Nicole “For whatever f**king reason Bella outted the 4 of us.” Jess “She’s the one that f**king created it!!”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.
They got to see a commercial for the Power of Veto it will include a trip to Fiji. Jack has nominated Jessica & Kemi up. Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target. If one of them wins the veto, Kat will be the replacement nominee.

Bedroom. Jess and Nicole. Jess – this is f**king bullsh*t! Nicole – it was after he had already made his decisions.. it was after he already said you were a mastermind. But I just want you to be aware that for whatever f**king reason Bella outted the four of us and I think her intention was that if it did come out down the line she wouldn’t be affected by it because she told him. Jess – she’s the one that F**King created it!! Nicole – what I am telling you is to have a calm demeanor if you do speak to Jack. You might have to articulate that. Because right now Bella is the one that confided in him and told him that. Right now she is looking pretty f**king good.. whereas you, Kemi and myself .. so I trust in you. Jess – what am I supposed to do. Nicole – I don’t know but if Jack comes to you .. don’t be still adamant no, no, no.. I am telling you because I trust you. Jess – I don’t know what I am going to do. It just sucks that she (Bella) wasn’t enough of a f**king woman to f**king tell me that and she created it. Nicole – just play it cool. Kat said they also knew all of Kemi’s plans. Jess – I just think that’s f**king crazy.. Nicole – I am just saying that she might be trying to stake the deck. Jess – Like oh I created an alliance specifically to demolish the girls that are in it!? Nicole – if you’re the one that tells the other side of the house then you’re the hero. Think about it. I don’t know why I’m telling you.. I should have just let it go. I just wanted to let you know in case you are interrogated so you can tell Jack no it was a joke or whatever. At this very moment Jack is probably like Bella trusts me because she told me. Jess – what am I going to do with that information without throwing you and Kemi under the damn bus. Nicole – she told them so she is like a rat.. a confidant. Jess – I already had my conversation with Jack and I didn’t tell him. Nicole – at least you can say something without being worried of letting it out of the bag. Jess – it wasn’t my idea to create an alliance. Nicole – whether you believe me or not I didn’t say anything about the Black Widows. Just please don’t tell Bella that I told you. I am curious if Bella tells you. Or if she’s going to let you sink. Jess – that’s a b***h a$$ move. Nicole leaves.

8:20pm The house guests feel the earthquake.. David – look at the chandelier. Holly – we can’t even get outside. Jackson – get under the table. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9:13pm Bedroom. Kat, Jess and Kemi. Jess – I can’t say anything to anyone and I like can’t talk because I’m on my f**king period. Guys I have my period. Seriously! Emotional! I’m not this emotional America… I’m bleeding. Like literally bleeding in my heart and soul. Kemi – America Jack put me on the block. I’m currently drinking Jack’s kombucha. Kat – how did you even get that? Kemi – he gave it to Cliff, Cliff gave it to me. I’m sure he wasn’t too pleased when he saw me sipping it. At the end of the day I don’t give a f**k. I am just going to gun for the veto!

9:28pm Trumpets start playing.. Camp come back campers ..its time to get into uniform.. Ovi and David head to the diary room.

9:38pm – 10:15pm All the house guests sit around the living room couches waiting for Ovi and David to come back from the diary room. Christie – what are they doing in there?! Is it like a ..a circle jerk?!

10:20pm Ovi and David come out of the diary room dressed in camp comeback outfits. Ovi – I just have to wear this 24/7.

10:35pm Nicole and Tommy. Nicole – she (Jessica) is spiraling. Tommy – a lot can happen in a week. Nicole – how do you feel about noms. Tommy – I’m glad its not me. Nicole – that’s fair.

Jackson – In this game its not about what you feel, its about what you show. If Kemi keeps her sh*t together and you continue to let your anger out.. In the game whoever goes home is the one that freaks out the most.

10:40pm Bedroom. Kemi and Bella. Kemi tells Bella that Jess is saying that the alliance was made and then we haven’t talked since then. And that she’s the one that created it. Bella – did I? Kemi – I don’t know, I don’t care. Kemi – I don’t know I came back from the diary room and you guys told me about it. Bella – I don’t know, I don’t think I did. I think I hyped it up but I don’t think I said it. So she’s mad at me?

10:50pm – 11:15pm Kemi, Nicole and Bella. Kemi – why haven’t they called me into the diary room? I’m on the f**king block. I have opinions! They talk about how the all girls alliance topic was brought up. Bella – how did that even begin? I really, honest to god don’t remember and it wouldn’t have been my first choice to have Jess it in. Like if I was going to do an all girls alliance it would have been us three. I wouldn’t do it with Jess. If I did that’s fine. Kemi – why does it matter? Nicole leaves. Bella – I need you (Kemi) to win veto. And next week we need to win HOH and f**k sh*t up! Bella – Jackson has the power 100%! Kat joins them.

11:37pm Bedroom. Bella, Nick and Sam. Bella – I don’t like to defend myself if I’m not sure I’m correct but based on my DR session how they asked the question about it (the making of the Black Widow alliance), I know I didn’t create it so! Nick – Jess did. Bella – If I started it, I would own up to it but I really don’t think I initiated that. Now if she does ask me I can deny it and be like well b***h watch my DR sessions.

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another name

The problem the Black Widows should be having:
Nicole was the only one to keep her mouth shut.
Jessica told Kat all about it. Jessica made a reach out to one of the toxic twins about it. so Jackson and Jack knew almost immediately.
Kemi told Nick, Sam, Tommy and Christie that she would straight up nominate Jack. Were they in her alliance?
Bella told Nick all about it. and Sam (after Nick told him), and i’m pretty sure Christie and Tommy knew something. And Cliff (from Sam i think). And most of them told two friends. and so on. and so on. and so on.
This is why i’m laughing so damn hard. They can point a finger, but four more are pointing back at themselves because they each yakety yakked a secret alliance or nomination plans to most of the house within 48 hours of alliance formation.
Yup. Bella sold out her alliance that had already been a bluelightspecial for days. So Bella confirmed what Jessica Kemi and Bella had already leaked.
So if i’m feeling anything, it’s huh, Nicole’s the only one i want in my alliance.


Nice post another name. I am going to take a picture of it and send it to my friend. This is great info.


Great post!!! Pinned


Ugh. Bella is a rat. She has no loyalty….why can there never be a season where the women actually rally together, and keep an alliance for the duration of the season?! Why is this so hard…SMH.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Agree; every dang season the chicks can’t stick together and one or more HAVE to run to a guy. I had high hopes for the Black Widows for a hot minute.


I was so on board with the Black Widows. Can’t be now dammit…

Oneeye willie

Because women are so jealous of each other and can’t work together


I am not disagreeing with you, but in this case, I don’t think it’s about jealousy. I think it’s about the other dark side of that coin – women needing a man to feel protected, safe, and secure. Sadder thing is, the men this season especially are not protecting them at all.

A thought

Bella wants to cause chaos but if they are “racist” as people say after the two Africa American people and the Latina (I’m not sure about Ovi but he is a person of color) does Bella think she’s white?

another name

Bella’s game is anyone but Bella in danger. Chaos and information mining / data dumping is her vehicle of choice.
Nothing to do with her race there. The fact that she was teaching house guests madarin and went to chinese school makes me think… no, she doesn’t think she’s white?
Ovi. terms i have heard used over the years to describe Ovi’s ancestry would be East Indian or South East Asian or Bangladeshi (Bangladesh is in south asia in between India and burma/myanmar).
Bella hasn’t been in the room for the majority of the comments that have been truly objectionable. In fact, she was spending as little time as possible with her alliance with hints that there was some small falling out between Jack and Bella. Three times last week she said Jack probably wanted to get her out after pause and no explanation. She spent time with Jackson, going as far as the two of them saying they’d live together after the show. Kat and Holly and Sis were not amused. Both Holly and Sis have been on the i hate Bella train since. Jackson stopped hanging out with Bella soon after.
the Jacks, Holly and Sis were pushing Nick or Bella for possible renom last week for a moment, then back to Kemi.

Big Bertha

I don’t think Bella thinks she is white. But she is doing her best to appeal to the most powerful houseguests by distancing herself from the targeted minorities. Ovi did (and still is) doing the same thing. You see where it landed him? Even if Bella thought she was white (not really a discussion right?) the other houseguests are well aware of her race and she’ll be out soon too.

A thought

Exactly my point. I’m not questioning her race just that even if that’s game get and dumb data does she not see who has been targeted and that after the more “colored” POC. She’s next…. If all the rumors about the Jacks are true… IF

J e t s jets jets jets

Aren’t they going to do “have nots” this season?


I think it’s replaced by the comeback kids


Probably after the Comeback Camp ends. It’s a long summer.


Bella is the snake of the season

another name

Jack was nominating jess and kemi. he’s been saying he would nominate kemi for a week. with jess and kat as the other two possible.
How many people already told Jack about the women’s alliance? multiple. It was known. The name wasn’t.
Jess without telling the alliance, told KAT. while she was with Jackson. They all knew.
Kemi told most of the house she was after Jack. Nearly ALL of them told Jack.
That said, Bella likely is a snake. She’s not THE snake. There’s a lot of snakes this season. It’s a snake documentary this season.

another name

Are we just ignoring how much of tonight is contrived in order to image fix?
the camera cuts. oh come on. we’re all seeing the camera cuts right? it’s not just me.
the complimentary talks with the nominees (taking his shirt off before talking to them to fabio out, extolling their virtues, then putting the shirt back on after the soothing)
the post meeting get people into the s/r in order to have footage of motive rather than the here’s the plan period stuff from yesterday.
the invite the people that everyone has been cutting to pieces for days into the hoh (oh come on) in order to have a talk about offensive words and context. a discussion where all the people that are the subject of the offensive words say nothing.
Oh. Yeah. All of that’s making episode.
If the cast has been asked to yell out feeds feeds feeds like stranger danger…. you KNOW there’s a problem.
I’ve been having eye rolls tonight. lots of eye rolls. like now i’m dizzy number of eye rolls.