Christie “This is the first! This is literally a first! Guys this is monumental!”

8:20pm – 8:40pm Most of the house guests are hanging out in the backyard playing corn hole and chatting. Nick, Jessica, Nicole, Christie and Kemi are chatting on the boat lounger. Meanwhile inside in the kitchen, Sam, Bella and Holly are packing up the pizza they got for their 4th of July party. They talk about freezing some of them and asking Big Brother if they’ll donate the rest to a soup kitchen instead of throwing it out.

Jack to Ovi – I am very confident that you will be back. Ovi – you don’t need to worry about anything either. Jack – I am very confident that you will be back based on the people that I’m thinking of nom’ing .. you’ll be back. That’s about all I can say. Ovi – that would help me out a lot. Jack – you will be back based on the people I am thinking of sending out.

Analyse – it was basically just we are going to keep doing what we’re doing. Nick – I’m so happy for you. See I told you everything would work out. I’m so proud of you. Analyse – you literally gave me the confidence.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Nick – I’m so happy. Analyse – he makes me so nervous. Nick – why does he make you nervous? I’m confident in myself just not when it comes to guys. Nick – why? Analyse – a lot of guys are like him like me for what I look like and I want a guy who likes me for who I am. You help me build up my confidence. Do I like him just because we’re in the game or will I still like him outside. Nick – just be careful not to break his heart because he might not open back up.

9pm Boat room. Kemi and Nick. Kemi – This is honestly what it is, I feel weird about the cameras now. In the past few days I’ve been weird about the cameras. Nick – why what’s going on? Kemi – I don’t know, I just don’t like it. Nick – yeah it is hard. Bella joins them. Nick – you think they’re following you. Kemi – I just need my own space and I can’t get it. Nick – the porta-potty in the backyard or the HOH shower. I don’t even notice the cameras. You got here for being you don’t change that. Cliff and David join them.

9:20pm Big Brother gives the house guests apple pies for dessert.

10pm Nicole and Ovi at the picnic table. Ovi – Someone has to go out first, I’m just trying to get back in here. I’m just trying to think about what’s the best move forward. Nicole – I gotcha. But they could have very well said oh you’re in sequester for two weeks and then they’ll be a battle back. There has to be a reason why you’re in the house. And I know this is a social game… there is more to it. Obviously keep your eyes and ears open because it might be listen to the HOH competition at what stage did Nicole.. because you were all there. Ovi – you’re right because she said listening might become important. Nicole – you don’t get to see the comp but you get to listen to it. Ovi – its going to be nothing from this week because David would no nothing .. it will be from going on. Do you know the order that people went off? Nicole – I know very vaguely. Now if I get evicted and you beat me .. this will be the moment I say dammit! Cliff joins them. They ask Cliff what he can remember of who went out and and in what order.

10:50pm HOH room. Jackson, Jack, Holly, Analyse and Tommy. Jack – I would like to send Kemi and Jessica to the block and then retrieve the veto never to be returned again. So then the house the becomes split with the votes. With us of course being 8 and them being 6 but expose it. Tommy – smart. Jack – and then they question themselves, who voted where. And I will live with the risk of whoever goes. Kemi can stay, Jess can go.. I don’t give a f**k who it is as long as its one of them. Jackson – it will stir the pot. Jack – that’s the goal. Tommy – because they’ll have to vote against one of their own. I mean two of their own. Jack – and if the veto gets won, then I put Kat up. Jackson – and that’s worse case scenario, which is still a pretty good scenario. At least we have seats one, two or three with none of our people on it.

11:27pm Bedroom Nicole and Jessica. Nicole – Kemi and Kat today (stuck together). Jessica – yeah. I feel like they’ve always been cool it was just that misunderstanding in here. I f**king love her (Kat) but she is just so unreliable. Not unreliable but she is just a loose cannon. She doesn’t know how to keep it. That’s why I don’t want to tell her too much. She’s kind of like a roller coaster. She will miss her friends and cry and say I want to go home. But then later when she tried to self evict, they wouldn’t let her. Nicole – Kat is having a hard time. She said I don’t think I could do this the whole summer. She said I can’t do it with the cameras. She’s not going to last all these weeks. Kemi joins them. Jess- Mickie (Jackson) told Kat that he can’t be her friend anymore. He told her he needed this because she wasn’t good for his game. More than likely it looks like Kat is either going to be put up on the block as a pawn. Michie had something personal happen to him.. that’s why he was really off today. Big Brother switches the feeds. Nicole – do you think its sketchy that everyone is up there (HOH room) except for us? Jess – no. Its definitely going to be two girls (getting nominated). I don’t think Jack would get rid of a guy.

11:57pm HOH room. The Gr8ful eight (Tommy, Jack, Jackson, Christie, Holly, Nick, Bella, Analyse) all get together in the HOH room and do bird wing gestures with their hands in a circle. Christie – This is the first! This is literally a first! (All meeting together) Guys this is monumental! Jack – quick plan for this week… I am putting up Jess and Kemi. We will win the veto and not use it. Nick – and spotlight Kemi. Jack – yeah full unanimous vote that way. Jess comes back. Nick – but what is she going to win. Jack – I am also going to tell Jess that she’s a pawn. If we don’t win the veto and Kemi somehow wins it then we put up Kat. Nick – and then Jess goes? Jackson – or Kat goes, Kemi, one of the three. Christie – and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Jess was in the battle back because is she going to battle back?

12am HOH room. Nick and Bella leave. And the Six Shooters (Jack, Jackson, Tommy, Analyse, Christie and Holly) all do gun shooting hand gestures. Jack – sh*tty six on 3, sh*ty six! They all put their hands in a circle and Jackson shoots.

12:37am Bedroom. Nick and Bella in bed. They pull the covers over their head. Nick – isn’t it weird that there are weirdos out there watching us right now? Bella – like my f**king mom.

1:25am Ovi comes into the kitchen and says good morning to Jackson. Jackson tells him it’s not morning yet. We haven’t gone to sleep yet. Ovi – I’m confused. They just called me to the Dr, I thought it was morning already?

1:35am Ovi and David go to sleep…

2:05am All the house guests are now in bed sleeping..

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So did Bella and nick have sex?

King Silva

I really hope Nick, Bella, and even the douchebag Jack can figure out that the other 5 people in their alliance are NOT loyal to them and they are all going to get 8th to 6th place if their perfect alliance works out and they fail to win the comps they would need once it is just Gr8tful in the house..

Someone needs to spill the beans already.

Multiple people know how much shit Christy talked about Jack last week so why aren’t they saying something? I can see them maybe waiting but Kemi and Jessica are already going on the block so there really is not use waiting to spill the tea.. The seeds need to be planted before the Veto ceremony if they want any chance of both surviving.

It still is a long shot but worst case scenario Jack should have major trust issues with Christy going forward and it would no doubt create a major crack in the alliance (not like there are not already some).

another name

The majority of people that heard princess wordvomit knocking him all think they can maybe use her as a number moving forward. That’s why they aren’t telling Jack. Then you have Jessica, who has been told about the eight and multiple 5’s twice now, and still operates under her own delusion that they doesn’t exist because it messes with her plan of all women unite.
The Black Widows would have an easier time convincing Jack that Nick was plotting (they don’t like that he’s under foot anyway). If they sent Nicole (Jack has a blindspot for Nicole,thinking she’s a floater not tied to anyone that is grateful someone like him even speaks to her) it has the best chance of success. But would Nicole do it? Sam thinks he’s in the alliance, so wouldn’t try to break the alliance. Cliff is too scared to rock the boat, so he’s just plotting peeing on the floor and blaming David. This is why Jack spent days making so many alliances with everyone except Kemi and Jessica. The majority of those alliances also include Christie whether she knew it or not because she was HOH at the time.

John Doe

What is a hard R?


Is anyone else having problems with the volume o POP


yes i use the cc


Part of the problem there is the individual mic volumes seem to vary so some people have little volume and others in the room have a megaphone. ‘ve noticed at times that people in other rooms are louder than the ones the cameras are on.


Looks like we have the whackadoodle and noms today. Jess and kemi are the nominations

another name

whack players this week are: Tommy, Holly, Sam, Jackson and Jack.


Tommy with the power or maybe Sam. I just want something so more folks will start playing.

another name

so mr. mealplan must be a stress eater.
lettuce in the bathroom. ew. don’t touch the watermelon it’s mine. 2 bags of grapes. chips. a can of nuts. the peanut butter and crackers. juice or milk straight from the carton. more grapes in bed.


I was thinking that all day yesterday. All he did was eat yesterday.

another name

all the food i listed was between the time he left the meeting in the hoh to the time he went to bed.

another name

meanwhile the nerd herd, season 15 and season 19 are all offering to hold season 21’s beer.