Big Brother 21 Week 8 recap and Live Eviction Results

Every week we get so close to Christie being evicted, This was the closest yet. I truly thought this was going to be the week. At least there will be no lack of funny faces in posts to come and plenty of CHOMPING.

Last week ended with Kat being evicted. Jackson went on to win the Slip n Slide Head of Household competition. From the moment he won the HOH it was clear Christie was going to be nominated and he wanted her out. Jackson spent considerable time talking to the other players securing the votes to evict Christie. It’s no surprise he ends up nominating her with Sis. The power of Veto is played and Jackson pulls out the win . Jackson doesn’t take Christie’s deal. He does not use the veto keeping Christie/Sis on the block.

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“I literally hate everyone in this f*ing house”

2:28 pm Sis and Christie
Christie blames it on Nick says Sis’ frustrations should be direct to him or Michie
Sis – he’s so f*ing annoying I understand why America f*ing hates him (LOL weren’t you also on the field trip)
Sis – like oh my god
Sis – I’m not mad at you
Christie cries “I’m so upset … I’m crushed. I’m mad at Nick Yeah I’m f*ing mad at Michie I’m so pissed”
Sis – yeah I wish you never made a deal with him
Christie – what would have been my choice I had no choice.
Sis – he’s just a bullshitter talker. I hope you f*ing beat him
Christie – I am devastated and I hate this. I am really really sorry it’s me and you.
Christie says she never told Michie the things Sis said. “I never told Michie anything we said in private.. to be honest, Michie was my target whatever was said I said it too”

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BB Bird Watching Audio Tour “Feast your ears on the symphonic sounds & calls of these majestic creatures.”

Jess is bitching about Nick. Jess – so right now knowing that Jackson cannot play in the next HOH .. I think that he is the only person right now that I trust enough that is both.. physical competitors .. because I am not that person. Holly – yeah but everyone needs the other parts of the puzzle… of the aspects of the game. And its good to have physical competitors that don’t have you on their radar. Jess – and Nick’s been throwing every competition… and I know he has. Holly – I know. Jess – you can see it. Holly – because he’s felt so damn safe. Jess – he over compensates whenever he loses or wants to make a spect.. or when he doesn’t want it…whenever something happens he makes it big.. look at me! I’m doing this!! And that’s what he does! You know what I mean!? Holly – MMMMmmhhhh..

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“I’ll be honest if you stay I would never not want to work with you. I do love you” – Nick to Christie

6:22 pm Christie campaigning to Nick
Christie says last night wasn’t about tarnishing his character is was about forcing him to win HOH and show his cards.

Christie says it’s “frustrating to watch you protect a handful of people but never have to nominate people”
Nick says he really hasn’t been throwing HOH’s

Nick – I don’t have anything against you gamewise or personal wise I just felt like you were coming after me.
Nick – the only game conversations I have are with Tommy, Sis and Nicole.
Nick – I’m not working with Michie and Holly

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“If I’m getting guarantees you’re working with me and not against me… That changes everything with me”

3:48 pm Christie campaigning to Jackson
Christie says she has no one. Tells him that his HOH he made the “Sickest move”
Jackson – I’ll be honest with you if I’m getting guarantees you’re working with me and not against me
Christie – I’m telling you I’m willing to take 5th and deal with it
Jackson – I’m telling you now that changes everything with me
Jackson – I’ve been waiting for this christie for 8 f*ing weeks
Christie – I want to make a deal
Jackson – well you’re barking up the right tree
Holly comes in

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Nick “I am so f**king sick of people f**king dragging me bro! If you want to f**king go, lets go!”

8:10pm Kitchen. Christie and Nick fight continued..
Christie – you aren’t protecting anyone person you’re protecting a cluster or so they all think .. so you don’t need to win ANYTHING because you have a cushion around you. Nick – I never told Jackson or Holly that I was protecting them. Christie – okay! Nick – they know that I was more protective .. I was honest about it. Christie – I know its not your fault that everyone just likes you so much. Nick – I didn’t say that everyone likes me so much.. I said that.. Christie – NO, NO, NO .. ON MY SISTERS LIFE! Its not my fault that everyone likes me! You actually said it like three times! Its not my fault everyone trusts me! I feel bad for Cliff! Nick – I did feel bad for Cliff. Christie – Yeah okay! Nick – I never said I didn’t feel bad for Cliff. Christie – you can’t! I’m saying it NOW! You can’t say.. you can’t say it!?!! DUH!!!

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“She’s still my target.. If Christie blows up Nick’s spot it’s a win win for me”

5:04 pm Jackson and Holly
Going over the campaigning by Christie.
Jackson – Christie shared some interesting things
Jackson says Christie is going to blow up Nick’s game tells her that Holly was going to go up as a pawn if Nick won HOH. Jess would be the target.
they agree that the house thinking that “Michie and Holly are going up anyways” is good for them.
Holly – She told me she wants to stay because she does have a target and she will take shots at Nick

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“You three are really BIG characters that I think people LOVE watching and they want more of you”

12:32 pm Sis, Tommy, Christie
Sis – if I’m being honest I think the powers this year sucked, Ovi’s the only one that had a good one
Sis says Jack’s power sucked and Christie would have been good if she got to pick the person to renominate.
Sis – I feel so brain dead without reading. I can’t even spell anymore
Christie goes pm wondering of getting rid of OVI was her big mistake maybe they could have used their power
Sis – if there’s anything I would take back it would be the blow-up on day 43
Christie- I would. I would take that back so quick.. I would take it back just vocalizing my feelings about Jackson.
Christie says she told Sam/kat that when she gets to 6 they would take out Jackson if she kept her mouth shut, they wouldn’t have had the blow-up.

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Christie “I’m starting to feel negative, like I really do feel like America hates me.”

8pm Bedroom. Cliff, Sis, Christie and Jess.
Cliff talks about his wife Sharon. Christie – you must miss her real bad by now? Cliff – yeah but I’m more used to it now and I don’t know if its because I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Christie – or that its become your new regular. I’ll be there at the wedding when y’all find your forevers. Christie – I’m going to have a black heart when I get out of here. I feel so cynical coming out of here. Cliff – Isn’t it horrible, no one is going to trust anyone once they get out of here. Christie – I know.. this game changes you. It made me really cynical. I came in here with flowers and rainbows and now I literally don’t trust anyone.

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“I’m blowing up his game. on Taco Tuesday at the dinner table.. I have nothing to lose”

4:00 pm Sis and Christie
Sis brings up parts of her conversation with Nick. Says she believes Nick’s story about not throwing the HOH.
Christie – it doesn’t even matter he’s making deals to throw comps
Christie – I’m blowing up his game just so you know. It’ll be really awkward for everyone. really awkward.
Christie – I have nothing to lose because I’m going home.. I’m blowing up his game right in front of everyone
Christie – on Taco Tuesday at the dinner table
Sis – ohh sh1t

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Power of Veto Ceremony results “noms are locked, Christie is going unless Sis blows up “

11:55 am Sis sand Christie.
Sis going on about wanting to win the HOH and put Holly/Michie on the block.
Christie calls Nick a snake.
Sis doesn’t think she can beat Tommy later on.
Christie – Nick is going to last as long as Nicole is in this game. He’s taking Nicole. I mean maybe he’ll take you I don’t know

Christie – you make one BIG move you’re good.. you win ONE HOH everyone wants to make a deal with you
Sis – I can’t be here without you, I can’t
Christie- Yes you can, don’t say that
Sis – I don’t talk to Nicole and I don’t talk to Jess. I don’t want to be around Michie and Holly.

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Christie “It would be a dream come true! Like America would eat it up!”

7:19pm Hammock. Nick and Sis.
Sis – you want to know what my dream come true? Nick – if we got to final two. Sis – no but that is a dream. Nick – if what? If Jess went up on the block? And Christie stayed? Sis – why do you talk so loud!? Nick – is that it? Do you think we can make it happen? Sis – yeah! Nick – Bro! I’m rocked! I already have an idea of how it could work. Did you talk to Jackson about it!? Sis – no, I am going to but Christie already talked to him. Nick – About it? Sis – yeah about if we make another six – Holly, Jackson, Christie, Tommy, me and you. Christie already talked to him about it. Nick – what did he say? Sis – she said he didn’t really say too much about it. Nick – I was talking to him before Cliff came out about Jess. Jess is saying a lot of sh*t. Cliff told me some sh*t. She thinks that Me, Michie and Tommy have a final 3.

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