve already broke up Bobby/Bruno. Pili thinks if Bruno wins the HOh next week he’ll put up her and Brittnee. Asheligh thinks it could be Brittnee and Godfrey.
Ash thinks if Godfrey wins he’ll go after the guys, If Pili wins she’ll go after Bruno and if Brittnee wins she’ll go after the guys.
Ashleigh says the only two people she’s loyal to are Pili and Zach. Tells her Bruno is a thrat to her and will have to go sometime.
Ashleigh tells her Zach is playing it up how close he is with Bruno.
They agree they can use Bruno for another week.
AShleigh adds if Pili and Bruno are on the block Zach will keep Pili. Pili thinks it was all Sarah’s plan when Brittnee put 3 of the Diapers up. Ashleigh will put Brittnee up and she’ll go home if Sarah wins the veto.
Pili goes on and on about sticking with their Diaper alliance.

7:38pm Sarah and Brittnee
Trying to figure out how to stay off the block this week.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-07 16-54-48-401

7:51pm Living room Zach and Bruno

talking about getting Sarah and Brittnee up so they can pull Godfrey in for following week. Zach is worried if Godfrey goes up he’ll be pissed at them and could put him and AShleigh up.
Zach says he wants to get rid of Pili eventually, Brino points Godfrey can do that for them.
Zach is certain Ash will put sarah up

FYI Big Brother Canada wording for the twist

This power will force the winner to change ONE of the nominations right before the live eviction on May 13th. It will also give them the option to change BOTH of the nominations IF they decide to do so. However, the Have Not power cannot be used to nominate the HOH or POV holder.

If one of the two houseguests with the highest number of votes ALSO wins HOH for the week, the houseguest with the third highest number of votes will be chosen to compete for the Have Not power.

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No shade. Good for Ashleigh for winning her first competition. It does suck that she will be Coup’d like Chima, which does suck. I am sure she will hold it together better than the former mentioned.


Ashleigh??…now I know I have to vote for Godfrey and Sarah now…everyone else will just use the power to feed Zach’s ego…


Vote for Sarah and Britt, if you want to insure Sarah’s safety. God might let Sarah get voted out.


Who said they wanted Sarah safe could be they want the power used. GOD would use it to.

Nate Dawg

Not too disappointed Ash won HOH! I think she will nominate Brit and Godfrey…then Sarah will save them both…forcing her to nominate Bruno and Pili! Bye bye Bruno!!


Or bye bye Pili if the others don’t want the diapers to have 3 solid votes going forward…Bruno will flip again when the numbers are no longer with the diapers


Unless! Say, Bruno wins the POV, takes God off and then Ashley puts up Britt/Sarah (whichever is not up). Britt/Sarah veto themselves, leaving Zach and Pili to go up.

Boom, Zach gets voted out on Ash’s HOH.


Zack hoh. She will go for god and Sara I hope cause that’s who I’m voting for. Hope zack gets sent home. Will only work if someone else using power of veto. Bruno and Britt will be put up. Cause it ain’t gonna be pilli or zack. Does that work?


So to answer your question if Power used for 2 removed then that leaves 4 to choose from. But that presumes GOD/Sarah on the block and they save while on the block. If POV not used Bruno and B the replacements in simple terms. Could be as many as 3 safe if secret power uses 2, not on the block and cannot be nominated themselves.
All these pro Sarah/GOD folks are missing the possibility this Power could be very dangerous. There is no garuntee that the holder is safe. It might be an anti secret power. One must come off, 2 can come off but the user isn’t safe. It would be a barn burner if true. Holder takes 1 off they go on block and out the door. I’d kinda like to see that myself. Would be a great twist.
No ones safe til we see who wins POV 1st off. Zack can leave with the right combo of vetos useable.


Well, she is screwed LOL! She better pull a Chima afterwards.
Now all the diapers have became HoH at some point. I don’t like it!


Vote for God and Sarah because I know they are going into the block please save them asap. Ash wants nominate Sarah and God. Please vote havenots God and Sarah to finally take down zach.


Please let God and sarah for havenots please. I like them both in the game out everyone. I was a little pissed off by bruno for using the veto.

Not really

Prediction: Any which way you put it (so long as either Brittney, Godfrey, or Sarah are havenots), Zach is going home this week. He will be up on the block against either Bruno or Pili due to the secret power.

Ash is most likely going to nominate Godfrey and Sarah. The only people would would use POV are Sarah, Godrey, Bruno (to save Godfrey), and Brittney (to save Sarah). If POV isn’t played, the secret power holder (Brit, God, or Sarah) would put up Zach and either Pili/Bruno (depending on the holder). If POV is played, the same would still occur, because Ash wouldn’t put up Zach so he’d still be free to select once the secret power is played. He no longer has the votes to stay (Brit, God, and Sarah would definitely vote him out).


Zack for sure gets to play in the Veto though, right? So that’s his only chance; if he decides to throw the Veto he’s screwed. He seems to like giving the Veto comps his all though.


Ash told Zach she wants to win so she can ensure noms stay the same. Zach agreed…but who knows, he may still want the win.


Politely one of us is misinformed. When did the Secret Power include the right to pick the replacements? That is Ash’s choice as HOH unless I missed something. Further to force Zack up you need 4 safe that cannot be renomed…
To get there 1st you need POV used at minimum. Second secret power used 2 removed then either must happen 1) POV user is not on the block that gets you to 4 safe or secret power holder not on the block and saves 2 BUT they also must be safe from being a renom as well. Concievably 5 could end up safe leaving one person to vote for under certain rule conditions.
Step 1 simply the POV must be used for Zack to be remotely at risk. Or this ridiculous notion that Secret Power holder picks the renoms. Not buying that til I see it.
Step 2 Power holder is immune from being nominated. This is key as the holder being a potential nominee hurts the chances to get Zack.
Step 3 2 are removed from the block or as I said before simply the POV user is not on the block himself.
If lord forbid any single player gets both the Power and POV production would have screwed up again. Zack, Pili or Ash win POV that should keep all safe. What if the geniuses decide to backdoor someone then power used x2 now the non POV holder could get evicted. ROFL
I hope some things happen less caring about who gets jammed unless it’s obscured by productions heavy hand.
Best plays….. 1) Power holder no immunity saves 1 off the block and gets nominated and evicted. 2) POV held by diapers used to backdoor anyone. Then power played diaper goes home. that would be tasty too. 3) 3 cannot vote it’s 2-2 tie Ash brakes it but not what Zack wants. 4) Zack GOD and Bruno still in the house oh the Sarah trolls will be calling someone stupid 😛 5) Sarah gotta go but not yet more whining and belly aching to go still.
PS To the girls you better look ahead to F4 and get those guys out. Leave Bruno or Zack around to F4 would be a big mistake.
My dark horse is gone… poor Willow. New silly pick for winner of BB Can 3 that Nova Scotian sweet heart Pili! I’m mostly tongue in cheek but given she is ideal F2 material to sit beside and a bitter jury possible she may actually win especially if she shows a little game with Kev gone. I am so happy I don’t have a fav I’d be pi ssed 1/2 the time no matter who I was rooting for.
Seagull for the win!


The secret power holder gets to replace the noms. NOT HOH. The power explicitly states has to change the noms.

Not really

Specific language used:

This power will force the winner to CHANGE one of the nominations right before the live eviction on May 13th. It will also give them the option to CHANGE both of the nominations if they decide to do so.

The word CHANGE and not SAVE has been persistently used. Arissa also said as much during live eviction.

And yes, the only way Zach might be safe is if he wins the POV, which is a good chance he might.


Hypothetically speaking…what if Sarah and Godfrey were nominated…and Sarah wins the POV…but also somehow won the magic POV power… Could she use the POV on herself first…wait for a re-nom which would probably be Bruno/Brittany… Then at the live eviction use her power to take one or both off? If she takes both off then Ashleigh has no choice but to nominate Bruno/Brittany and Pilar?!? ((because God knows she would never put up her boyfriend Zach)… Could get very interesting with this special power!!! It’s too bad Ashleigh won HoH this week because now there is no way Zach is going home… 🙁


I think part of the secret powers power is that the holder of this power decides who goes on the block as the replacements not Ash…the only ones who can’t be put up are the HOH and the POV holder…my question is which POV holder the person who originally won it or the person it was used on?…the rules only guarantee the safety of one of them.


Omg! Please let it be the power holder who decides and NOT Asleigh!!! That would be EPIC!!!


Where are you folks coming up with the Secret Power holder gets to chose replacements? It’s not on the voting site and Arissa never said it either. At this point the whole thing is made up rubbish. in another comment I’ve detailed that yes indeed Zack can get evicted this HOH but not by getting nominated by Power holder.


Because it says that the HOH and POV holder cannot be used as renoms. I don’t think they would state this if the HOH was doing the re-nomming…because they obviously aren’t nominating her/himself. So it seems to me, that they are clarifying that whoever wins the power has to replace and name one, can replace and name both, and it can be anyone but HOH or Veto winner.


I also think that the only ones safe from renom is HOH and the original POV winner. I would assume…by the wording of the twisty mctwist sir twists-alot…that whomever wins the special renom power makes the replacements (Because it states that the HOH and POV can’t be renommed…and why would HOH nom themself?)

I think it is perfect that Ash won this…because it is basically a useless HOH and as long as Zachula doesn’t win POV…he will most likely be shown the door on Ash’s HOH. Which would be awesome…not only because he feels the safest right now…but because both he and his undead bride will have lost their closest allies during their HOH. Oh the sweet karma!

Can you hear that? It is the “SQUEEEE” sound of air leaking out of the piss-stained double air mattress…and it is music to my ears.


This would come down to how production wants to script it as to who gets evicted. You’ve noticed there is a difference between order maybe. 2 come off then 2 up POV used that’s 2 on the block but not Zack for argument sake. Now use POV 1st. 1 gets renomed then 2 are removed by special power that’s 3 safe and 2 up and Zack not in play again. For all that power to work Sarah or whoever cannot start out on the block. One person holding everything and not nominated and Zack can be evicted. Weather POV 1st or second matters if it’s different holders and the POV last is better to get Zack. 2 down 1st POV holder can do the math he cannot be a renom that 3 safe at minimum. Then save either on the block Zack has to go up. If it looks like this scenario were possible production could force POV used 1st and hope it’s not used to save anyone. They can definitely influence the eviction Wednesday depending.
Zack haters are missing the math. The Power holder needs to not be on the block or the POV holder needs not to be on the block or lastly the power holder not on the block gets immunity. Actually best case is Bruno/B have nots and Sarah/GOD on the block or some simillar situation where the Power holder is not nominated. That creates a potential extra immune person after the POV ceremony. 3 safe won’t do it to get Zack up you need 4 safe forcing Ash to nominate Zack.


So ashley is probably going to put up B and Sarah (or Godfrey?). If Sarah/B/God get the secret veto, does that mean Zach/Pili are gonna be the replacements??


Forget B guys. Godfrey and Sarah will actually be smart about the have not votes. Bruno’s in B’s head now.


Voted for Sarah and Britt for the have not power. I hope they know that theres a secret power and not that Canada hates them. Ashleigh winning is another week of no live feed for me.

Arya Stark Bad Ass

Pounding shots is a good strategy.

Please please please...

Let Zach go on her HOH! It would be devine! Sarah needs the special veto, and puts up zach and pilli as a pawn. Zach goes to jury…
Either him or bruno, but Zach would be the finest option for Ashes HOH!


So part 1 done we have a HOH. Not a 100% shoe in Sarah/B up at this point. They could go Bruno/GOD.
Part 2 who can look and who gets the special power.
Part 3 noms
Part 4 POV comp.
Only thing HOH did for certainty is keep Ash safe for the week. Zack could be the 1 evicted anything is possible as I wrote in an earlier thread. In fact this might be one of those rare times being an original nom could end up a blessing. Be fun to see Sarah and B up and whining like babies only to get saved and Zack goes home on Ash’s HOH it can happen.

ya and

Ya and they can just let the public vote who they want out of the house and vote who they want to win. I mean why should people who are playing the game well, be able to go further than people who suck at the game?


interesting point. Who you have playing the game well? Not Sarah that’s for sure just ask her snuggle buddy Willow. Zack is terrible, Bruno saved him a true noob play. B was terrible in the second HOH just had to nom 3 guys renom a 4th and most likely 2 guys gone Sarah’s game would be rolling. Pili has had a better season than Ash. GOD might be the one you could say on game play should go farther maybe. It’s a flawed cast from Kasting period.
Next week a double then F4 looking forward to F4 at this point.


It’s funny to watch Pili coaching Ashleigh on what she needs to say to Sarah regarding the upcoming nominations.


She’s just regurgitating everything Kevin said to her…she has no brain cells.


why wont the production just give sarah the 100k.


This is such BS, how do they hand out a Coup with 3 weeks left and to someone that production is directly favouring. BB Canada gotta get their shit together. First Gary comes back to final 5, Allison gets a power and then is to stupid to make the right move to get further (got voted out next), Sindy not sequestered, now this BS where HOH doesn’t even decide the final noms! BBCAN production is so full of shit.


You talk like production are giving Sarah perfectly suited competitions. Oh wait a second …


Please vote for Sarah and Brittany!!! It’s too hard to know where Godfrey’s true alliegance lies! I’m sure the nominations will be after the voting ends… Hope Godfrey isn’t drinking the new Bruno/Zach-arade. I hope Godfrey cuts Bruno when he gets a chance because Bruno is not playing both sides….


*IS playing both sides!


i know it’s been confirmed the POV and HOH cannot be placed on the block after the have not power, but what about is the POV winner uses it on someone else, can that person be put back on the block? If not, I think the following scenario would be hilarious:

God and Sarah on the block
Brit wins POV and takes off Sarah
Bruno goes up instead
God wins have not power and forces HOH to replace both
Only options left are Pili and Zack. lol

dont care

It would we so sweet if Zack left on her HOH! If Sarah, B, or God gets the secret power and Zack does not win the POV this is most certainly a possibility!

Alec Tryhard Beal

Who needs the power? Sarah and Britt? Do you think Bruno or God?


My dream scenario:

Sarah and Godfrey are put up
Pilar gets Pov and keeps noms the same
Britt gets Pov power and takes both Sarah and god down
Zach and Bruno go up


That would be my dream!


And Sarah still hasn’t won anything…


She’s the biggest flop. And production will still find a way to hand her the check for 100k. At this point id vote for Pilar or Ashleigh before Sarah.


So? She technically won that HOH she let B have. Winning comps isn’t everything. She has played more game than people who have won comps.

Kool Aid

You must be drinking the kool-aid too. How did Sarah win the HOH? It was a team effort and
Britt was just as responsible for that win as Sarah was. Sarah gave it to Britt, so Sarah could have influence yet put the blood on Britt’s hands. Strategic, yes, but totally cowardly of her.


The whole point of a power is for everyone to have a fair shot at it. Not Have a 50% shot bc Canada is gonna vote for 2 ppl to have a shot at it. This is is ridiculous especially this late in the game!


Sarah has not influenced Brits HOH’s
You’ve been drinking the broken record Bruno koolaid
Sarah wanted Bobby out on Brits first HOH
Brit did what Brit wanted on her 2cd HOH
Then proceeded to throw Sarah under the bus to Bruno?
I dislike Brit as much as I dislike Bruno at this point


I wasn’t commenting really on whether Sarah influences Britt’s HOHs or not, but that element is certainly up for discussion. I was relplying to the idea that Sarah won Britt’s 1st HOH, which is “technically” impossible. Given the nature of the competition, Sarah could not have won unless Britnee did, and Britnee could not have won unless Sarah did. DD saying Sarah won is completely wrong. (I am assuming DD made the coment in response to the claim that Sarah has won nothing).

Watcher, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, you must have meant to place your comment on another post, because it makes no sense in this specific discussion.

If you actually were referring to my comment, your powers of persuasion have been found wanting. I am a huge Sarah fan! I was just trying to be honest and give credit where credit is due (Queen B by 50%). Trying to associate me with Bruno, because I innocently said something even remotely anti-Sarah is ridiculous. If your real reaction was to me calling Sarah a coward in that instance, well, I will hold firm to that. At that point in time, she was more willing to let Britt do the work than do it herself. This season is populated with cowards and shields and a whole lot of reluctance and hesitation.


oops … ur right? house guest must be rubbing off on me. lol


I never said Britt didn’t win the HOH. Technically, they BOTH won but Sarah said Brit could have it. So they both win, yet Brit gets to claim it as her HOH. I was mostly referring to how everyone forgets Sarah was part of that win as well. No need to read too into the language I use or don’t use.


I think it’s pretty clear the HaveNot holder will pick the renom. The description stated “change” the nominations. Otherwise it’d be just like what Bruno had, a double veto.

Also on the latter note it clearly stated “However, the Have Not power cannot be used to NOMINATE the HOH or POV holder”


Can it be used on the POV winner if they use it to save someone else?


If that foolishness turns out to be true production should all get fired. This would be far worse than bringing back Gary so late in season 1. 7 left Power holder controls 4 peoples fate would be completely unbalanced. The game would have no integrity left at all. I’m still gonna hope it’s just an idiot typo and that everything is in play except the renoms being done by that person.
There’s a lot of reading between the lines. Some copy boy puts the obvious HOH and POV holder cannot be nominated to infer the power holder has the renom responsibility. Lets say that’s true but they aren’t safe and POV user removes 1 and Power holder goes home. Lets just wait and see. As is typical of this global season production is a train wreck. By the way by inference the Secret Power holder goes 1st leaving the POV holder the ability to save the target and yes that would include Zack. I hate this whole bloody foolishness regaurding to power holder doing renoms. The rest I like though.

another name

I have to say, from an objective stand point I don’t care who is hoh this week. given that the have not will have the opportunity to change the nominations last second.
the hoh can’t be one of the new nominees. neither can the pov holder. for some reason the majority of the players have been allowed to ride fences for 7 weeks. even when lines are drawn in the sand, everybody just continues with the charade of being everyone’s best friend. this power will end that stalemate. about bloody time. as much as I hate production interference, I do note that they didn’t leave the option of not using the power like they did with the double veto.
Ashleigh is relegated to being a bystander with a pretty room for the week. fitting. and unable to vote. a complete figurehead.
she will 75% nominate sarah and godfrey. 25% nominate sarah and britt.
if Zach wins and doesn’t use the pov he can’t be put on the block by the power.
b/s/g if any one are the winners of the power (the only names if consistently heard)
can nominate pilar and or Bruno to the block. 50:50 right now on what would happen there. but lots of fall out.
if Bruno wins pov and uses it on godfrey, Ashleigh will nom britt (Bruno just promised to keep her safe), britt no longer team Bruno. uses it on britt, Ashleigh will nominate godfrey. godfrey no longer team Bruno. godfrey or britt is the pov holder, can’t be put up by secret power nom. Bruno can, Zach can, Pilar can.
chances are Zach or Bruno go home.
if Bruno wins pov and doesn’t use it, he’s choosing team Zach. loses godfrey, loses britt. b/s/g nom Zach and pilar. Zach goes home. Bruno is left with ash and pilar. pilar doesn’t trust Bruno.
if pilar wins pov noms stay the same. bsg change noms to Bruno and Zach. one of Bruno or Zach goes home.
so in all honesty, I get the feeling that production is intending for one of the two guys to be out.
Too bad the players that get the power will be subjected to thinking Canada hates them for days before realizing they are being given an opportunity. Too bad the players that don’t get chosen for have not this week will get cockier until they realize they’ve been bamboozled.
i’m not a fan of the production twists. I think they are too overt in guiding the game. but I’ve come to almost tolerate that production’s going to do what production’s going to do aspect of bbcan. begrudgingly.


Just another twist that they will surely screw up!
It is absolutely amazing how these people squander opportunities.


If Zach wins the Veto, I think a majority of the viewing audience will pull a Chima. Lol. Prepare for the worst.


I will self evict myself from watching the rest of the show haha


So basically all we need right now is for zach to not win the pov… so it will be sarah and Godfrey nominated, godfrey wins pov, sarah wins the secret power, Brittany nominated Sarah takes both of them down and she chooses pilar and Zach… And Zach gets evicted.. Now if Zach isn’t evicted then I hope its Bruno… I would have liked the twist more if we never choice the havnots like give everyone a fair shot like the games is LUCK… I would love a season where their is no twist just like season 10 other than americas player. Too many twist destroy a season.


I like Sarah as a gameplayer. But she needs to pull her weight and win a competition. Sarah does not have the manipulation skills of Dr.Will or Dan or even Derrick rely on it.


Omg…. vote B and Sarah as have nots… and hope God wins POV pulls off B. Ash puts up Bruno as the replacement and either B or Sarah (whoever has the have not power) takes off both nominees which only leaves Zach And pili. B, Sarah and God Vote out Zach. And they can all take out Bruno the following week. 🙂 sweet!


Make a poll for who do u want to win the have not power thingy pleaseeeee

another name

been thinking. overthinking quite possibly.
subject of my thoughts: psychological warfare.
is it conceivable that Bruno instigated an argument with sarah in order to blow up her game? he knows she won’t back down to confrontation from her debate two weeks ago with Zach in the pantry. it’s not probable but possible, and gave Bruno the justification he needed to keep Zach. the argument supposedly happened before veto.
is it conceivable that the votes for willow were to salt the wound? let willow believe you won’t vote for her. after she tells sarah she has no chance, vote to save willow so that you can throw it in sarah’s face that she voted out her best friend. make her emotionally vulnerable so that she’s easier to pick off? plausible, but is it probable?
not judging if it’s a good or bad move (completely despicable and completely genius in equal measure in my opinion). wondering if anyone believes it’s possible.


Ash winning HoH is good thing because if either Zach/Bruno would have won HoH and then other of Zach/Bruno won POV then they both would have been saved from coup d’tat eviction.


It’s important people recognize the power WON’T BE USED UNTIL THE LIVE EVICTION. Anyone who watches the US BB will be familiar with the power. It’s basically the Diamond Power that Jeff got. It DOES NOT GET USED AT THE POV CEREMONY.

Godfrey and Sarah will be on the block and going into eviction it will likely still be them or Britt may have replaced one of them.

THIS Is why I’m voting for Sarah/Britt to go into the vault. We know Sarah and Britt both won the shifting gears HOH but Sarah gave it to Britt so I’m thinking she’ll let Sarah have the power. It will only get used on EVICTION NIGHT … AND I’m pretty sure based on Ariza’s wording the Power holder will ALSO BE THE ONE MAKING THE RENOM’S .

Assuming that’s the case, it’s a no brainer you put up Zach and Bruno (so Bruno can’t vote to save Zach and vice versa) and you vote out Zach. The reason they are doing it this way I think is so the Power Holder has ALL the power and so the person who won the POV will also be vulnerable. So, if Zach or Bruno wins POV and leaves noms the same they won’t be safe to renom.

All Sarah has to say is Zach you were the target last week and Bruno was the one who came up with the plan so now we are going to finish what we started. Bruno, you are simply going up beside him to ensure he leaves.

Votes will be: Britt, Sarah and God to evict Zach and Pili will vote out Bruno.

The best part of this is what I was hoping would happen. Zach will get evicted during his number 1’s HOH (just like what happened to JP during his HOH), talk about irony.

AND the secondary benefit will be how fast Zach/Bruno sell each other out in their speeches to save their own asses.

At this point Bruno will be scrambling, Ash will be crying and they’ll be 3 pairs left in the house: Britt/Sarah, Ash/Pilee and God/Bruno (who don’t trust each other). Bruno will likely be the next target because neither side will trust him.

I think Godfrey is currently in the best position to win the whole thing btw.


The only person to NOT be in an alliance.

either way

Either way, Zach or Bruno could potentially be walking out the door this week. I don’t see sarah god or brit leaving


Funny how many people on here don’t understand what the word “Change” means.