Big Brother 21 Week 2 Recap and Live Eviction Results

This week could be described as a wrecking ball week (although there was no real drama). A couple of alliances got formed then torn down and a bunch people’s game got torpedoed. Jack did handle the power well. I thought for sure he was going to get HOHitus but it didn’t seem to be the case. Jack nominated Kemi and Jessica. Sam won the Power of Veto didn’t use it, therefore, nominations stayed the same, done. The Garbage bag Slip n’ slide was once a Big Brother tradition but has seemed to be dormant these last few Years came out in full force.  Nice to see that. If you don’t have the feeds give them a shot you can flash back to all the conversations we cover and can miss out on the farts and burps.
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Big Brother 21 Rankings

When we started the week Bella was 4th, 6 days later she’s at 16th Now that’s a drop! On the flip side, David who started off the week at 13th now finds himself 4th. It’s obvious 6shooters and anyone that touches 6shooters  takes a major hit in popularity. Tommy is the last member of 6shooters not in the bottom 6 he’s 7th and dropping. Generally, everyone but ZIING and Camp Comeback isn’t super popular. LOL

Rank the BB21 houseguests here

Fall of The Black Widows
Bella tells Jack about the girl’s alliance called the Black Widows says Jess made it up. Bella went on to explain why she did this but it makes little sense.

Rise and Fall of the Fellowship of the ZIING
The fellowship AKA fellowship of the zing is formed  Everyone is happy like a pig in sh1t. Until… Cliff gets caught chatting to the live feeders. Something he does in the boatroom most mornings.  Christie hears him first and proceeded to tell everyone in/out of gr8tful. He was then heard the following two days by Jackson. The ZIING alliance is found out.

Rise and Fall of Gr8tful
The gr8tful eight at the peak of their “togetherness”.  Bella tells Sam about gr8tful and how he’s the 9th person in it. Jack follows this up by slipping up while talking to Sam and mentioning the gr8tful 8 to him. Jackson and Holly planning their departure from gr8tful Nick and Bella have been unofficial removed from the 8 unbeknownst to them they are now main targets. Out of the gr8tful ashes comes the 6 shooters.

Showmances Barf
Jackson cut if off with Kat but is now hooking up with Holly.

Jack and Sis hooked up “played” as he puts it. Sis gets all flustered while describing Jack’s schlong. Jack and Sis decide to pump the brakes. (But not really)

Nick and Bella under the covers still hugging. Nick still obsessed about Sis, Bella crazy pants wild card.

A possible Flip / I don’t want to ruffle any feathers 

A possible flip happens Wednesday morning. Sam suggests they should take out Jessica, He rallies Nick, Bella, and Nicole. Christie seems positive about it and so does Jack. Holly and Sis, on the other hand, are dead set against it. After some talks in the HOH room, they decide to stick with the plan to evict Kemi. The rest of the house hearing this get weak knees. Flip Fizzles.

Predictions of results
Kemi getting sent to camp comeback.

Results from the Live Episode

Kemi: thank you CBS, so happy to spend the last 3 weeks it’s been amazing. I think we all know what is going on in the house.. there are things that are going on on the house Nick and Bella you guys are running around.. The writing it on the BB walls.

Jessica: Thanks God and everybody, CBS, the production team. I love you guys each and every one of you.. I want to be here I am proud for who I am and what I stand here I love diversity. I’m loyal I want to fight.


Jackson Votes to Evict Jessica
Holly Votes to Evict Kemi
Nicole Votes to Evict Kemi
Tommy Votes to Evict Kemi
Christie Votes to Evict
Kat Votes to Evict Kemi
Cliff Votes to Evict Kemi
Nick Votes to Evict Kemi
Jack Votes to Evict Kemi
Sam Votes to Evict Kemi
Sis Votes to Evict Kemi
Bella Votes to Evict Kemi

Kemi is evicted. 10-1

Head of Household Competitions called Power Shot

If you don’t want to be HOH you can go for the safety or cash prize $5

Sis – 50
Jessica – 5
Christie – 65
Nick – 90
Sam – 70
Michie – 70
Tommy – 35
Cliff – 15
Bella – 75
kat – 0
Nicole – 15
Holly – 0

Nick is the new HOH

Classic BB power is returning to the game. (I’m thinking the Coup d’état)
Sis, Christie, Jess, and Nick will be playing for this.

7:13 pm feeds are back. Christie and Holly are mildly trashing Kemi to Nick. Tommy is with them to.

7:17 pm on Mildy trashing Kemi

7:19 pm Nick and tommy
Nick is so hurt by what Kemi said. Says he’ll still go up to the camp come back to comfort her

7:20 pm Dawg.. DAWG
Jackson trying to pin the vote on Nicole. He says Bella thinks it’s Nicole. adds that the things Nicole is saying tare the same things someone who thought they were voting with the house and then got busted would say.
Nick – I’m thinking Cliff and jess and then Nicole as an option maybe now it’ll change.
Jackson says the way Nicole was acting is weird

Christie/Jack enter they all start hammering to have Nicole and Cliff put up saying Jessica isn’t a threat.

7:24 pm Bella and Kemi fight (hard to make sense they are talking over each other)

Bella – the kinda game I’m playing is being nice to people and chill out
Bell a- the only reason I knew about your personal problems because I was your friend
Bella – you don’t need to stand this close to me .. goodbye
Kemi – don’t touch me

Kemi – you’re doing a whole lotta talking behind my back and when sh1t hits the fan you get mad
Bella – ok well go talk behind my back in camp comeback with all of your two friends.. ohh wait you are forced to live there.. ..
Kemi – everything you had to say you wouldn’t say to my face

7:34 pm Sis and Jack
Sis – I’m annoyed after every like .. every competition or like something crazy that happens you always call Christie .. you like to talk a lot of game with Christie which is really fine I know your stuff is totally separate Whatever. (Sigh)
Sis – it just annoys me at the end of the day I’m the one.. You and me talk game but not as much as you and CHristie i’m the one that’s gettign teh sh1t end of teh stick you know getting associated with you because of what we are
Sis – we don’t talk that much game it’s more you and Christie that do it. it’s f*ing annoys me
Jack – Okay ..
Sis – Okay
Jack – is there something you like me to do
Sis – no, I’m just telling you
Jack – Christie’s and I’s relationship existed before ours


7:40 pm Holly and Jackson
(Grab a Kraken.. go Grab two..)

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another name

yeah. a kitten, a puppy still in the kennel and an aged hedgehog. against a pit of snakes that can unhinge their jaws.
they’ll be fine if one of them doesn’t win hoh. 0_0


Come on zing but Cliff has no balls.


I’m so pissed. Is anyone else pissed with the eviction and HOH result tonight? UGH!


Ziing is dead.


Like I’m trying to watch like the feeds like right now an like I just can’t listen to like Bella and Jess. They can’t complete a single sentence without using the “L” word! I don’t have any Kraken! Damn! Thank God for OBB because I’m turning off the tv:(

Ovi's tongue

Now that Nicole was told by Holly that they’ve been listening to Cliffsnotes the last few days and know of the Zing, it is incumbent that she tell Cliff to clean it up. It is possible that Cliff could weaponize it by spreading false information to eavesdroppers, but he really needs to get control over his little vanity project.


Hell yes!


They are so annoying. I am bored to tears with this group. The only people I give a damn about are in Camp Comeback (and Sam and Nicole). Feels pretty hopeless that anything will turn around.

another name

Only question now is which one does Jackson want to pin the vote on. Nicole, Cliff, or Sam?


I’m thinking he thought there would be one or two more votes so he could pin it on an alliance going after his side. My guess Nick and Bella. The lone vote may not really make any waves.

another name

I… guess strategically it makes sense? cut Jessica’s tie that isn’t in his little coven. make cliff feel alone so he cleaves harder to Holly and Jackson. Take away a number from Sam who he worries about gathering an army with Nick and Bella.
It takes the heat off of Holly for telling Nicole that Kemi is taking the fall for Nick and Bella. Frame Nicole so they don’t believe her when/if she tells them. As a game move framed as a game move using logic and analysis. fine.


Curious to see if anyone plays that lone vote to their advantage

another name

everyone will be running for cover as the accusations fly.
The first person to accuse will be Jackson. So he’ll use it try to keep Jess and Nicole and Cliff and Sam isolated from each other, and isolated from Nick and Bella.


If Nick’s HoH is dull I will be disappointed


FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone in gr8tful is going to win a fucking coup d’etat


Have a bottle of belvenie scotch ready to go.


Nope currently in Montana


come on Jess upset win (whacktivity comp) praying for you girl!!!!!!

another name

but she’d go to holly and kat and jackson and ask how she should use it.
she’s so off the curve when it comes to house dynamic.
yeesh. imagine if they told jessica to put up bella and sam. the alliance is already debating whether or not to include Nick in the eviction plan once he nominates who they want.


The question is, how secure does Nick feel? I’m not too sure he’ll rock the boat this week as “it’s too soon”. Another phrase I loathe. Maybe he’ll lob the first grenade and actually shake up the game.

another name

well take a seat jessica and cliff or nicole. Nick thinks everyone loves him. he’ll stick with sucking up to the Jackals and going with their boot order i think. He may dislike Holly. He may think Jackson is a jerk. doesn’t matter.


Hmmm, I see a trend in who is getting voted out. Just by the looks of it, Isabella or Jessica will be going home next. Then all the white folks will have to turn on each other.


I’m pretty sure Nick won’t be putting Bella on the block.

another name

Since the house was told about the image portrayal problem they’ve been having through social media and articles, I’m thinking he will be discouraged from directly targetting Jessica, or be told to come up with some way to make it justifiable so that they can edit it as justifiable and not segregation sleepaway camp (yeah, crass, but a better choice than the overly morbid and creepy / disturbing and too far even for me camp concentration).


Congratulations Nick on winning HoH (Not!!!!!) You’re talking all that trash that Kemi’s speech woke this comp beast up that I guess was sleeping deep down inside of you. Problem is Nick, you perhaps won the wrong HoH. Your Gr8ful alliance members (no scratch that) the 6 shooters weren’t planning on going after you or Bella while Camp Comeback is still in play. If Bella doesn’t win HoH next week, you and her are both screwed. I am praying that Kemi wins Camp Comeback then go on to win HoH next week and then put Nick and Bella on the block. Karma can be such a beautiful thing. Honestly I don’t care who wins Camp Comeback. As long as it is somebody that will go after the showmances.


Yes she can put Nick and Bella up and then backdoor one of the other Gr9teful is one of them wins veto! Gotta shake that house up!


The houseguests are spineless…….

another name

hmm. Kemi Bella argument with kemi saying don’t touch me and a hand slap away.
we all knew that was coming.
meanwhile Nicole knows she’s going to be blamed for the hinky vote. she mouthed i’m next to Kemi.

another name

So Bella has been told she’s not allowed to bait the other houseguests into a physical confrontation. They wouldn’t give her a clear definition of baiting she says. Bella asks if it’s okay if they’re harrassing her. This is in her retell to Nick of her d/r convo.

Bella intentionally followed Kemi to escalate the tension. Kemi intentionally got in too close. Bella with the hand.

Meanwhile Kemi is thinking (my read on her concern not her words) oh great, this is going to be put on the show as more crazy black woman.

And Nicole knows she’s in trouble. Knows about Christie hearing Cliff. knows the vote is going to be pinned on her.

Cliff thinks he can swing the noms to be Jess and Kat. because he’s so close to Holly and Jackson. d’oh. Cliff. (shaking my head).

another name

I doubt Sam has the juice to influence Nick as hoh. Nick is more interested in staying in the jackasses good graces.
considering who is playing for the third whack… all sixshooter plus jessica? great. one of them is going to get what i assume is a diamond power of veto. wonderful. somebody get me a bucket. and perhaps a hose.

before twitter goes crazy talking about how smart Nicole is for figuring the three couples are together but excluding Christie and Tommy. She was told about the 8 two weeks ago. she has been told who is in gr8ful. I think by Sam.


Jackson is a douchebag


Bella’s a f-Ing bitch !!

another name

Has the chaos theory game style ever won?

Feeds Gold

Kemi v Bella woohoo!

Nick with a clutch win

Also i have a gut feeling production slipped Jack extra $ to protect productions ‘star’ player Christie as long as possible, no matter what he will always put her game even above his own and above his showmance…his level of submissiveness to Christie is really bizarre


I hope Cliff finds out gr8ful is eavesdropping and plants false information when he is in boat room talking to feeders

another name

Here we go. We’re going to get unflitered Nick, Bella, Christie, Jack and Jackson for a week. I can already see just how nasty they’re going to get. Be prepared. I’m sure alum from other seasons are wishing they’d gotten an image fix week. But don’t worry, this burning trash heap of goblins will jump full on back into craptown.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder


Feeds Gold

brilliant rogue vote from michie

i wonder if nick will attempt a late night 3way this week…both bella and sis haha


I never know what bella is saying when she speaks. I dont speak snake.


Nicole finally figured out the game. Unfortunately its to late.


The only good thing about this episode is that I can finally tell Nick and Sam apart.


Hahaha, that was me the first couple of episodes, now I know Nick is a douche and Sam rocks! (For now anyway….. I seem to change my mind as the season progresses, for instance I LOVED Kemi and Bella in the beginning, now I just stan Kemi, Bella can kick rocks)

another name

Dear Bella’s mom,
Turn off feeds for the next 7 days.
You don’t want to see this.
We don’t want to see this.
Your former daughter and stanky Moe from the three stooges are going to have a room and shower to themselves.
Don’t look. Shake your head with a look of disdain like the rest of us, but don’t look.

Yeah, Nick realizes Jackson is the hinky vote pinning it on Nicole, but will he do anything about it?



RE: Isabella- I don’t think she has a clue or even cares about how to play the game. Has she even seen the show? She may simply value the exposure of being on television. She is playing the part of Agent of Chaos. Thus, it doesn’t matter that she tells everyone everything. She even said it herself: “I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut.” Does anyone think she is playing to win? She is a wrecking ball; a bull in the china closet. No rhyme, no reason, no plan. Her lies are easily exposed and she doesn’t waste much time concocting them. All of that aside, I cannot believe there is anyone, including Nick, who still thinks it is safe to confide in her.

RE: Kemi- I think her problem rests in the fact that, although she has no real enemies, she waited too long to engage with other people. Her first “friend” was Isabella. Need I say more? She fell victim to a smear campaign, based upon nothing more than it being easy to talk trash about the mysterious/ hard to read houseguest who keeps to herself. Jack hopped on that and she became a villain. He didn’t know “Jack” about her (That’s right, I went there! : – )), but handily turned her into his “number one threat.”

RE: The male houseguests, in general- They seem to be BBfans who at least respect the game and are trying, with varying degrees of success, to win the big prize.

RE: the female houseguests, in general- They tend to become distracted and forget that the men have historically bonded with other men and are more than happy to “be friends,” AFTER THE SHOW. Every now and then a showmance turns real, but ladies, the odds are not in your favor. Christie, you broke from the ranks when you were HOH and Jack didn’t like it when you refused to put Kemi up for eviction. Sooo, he played it smart and decided to “manage” you by drawing you closer to him. Smooth operator…

J e t s jets jets jets

I wish Nick had a real pair of balls and went after any of the 6 like he says he wants to. Unfortunately his pussy is bigger than his nuts so we’ll get the bland cop out HOH. Another boring who cares week where nothing interesting will happen. I’m really getting bored by these people. They should stick Brett in the house to really shake things up. Didn’t Shaggy go home week 2 last year? Or was it 3? Either way it doesn’t matter. Last year’s group came to play and didn’t wait because it was “too early”.


I Agree! But I think they are playing safe because of Camp Comeback.


So we really want Nicole to get the special super power? Are all our hopes pinned on Nicole? I hope she survives this week…

another name

Is it Jessica or Nicole in group three? I missed the episode where ovi won, but thought Nicole played in that one….


Nicole isn’t playing for the power. Jessica is the only hope


I’m not thinking of the whackadoodle power, I’m thinking of productions power…

another name

They’ll save that for when Jackson is in danger. eyeroll.

Not Aquaman

Let me make sure I understand this… first my backstory to how I got lost. I have ATT as my service provider and Nexstar owns the local CBS affiliate causing me to miss Sunday and Tuesday because of their dispute (I love it when I suffer because an 8 figure corporation and a 9 figure corporation are fighting over money, but that is a different topic for a different day). Now I am out of town for business, so I haven’t seen any episodes since Thursday. Here is where I get lost:
Before the feeds, Jackson and Kat got down… a couple of times. Then Jackson said, you are not good for my game, and she said, “OK , cool.”
Then we have Jack who has a thing for Christie, and Christie kind of has a thing for him but is a declared lesbian and doesn’t pursue it… so Jack goes and gets down with Sis who knows that there is some emotional connection between Jack and Christie, but says, “OK, cool.”
AND now Holly is making out with Jackson, yet Kat is STILL cool with it!?!

In what alternate reality is this taking place as to why we are not setting up for a UFC style co main event of Kat v Holly and Sis v Christie? … and yet Kemi v Bella are the ones getting physical… in the other sense of the word.

Will I have CBS when I get home tomorrow? Will the ones who should be fighting be fighting? Will Jackson dump Holly and hook up with Jess or Nicole and ask braggingly “Has anyone ever had sex with 3 different people in the Big Brother house?” Find out Sunday at 8 on Biiiiig Brother.

Also, thanks to Simon and Dawg for keeping me in the loop this week. Donation coming when I get my bonus check next week!


Kemi is hot


Can someone please tell me why everyone is so mad a Kemi? What did she do? Dont they know they cant trust Bella and that Kemi was telling the truth?

another name

They know they can’t trust Bella.
They know Kemi was telling the truth.
It’s irrelevant.
Kemi has been labelled as ‘toxic’ ‘cancer’ ‘dogshit’ ‘bitch’ someone you’d like to put in a grave ‘scary’ and ‘dangerous’ by the two dunderheads that everyone else is bowing down to.
Further, other people made their feelings about Nick (the current hoh) known to Kemi last night, so they have to discredit her, they feel, in order to save themselves. These are the people and sentiments that inspired Kemi to give the speech that has ‘offended’ (but not for reals cus they know it was true) Bella and Nick.


Thank you everyone. I really just could not understand the house.


Kemi isn’t in the cool kids club….that’s it, that’s pretty much the entire reason. She’s not in probably because Jack and Jackson don’t think they can bang her.


I don’t get it either, Kemi is straight up with everyone, Bella will sell whoever she just talked to down the river in a second

another name

Jessica Bella convo.
Bella blames outing the widows on Kat and Kemi somehow.
Jessica denies telling Kat anything.

How neither of these two are bursting into flames right now is beyond me.

Bella outed the widows so that neither Jessica or Kemi could out Bella’s involvement behind the big alliances backs.
Jessica told Kat everything an hour after the Widows formed. except the name. Kat told Jackson a few hours later in the backyard.
Jessica did warn Kat about a possible vote flip. Kat did run upstairs immediately.


Do holly and Jackson know how to kiss because that is some weird ass, unattractive kissing. Also, this “fight” is so overblown. I was on Reddit and the drama is real there. People going on that Bella “put hands” on Kemi and production should be called. I’m not sure what they are viewing but it looks to me like Bella wanted to leave the room, Kemi was blocking her way so Bella lightly tapped her arm and Kemi responds by taking her arm and attempting to twist it behind her back. They both just got a bit heated, but this was by no means a physical fight. Geez people. And I’m saying this as someone who is much more of a Kemi fan than a Bella fan. I do not view Bella as being in the wrong here.