Veto Ceremony! “I urge you to start thinking for yourself & put up your boyfriend”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 10-21-40-114
10:40am – 1:20pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Ceremony to take place. As the veto holder, Sarah used the veto to take herself off the block. Ashleigh then had to name a replacement nominee and chose Brittnee to sit next to Godfrey. None of this really matters as either Sarah or Brittnee have or will have the Havenot secret power which will force them to change at least one of the nominations or both if they choose. This will all happen right before they would normally vote during the Wednesday live eviction. The holder of the secret power will then nominate any of the house guests other than the POV holder and Head of Household. Essentially Ashleigh’s HOH reign means nothing other than safety for the week.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 10-25-59-563

1:20pm – 1:40pm When the feeds return – the house guests are in the kitchen. Ash says so its Mother’s Day! They all say happy mothers day to their mothers and all the mothers out there. Sarah and Brittnee head out to the hot tub room. Britt says wait a minute. They looked at me like I had something in my bum. I don’t have any pockets. Britt says Ash said but my back is against the wall. Sarah says she used what I said. Kevin is going to like that. Sarah says maybe they already know ..Ashleigh I urge you to start thinking for yourself and put up your boyfriend because now is the time to do it. I was this close to saying that. But her mind is already made up. Sarah says tell the girls we take out Godfrey this week. I genuinely want to work with you and you both know that going forward with us is better for you. Godfrey is not going to take you guys to the end! He has said it a million times. Sarah says then on Wednesday we see who wins and then start talking about final 2s. We have to be like we’re not gunning after you and Zach. We’re not asking you to go against Zach and Bruno but asking you to keep Brittnee here as a buffer. Bruno is closer to God and if you get rid of him .. Bruno will be closer to you. Sarah says close to Wednesday on Tuesday night we need to go to God and say come with us lets talk with Ash… because there’s no reason to lie if they want a jury vote. Britt says yup that’s smart lets do that. Sarah says God’s speech said a lot .. “Don’t change the nominations” Like they’re after me. Sarah says I would love to see Bruno go! But they says that Zach would have to go first, he has more numbers. Britt says ideally I stay and Godfrey goes. They head back inside and Sarah tells Brittnee you should ignore me a bit..

1:50pm Big Brother states that the backyard is now off limits. In the bathroom – Godfrey and Brittnee are talking. Godfrey says so we’re on the block. Its that time again when everyone avoids you. That was the last thing I suspected the three of them (Zach, Ash, Pili) with him (Bruno). Ash, Pili and Sarah join them. Pili is waxing her moustache.

2pm – 2:15pm In the living room – Zach and Bruno talk about starting to get prepared to rid on Wednesday. They talk about what the HOH competition might be this week. Bruno says whatever it is we need to win it. Bruno says Sarah is already trying to set herself up with Ash and Peels. DO you think they’ll come together? Zach says no, because next week we’ll throw them up on the block. Bruno says she was like I urge you to reconsider your options… the only other options were you or me. Bruno says 3 more (HOH’s) that’s crazy!! Bruno says how awesome would that be you and me side by side in the final two. Zach says so awesome!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 11-01-30-334

Out in the backyard – Godfrey and Bruno are playing god ball. Godfrey says that Sarah is way smarter than both of them (Pili & Ash). Bruno says oh yeah. Zach says she’s dangerous. Bruno says Sarah openly said that she will not nominate or vote out a girl.. and she hasn’t.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 11-51-20-998
2:50pm – 3:45pm In the bathroom – Sarah is working on Pili. Sarah think back to the beginning …who was closest? Bruno, Graig, Godfrey and Bobby. Bruno and Godfrey have been together since the beginning. Sarah tells Pili that Kevin will be proud of you .. but for your game you have to pick. At the end of the day you and me would be good to take because its good to go with someone who has a different game than you. Its hard to argue for yourself when you’re there with someone who’s played the very same game as you. Sarah tells Pili that if Godfrey wins HOH he is going to put up Ash and Zach … and if one of them win veto he will put you up. Ash joins them. Sarah tells her I know its in your best interest to keep up because those guys are coming after us. There is a way that we can do things logically that is best for all of our games. Ash talks about how Britt has won a couple HOH’s with one being the Triple Eviction win. Sarah tells Ash & Pili that’s why I wanted to keep you guys close. I can’t sit next to her. She’s won HOH twice and been on the block 5 times .. but we definitely need her next week. Sarah says vote her out if you want but there is no f**King way she (Britt) wouldn’t put up Zach. Bruno keeps saying I’m poison ..why because he knows I’m coming after him. Pili says I don’t trust Bruno for one second. Sarah asks Zach is going to vote for who? Ash says that he knows Godfrey is coming after him. Sarah says even if I win HOH next week and put up Bruno and Zach .. who are voting (Ash) and you (Pili). Sarah says if you trust me this week and keep Brittnee then I would volunteer to go up if you won HOH because I know you don’t trust Bruno.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 12-58-57-707

3:55pm Out in the backyard – Godfrey, Bruno, Zach, Ashleigh, Pili and Brittnee are chatting about random things. They talk about Bobby’s slop recipes and how they should have gotten the recipe. Pili “I would rather have his slavery ones” (Bobby’s savoury slop recipe) LOL

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-10 13-00-12-022

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Bruno saving Zach is actually looking like a pretty good move. If Zach and Kevin were gone, there would be no chance Bruno stays this week at all.

Ash would’ve put up 2 of Sarah/Britt/God. Sarah wins the POV and either her or Britt get the have not power. That would pretty much guarantee Bruno winds up on the block against Pilar. However, because he thought ahead he now has a chance to go up against Zach, which increases his chances of staying.

People can say it was a bad movie because they don’t like Zach, but based on pure gameplay that was the right move for Bruno.


It worked out better for him, but not because his move really, more because he got lucky…I doubt he was thinking someone was get a power, so he does not deserve a cookie.. Lol…


You’re right that he wasn’t thinking about a special power. However, he was thinking about what would happen if Sarah or Brittnee were in power, regardless of how they got it. He knew if Pilar, Sarah, or Britt controlled the vote then he would be the target. Ash might have wanted to get rid of him too.

He knows that they know that Zach has the most jury votes and will want him out first (unless they let their emotions get in the way), so why not keep him around for another week as a shield?


Unfortunately nothing will be saving Zach again on Wednesday if he’ll be going up against Pili or even Ash.


It will be either Zach as a replacement up with Godfrey, or it will be Zach and Bruno as double replacements. Sarah or Britt wouldn’t put a girl up. If its Zach and Bruno up, Zach goes out the door. If its Zach and Godfrey up, it gets more interesting. The voters would be Bruno, Sarah, Britt, and Pili. Sarah and Britt would vote Zach out, Pili would do whatever Ash says which would be to vote God out. It would come down to Bruno’s vote. If he votes out Zach, then it would basically be Bruno and God against 4 girls. (which is why Bruno used the Veto on Zach last week) But if Bruno votes out God, he would have saved Zach 2 weeks in a row and gained his trust. (Ash would be the tie breaker to keep Zach) So it would basically be Bruno Zach Ash and Pili vs Sarah and Britt. It may be best for Bruno to keep Zach again even though I don’t like him. Anybody have different predictions?


There’s also the case of Bruno and Zach being on the block with Sarah being the deciding vote. Britt and God would most likely evict Zach and Pilar would evict Bruno.

Sarah might pull a Bruno in that case and keep Zach over Bruno, but that would make her lose all her fans because anytime a houseguest does something to protect Zach they automatically become disliked among the majority of fans, which I find weird but it is what it is.


I feel like Sarah would evict Zach even though she’s mad at Bruno. Zach is whats keeping Pili and Ash from working with Sarah and Britt in a girls alliance. If Zach went home then Ash and Pili would most likely join Sarah and Britts side against Bruno and God. If Sarah evicted Bruno then there would still be a 3 person alliance of Zach Pili and Ash.


I find it highly unlikely the girls won’t ascertain the ONLY way to get Zach out is to put Bruno beside him. He’s made it clear he’s with the diapers. S/B know Ash is the tie break and also know given the choice Godfrey would NEVER keep Zach especially over Bruno.

Plus the girls plan on going up to the HOH either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (with Godfrey) and are going to pretty much demand to know who the diapers/Bruno are voting out (without any hard feelings). They will cite their jury vote, saying just be honest. So… they’ll know the intention was ALWAYS to vote out Britt prior to the eviction ceremony.

That action does a couple things:
1) it frees Britt to call Bruno a liar for saying he’d take her to F2 since Day 2

2) it removes his argument of coming after her screaming “see, see it’s all a girl’s club” where she can say um no, you were voting me out but lied to my face all week.

3) It allows S/B to still garner favor with Ash/Pils

4) it allows S/B to keep the window open of working with Godfrey (which they’ve done repeatedly & you’d have to think that will pay dividends at some point).

5) it’s likely Bruno will lose his cool and given Zach will be voted out, that action will make Ash and Pils want him out of the house as soon as possible b/c they won’t want to do it at their hand after they see him combust.

I mean seriously when Sindy said she was disappointed in Pils for putting her up she cried and they all called Sindy a bully. Can you imagine if Bruno got in Ash or Pils face like he did to Sarah? Yeah welcome to the game girls. LMAO


I think it was a good move on Bruno’s part to give him an extra week, but I don’t think Zach or the girls would bring Bruno to the end with them. I guess an extra week is better than nothing (definitely better than going this week). Bruno will have to win his way to the end now. Godfrey used to have Bruno’s back 100%, probably would have taken him to f2, and now he doesn’t. Godfrey won’t ever trust Bruno the same after he saved Zach, who they were supposed to be going after. Bruno literally just ditched him to join the couples bc they have more numbers. I still don’t get why Bruno was so emotional after and fought with Sarah about Willow… When he ended up voting to save Willow. Very confusing. I hope they show that in tonight’s episode.


Bruno really over reacted, the whole Sarah fight was b/c he got caught. Sarah doesn’t just buy what he’s selling. Also, just yesterday Britt/Sarah were discussing continuing to work with Godfrey to F3 so Bruno’s argument that they would have targeted him next doesn’t fly.

Actually if they save God AGAIN then Bruno’s argument doesn’t hold much merit.

I also agree Bruno has sold out Godfrey and lied to him so much it’s a joke. You could tell during the triple eviction vote how pissed off Godfrey was when he voted. I’m not so sure he didn’t vote out Willow more b/c Bruno told him to keep her!!!


Simon you forgot to put “NOM” on Britney”s face

Shane S.

If Zach does indeed kick dirt on Wednesday, it’ll leave a fairly interesting 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 situation going forward. The lesser target of each pair (God, Pili, probably Britt) will be sitting pretty. Even after one of these guys lose their partner/shield, they’ll be a valuable asset to strengthen someone else, and anyone in power will target a remaining pair before a straggler.

It’d be a remarkable feat for any of these pairs to wipe out all four of the others and make the final two together…… so I’d really expect to see some combination of the three aforementioned “weaker links” as the final two.


I’m confused…having something up her butt???…the power???…they seem quite sure they are gonna be here next week….but they are still wanting Godfrey out???… At times it sounds like they have it and other times they don’t…what is going on???

Habs Rule

They probably dont know what the power is yet. Thats just a guess but by the way their talking just seems to me that they know of a power thats coming to one of them but their not sure what that power is yet.


Forgive me if I am wrong, but God has never had the chance to prove which alliance he is really with. Bruno exposed his hand, but God hasnt.
I am still on the fence of which side he is on… Actually, he seems like a big talking floater. But I am not sure, I may have missed something.


Actually, he only seems to talk when his back is against the wall. My take.


I agree, I have been trying all season to figure out where he stands and get a like on for him but I can’t. I find Godfrey to be too shady and I personally don’t trust him.


Sarah/Britt definitely don’t have the power yet, there is way too much strategy talk occurring regarding how to keep Britt and what order of things to say for them to just be giving us good TV.

I hope they hold off saying too much b/c once they DO HAVE the power it will allow them to manipulate the girls and set up how the next week plays out.


Im confused so is Godfrey going home or are they just pretending that he will then either sarah or britt will be putting up bruno and zach as replacements???

Yo Bro

Sarah and Britt are talking as if they know nothing about the double veto power coming to one of them.
Their reality is that Britt and Godfrey will still be on the block at the eviction vote.
At least it better be their current reality, because if they do in fact have or already know specifics of the special power then they are currently running a scripted game for the cameras and on the live feeders, which would be extremely detrimental to their popularity that was all-consuming concern 24 hours ago.

My bet is that they don’t know yet because that’s what I want to believe. I immediately turned off of Derrick when he started to run a game on the feeders, so BB16 was pretty miserable for me.


“I urge you to start thinking for yourself.”

Translation: Please do what I want you to do


Shane, I posted something similar regarding the 3 pairs.

I do think who is ranked as the weaker of Sarah/Britt will depend on who actually wins the SP. If it’s Britt with all the things she has done it should move her ahead of Sarah. Surely, even Bruno (who plays emotionally when angered) can’t blame Britt re-noming him and getting out Zach on Sarah, right?

Also, don’t forget once the girls know they have a SP they’ll have time to work the rest of the house. If they play things right there are a number of intangibles that can be gained via the SP:

1) for all the dirt being thrown at S/B (simply b/c they are playing the game) like they lied or are manipulative by finding out who Pilar/Zach/Bruno are voting out will garner them leverage. All of them will tell Britt she is leaving b/c they want her jury vote. So, all of this finger pointing will have evened out i.e. Ash/Pils can’t say they haven’t lied anymore.

2) When they save Godfrey they can use that again as showing they are loyal to him and want to take him to F3 to leverage his loyalty.

3) As per point 1, once the group tells them they are voting out Britt (and since they expect her to be leaving) Britt can go to Bruno and ask him to tell her honestly why he lied about the F2 with her and why he really saved Zach. If he says the “girl alliance” Britt can say so why save Willow and not Kevin?

4) Following up on “knowing she’s leaving” Britt can go to Pils/Ash and tell them we really weren’t lying, Bruno was the main person pushing to get you guys out. He made Sarah/God and I all promise to target you 4 and take you out in succession. Further, she can tell Ash (knowing Bruno has the Zach/Ash deal) he told me week 1 that I was his F2, his word means shit.

5) Finally, she can go to God and tell him to be careful of Bruno and reiterate her F2 with Bruno story and explain to God that’s why I was always so willing to let him bad mouth Sarah. She can further tell him he wanted to get out Zach and then you.

Bottom line, many seeds can be planted long before the SP is even used and much information can be gathered. By the time the actual eviction occurs the girls heads will be reeling and the entire house will know Canada loves Sarah/Britt which means someone else (Zash) aren’t very well liked. This will be cemented by the audience cheers as Zach/Bruno get put on the block and by the raucous cheers sure to be heard as Britt, Sarah and Godfrey vote out Zach.

As much as Ash will be in tears, Bruno will be pissed, God will be grateful and Pils won’t know what hit her the 2 girls & God will be at their most pliable following Zach’s eviction.

The one main thing for S/B to watch out for is Bruno has shown a propensity to perform under pressure so S/B need to be particularly careful not to let him win HOH. Especially b/c I could see Pils being so thrown she won’t perform well and God prob throwing it again.

My IDEAL scenario is Sarah winning HOH b/c I want her to get her letter and I can’t even express how much fun it will be to hear what shit Bruno tries to sell her as he begs for his life and whether he can be genuine at all.

another name

I don’t think Sarah and B know what the power is. at this point they know they were voted have nots to be given an opportunity. they’ve competed for the opportunity. each has been told by production that they can’t expose to the house that the have not wasn’t a least popular vote. they don’t know which one won. they don’t know what the power is. they make the assumption it could be a bum veto.
imagine the shock if it’s revealed live which one won the power and what the power is.
production wouldn’t give up the chance to do that for supposed good tv.


LAME, BBCAN, you can hold Sarah’s hand till the end. You are her only chance and why don’t we all chip in money for you to have a nice date. This power two weeks ago would have been game but doing it now is you BBCAN deciding who wins. Just a stupid manipulated scripting. Won’t watch anymore because it’s no longer a game, it’s script.

roll back the tape

two weeks ago sarah britt godfrey were all have nots.


sarah might not even win the power… brittnee and sarah got voted by canada to compete to win the power. canada could have voted any 2 people. canada always has a huge impact on the game, it’s been like that every bb canada season (gary returning season 1, andrew/sabrina nominated season 2). bb canada is not a “fair” game and the twists affect the game very much. i hate the twists too, especially the instant eviction, but they definitely are not “rigging” the whole game for anyone…


do you actually think CANADA gave them the power?????? wow

The Truth

Clearly this twist is meant to upset Ashleigh’s HOH. What I was wondering is what would have happened had Bruno chosen to use that power veto earlier on in the game where he too could have changed both nominations. What kind of power would they have offered to the havenot’s?


Can someone explain to me why people, both fans and past bb players, seem to discredit Britt and label her as a weak/bad player?
I think she’s made many bold moves and gotten out strong players, but unfortunately for her the opposite side of the house was constantly winning HOH, hence why she was constantly nominated.


im not going to say it, but i think it’s very obvious why ppl inside and outside the game discredit her even though she’s made huge moves… it’s shameful.


Well among many other things, after Bruno saved Zach and she knew the numbers were not on her side, Britt nominated Willow even though she knew Sarah and Willow were close and it would be a number on their side. I also have not seen much strategy from Britt or trying to get close to other players and play a good social game.

another name

Britt trusted Godfrey more than she trusted Willow. Gofrey said he was after Zach. Willow was sarah’s ally, not Britt’s (in Britt’s mind).


I totally see that observation but she did not look at the bigger picture to what would be better for her game and she regretted it after. Sarah also talked game with Kevin and Willow and tried to expand her circle and cover herself socially from other angles. Britt does not seem to have done the same. I still like her in this game compared to many of the other players. I just don’t see much strategic long term thinking on her part.

another name

Britt doesn’t think an alliance of more than two is manageable. she believes an alliance works best if you are paired with someone that thinks and plays from the same angle as yourself. she thinks that core 2 can join with others when it fits their shared goals, but doesn’t think it works for long before one person’s objective isn’t being met. She stated it in week 2, and week 4, and again in the last 24 hours.


Brit has played a good social game. Part of the reason she got rid of Willow was because she knew Willow was trying to break apart her tight alliance with Sarah. She had a tight relationship with Bobby if you watched the live feeds and also with Bruno. He even had a final two with her. And at the very beginning with Zach but that fell through when Zach and Ashleigh got together. Also at times her and Godfrey were tight. That is not a bad social game at all. And after each HOH win despite sending home big players she managed to stay pretty much on everyone’s good sign and only went on the block as a pawn and not a target til now. Only now are the guys figuring out she’s a good player? She had managed to be very low key. She is underrated in my opinion.


It’s because they think Sarah controls her.


I think they competed for the have not “reward”, but they don’t know what it is yet.They are clued in that they weren’t voted a punishment by Canada, but they don’t know what. Sarah seemed to imply she hoped it was a veto if Brittney’s is in trouble this week.


Ashley is officialy the dumbest Player this Season. I hope she gets booed out!

Sarah's weed stash

I am so confused!!
its almost as if S/B were told in addition to throwing off the house guests, that also have to trick the live feeders lol! I was watching Britt sit by the pool earlier and she did an evil grin to herself a couple times while deep in thought, so they definitely know something.

Sarah's weed stash

if Sarah and Brittne make F2 together, they have to go down as one of the best alliances in BB History.
For a few reasons;
1. They started and alliance day 1 in the house along with Naeha and although her, along with other potential allies (ie. Sindy, Willow) Sarah and Britt have always stuck together.
2. They (Britt) have won competitions when they needed them most.
3. They are the strongest female alliance in BBCAN and BBUS both.
4. They are smart, strategic social players. Sarah talked her way out of being on the block for several straight weeks. and on the other side of the spectrum, Brittany has been on the block now, 5 times and still will not be leaving Wednesday.
love ’em or hate ’em these two girls kicked some serious ass in that house, and they are the soul reason I have been so obsessed with this season.


I wonder how high sarah is going to get from the first joint she smokes when she gets out of this game


This isn’t even a game anymore . BB Canada is throwing twists in to help certain players . Not much fun to watch . No strategies necessary . Just about had enough of this Canadian show and I love Canada .


Well boo fucking hoo pal.


True Big Brother fans hate this twist no matter who they are cheering for.

The Truth

I concur. Even though I want Sarah Britt Bruno or God to win it’s so obvious that the scales are being tipped in favor of certain people. Some people seem more interested in seeing people like Zach or Ashleigh lose by the hands of production rather then by their own fault. I don’t mind a twist or two but this is pretty ridiculous. Last year when Canada voted Andrew out I cheered but at least Jon, Neda, etc were able to win competitions from that point forward in order to secure their own spot in the finale. It’s unfortunate that “the other side” has not been able to win enough HOH’s or POV’s to have truly made a run but that is sadly their own doing.
I want to see a win for Sarah, Britt, Bruno or Godfrey but not at any cost. Not like this.

another name

while reading the comments in this and the last post I read a few comments postulating who some jurors would and would not vote for.
I was surprised to read a couple of times that Kevin would be a bitter juror. who would he be bitter against? In his exit interviews he said that he hated being taken out in the triple eviction but had to tip his cap to Britt and Sarah because it was a brilliant move on their part.
he said after the veto he tried to campaign for votes and quickly found no one was going to keep him. his own allies wouldn’t keep him. nobody voted for him to stay. so who is he going to be bitter toward? the hoh, the supposed mastermind that makes the hoh a puppet, the allies that stabbed him in the back, the people that didn’t vote to save him? who?


Watch the Side Show and you will understand that a strategic player like Kevin would never be bitter his exit and interview after shows how he went out with class and respects the game move. He will hands down vote for the player he believes played the best game … heck he openly said that while his heart is with Pili the person he feels would win and most likely get his vote is Godfrey..


Go Seagull!
Passed Zach and moved into 6th spot.
Maintenance guy is closing in on Ashleigh and the 8th spot.
Go MG!

another name

read a lot of comments questioning why Zach and Bruno voted Willow.
they told sarah they were voting willow out.
so why switch to voting willow?
Willow was the most emotional player. in jury Zach and Bruno can say I voted for you to stay, give me your vote, it wasn’t my fault you were evicted.
The fact that it salts the wound for Sarah is icing on the cake.


NOPE.. they TOLD Godfrey to also vote for Willow b/c Zach/Bruno wanted to weaken Ash to tie her to them BUT Godfrey unlike many has his own mind and defied their demand. Plus he pulled one of the biggest moves of the season telling Sarah the boys were keeping Kevin and Willow also said she was gone. So, that’s why Sarah switched.

It wasn’t jury management, people keep giving Zach so much credit it makes me laugh, he doesn’t strategize, Kevin, JP, Sarah, Bruno, Naeha, Johnny and Godfrey were the only strategist in the house. Zach simply DEMANDS (and rules as Sarah would say). He has zero read on people as we often hear how off his take on the house is.

If it weren’t for Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby throwing HOH’s for as long as they did he wouldn’t even have stayed in the house long. Given his degree you know he’s a smart guy but he definitely doesn’t have social smarts. Being able to control a girl and garner fan-dom isn’t the same as being able to read people. Repeatedly we heard him brag how he had the house on lock saying Britt/Sarah were going after Bruno/Bobby and vice versa when they ALL were going after Zach! And we won’t even get into the JP vote out.

another name

i’m not doubting you or arguing with you when I ask when this was revealed.
i’m asking because I’ve obviously missed something on the feeds.
was making my assumption based on only knowing the guys said willow to each other, but told sarah they were voting kevin. had no other info.
was this feed or episode?


Quick question about Zach and Ashleigh. Are they even a showmance still? I like never see them kiss, cuddle etc

Just seems like they have zero chemistry and they’ve figured that out

another name

Too bad Ashleigh hasn’t figured out that Zach doesn’t actually want the diapers to go to the end. She’s as fixated on it as Bobby was to the chop shop.
now that he has his bros, he only needs Ashleigh at bathtime bedtime and laundrytime.
Ash has yet to even ask, “if the diapers were your ride or die, why did you vote for willow?”
he can’t spin an answer to that. He voted to evict two of his alliance with Ashleigh.


Seems like this game is setup to help the “Sarah” side of the house. Convenient that the get the “secret power” and another lifeline in the house. BB should just let the house guests compete. No secret power twists or free saves. If you can’t win any comps (especially the ones setup just for you) then take your turn on the block. If you’re as good of a player like you say are you’ll find a way off. Tired of her whining. If she spent half the energy on the comps as she does crying and whining shed probably accomplish something.


Certainly I’d agree the luck of the draw appears that way recently. However I ask you to recall the double veto power Bruno had that he didn’t use. Or the Naeha eviction which allowed her NO TIME to work the group just done just prior to her implementing her plan. Or Kevin’s dam it POV comp.

Sorry but as far as I see it there has been equal opportunities for all sides. In fact, I’d argue the Diapers/Chop Shop became stronger early b/c of the twists that took out the other side.


I think whether you like brittnee or not she should get respect from us fans for making big moves, that NO1 else has done! Everyone at one point was voting the same, being scared of confrontation etc and she’s proved not once but twice that she won’t be bullied or talked into doing something different. And that gets my props! Makes a boring season interesting too


I love a good conspiracy theory…. But this twist was mentioned before Ashleigh won HOH. Im sorry but I cannot wait to see her go! She heard Zach basically Say he controls her, and still does whatever he says! Im sure she will be fine as long as there are mirrors in the sequester house lol I hate to see anyone float to the end:/


Why do people say production gears who they want to win? Look who throws the hoh’s.


Britt has to put up zach & bruno Or its a REAL WASTE OF POWER!!! Ash was tryna act cool saying it’s her HOH But Pleaseeee, We All know Zach has her under his spellll….Once zach or bruno go home the game will shift & pooor lil ash will only have weakkk pills & no game since Zach controlled her brainnn….SARAH FOR THE WINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!