House Guest Task SEVEN SANDWICH SPECTACULAR – “What’s the most disgusting thing I can find?”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Brittnee won the Have Not Power

Q) After the secret power is used, who picks the replacement nominee(s)? A) The secret power holder, not the HOH
Q) Does the secret power holder vote? A) Yes, as long as they are not a still nominee after making the switch(es)
Q) Can this week’s HOH play in the next HOH comp? A) No, as per usual
Q) Does the secret power HAVE to be used? A) Yes, on one OR two nominees
Q) Who is SAFE from the block when secret power is used? A) HOH and regular POV holder

4:10pm When the feeds return – Ashleigh is standing in the living room reading a task to the other house guests.

Ashleigh reads the card:

“SEVEN SANDWICH SPECTACULAR! The rules: The object of today’s task is simple! Make the most lip smacking, mouth watering sandwich the big brother Canada house has ever seen. Since there are only 7 of you remaining you must only use 7 ingredients to make your sandwich. You’ll be split up into 3 teams for this task. Team 1 – Godfrey and Bruno! Team 2 – Zach and Pilar! Team havenot – Sarah and Brittnee! As HOH I will judge the sandwich based on 3 criteria – Taste! Presentation! and Originality! Each team will have 15 minutes to make their sandwich and please be sure to give your creation a name.”

Godfrey and Bruno are up first. They start creating their sandwich. Godfrey puts lots of hot sauce on the bread. He then goes into the storage room and asks himself what’s the most disgusting thing I can find? They put froot loops on the sandwich. Big Brother blocks the feeds again! When the feeds return – Ash is eating their sandwich. After they

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 13-33-01-692

4:40pm Pilar and Zach are up next making their sandwich. They build their sandwich. Pili asks whats the name of it? Zach says “The General.” They bring it over to Ashleigh to judge it. “That’s really good! The bacon, the pickles work really well together!” “It tastes like.. Good!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 13-48-40-432

4:55pm 5:10pm The feeds return to Brittnee and Sarah running into the kitchen to make their sandwich. Sarah tells Brittnee I need you to cut the bread. Everyone knows I’m horrible at it. Ash says “the only thing she cuts is the cheese!!” Sarah says “I’m cutting this pear thinner than Graig likes his potato. This pear is thinner than Zach’s beard after 3 weeks of growth.” They finish up their sandwich and present it to Ash. Sarah says “May I present to you the woodworker club!” Ash tries it and says “HOLY Mosseies!!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 14-09-30-846

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 14-14-25-040
5:15pm – 5:25pmThe feeds come back to all the house guests in the living room with Ash up at the front to announce the winning team. The camera pans over the three sandwiches. Ash asks can I start whenever.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Feeds return to Ashleigh judging the sandwiches. The winner is team havenot – Sarah & Brittnee! Sarah and Britt jump up and do a dance. Big Brother blocks the feeds. The feeds come back and Ash announces the reward for winning the challenge. She tells Sarah and Britt they’re allowed to go into the kitchen and make any sandwich they want and eat it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 14-21-16-426

5:30pm The feeds come back to Sarah and Brittnee making their reward sandwiches. Sarah picks up a large piece of focaccia and asks if she could make it out of that and then snack on it all day.

5:50pm In the storage room – Bruno and Zach talk about winning back to back HOH’s and the last veto.

6pm – 6:20pm In the bedroom – Bruno asks Pili have you told her (Britt) yet? Pili says no. Have you told her? Bruno says no. Pili says It’s been a great day, I don’t want to ruin it. Bruno and Zach head into the bathroom. Bruno says I would be so pissed if they won. Zach agrees. It would be such a slap in the face to the season if they won.

In the kitchen – Britt and Sarah finish their sandwiches. Sarah calls hers “The Prime Minister”. They head into the storage room. Sarah tells Brittnee that Zach and Bruno are either related or working together. She says when they were doing the twitter camera Bruno and Zach took a photo together and Zach was writing something .. when I came over he took it back. Britt says she thinks Zach expected her (Ash) to pick him for this (winner of the task). Sarah says it was set up for this (us to win).

6:15pm – 6:30pm UP in the HOH room – Pili talks to Ash about whether or not its the right decision to vote out Britt or not.

6:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 15-52-23-099

6:50pm – 7:18pm The live feeds return – Pili, Sarah and Ashleigh are in the bedroom. Zach joins them and then leaves. Sarah says I think there’s a reason why they won’t leave us alone. How does it make sense that everybody wants the same person out. Bruno said specifically that he is coming after the girls. There is no way if God or Bruno win they aren’t putting up two girls. Ash says Godfrey has gone and run his mouth to everyone. Godfrey is throwing comps he is not going to win next week. Sarah says you cannot trust Godfrey and Bruno together. Pili says that Brittnee wants to get out big threats like Zach. Sarah tells them that Bruno is trying to drive a wedge between us. Sarah says I really think the four of us staying strong would be beneficial. Sarah says if they vote for her to go and we vote for her to stay I really really hope you would vote to tie break it. Godfrey joins them and the conversation stops till he leaves. Sarah explains the triple eviction and how Brittnee wasn’t after them she was trying to break up the couples ..the four. Ash asks Sarah if you won HOH next week would you put up Zach and I? Sarah says never! I would put up Bruno and Zach. I don’t want to risk one of us going home .. that way one of them stays up for sure. If I wasn’t HOH I would volunteer to go up because that’s how much I trust you guys. If Bruno and Zach are up there and Bruno wins the veto …wouldn’t you want to be the person that wouldn’t have to vote out Zach? Pili says yeah that’s true because I wouldn’t want to vote you (Ash) out. Sarah says I’ve been having conversations (Diary Room) that lead me to believe its them against us.

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I would like a Bruno and Godfrey sandwich…nice and chewy and a lot of meat.


pot sandwich from team sarah!


Was that a reference to the fist bumping generals?


I think there should be a ban on naming your alliance. I can’t possibly take anyone in an alliance named “The Diapers” seriously. I’m not up to speed on how they came up with the name…tho I speculate it has something to do with needing to be coddled and being full of $hit.


OMG!!! this made me literally laugh out loud. Part of the game is shitting people and that exactly what they have been doing.

Sarah's weed stash

Sarah and Brittay have won but their sandwich had 8 ingredients,lmao!
the bread
swiss cheese
garlic salt


you forgot the pot!


Of course bread doesn’t count because you automatically need bread to make a sandwich, plus Zach and Pili have mayo, mustard, turkey, cheese, pickle, bacon and cream cheese, which in total is 7 ingredients in you don’t include the bread….I’m so happy Sarah and Brit won, they clearly had the best sandwich! 😀


Their reward was to build a sandwich of their choosing, but the comp sandwich was only supposed to be 7 ingredients.

another name

I don’t think they counted the bread:
the general:
bread/mayo/mustard/meat/cheese/pickle/creamcheese/bacon (8)
the woodworker:
bread/mayo/sriracha/chicken/garlicsalt/swiss/bacon/pear (8)


Can’t stress enough that I am so happy that BB HGs have to play to Canada. Remember Aaryn, the racist rants and taunts she displayed? America could have had a hand in voting her out. Sometimes HGs can be really mean and vile ….. this shouldn’t be tolerated in our society today, so hats off to BBC for allowing the Country to have an impact. Not saying the people that we don’t favor can be compared to her. But isn’t nice not to have a predictable show and sometimes see the underdog get a break?


It’s nice to see the underdog get a break, but not a bailout. Godfrey has also been a target since week 2 or 3, has received no secret powers or advantages, and has still managed to keep himself from being evicted.

Even if this week went as normal, Brittnee would have been the one voted out even though Godfrey has clearly stated he is going after the showmances. The fact that he’s been going after the couples since Jordan left and everyone still wants to keep him to final 5 shows how good his gameplay has been.


And Sarah won the pov! She didn’t even need a bailout! As a BB Fan I love to see “the target” win the veto! So now Brit has the Bailout.Why? She’s been HoH twice and sent 3 Big Players home already!

lol what?

What is this man? its the day before eviction and we get “hid and seek” and “sandwiches”?!?!? Remember last season, the day before evictions? it was ALL gameplay ALL day long.


This twist has inadvertently ruined any game talk:

– There’s no need for Sarah or Brittnee to talk game because one has POV and other has special power
– No need for Godfrey to talk game because he thinks Brittnee is going home
– No need for the rest of the house to talk game because they aren’t on the block so the nominees normally come to them


And the fact they all think Britt going is a done deal! i cant wait til tomorrow!

BBCan Circus

So Production trying to spice up the game actually made it boring for the feeds.


That win was pure jury vote sugar from Ash


i’ve never seen houseguests as annoying and cocky as zach and bruno


You didn’t see Brittney’s diary room gloating last episode?


Sarah and Britnee win again!!,!



Yo Bro

Pili asking the right questions because this isn’t adding up for her. She knows Kevin didn’t too much worry about following Zach’s orders. Girl could redeem herself & not have to be the bad guy telling Brittnee she’s going home.

Don’t let them use you like that Pili !!! Tell them bésame el culo!


Bruno is worse than Zach but they both need to go! I hope Zach goes this week because I kind of want to see Bruno squirm. Plus I would love to see Bruno leave at Pilar’s hand. He is very dismissive to her and gives her no respect at all. It would be great to see her pull out an HOH this week and send him to jury!


I am repeating this for the people on Team Sarah so maybe they realize too. We should all stop with the sides… (you know what I mean)

May the chips fall where they may!
I don’t hate Sarah…just was disappointed in the “Willow move!” So I am now officially “Team-Whoever”
Everybody has had these twists effect them somehow!
Time to quit bitching and accept the reality of BBCANADA. being a “roll of the dice”
I am “all in” for Whoever!
(Still entertaining)


so has any big brother player ever has a much power as Queen B in a season?

BBCan Circus

i cant wait for Brit to win HoH tomorrow, while Ash is sitting on the sidelines. Let the Circus continue!


I don’t get how anyone can say production set this up for Sarah & Brit. Hello?! Canada voted. They’re called fans. Look it up. Personally, I’m cheering for Sarah and Brit because watching ANY alliance steamroll their way to the end would be seriously boring

BBCan Circus

an alliance steam roll to the end? Oh you mean like Last Season With the Canada HoH flipped the house and then they steamrolled to the end? Where were all you Sara and Brit supporters Last season with Sabs and Rochell? The hate they received was disgusting. What did Sabs and Rochell not cry and whine and complain enough like Sara and Brit have done ALL Season!!!

another name

After the Canada’s HoH on BBcan2 I was more supportive of Sabrina than before (personality I hated whose game was blown up by production. go ahead and hate, it’s what I felt and I own up to it). But then, the only players I couldn’t find it in myself to care about for last season were Adel and Rachelle. Who knows, maybe after Wednesday I’ll be more supportive of whichever guy stays (I dislike some personality traits of every player in the house anyway). Stranger things have happened.

another name

Britt got a huge award/reward this week (not taking a side in the debate. she did).
Sarah got a sandwich (no side again. she did).
Britt: feel like Canada hates her/5th time on slop/special power/saved in the game/sandwich.
Sarah: feel like Canada hates her/3rd time in 4 weeks on slop/finds out Canada doesn’t hate her/ally gets saved in game/sandwich.
just saying.

BBCan Circus

just saying? What are you saying?


Dam I’m finding it hard!


Isn’t that nice of Big Brother to lock the door to the main bedroom so Sarah can pitch her plan to Pilar and Ashleigh? As soon as the girls agree with Sarah the door magically is opened. Can they be any more obvious?


I noticed that.. frankly I’m not surprised by anything they do.

Don’t be shocked if they drop a jury member into the game finale night

lol what?

Why doesn’t production just give Sarah a pass to the finals, and let the public vote for her to win? Like BB UK did last summer with Helen!


Did they really? Wow I’m finding it hard not to complain…but let the chips fall


Bros [Zach, Bruno and God] are panicking and are the intense hate mode! Good for them!
Gang on against Sarah! She’s so powerful, a huge threat and a competition beast! #YeahRight


Hopefully B puts a Zach and his gone if not that was a waste of have not power. Bruno needs to win the next hoh or veto next week he is going home 100% next week too. I have feeling that this week is instant eviction or some weird twist because after Wednesday there would 6 people. God needs to win comps or he could be going home next. Its 4 vs 2 depending how goblins react with the results.


Okay. I’ll speak slowly and won’t use any big words. Sarah and Brit were chosen by the fans to COMPETE in the Secret Veto COMPETITION. They weren’t given squat. Do you really think production told Ash “pick Sarah to win the sandwich COMPETITION”? Really? It’s a sandwich.

lol what?

lol what?


You has been hypno-tized by watching streams yo


AlbertaGal. Whoooo Giveees A Dammmnnnn.
Slow enough for you?