Bella to Sam “You are the last person of the floaters to go.”

Big Brother Spoilers
Jack wins the Head of Household.
Jack has nominated Jessica and Kemi
Power of Veto Players: Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella.
Sam won the veto & the Fiji trip.
Jack won the whackdooel power can opt for a POV player redraw.
Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target.

Power of Veto Ceremony results = Sam did not use the Veto nominations stay the same.

8pm HOH room. Nick, Tommy, Analyse and Jack.
Nick – When he (Cliff) with me he always talks about how he’s good with you (Jack). Tommy – Didn’t he ..Cliff .. earlier? Nick – I can’t believe you don’t have the power. I can’t believe Nicole has it. (She doesn’t, Jack does) Tommy – I just don’t trust him… all along. Nick – he’s sketchy. Bella – I said it the minute we came out of the competition .. Nicole has the power. Nick – Yeah and I didn’t believe it. Tommy – she does? Nick – it has to be! No one else has it. Jack – Unless it was where Ovi .. Nick – don’t you think he leveraged that before he went out? Jack – unless it lasts a long time like it goes till week 8 or something. Nick – didn’t he (Ovi) say anything to you .. like he trusted you. Jack – he didn’t say anything to me or Cliff. Nick – it only leaves Nicole.. there’s no f**king way. Unless Isabella is an absolute power beast. Realistically Jess is the only one that said she would put me up. At the same time you have multiple people coming after you, and I think Cliff has a better chance of winning than Jess. But if I put Nicole up .. we’re voting her out.. I’m just letting you know that. I’m not putting her up and not voting her out. I Love Nicole and I wouldn’t put her up if she wasn’t in an alliance gunning for us. Jack – whatever the team wants to do, I’m good with. I really think that Nicole would put Holly up. It would be an easy target without taking a shot at us. Also if I put them UP I am airing their alliance out to.. because I need a reason. Jack – that’s the deal putting up Cliff and Nicole. Nick – that’s what I’m doing. Thanks for the boat room update!

8:30pm Boat room. Nick and Nicole.
Nicole talks about separating herself from the game today. She says sometime she just needs time to herself. Nick – Self care. I just don’t know where you’re at in the game. I feel like you’re just out on a limb. So either you’re doing a really good job and you’re brilliant or you’re just not putting yourself with the right people. I have no idea who you stand with. I literally have no idea …like if you won this next HOH would you make a move or would you just do what people wanted you to do? But I don’t know who you’re close with so its weird. ..which is fine. I’ve never heard you talk game. I just assume you’re close with Ovi and Cliff because that’s who I see you with the most. Nicole – yeah, I know but I just kind of talk to everybody. I think that’s part of my thing I don’t even know. You know what I mean? Nick – well shouldn’t you? Nicole – I guess I should. Start talking to people because there are definitely numbers and I don’t want you on the wrong side of that. Nicole – I know but I don’t want to force myself.. Nick – I don’t even know who you vibe with. We’ve connected. Nicole – I definitely trust you, Bella and Sam.. but I guess I feel weird integrating in.. Nick – I always talk about how cute you are. I love nugget! I would love to work with you. Nicole – I would work with you too. Can I be the fourth wheel? What was a little upsetting the other day was I walked into the bathroom and the three of you stopped talking. Nick – I think its either you or Cliff

9:09pm HOH room. Bella and Sam.
Bella – I was in an alliance .. it basically already existed.. and Christie came up with the name. It’s Gr8ful with an 8 because there’s eight of us. But at the time Jack was like .. its going to be 6 core members and then two on the outside. So its supposed to be Jack, Jackson, Nick, me, Christie and Holly.. and Sis and Tommy were going to be on this outside side of it. It was the 6 and then the 8 but its mainly 8 people. But then last week when Christie was HOH and all that sh*t went down with Kemi and how Jack went crazy because he thought everyone was turning against him.. so it kind of drifted. So it wasn’t solid .. we only meet like 1 time prior to that. Last week it kind of disbursed and now this week its solid again… The decision to put Kemi and Jess on the block.. me and Nick are like yes, yes, yes.. do Kemi. Do whatever’s best for your game so now we’re trying to gain back Jack’s trust and solidify this 8. But you have been in pretty much all the conversations .. there was one night that you came up. And it was supposed to be a “meeting” which was fine.. we talk about the same stuff. You’re just kind of on the outside. I also think that Jack isn’t crazy to bring you on because you’re a definitely number for me and Nick and not really for the rest of them. Sam – yeah. Bella – so that strategy to get me and Nick out first is probably something they have to think about. I don’t think Nick has told you because there’s no reason to worry. You are the last person of the floaters to go. I was going to bring it up that you be with us but I don’t want to say it because they would be suspicious. I think its okay because you’re already a vote for us anyway. I wanted to tell you because I didn’t know if Nick had told you yet. I’m not sure why Nick hasn’t told you yet. Sam – well it is his game.. there are alliances. I am just worried because I always call out bottom feeders.. so am I a bottom feeder? Bella – no. Sam – so how is Christie sitting here telling me that she wants Jack to go. Jack told me that he trusts Mickie. Because he’s in stage five with me and Mickie. So now going further if I go to vote out Kemi ..well maybe we shouldn’t vote out Kemi because she’s on my side. I wouldn’t want her to go. Bella – that’s the thing… every time they said I’m so gr8tful. Sam – there is no room for me to weasel in. If I won HOH, I probably wouldn’t up Cliff like everyone wants.

10pm Storage room. Holly and David. Holly – I feel like you know a lot and I don’t know if its just intuition or not. Or you have theories. What do you think is going on in the game? David – I think I am going to come back and have a good time with you guys. Holly – okay that’s bland. What do you think is happening in the house? David – I think right now I am showing myself as a committed house member and I am going to pay my dues ..I’m not going to come in here and just ride the wave of who cooks and cleans. I don’t want to be that person. I have receipts for days. Holly – you have what for days? David – receipts. That I will slowing bring in .. can’t overload the kitchen. Play nice, beat the box with you. Play my cards right .. maybe in a few days the house will be like lets vote David in. Holly – I don’t think it will be up to the house. I think it will be a competition. David – we could have traded. Holly – that’s not ground breaking information. David – you could have traded information for something that’s going to be known anyways. Holly – what information do you have? What value is it who your new roommate is going to be? David – I don’t now. Holly – to be fair .. who friggin knows.

10:35pm – 10:45pm HOH room. Tommy, Christie, Sam, Nick, Bella. Sam – I just want Jess to go. Christie – she is annoying. Whatever we decide to do we will do it as a team as long as we trust each other. I think I am just a little bit paranoid with my hormones, I am glad that I heard it (Cliff talking about his alliance / game plan) and we will just know what to do going forward. Sam – you could even make up sh*t and just chuckle. Nick – I had an alliance name.. I don’t know if its insensitive though.. Flammin Five. Tommy – that’s perfect!

Nicole to Kemi – how are you feeling? Kemi – like I’m getting evicted. Nicole – I’m sorry. Jack said one things for sure, I can’t play in the HOH but I can play in the veto. They just said the consensus is that everyone is voting out Kemi. Should we have a talk with Bella. Kemi – No she’ll just deflect and then run to Nick and it might put a target on your back because I’m already out this week. My analogy is that there are different life boats and I’m not on either of them .. I’m on a raft if you’re going to be evicted and I’m just out on the ocean alone so I am trying to figure out which ship to jump on ..and I’m horrified. I feel like its Jack, Christie, me, Holly and then the Nick, Sam, Bella. Kemi – I would say the Jack, Christie because Bella is just so untrustworthy. She thinks she is playing both sides of the house .. and I think everyone sees that now. Jack really thinks everyone will put him up. Nicole – I am on a raft by myself.. maybe just let them take shots at each other.

12:05am Nick and Bella. Nick – so we throw up Cliff and then get rid of Cliff. F**king put up Jess with him and tell Cliff that he’s the pawn and then if we want to blindside Cliff we blindside Cliff. Then we will get down to five and then you be six. So you, me and Sam make six. And then Christie and Tommy be the last ones to go. Bella – yeah. Nick – he (Cliff) is picking from biggest targets, showmances first. People that look physical will always get hit and number 2, I f**King sucked in the physical comp. which is perfect because that might have been god helping me out. Bella – I love Nicole. Nick – yeah and I don’t think she would ever put us up. Nicole joins them. Bella – we were just talking about you … we weren’t talking sh*t.

12:30am All the house guests are looking for the Owl. No one knows where it is. They’re looking everywhere for it. Analyse – why are you guys still looking? I hid it and you b***hes aren’t going to find it. Sam – its got to be part of a task. Like keeping us up for 24 hours. The whole house is looking for it. Nick – there is no way its in the house right now.

12:53am Tommy and Nicole. Nicole – why are people interrogating me? Tommy – because everyone is so loud and vocal and your game is more quiet and people fear the unknown. That’s all it is. You just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re an amazing person. You’re an amazing player. I think you’re killing it and I promise you if I ever hear of something happening I will give you a warning. Nicole – likewise. Tommy – I have your back. I love you. Nicole – I don’t want to seem like a big baby.. this is a game and I’m a big girl but I would never compromise my integrity. I would never interrogate someone like who would you put up. Tommy – I don’t think think they mean it in a bad way, its just their style. Tommy – I am sorry that, that made you uncomfortable. I didn’t even have to hear what was going on to know you were uncomfortable. I have your back. Even those two have your back .. they said so upstairs. Nicole – I know that’s why I was like ..don’t. Tommy – don’t worry. Its a crazy day because we’ve been locked inside. Go win HOH. You have nothing to worry about. I think you’re amazing. I love you. I have your back. Tommy and Nicole hug.

1:34am Kat and David. Kat – do you have the Owl? David – you’ll find out at like 5:30am. Kat – no really? Why? David – because that’s when the flames are the best. Kat – wait, do you have the owl? Swear to god. David – yes. Kat – I won’t tell anyone. David – I can’t tell anyone. David – no. Kat – blind once if yes. Twice if no. David – Puh PoW! Kat – where is he? David – I only told Sam. Sam is sleeping. Sam is my friend. Kat – SHHhhhhh! Where did you put the owl? David – its in camp comeback. Kat – is he? WHere because I looked. David – yeah but you didn’t look everywhere. He’s in one of the bags in camp comeback.

3:10am Kemi, Nicole and Jess in the bathroom chatting about Nicole’s hair color. They all head to bed. Jess and Kemi hug. Kemi – I love you girl.

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another name

Sh!tty Six…. Flamin Five… why am i already cringing at what they’ll come up with for a quartet?

Another name

Hateful eight. The only people to root for are Kami, Nicole, Cliff, and Sam. The other cool kids are mean spoiled Brats.

another name

My issue with Cliff is he knows the behavior is bad, but is willing to jump in and pile on to be accepted. Keeping quiet and going with the flow is bad enough, but actively joining in when you are well aware it’s unacceptable? I don’t like that.
To tell you the truth, all it would have taken week one is one person saying, “I like you but I don’t like like that kind of talk, let’s be better than that,” and the entire image fix we’re wading through might not have been necessary.
For production to have to step in and inform the guests of what the outside social media and press is saying and introduce fixes for a week? I don’t lay that at Cliff’s feet, but I don’t like that he contributed. For that matter, Sam has been equally willing to join in, and contribute. When the adults in the room stoop to the level of the spoiled brats instead of at least attempting to elevate the spoiled brats, no bueno. It cost them my respect.
Just noticed we’re almost twins. cool.


So Sam knows he was not part of the cool kids club. This HoH could redefine the game or cement it into drudgery. I mean the middle school drama will still be there and the question of will Jackson be the first person to have a threesome in the house or will Jack, Analyse, and Nick beat him to it? Will Jack finally convert Christie with not so little jack? Will production just start spraying them with water every time they get near each other? I just want to be entertained by folks playing Big Brother because if I wanted to watch folks hooking up there are dozens of shows for that.


HAHAHA that’s gotta be a poll


I wanted to name the three in the threesome but could only pick one. My 3 picks were Jack, Jackson and Nick!


THat would have been a better poll .. lol just list all their names and have us pick which three.


those were my picks as well…LOL! They’re riding in a three person douche canoe……..

Big Bertha

My 3 picks for threesome are Jack, Tommy, and Christie (sorry sis….LOL)


Your questions sound like the announcer at the end of the old sitcom “SOAP” ???

Yes, I’m dating myself. I was just a kid then though.


I liked Soap…


Me too!
That was 3 smiley faces, not question Marks.

John Doe

So Holly and Sis call David weird and treat him like an outsider since he has been back and now she demands information from him? What an entitled snob. Love the way David played that. Her desperation is showing.

another name

Well paint me up with flowers and drive me like a Winnebago to the Yukon. What fresh hell is this?
I guess Tommy finally had enough of competing with Cliff for that all important after dark audience. Yeah, America’s player. Right. More like trying to steal my spotlight and the america’s fave prize. Compared to what people were concerned others were doing with Orwell in past seasons… i guess being shoved behind a dresser isn’t so bad.
So while Cliff has got Kat helping him search for Orwell, or die trying, I wonder: Is it really worth looking like a petty jealous knob stealing or hiding a stuffed toy? and then i wonder: really dude, you have to glue an owl to your hip to pander to an audience?
As more join the search for the stupid bird i’m wondering why doesn’t Cliff just make one out of dryer lint if he’s that disturbed? Last season’s Whackadoodledoo Sam would have already crocheted a parliament of owls out of dryer lint by now; And tried to make a break for it over the wall, threatened a couple curbstomps, and made a bottle of weiner hooch. See i told you all she should have been brought back (under supervision) to have a special arts and crafts counselor day. They’d each have made their own owl by now, or else. Oh, boy would some of the female houseguests have been shamed… Entire alphabets of Scarlet letters painstakingly crafted. Beth, pillowcase, Kat and Bella would be shook.


another name your posts are legit poetic. you should have your own site… like a hamsterwatch of sorts, but full of your quandaries. ill build it if you want.

another name

lol. i could never be as funny or insightful or informative as dingo on hamsterwatch. thanks for the compliment 🙂


Whackadoodledo Sam .. 🙂


“a parliament of owls out of dryer lint” — lol


Bella is destroying her game by outing her alliances it’s really going to hurt her later on. Sam better work to keep Kemi or its gonna be a tough season for him.


I don’t like it when they call them “bottom feeders”. This voting with the house thing is really old!


I’m waiting for them to start talking about how Cliff must have been in the special forces because he doesn’t have any hair on legs.


HAHAHHA that was like 1/5th of the conversations on that hideous season.


This is probably the first season that I am scanning the spoilers instead of reading them in depth. This case is dreadful. This feels like middle school all over. The cool kids, the outcasts, the introverts, and poor cliff whos like the teacher that thinks hes cool but everyone makes fun of him. Id love for casting to go back to the brains over beauty when selecting house guests.

I know the first few weeks are typically not filled with a ton of strategy and back stabbing but telling everyone your every move and making it obvious who is leaving makes things dull


I sometimes forget we’re only 2 weeks in but it does feel like the same formulaic casting we’ve had for a long time. We might get a treat with this Big Alliance exploding. Just need the right power (HOH/POV) in the right hands at the right time (and for the 3 gas giants to align with the constellation Aquarius)


I’m afraid this next HoH will set the tone all the way to Jury and possibly beyond.


My wife and I looked at the cast and I could peg exactly who they went after. (sorry for generalizations of people) We have the two super jocks, the two super hot girls that dont have much personality, the athletic girl, the quirky girl, the old guy, the african american girl whos sassy, the excentric gay guy, the super nice “doing it for my family” guy, the hippieish girl, the “superfan” who isnt really athletic, and a couple others.

You can use that formula for a bunch of the past seasons – where are the evil dicks, dereks and god forbid i even say it rachels?


So first we have Cliff outing his own alliance talking to himself. Now Bella not only exposed her Black Widows alliance, now she exposes her Gr8ful alliance as well. WTF is wrong with these people. They can’t possibly be this stupid. At this point who in their right mind would ever trust Bella.


OMG I know Bella has outed everything to everyone all the time. It’s insane. I think the only people that will trust Bella is Nick.. LOL


Didn’t she cheat on her at home boyfriend to hook up with Nick? Nick should be the most skeptical at trusting Bella for that move alone.


Ohh right I forgot about that. I saw a picture of him He’s older.


They are on a BREAK!


it’s like every year BB production goes out of their way to bring in a bunch of well educated pricks to live in the house, absolutely self entitled jerks!!! i know i’m going to be blasted for saying it but… all the white kids only pick white kids for their alliance (except for Bella) the rest of the minorities are picked off one by one. I’m not saying they are racist but …. ?!!
another boring season of BB for sure, hopefully Sam or Cliff or Nicole will win and start getting the Gr8ful people out!!!!!!!!!!


There’s a lot to unpack here.. Just looking at the bottom 9 they are pretty much all the showmance alliances. Somehow Tommy doesn’t get tared and feathered for being with them. Everyone else though plummets. The cutoff is Nick.

Bella – selling out every alliance sure didn’t help her ranking. What a plummet

Jackson shouldn’t be so low relative to Jack. He’s the better player and a couple of notches less douche than Jack.

Sis’ and Jack are about where they should be 🙂

Jess doesn’t do much other than girl power!!!!! 1.82 sometimes feel generous.

Holly – She’s playing the game not just grabbing a$$. I’m worried about her thought. you know what they say that the BB house ages you 10 years..

Kat – mmhhhh.. can be very funny at times but that’s all

Christie – Ugh she’s playing the game and is active but damn I cannot stand her sometimes. Between playing some weird love triangle game with Sis and Jack to blabbing to everyone everywhere all the time. I’m surprised she’s not a bit higher being so Active on the feeds.

Nick – rankings go up a lot more after Nick. He’s a strange person with Sis, Bella, Jack and p$n!s talk.


Adding to your analysis with a look at the top-rated players:

Sam – 100% agree that he should be on top. Not only has he won the first two vetoes (beating out self-proclaimed “comp beasts” Douche 1 & Douche 2), but he appears to have a level head. He controls his emotions, takes in the intel, and is probably strategizing more than we think as he’s not stupid enough to talk out loud about it.

Nicole – Very likable. Perhaps that’s because more than 50% of the cast is unlikeable, but she gets along with everyone and I can see her continuing to lay low all the way into the final 5-6.

Cliff – Huge mistake to talk out loud to the feeds. Nevertheless, I still think he has a good chance to move forward several more weeks. Seriously, is he really the big target of Gr8teful? You’re going to keep comp beast Sam and go after Cliff next?

Tommy – My personal opinion is that he should be ranked even higher. Has one person ever said anything negative about him or mentioned putting him on the block? Don’t think so! He is liked by everyone, has an infectious personality, and is protected by more than one alliance (although this season’s alliances are a mess).

P.S. – This is SanDiegoGal. My name has mysteriously started switching to “r.m.” from “SanDiegoGal” when I click to post.


There’s a way you can change the screen name

you will notice after logging in there’s a profile page with the “display Name publicly as” drop down menu

Janey Haze

There’s no way I could rank them in order because I just want to give them all last place.


I know it’s a long shot, but Im hoping the BB gods rain a miracle here and keep Kemi, have her OR Nicole win HOH, get a jack-off out, pleeeeeze have David win the battle back bc he is one of the few if not the only one that can revive this hell hole we’re in otherwise known as “ Douche Island” …..this is effin Season 19 all over again…….puke

Feeds Gold

re the revealer of both black widows and gr8ful alliances…

when sam eventually asks nick about the 8 and tells him how he knows, nick will drop bella(her trying to get sam to trust her more than nick) and she will get vultured by gr8ful and its gonna be fun to watch

also keep an eye out for kemi vs bella whilst kemi is essentially ‘spectating’ part of camp comeback…kemi is fed up and im hoping for a blow up…the eviction speech of kemi im hoping its feisty


Damn straight! the Kemi and Bella war may be the big event of this season.


I would love to see Kami stay. If not, hope she wins the battle back.


It’s going to be a tough one for me to pick I like Ovi and I like Kemi. I think Kemi will be more effective to come back.

Backseat Driver

Season 20 was much more fun (and easier) to watch”…….


Hahaha so Jack is the new evil dick? or the one bonning every single girl in the house LOL


Jack is no Evel Dick and he’s only banged Analyse although he’d surely take Christie for a ride if she gave him half a shot.


when is the POV?


POV was Saturday it’ll be shown on today’s episode.


sorry i meant did Sam use it I must of missed it


Sam didn’t use it.

Boring 21

How is Sam a floater?? He’s won 2 veto’s!

another name

floater: someone who has more than one alliance on opposite sides of the house dynamic, and jumps from side to side in the house depending on who has the power (social game tactic) first coined as a tactic by alyson and june in season 3. bastardized by dingy rachel who got the terminology wrong in order to make a life vest quip.

coaster: someone that contributes little to strategy or power struggle, beyond being a number and wants to ride coat tails to the end (entitled sloth activity). the game play rachel was actually talking about when she made the life vest quip
Since the same side has had the power so far, we can’t actually determine who the floaters will be. Many are setting up float games, but none have come into play.
comp wins mean nothing in terms of floating because floating is a social endeavor.


great breakdown, but why would Bella excuse herself from the category of ‘floater’…talk about multi-alliances…She claims Sam is a floater, but she, I guess considers herself a ‘player’. Gone. Get her gone, please. Cliff is a floater, NiBella are floaters, Sam, I think, is being a careful player.

another name

Because the same group has been in power for the 2 weeks of the game, everyone setting up a float game may not necessarily be a floater. Bella at this point is a chaos mite. She was lumped into an alliance, realized she wasn’t well liked but stayed with that group while trying to set up another situation for herself. While doing so she is lobbing alliance grenades in every direction hoping to destablize the status quo. Sam, after JUST learning he is in fact one of the bottom feeders he’s been going on about… wants to create his own group. That isn’t floating either. IF the power switches sides, that’s where we will see who floats and who sinks. oooo witch trial reference.


There’s also the Veronica category…

Feeds Gold

Im confused as to why Jack is so bizarrely submissive to Christie, its like he needs her approval to do the smallest of tasks

Miss Conception

Christie reminds Jack of his former girlfriend,who he was evidently very much in love with. Jack could not get his ex’s love returned to him so,he is seeking Christie’s approval to vicariously seek the the love he could not get.Christie must indeed favor Jack’s ex in appearance.If Christie plays her cards right, she could really control Jack.


……and…this may be far fetched, but narcissistic Jack may think he can “ turn” Christie… she could be a challenge for him unlike Smelly Sis who is easy pickings and submissive.

Feeds Gold

my perfect scenario…

After a big eviction speech, Kemi wont give a damn, I think its gonna be a fiesty feeds week with her and bella the week before comeback

Sounds like Cliff goes next…4 comebackers are likely David, Ovi, Kemi, Cliff

Maybe its the wall comp hoh for when the 4 comebackers attempt a return and I would love to see Kemi comeback and also win the hoh

nick and bella on the block…bella tries to throw gr8ful under the bus…chaos ensues…nick flirts with sis more…bella goes apesh!t

kemi gets revenge on bella who is the first to actually go home

alternatively ovi coming back would be good as well so that power is in play

jacks 2nd power was a very weak one…basically a redo of 3 veto picks which could change the draw for better/worse/same, very random

i have a feeling the 3rd power will be a big one and go to christie or sis

another name

vote flip problem:
Sam is trying for a flip in the vote (guess bottom feeder status didn’t agree with him).
He’s got Nicole, Bella, Nick agreeing. Christie doesn’t sound opposed.
Where is the sixth vote coming from?
Tommy? I can hear it now. in his gilbert gottfried mated with sandra bernhard voice “but we can’t do that… then everyone won’t like me… we have to go with the house (Jack and Jackson).”
Cliff? I can see it now. Cliff will go to Jackson or Holly and snitch. It’s his pattern.
Kat? ummm. no. She thinks she’s in a secret three with Jackson and Holly. While she wouldn’t mind if Jack were gone (after hearing from Holly yesterday) just no.
Sis? no.
Holly? hell no.
Jackson? calling a get real on that one.

In other house events: Telebella is on the move. Fresh off her squeeling from the rafters tour, she’s back to Kemi to tell her about Gr8ful (Kemi was in d/r when Telebella originally dropped the alliances bomb on Nicole and Jess). Nicole is trying to get back in Holly’s good graces. All of this sounds potentially even more detrimental to the vote flip to me.

Feeds Gold

After Christies manipulation and i think deliberate sabotage of the sis/jack relationship(so they would trust her more and each other less)…it pushed holly closer to jackson(they now sleep together)…and it pushed sis and jack apart as well, so it works out better for sis from a visual standpoint, sleeping as a lone player rather than with holly or jack, it will help minimise her target being so heavily associated as a pair either with a female or male…when jack is no longer hoh if i were sis i would tell him its not a good idea to sleep next to each other as its a needless target…i think as the holly/jackson thing grows and the sis/jack thing fades, holly becomes a bigger target than sis so if they were ever on the block, holly would go(almost all of gr8ful would keep sis over jack or holly if she was up against either)…Nick pushing Nicole to target Holly and Kat is him protecting Sis

I think both Sam and Sis are dissatisfied and feel majorly underappreciated within their respective groups, and as they are now the only 2 in the open room, I think they will develop a closer game bond…I also think if Ovi or Kemi comes back under the right circumstances, either/both Sam and Sis could eventually jump ship to form something new, particularly Sis


Simon…do ya have any boards up for Love Island? I’ve been a fan of the British one and the one in the US finally started last night…soooo fired up for it!!!! :p


This sight is basically Love Island light…

Feeds Gold

If I was trying to get Christie out…

Sam, Tommy on the block…take Sam off(or he likely wins veto), backdoor Christie

Tommy is too well liked and after losing her sh!t on the block with multiple meltdowns, Christie goes


If I was told I was the last of the floaters to go before the final 8, I would be figuring out how to get some of those 8 out before me. Sam now knows he Is just a vote for them and Bella confirmed it. Level 6 must be cringing watching these people play. I liked last season because the “who flipped” was great, now it’s back to vote with the house….boring!!!!