Christie “Ovi is my self-proclaimed brown flame.”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.
They got to see a commercial for the Power of Veto it will include a trip to Fiji. Jack has nominated Jessica & Kemi up. Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target. Sam won the veto and does not plan to use it.

8:50pm All the house guests are in the kitchen Christie – Ovi is my self-proclaimed brown flame. He called it so I .. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jackson is back from the DR. They comment on how his foot is doing better. They grill him about needing have ice on it, 20 minutes on 20 minutes off. Jack – we could just cut it off?!

9:05pm Kitchen. Jessica talking to Jackson. Jess – I am just grateful that I got to compete with some power players. Like there’s not many times I would get to compete with people like you and Jack and Sam and Bella. Jackson – Sam could have very well won three things already. And he’s beaten Jack two maybe three times. And he’s beaten me once, maybe twice. Sam is showing out! Jess – yeah. Jackson – and very early at that. He did well. Jess – I know I need to talk to him. Jackson – yeah you do because he does not like Kemi. Jess – he doesn’t?! Jackson – maybe he does, I don’t know. I don’t talk game with him. Jess – well if you don’t talk game with him, I wouldn’t know.

Cliff – I really don’t think Sam will use it. Kat – I heard that he wouldn’t. Cliff – then its kind of just letting them.. I don’t want to see Jessica go home. Kat – I don’t think anyone does. I think she is kind of unfortunately .. digging a grave for herself but she’s dragging Bella .. which doesn’t bode will. Its kind of creating some friction. Cliff – all because of Nick and his connection? Kat – I don’t know… its getting messy. From what I’ve heard everyone wants Kemi out this week and Jess out next week. Cliff – I was thinking is everyone thinking get Jess out this week just because Kemi is an easy target next week.

9:10pm – 9:45pm Boat room. Ovi, Jessica, Kat, Nick, Sam, Christie, Bella, Analyse. The conversation turns to talking about the Bachelor / Bachelorette. Kat says that her ex-boyfriend was on Desiree season. He was the guy that wore the dental coat. She says that production made him wear it. She says that he got grilled online about it because he was a dental student and people were bothered by him wearing the dental coat.

9:56pm – 10:25pm Boat room. Nick – Jess is spiraling. Sam- I know, you should say sh*t to keep her spiraling. I’ve heard her name way more than yours. Nick – she is just running her mouth. Sam – what was it that she talked to Jack about? Nick – she said I was a mole or something. Sam – that’s offensive to my mole. Nick – what the f**k, I don’t even talk game to Jess. The only people I talk to is Bella, Michie and Christie. Nick – the only mole is Ovi. Kemi – yeah Ovi had a final two with everyone. Nick – every person in the house. The conversation turns to talking about random things and Bella talking about her roommate and all the passive aggressive things he would do to her.

10:55pm – 11:10pm HOH room. Jack, Jackson, Analyse, Holly and Christie. Jack – I don’t want to make any decision this week. It’s a gr8ful decision and not a Jack decision. Its up for discussion. Jackson – I think that Kemi needs to go this week. She has blatantly clear that without question she is taking shots at us. Jessica on the other hand is less of a threat in competitions and two may or may not take a shot at two of us. Jack – she came in second in both the HOH and POV this week. Jackson – Jess would probably take a shot at Nick and Bella. We can protect them with the votes. I think we need to protect ourselves from someone who has made it clear that she is coming after us. Kemi needs to go first, the sooner the better. If she stays in this game she will win something and she will f**k up our game. She almost won today.

They all agree they’re voting Kemi out. Christie – Nick and Bella said they’re voting out Kemi too. (All the Gr8ful 8 are voting out Kemi at this point.)

11:37pm Ovi and Nicole using the backgammon chips to studying.

11:40pm Jack laying with the lights off. Analyse joins him..

11:43pm Bathroom. Jackson and Holly. Jackson – keep him down. What? You ain’t got to ask me twice. Holly – yeah, I know. Jackson – f**k off. Don’t throw that in my face. (Jackson & Kat hooking up) I was weak, I was vulnerable, I made a mistake. I came to my senses. Holly – right.. what a life characteristic. I was weak. Jackson – I was pressured. I was a victim. Jackson – I will say that she really was the instigator. holly – I believe that .. I got the behind the scenes. I mean I talked to both of you. Jackson – I have no doubt she went rambling.

HOH room. Analyse goes in to kiss Jack. He pulls the covers over as they make out..

11:55pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

12:10 am Kat and Jessica
Kat – CHrsitie, Tommy, Sam, Nick think Kemi’s the problem
Kat – JAck, JAcksonm, Sis, HOlly think Bella is the problem they need to get rid of her minions before they get rid of her.
Kat – they want to get rid of Kemi but their target is Bella
Kat – so that’s already 8 people that want Kemi out, Your fine
as long as you lay low
Jessica – I think I’m doing a good job if it’s my time to go it’s my time to go
Kat says Kemi still hasn’t washed a dish “she still walks around like she owns the place. She’s walking around like she’s got nothing to lose”
Kat – she doesn’t pull her weight around here.

1:28 am

1:53 am Kemi and Nick (hard to hear)
Talking about Getting Jessica out. Nick saying how Jessica is going to implode.
Kemi – do you think Jack will still want me out. Regardless who of us stays it’s not like we won’t put him up
Kemi – she’ll put up Jack and Jackson 100%
Nick tells her she needs to find out for sure
Kemi – that’s what she’s been saying for the last week and a half like cut off the head of the snake Michie will do whatever Jack says.

7:34 am Sleeping

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The optics of having the four brown houseguests evicted and living in that Castout room is embarrassing, even if people think it is coincidental. Yeesh.

John Doe

Well, that’s consistent with the state of race relations in America — left to their devices, the majority will always relegate black and brown to 2nd class citizenship. I believe, however, some good can come out of this happening in full display — those folks that say racism is a thing of the past can now see (if they are honest with themselves) that racism is alive and well (although those folks will likely counter “this is not racist, its just game, they had their reasons, David ran for camp counselor, Kemi did not beg for her life, Ovi is strange, Jess talks too much, blah, blah, blah…”). Smdh.


It’s also telling when you see how “intimidated” some white men get the minute a black man enters the pic. David wants to win the game just as much as the next person,however he is viewed as “weird” “aggressive”. If he came in scratching his azz or bowing down to his competitors he would be deemed “fake” like how the “ahem so called pretty girls” view Kemi. She is just as real or fake as they are. However she is also strong and not using her sexuality to try and gain favor with the self described”strong guys”. If they were truly strong they wouldn’t focus their energy on belittling David or Kemi. It’s a game, if you want them out stick to the game and not racist banter. However as I stated, this show is an excellent example of how some white folks behave when they are the majority. Many white men are just going about their life doing their thing. They focus on a person’s actions and not their skin color. Those are men not the boys who think they are men.I love watching it and reading the comments because you can learn alot.

King Silva

Real talk.

More reason why they should have a season where at LEAST half the house is some kind of minority.

Or better yet make the white people the minority one season and see if they like it. I’d be very curious to see what happens.

Fed Up

If that was done you would see all the white people in the camp comeback room and not one person would be crying racism. And for the person who continually says racism can not be towards white people bc they aren’t a minority needs to go educate him/herself before posting such nonsense. Racism is alive and well in all races because most people cannot accept differences. We tend to gravitate to those that are like us. Haven’t you ever noticed that when there is a family gathering the wife’s side is in one area and the husband’s side is in another? I believe Ovi would be a target no matter his color bc he’s a nerd amongst the “popular kids.” And I blame casting for always putting the same stereotypical people in the house. Beautiful, sweet, hard working, independent black women DO EXIST!!


Systemic racism in America has no negative effects on white people. White people do not experience racism in America the same way brown people do because they designed the system to work for them and against everyone else centuries ago. The way this game is being played this season illustrates that point perfectly, no matter how much white people wanna deny it.

Fed Up

Your ignorance is appalling, quite sad and a perfect example of being racist.


It really is sad but unfortunately that’s the way a lot of these posters are feeling. I’ve stayed away from posting comments as much because of that reason. Some people just cannot accept that they are in the position they are in because they are weaker or whatever. They have to bring race into it to feel better about themselves and also to rile others up. And it works for them. Which is great if that’s what they want…but all they’re doing is sewing more discord among people of different racial backgrounds and creating even more segregation.

Lighten up, Francis

Perhaps “BB: Zimbabwe” would be more to your taste.

Ovi's Pitch....

Just what do you think BB is? If you want some lame social justice farce feel free to pitch it to a network.

Poor Me...whah...

White people are a minority in the world.

Just because they built the modern world in which you enjoy living doesn’t make them the majority.


Bella, Jess, Kemi, David, and Ovi are minorities. Christie and Tommy are LGBT (not really sure if that counts as a minority?) and I think – could be wrong so dont kill me- Analyse is of mixed decent, maybe Hispanic?
If you count all of them thats 8 out of 16 players that are not straight white male/female.

I’d say its a pretty diverse cast.


survivor had a season where the tribes were separated by race. they had a white, black, latino, and asian tribe. the white tribe became the season’s villains while the merged latino/asian/black tribe became the underdog heroes. then of course when they invite a member of the white tribe back for the heroes vs. villains season she’s put on the heroes tribe at the expense of a latino hero (sandra) being put on the villain tribe.


It is embarrassing, and none of them even mentions it. It comes that naturally to them.


Omg… that last picture of Holly in the kitchen… I had to look twice. I thought she was naked waist down! Eew! WTH?!

Allies Mom

I hope this season gets better. These people kinda suck right now. The hot guys are jerks, the girls seem bland and clueless, the Donny type guy Cliff turned from loveable to closet racist and no one seems to care about playing the game.

It’s like watching little kids pretend to play grownup except these instagram wannabes are trying to play big brother.

another name

so recap of the day (I was out for the evening so i’m doing the is this what happened catch up):
Jess cried. sucked up to jackson, kat and sis. Her new real best friends…. oh barf. The Original people that revealed the alliance Jess is crying about being blamed for. Her social read. Astounding.
jack said the whole 8 would come to a decision this week to bella. believe it when i see it.
sam won another veto. but he’s not a threat on the cut order for weeks. well that’s mighty white of them.
Jackson injury. Tommy makes it sound amputation worthy, worse than Christine… really? he’s walking with a limp and over icing the injury.
kemi tried to reason with sam. sam ain’t going to make waves. Gee, he sure wanted to make waves week one and Cliff deserved to stay because he has kids but he doesn’t want to hear about Jess having kids because shut up with that crap. whu? so sam… what’s the deal?
nicole made an alliance with the jackal’s private snitch and someone no longer in the game. REALLY?? eyeroll. Realllllly? oh come ONNNN. You try and you try to want to root for Nicole… and she makes an alliance with someone NOT in the game.
house got a little booze. like they weren’t trying to engineer a Bella Jess argument. oh. okay. Production would never.
Christie and Tommy decided the 4 proposed with Sam and Nick is not as good as the final 4 with the two girls in showmances. i’m sure playdoh and pillowcase would never dump christie and tommy for their meat shields. never. of course they would.
The sh!tty six(their name), not the 8, decided the week and the next 5 weeks. in order. Because of course they did.
(another hoh meeting that has the smack of image fix. get used to it). of note: it’s not a jack decision it’s a group decison. blah blah blah it’s only about possibility to win a comp blah blah blah jack saying he wants the 8 to work then cut bella and nick at 8/7. (narrator: if you want the 8 to work make the decision as the 8 not the 6. this is allll for the cleanup show). So with Jack not making orders, i still feel cue jackson to push the agenda. toss in ‘i was friends with an employee of casting’ christie to bat clean up. She said it. And if she’s cast because she has an inside track, how do you think tommy got on? side eye.
They KNOW who Kemi would nominate. They haven’t asked Jess (they assume she could never win one. you know it) and hey, it’s Bella and Nick most likely and they’re in ‘the 8 everyone wants to work’ not the 6. Kemi would go for Jack and or Jackson. That’s the priority.
While technically the 6 (5 voting) don’t have the majority in the vote… they’ve got the majority in the vote with the house don’t make waves mentality.
The Pillowcase makes love to the camera (making positively sure the camera is indeed watching with a few second of eye lock) before kissing Jack.
Is that about right?


I think that so far this season has been pretty lame. It can only be attributed to the bad casting of houseguests.
The challenges and games have been good and Production has instituted some surprise elements to try to keep it interesting but…
when you have a bunch of people that are there for the wrong reasons or that don’t even know the game, well I guess you can’t expect too much.
Big Brother used to be my favorite show. Can’t production at least pick people who know the show and know how to play the game?


They picked a good bunch last year even if some of them were just so bad at the game but even that horrible game play was fun to watch mostly. I mean who thinks to put their own alliance member on the block so they can get the truth?! While there was some fame whoring they all for the most part put the game first.


I agree. Normally I would be disgusted with these ass hats, this year I don’t care enough about them to feel anything.


I think that Kemi needs to go to Sam and tell him that he needs to keep players in the game that will help him take out players from the other side and that she is a much stronger player than Jess. Convincing Sam to take her down is her only chance at staying.

another name

But Sam thinks he’s in the group. That’s the problem. He might be plotting with Nick or with Bella or even with Kemi or with Christie at one point to bring about the downfall of Jack, but he still thinks he’s got a spot on the other side’s team. I don’t think Nick or Bella have told Sam about the 8 (fearing how it makes them look for keeping a secret from him).


“Brown flame”…. what on earth does that mean? These people have no manners.

It seems that on every season for the last few years, the moment a person of color is nominated for eviction, Someone online claims racism. It’s very annoying and obnoxious.

Now we have a season that I would say that there are a few blatant racist in the house and all this talk about it doesn’t have the same effect because of the past seasons.

Stop crying wolf.


Wtf is a “brown flame”? ?

Lighten up, Francis

It sounds like a wet fart.

Mike Doe

Jack and Analyse “kissing”? Once she brought her head under the cover, you could clearly see the empty space above and her head down by his stomach, going up and down and up and down. She at least gave him a BJ. They turned the camera off at that point, but about a half hour later, when Nick wanted to go in and wish Jack a happy birthday, the camera turned on for a moment, showing the empty bed and you could hear water running in the shower. So they went into the shower to either wash up or, my guess, since they were naked in there, they went at it all over again and I doubt it was just another BJ. Anyway, Jack is Jack, but I wanted to like Analyse. I guess she’s just another stupid girl on BB that will be remembered for one thing and it’s not a good thing. When her dad finds out, he will be furious.


Jess isn’t Mexican

Big Bertha

Jess said she is Puerto Rican. Sis is gross. I really wanted to like her but she’s awful.

another name

Has she talked about her ancestry? I missed that. i assume most of what she’s going to say is going to be exactly what the person before her said, or about how she doesn’t want to think… or vapid talk about showmancing, so i tune her out.
The name analyse originates in Germany, and the surname talvera originates in Spain.
So I was guessing she’s got Spanish ancestry, or perhaps South American.