“They wanted to come up with a name.. they finally came up with the Fellowship.. OF THE ZING”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.
They got to see a commercial for the Power of Veto it will include a trip to Fiji. Jack has nominated Jessica & Kemi up. Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target. Power of Veto Players: Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella Sam won the veto and does not plan to use it.

8:05 am Cliff
Gives out shout outs to family.
Cliff says The “comp beast” Sam won the veto. It had something to do with collecting/building Frogs. Sam won with 18.
Cliff – at one point Kemi had 18 frogs as well but her time was slower than Sam so she had to build one more frog to win. Obviously, that would have been a HUGE win for Kemi but she couldn’t do it and her tower fell
Cliff – there was some campaigning last night from Kemi, she’s pushing hard to get pulled off the block. I don’t’ think it’s going to happen the sentiment of the house is everyone would like to see it stay the same going to cause the least amount of blood.
Cliff – Sam used the veto last week on myself. I don’t think if he’ll use it this week
Cliff – the big questions is Kemi or Jessica, I think most people. I think people would be most comfortable with Kemi going home .. most people I’m not sure I’m reading everyone.
Cliff – some people may view her as an easy target so they want Jessica out this week, Kmei the following week. We have till Thursday there’s a lot of things that will happen.

Cliff – Kemi is viewed as a more aggressive competitor even though Jessica did come in second on that fireworks HOH.
Cliff – the thinking is Kemi could turn things around competitive wise and really win a few and throw a bunch of wrenches into this house.
Cliff – Also I believe she’s competing in next weeks umm.. wackyournoodledoole competition unless she gets voted out in which case she’s still in the house

cliff says people who are doing the whackdoodle competition might want to vote Kemi out just so it increases their chance in that competition.
Cliff brings up during the nomination Speech Jack said there was alliance formed against him that would vote him out, “that made Jessica very upset”
Cliff – a big part of that is there’s this rumour there was a girls alliance that had been formed at some point specifically what I heard an alliance named the BLACK WIDOWS, Nicole, Bella, Jessica and Sis (HUH SIS?)
Cliff – Potentially Kat as well but then I heard CAt ran upstairs and mentioned it to Michie and Becuase of that everybody dropped the alliance immediately. that was the first things I heard
Cliff – than I heard Jessica was behind the whole thing she’s very POWER WOMEN. Then I heard maybe it wasn’t Jessica so much but Bella that formed this thing and once it was revealed and in order to protect her own tail Bella pushed everything onto jessica as having come up with it

Cliff – that is the story I heard from Nicole who I tend to believe on this.

Cliff – Bella is probably is throwing Jessica under the bus. Jessica is all upset. I think she needs to fight back on that. Bella is going to be a heck of a competitor strategically and aggressively.
Cliff – short term I’ll try to work with Bella and Nick those are numbers. Ovi doesn’t trust Bella or Nickl
Cliff – Nicole doesn’t really trust Bella .. I don’t think I feel a little tight with Nick that’s why I’m willing to work with him short term
Cliff – Bella did rub me the wrong way she came up and said she could probably get me possibility as far as jury but I would have to be willing to go on the block several times as a pawn (HAHAHAHAHAHAH love Bella)
Cliff – don’t let power get to yo head Bella, That seems a little forward. a little too condescending. I plan on making it to jury and further and I don’t want to go on the block a bunch of times. I’m not letting Bella call the shots.
Cliff – like the good soldier I am I said yup that be great if you could get me far I’m willing to play my roll.

Cliff – I never saw showmances forming but suddenly they are there. everyone … maybe they are denying it a little bit if not a full-blown showmance. Y’all know more than I do.

Cliff – Tight connections, Jack/Sis, Nick/Bella, Michie and Holly
Cliff adds that those players will act, vote and strategize as blocks of two
Cliff – still working with Holly and Michie. Kats in there as a vote
Cliff – that’s the way I can stay relevant with this larger group. I think we’ll see that fall out more.
Cliff – Cracks are starting to form (in gra8tful)
Cliff – was interesting in the POV yesterday injury-wise. Michie rolled his ankle has it wrapped, was treated by medics. I won’t say anything more than that cause heck even within the big brother house there are HIPAA policies that could be in play.

Cliff says he likes Michie “I want him to be able to win and lose on his own and not have it affected by injury”
Cliff – he was a bit of a bada$$ yesterday he rolled that ankle badly and that was 3 minutes into the competition and yet he spends the next 27 minutes still fighting and building those frogs doing everything he could to ignore what happened

Cliff says David is backing off a little with his more aggressive personalities.
Cliff – he’s broken down and cried in front of alot of people, Is it serious or part of away to get in with the rest of it Don’t know.
Cliff – several people wonder if it’s true or not
Cliff – I talk to David, He seems like a nice guy
Cliff – I am separating the person from the game enough. He seems like a nice guy loved to sit down and have beers with him or chat in chat groups when the game is over but I still want him out of here I still don’t trust his game
Cliff – he considers me a target I consider him a prime target

Cliff – he’s an all or nothing type, player
Cliff makes a poker player analogy says David is the 0player that gets to read the table for a couple of hours. read the emotions and jump right into a game and play aggressively with nothing to lose
Cliff goes on to say there’s been minimal bets all season suddenly this player comes in and will start making BIG bets every single time trying to win POts by intimidation completely disrupting my game as a poker player and being all or nothing, either way, he can drastically affect my game before he’s either out the door or has all the chips
Cliff – his style of play worries me and I want him out of here.. I’m going to continue to make sure I want people focused on David (Wow twitter is going to hate you)

Cliff – others even if they are friendly with him. Which we all are trying to be and all should do.. even with that nobody gets too chummy with him over the next week or two
Cliff mentions how Ovi is putting in a lot of quality work building relationships and memorizing the comp order.
Cliff – I hope he comes back he’s done good work
Cliff – Nicole and I have a final 2 which I’m still serious about and intending to keep. Ovi and I have been working together. We came together last night and came together and said OK we’re the three (found my three)

Cliff – in some ways it’ premature because Ovi is not back int the house. Doesn’t hurt to solidify. In some ways, we’re the underdogs.
Cliff – Nicole is great she’s playing under the radar.. I can keep the radar off Nicole. Ovi isn’t seen as a threat because he’s out of the house and everyone loves him.
Cliff says he knows he’s at the bottom of the “popular kids” totem poll. He feels that Nicole and Ovi he can trust and they can trust him.
CLiff – they wanted to come up with a name, I don’t care.. they finally came up with the Fellowship. Ok.. I’m a lord of the rings fan I’ll follow the fellowship
Cliff mentions he thought they could be the “Fellowship of the ZING”

8:51 am Cliff
Cliff – good morning sunshine, It was David whose awake doing some laundry but he didn’t have his mic on so he couldn’t talk.
Cliff – I may have some damage to repair it may not be possible but I’ll try
Cliff says he can’t talk game. goes on about how much harder it is to be in the house compared to watching on the feeds. Adds that he’s not naive there’s not a discussion of him negatively going on.
Cliff – try to prepare for it and play the best game I can
Cliff – can you guess the person I do not want to come back into the house as the comeback but if it’s an athletic contest I can easily see it.
Cliff – I’m sure someone else will love to see someone come back into the house to stir it up
Cliff – there’s a strong possibility that things will happen to allow him to stay or come back into the house. Not good for my game but we’ll see
Cliff mentions that the microphones soon become another appendage and they all learn to read the cameras. (this is kinda important the ability to read the cameras based on their movement is a big help when schemeing)

David spends the last couple of hours power cleaning. like legit power cleaning.

10:20 am House is up

Happy Birthday, Kemi! Kemi, Nick, Bella

They start chatting about buying healthcare insurance. (as a non-US folk these conversations are always interesting/insanity to me)

10:29 am Sis and Holly
Holly is complaining about Kat always going around forming a head count

Christie comes in
Holly – Jess was walking around trying to get ahead out she’s being really f*ing weird
Christie e0- WHAT

Christie – did you
Whisper whisper
Sis about Jack – “His d1ck is HUGE .. huge I have never experienced that.. I’m not even kidding”

10:40 am We get to see Jackson’s busted up Ankle

Everyone was banging

11:01 am Jackson and Jack
Jackson going on that last night Nick was looking around for Sis. Jackson says he was trying to cover for jack.
Jackson – I was like f*ing drop it
Jackson – why are you so pissed off because you got stuck with Bella though sh1t.

Nick comes in with Bella. SAys he was pissed off with Jack because he wanted to be the first person to say happy birthday

11:03 am Bros after Nick/Bella leave
jack – thanks for trying to cover for me
Jackson – jess is being weird.. she was just talking sh1t about sis. That’s not fair to SIS she’s the sweetest girl in this house the most quiet girl in this house.
Jack – what was she saying about SIS
Jackson – No Jessica wasn’t she said they are talking so much sh1t about sis I guess about SIS and you and when I say THEY I’m pretty sure THEY equates to Nick.
Jackson – he needs to get the f* over it sorry he couldn’t pull sis but
Jack – it’s not worth blowing up right now I’m just going to keep going with it
Jack – if he makes it a reason to put me up than he makes it a reason to put me up if he ever gets HOH. Plan stays as follows
Jackson – Yeah ya ya .. I wasn’t telling you that.. if people are running their mouth about me I would hope you let me know

Jack wonders if he should confront Nick on a friend to friend basis
Jackson – I really do cause I hate hypocrisy.
Jackson instructs him to wait until Nick wakes up. In a little bit pull him aside in the next day or two

Jackson instructs to frame it like he’s heard jack and Sis (porking) sleeping together is rubbing Nick the wrong way. Even though Nick is sleeping with Bella every night since day four
Christie comes in ..

11:08 am someone asked Jackson about his ankle he says te swelling has gone down but he’s still limping around.

11:11 am Cliff is exercising Nicole and Kemi are chatting…
Kemi complains that she’s gotten 2 shades darker since being in BB and now her foundation doesn’t match.
Nicole says she’s gotten more tanned and gained weight

Working out

workouts are intense this morning

11:56 am

Some are just laying out

11:58 am Boatroom Sis and Christie
Christie says when they are running with Bella fill he rin minimally
Christie – make something up if you have to she’s going to spin it (jack/Sis showmance)
Christie tells her to use the opportunity to say that her had Jack had something happen and it’s awkward.
Christie suggests she might want to say her and Jack got in “A little.. .. anything”
Christie – say you think he’s still in love with his EX
Christie – make her feel included
Christie – if anything is said from Nick one line you worry about who you are sleeping with every night and I’ll worry about who I am sleeping with

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That statement actually made me laugh out loud ?

An ornery mouse

Dammit, Sis. Don’t talk about the penises you’ve encountered on TV….. especially when attached to Aqua-Douche Drogo. I had so much more hope for this girl, but she sucks.

Allies Mom

Literally not figuratively. Ha.


How do you know? Wouldn’t put it past her…I mean, if you’re gonna have sex in the house, they probably do it all!

another name

a large percentage of people have been calling him a big d!ck for a couple weeks. where’s the change?


I guess modesty is no longer a thing……I am certainly no prude but, some people on this show have no self respect. I know a few are dense, do they know that the cameras are in 24 hours a day?


Simon, US health insurance really is a nightmare. I pay $14K a year for my family plan and we still have a $2500.00 deductible per person

Health insurance is one of the reasons we want to move out of the country when we retire. No lie.


Not everyone has it that bad. I left my job as a telephone operator for ten years on a medical disability. Our insurance was free (the phone company paid it). When I had to leave for medical reasons (which they knew about when I was hired) I got half pay, decent chunk of money every month, as well as kept my free insurance. My husband also has free insurance under my policy. This will continue the rest of my life. It all depends on where you worked and what type of insurance coverage they offer.


Another thought, if I were Nick, I would be wondering what my employer would be thinking of my behavior. He’s a child therapist, I question his ability to make good decisions.


Nicole: She may be the only person in the history of Big Brother who is happy with gaining weight in the house.

Cliff: Wanted the alliance name to be “Fellowship of the ZING.” I knew I liked him for a reason! The houseguests seems to think he is a non-threat, but I think he is playing a much better game than most of them.

Sis: i just can’t.

Jack: Just when you think his ego couldn’t get any bigger, it’s now apparently the size of his d*ck.

Health Insurance in the U.S.: No comment.

I’m warming up to this season. Slower start, but a lot of interesting houseguests.

another name

When i’ve thought about what i would be vigilant of if i ever played big brother, the top of the list has always been consistently seeing a large number of the same people missing from the group, and all congregating together in a separate room. If it looks like an alliance and smells like an alliance treat it like an alliance. If you aren’t in that group… you either have to target them or you are their target.
So. with that as a benchmark… anyone that didn’t know the twisted sisters were in an alliance that was later called the black widows, and anyone that doesn’t know that there is a minimum five alliance up in the hoh is being willfully blind and ignorant to their surroundings.
I say five because it is consistently sis/jack holly/jackson and christie in a pack in the hoh room. with occasional drop ins by tommy.
Sam thinks he’s in with the alliance. When is the last time he was in on a meeting? When he had the veto last week? oh. gee. funny that.
Cliff thinks he’s good with them. When’s the last time they invited him? No. Sam and Cliff are only ever brought in while that same group is already in progress.
Nick and Bella. They HAVE to know something is fishy in Denmark that the others are meeting multiple times a day without them. In fact, I think they both know they aren’t REALLY in the alliance. Nick’s got to know that Sis and Jack is why he’s out. Bella’s gotta know that anyone who ever watched ‘three of these things’ on sesame street is looking at her.
It’s always annoyed me about big alliances that the rest of the house sees them, and doesn’t act on simple reason.


I think Nick and Bella are just being smart. They have real lives outside of BB and don’t want to be seen as too friendly with terrible people, even if they will use them for an alliance. Same with Sam and Cliff, it just isn’t worth screwing up their lives to be associated with Jack or Jackson.

another name

given some of the more cringey things Nick has said (in a different arena than the cringey things the Jackals have said) i’m not so sure. Cliff seems more than willing to at least play along with some of the cringe if it gets him further in the game. Sam at one point was so gung ho on a men’s team that i think he’d be willing to overlook some of the cringe as well.


Why are the guys running the feeds so quick to switch them so often! So annoying! Seems way worse this season than seasons past….


OMG I know! Its so frustrating .. and how at times they have the same conversation on all the feeds.

another name

because they are hyper-vigilant of anything offensive being said at this point due to articles coming out and viewer scrutiny being heightened. I still say you know you have a problem when the cast has been told to feedsfeedsfeeds if the conversation is going someplace bad. It’s really hard for them to create a heroic storyline if their character role archtypes are asshats.