“If I’m associated with you it’s a liability in my game. It’s not personal this is strictly game”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.

11:00 am Cliff and Jackson
Cliff going on about his conversation with David this morning. It’s the same thing he’s told Jack, Christie and the gang. (previous post)
Jackson says if David comes back he’ll be the first to go “100%, what is he going to do hang out with Kemi”
Cliff – we just have to outlast him
Jackson – I’ll be dammed if somebody spent a week and a half reading how to be a superior leader can’t last 3 hours in a house is going to sit there and dictate my future in this game or in real life
Jackson – If he wants to run this house I’m going to let him
Cliff – You should have seen Jack and him working out they were running their laps he made sure she stayed up with Jack and always a little ahead
JAckson – to me that body language spells insecurity and the need to assert dominance.. if you are comfortable with your self you don’t need to do that
Cliff – I wanted to yell to JAck just keep running because you can run him into the ground .. he won’t perform in any challenge after you’re through with him

Cliff is pissed because he enjoys his mornings where he can shoutout to his family if David is going to come to meet him every day and “quiz ” him he’ll have to figure out something different.
Jackson – that’s not cool
Cliff – I’m friendly with everyone but I’m not going ot get penned in a corner and interrogated .. it was very much an interrogation
Jackson – f* that .. thank you for letting me know
Cliff – he’s coming in hard and heavy
Jackson – he was coming in hard the moment he came in the first time.

Jackson – if he’s going to sit here and try to get under my skin, by all means, do what you want to cook your food.. if you want to run the kitchen run the kitchen

Jackson – means I don’t have to cook anymore .. not going to clean for you
Cliff – he said to me I can’t stand a dirty kitchen this will have to change
Jackson – and I can’t stand a David this will have to change
Cliff – normally when I get up I do coffee, I do the Kitchen and I do shoutouts
Jackson – just like he’s going to sit here and press my buttons you can’t fight fire with fire so I’m going to work him from the inside out and push his right back
Jackson – I’m going to do ash1t to annoy the hell outta him and just kill him with kindness and I’m going to watch it get under his skin and he’s going to in unravel
Jackson – not going to vacuum, going to drop crumbs here or there .. I’m going to watch him get under his skin.. Laughs and smiles.
Jackson – I’m going to work him from the inside. I’m going to take his soul .. he’s going to think he’s trying to get mine
Cliff – Tommy mentioned this .. HE said we went into the bathroom after David did and there was urine all over the floor right on front of it. He said it has to be David because it’s never happened before and it was right beforehand.
Cliff- you want to piss this house off real quick
JAcks – starts in the bathroom
Cliff laughs that he’s 1/2 thinking about peeing on the floor and blame it on David.

11:44 am Holly, Sis and Jackson
Holly crying about missing home..

12:05 pm Holly and Sis

Holly complaining about kat “I’m glad we didn’t vote her out because she still would have been here and it would have made out lives miserable
Holly – trying to find a nice way of saying HEY can yo back off and leave me alone

Holly is worried about the edit she doesn’t want to be seen as a “snake”
Holly – there’s only been a few episodes they don’t know she’s been making us insane for 2 weeks.

12:24 pm Jackson and Kat
Jackson – I hope you can respect my decision as a game player. This is a decision I’m making for the next 84 days not after
Jackson – I have to disassociate myself. I have to
kat – we already have
Jackson – not really, I have to disassociate myself in this game I hope you understand what I’m talking about
Jackson – I only care about my game and my game alone that is why I’m mentioning this to you myself. I’m not going to bring other people into it. I have to be selfish
Jackson – I need to put my energy into my game I’m sorry I hope you understand
Kat – I do.

Kat – I guess I’m just really confused.. people are going to talk shit everywhere in the house
Jackson – If I’m associated with you it’s a liability in my game. It’s not personal this is strictly game. I’m still going to have your back but it’ll have to be behind closed doors
Kat – I have your back too
Jackson – you’re a great person inside and out .. I still want to friends outside this house but for 84 days I have to remove myself
kat says she hopes this helps his game.
kat – I was really excited about the team that was getting built up now I’m in the dark because I don’t know where to go because I’ve been with y’all the whole time. are you all coming after me is that why you don’t want me in your alliance..
Jackson – I need to focus on my game
Kat – so you’re not going like.. like I hope it helps your game.
Jackson – thank you for being understanding ..
Kat – I’m still unclear why having a connection with you day one matter but how about the murmers of you having a showmance with Holly. Is there something I’m missing about something going on (aka showmance with Holly)
Jackson – anything that happens with me and someone else I’m going to handle it with someone else.. I will handle my game with other people ..
Kat – I was looking forward to what we were building. I don’t know what my next move is

12:55 pm Kat and David
Kat – having a good day today
David – it’s smooth

12:59 pm Jessica and Kat
Kat – I have something to tell you don’t say anything to anybody please please, please
Kat – Jackson told me he has to distance himself from me because it’s bad for his game
Kat – he said the constant paranoia and I was rubbing people the wrong way.. Like Sorry
Jessica – does it have anything to do with him getting closer to Holly though
Kat – well I called him out on that.. now he’s really close to Holly… he went from having a number one ally to like..
Jessica says she finds it weird that Jackson can be Holly’s friend
Jessica promises her she won’t say anything.
Jessica wonders if Jackson is doing this to create a divide with the girls.

Kat – they had the chance to get rid of me if I was rubbing them the wrong way
Jessica – I say hang out with them anyways

1:20 pm Outdoor games.. suntanning.

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The earthquake must have scared some of the house guests that are not used to feeling them.

another name

Studio City cancels the fireworks on the CBS lot for tonight. That’s okay. Jackson broke up with Kat. The house will still get fireworks eventually. Bring in Play doh beth to talk to Kat. that should start it.


Jackson makes watching the feeds hard to watch. His voice sounds like a creepy narrator voice. Please shut up. My vote is for Johnny Bravo for nominations.


Lol!! I have to agree!!


Jackson to Kat – “You’re a great person inside and out..” he he he

another name

Now that Jackson has been crying, watch the house go out of their way to make him feel better. And to blame David for Jackson’s comments.
Wouldn’t be crying if he hadn’t been running his mouth acting alphasuperior and saying things that even a toddler knows is going to get them a time out.
I wish I didn’t dislike him as much as I do. I just can’t with the Eddie Haskell type. Once I know somebody is concerned about edit and putting on airs for the camera and trying to game the system (out big brother the production and edit crew) my brain will not allow me to do anything but sneer at them. Every time his for the camera mask slips, and we get to see what he says or does, it’s not good. Every time he feels emboldened by his position in the game and his ego gets ahead of ‘the chararcter’ it’s even worse.

Club H.O.H

Insert giph of thirsty old hag holly lurking around the corner. Lol why is kat on top of the nomination list? I actually think she’s funny and out there compared to ikea and hag.

Not Aquaman

It’s because the “B’s” were conspiring against her.

another name

personally i tried to use the logic of who would naturally be a target and who would naturally be safe in order to pare down, and then chose which of the reasonable targets i’d most like on the block so that i wouldn’t be completely disappointed. who i want on the block is not who i expect on the block. i think i did it wrong.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

“Another name” so did I! For Sis and Holly, I thought “that’s his girl and Son’s side chick. He can’t put them up.” LOL I don’t want Kemi on the block at all. I hope she can make it through this week.

John Doe

Kat will now gravitate toward David and Jackhole will lose his mind. Kat knows this and will try to make Jackhole jealous. The Kat connection is why he “hates” David in the first place.