“I’m trying to think of things I can do to switch up this energy right now, I don’t like it”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.
They got to see a commercial for the Power of Veto. Brett will host and it will include a trip to Fiji.

1:47 pm Holly and Jessica
Jessica is worried about being portrayed as boring or a b1tch because she’s not half the person in the house than she is outside.
@ 2:00 pm Holy starts going on about working so hard to keep kat safe but being so paranoid, “I’ve exerted so much energy for you (kat) I’m not leaving any for me”

1:49 pm the storage room was filled. Jackson is happy.

2:15 pm Backyard chunk of people
Jack talking to Christie.
Jack – I quoted Sam’s quote from last year. Sam had a quote from last year where she was saying she was talking about JC it’s all good all the fans would understand I was just quoting that.
Jack – they (Diary room) said you should probably not say that again and I was rightfully so

(This was for Jack saying he wants to “Stomp a mudhole through her (Kemi’s) chest”

2:23 pm
Jackson comes out of the Diary room looks like he was crying

Jackson tells Jack they can’t talk about what he said otherwise on the feeds they will go back and look.
(Jackson got a warning for saying he wants to “mule kick, kick in teeth” David for the comment David made to Jackson about reading a book)

2:29 pm Backyard Kat and Holly
Kat – Hi my love can we talk for a second
Holly – I don’t have the energy
kat – no it’s fine it’s not game
Holly – I know but if it’s anything remotely serious I don’t have the energy
Holly – I just had a breakdown today and I don’t want to exert any more energy

Holly – I’m just depleted
kat – have you been taking your daily vitamin
Holly – yeah, it’s not kicking in
Kat – and your electrolytes.
Holly – I just took them

Kat – love you, you’re my girl
Holly – thank you, I have nothing left.

2:30 pm Sis, Holly, Christie
(David was trying to organize a cornhole competition)
Christie is suspicious of this says the only reason he’s doing it is to see who pairs up (cliff was telling everyone about David bragging he was an expert at reading body language)
Christie brings up asking David “when are we playing” and he replied “whenever everyone has their partner picked”
Christie – it was like weird.. so I said as a joke are you trying to incept us and he goes I already incepted you 5 minutes ago
Sis – what does that mean
Christie – f* with your mind
Sis – he’s a weirdo a F*ing weirdo I don’t like it
Sis – I just want to be in a bathing suit all day (same)
Christie – Everyone is weird today something happened with actions I can tell.. He probably got confronted about something. we can’t talk about it
Holly – he’s really upset
Christie – yeah I can tell
Holly – David being here is really f*ing with his head.. I wish it didn’t get to him but at the same time, I wish I didn’t let Kat get to me yet here we are. All those people infiltrate our peace
Christie says the same happened to her for 2 days she just hated Jack.
Sis – I’m trying to think of things I can do to switch up this energy right now, I don’t like it

Cliff – Jackson you’re OK I see a lot of whispering going on
Jackson – I’ve been better
Jackson starts saying he was in the Diary room and the feeds flip

3:01 pm Tommy, Holly and Sis
Holly says Cliff is the same mindset as they are. he wants Kemi and Jessica
They talk about Kat being “one of the four”
Holly – self evicting will go down in history she’ll get more followers..

Sis about the evicted houseguests “I do hate they get to stay though.. I’m sorry. I wanted it to start to dwindle down
Tommy – right
Holly – I feel bad saying that but I’m not glad they are back”
Sis – I wasn’t excited when we found out I was just cheering
Holly – in a few weeks we’ll have 3 gone
Tommy – I think it’s a cool twist

3:16 pm Jessica and Kat
Jessica says the first HOH was her chance to prove herself “I was the first one off on that HOH comp”
Kat – you fought yourself back from banishment that day give yourself some credit
Jess – true true
Jess – to leave without ever winning HOH I would die. I would want at least a HOH or Veto before I left
kat – maybe you’ll compete in the veto.. wait that would mean you’re on the block or picked.. so I don’t want you to compete in the veto (Jackson dumps Kat and she turns into this quirky hot gir)
Kat brings up how the house was telling her and Ovi the same thing they were both fine so that is why she was asking people if she was fine.
Jessica – yeah, but there’s only so much you can ask that question before they get upset with you. you keep asking them so much they get paranoid you don’t trust them so they don’t trust you
kat – true true
Jessica – I honestly do feel like the girls have each other’s back
Kat – I do too
Jess – at least right now it would make so much sense
Kat says “they” made her believe she was part of “their thing” (they are Jack, Christie, Jackson, Holly)
kat – and today Jackson is like I have to separate myself from you
Kat – I don’t have an alliance right now. Of course, I got the girls backs. I’m loyal to those that are loyal to me

Jess brings up that maybe kat will be used as a pawn and that is why Jackson said that to her earlier today.
Kat – momma no raised no pawn..

Jessica – this whole thing kinda put a target on my back because it makes everyone feel awkward
jess – yup

3:45 pm Cliff, Jack, Christie
Christie mentions the weird energy that is in the house today. She wonders if it has something to do with David coming back or the bit twist or maybe it’s fourth of July and they’re not with their family and friends
Cliff – part of it is that part of it is David
Christie – it’s weird
Cliff – he rubs me the wrong way. I don’t want to be alone anymore because I fell like he wants to talk and I don’t want to have to blow him off on all these questions. Just trying too hard.
Christie going on about David and his cornhole reading body language tournament
Cliff – I came inside I don’t want to do that. He already said he wants to see whose close. I just don’t trust the guy
Cliff – he’s been here so short and he’s already organizing activities for the day. It’s just the way he said it
Christie – calculating
Cliff – he didn’t even come and say HEY guys wouldn’t it be fun to do a cornhole tournament. He came out and said HEY we’re doing a cornhole tournament and we’re going to have 8 teams of 2
Cliff – that’s a little forward to someone that’s brand new to the family so to speak
Christie mentions that he said to her in the pool he’s not a fan of the show he’s just heard to “boost his career more”

Nick joins them
Cliff mentions David cornering him this morning
Cliff – I’m like Ghosh you haven’t been here long enough to be asking this
Christie – you don’t even know anyone. why not spend the first week getting to know us
Christie – he’s got two weeks guarantee safe so just choose that time to lay low and be social and not try to mess with anybody
Cliff talks about how much he likes to talk to Ovi
Christie – Ovi wouldn’t put pressure on anybody he’s a good soul (so you send him home)
Cliff – I don’t have anything to do with David this game or socially. I mean I’ll be friendly. I’m not going to yell at him but
Christie – he’s not even being friendly
Cliff – He intimidates me every time I talk to him
Christie – me too, I feel like he’s looking into my soul and poisoning it. the way he talks about inception he’s putting thoughts in our heads and I’m like what the f
Cliff – he’s a good ball
Christie – he’s just different in a weird way
Cliff – very much so

Random Kat
Brought to you by the Letter K

4:00 pm Jackson pumping up

4:35 pm Kat and Cliff
Kat is telling CLiff that today Jackson told her they need to dissociate themselves.
Kat – Last I heard it’s me and Kemi going up. it’s going to split up the girls..

6:02pm Slip n slide (WOW what a treat it’s been a long time since a season did a slip n slide. this use to be a Big Brother tradition Died around BB12? )

6:10 pmJessica and Nicole
Jess says that she loves Kat but she’ll be forever the pawn
Jess – she’s not playing this game in a good way
Jess – kat came up to me and she asked for a final 2 .. thank god someone walked in and I walked out
Jess – I wasn’t going to say no or yes. I love her
Jess says if Kat isn’t going to play a good game she can’t be associated to that “She’s a massive target right now not because she’s a target because she’s a pawn”

Jess – right now you know Kemi’s HOT
Kat joins them.

6:20 pm it’s getting soaped up

6:30 pm Slip n slide time. Sis was the first one down.
6:55 pm Feeds go to pound puppies.

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I’m sooooo loving post Jackson / post block Kat !!

Oneeye willie

As a BB fan I love the new “twist” of the evicted houseguest to still be in the house. As a player this has got to be so awkward! I’ve never cared for productions play in the game but this is great!


Cliff is playing the turn David into the villain ???? hard, he better be careful. David heard it comes back and wins the HoH he may find himself on the block with Jack.


I really don’t understand why David is getting attacked so much. I just don’t get it. Has the guy done anything or been aggressive? Cliff definitely needs to tone it down. I know why he’s doing it which I think is to try to create a common enemy that the house will focus on instead of him but he’s starting to get into bulky territory.


Several of the women are talking about followers…right now they seem to be more fame whore and less game. We had fame whores last year but they tried to play even if they were REALLY bad at it. Seriously bad, I mean the guy put his own alliance member on the block on purpose. I’m afraid some of these girls will become Veronica. Please let me be wrong…

another name

blame a casting department that goes out of it’s way to recruit up to half of their cast rather than be more applicant based.
I have often thought that the casting of bbcan is a beta test for how they are looking to cast bbus (same casting company). With that said, I fear it will become expected in future seasons of bbus that a maximum of 20% will be applicant chosen later in the process, to fill out a cast of 50% direct recruit and the other 30% being recruited through the social media connections of the direct recruits (indirect recruits). So I will not be surprised at all if in future seasons you can do a six degree of separation chart of the house guests (ie/ a dated b and went to school with c. b worked with d whose brother is best friends with g. c met e and f at a festival and had a one night stand with g and at least one of them already worked for and is previously under contract with the production company or an affiliate).

Franks Fart

Who’s Veronica? Fame whoring didn’t hurt Frankie Grande. And who do you mean by “several”?


When Julie said, “Settle down, Beavis” on the live show, was she referencing how Jackson looks exactly like him? Because if so, that’s some top-notch trolling!


The Beavis comment was very satisfying….did it click with the intended person? Probably not, but we had a great lol…. I immediately thought of Jackhole and Nick


I thought the Beavis comment was to all of them to settle down and get in their seats or whatever she was trying to get them to do…

But it was totally awesome! 🙂


I watch the feeds a little… read the updates. I do not understand why they are weird about David. He seems like a nice friendly guy and he isn’t this super villain they are portraying him to be. the two biggest a-holes in the house are Jack/Jackson. They are nominating Kemi and Jessica thinking it will make it easy for Ovi???? It makes it easy for David too, they never saw David in an actual comp they have no idea what his real ability is.

I have a horrible feeling about the Kemi and David hate…. and TBH they picked Kat who can do nothing for them over Ovi. It is a terrible icky feeling I am having.


I think the biggest problem is Jackson was responsible for getting him out and Jackson is great at dealing with problems he caused (Kat) and when David returned he tried to catch up quickly plus he says things that make people think he’s messing with their heads.

In essence, David asked too many questions too soon and he reminds Jackson of an awkward date. Everything else is others looking to keep someone else the target.


I really only think Kemi is a target because Jackson and Jack. Most everyone else just jumped on the bandwagon. I’m thinking if anyone else wins HoH Kemi wouldn’t be a first line target. Seriously wishing Ovi’s power was in play and he wasn’t such a moron begging the jackholes.


I watch the feeds, a lot. I had high hopes for David, but he comes off as so disingenuous and weirdly intimidating. He tosses out jabs and digs that might be intended as playful, but jeez you don’t even know these ppl. He insisted everyone choose a partner for cornhole because he says it says a lot about who houseguests trust in the house. He needs to take Cliffs advice and lay low for the first week.

another name

can’t wait for one of the braintrust to try to cannonball a slip and slide.

John Doe

Wow. These folks are losing their minds. The animosity, the hate. And that picture of Sis. That is pure hate and evil in her eyes (ironically with the image of the cross). And Cliff is showing his true colors. We know its just strategy Cliff, but the hate and disdain seem to come so naturally. Finally, Jess get a clue. You feel out of sorts because you are an outsider. As such, you need to start embracing Kat and other outsiders instead of rejecting them. Stevie Wonder can see that the girls’ alliance is going nowhere. Maybe she will wake up when she finds herself on the block.

Lighten up, Francis

“Hate and evil”??? More likely nothing more than anxiety and paranoia. Lighten up.

Oneeye willie

The slip-n-slide reminds me of back when they did the food competitions. The havenots getting PB&J to eat for the week before “slop” was introduced. Do they still do the havenot room to sleep in?


Will probably be Camp Castaway in the future…


I think we need to find someone at CBS, why do those 4, mostly Jack and Jackson but Holly and Sis hate Jess and Kemi so much. Jess is trying if you cock block her she’s not going to fit in! Has Sis or Holly cleaned,??! Yet not talking that this is Jess,’ first time. Why do those 2 guys bug so much

another name

Things i wish:
I wish i had better speakers.
low tone mutterers and higher tone stealth whisperers are going to be the death of me.
i lean in real close and EVERY time… somebody hits a table or laughs at normal acoustic levels.

I wish Kat wouldn’t Kat just when i start to think i can tolerate Kat.
Dear Kat. Let Jackson sink. He ditched you, he threw you out of your admittedly fake alliances (plural), and he’s trying to land your best frienemy play doh beth. b!tches are conspirin against you. And hey, Kat, while ur making him feel better about his d/r visit he isn’t supposed to talk about that he’s whispering about to you when he isn’t talking to you about it without his microphone without a d/r shoutout at all (we see you prod)… why are you saying you warned him? and why are you saying as long as you didn’t use a literal slur it will blow over? There should be no reason to warn him. There should be no possibility he used a literal slur given the rest of the convo content.
Twitter already thinks it heard the literal slur before Jackson was called in during the pile up the dishes to make david crazy conversation. my speakers said quit it with banging the dishes Bella. replay. replay. I’m 90% sure they both used THAT word. hard R. Jackson: He’s a (that word). Jack: I don’t f*** with no (that word) bro.

I wish they’d screw up and pawn one to their own.
For one brief moment the skies cleared and the angels spoke, when the brain trust tossed out the idea of using Jackson as a pawn. nope. they aren’t going to do it. Of course not. We can’t have nice things.

I wish Pollyanna would buy a vowel and solve the puzzle.
Between thinking all the women are going to magically combine uteri to become some super mega fighting zingbot, and not being able to face facts that it’s sketchy when a bunch of people are consistently all together in a room cough cough alliance you twit… she is going to be the death of multiple people’s games. nice woman. no social radar.

I wish the feeds wouldn’t block every time the H8ful Ungr8 talk about David right now.
blocking the feeds out of worry about what will come out of some of their mouths just sort of negates the disclaimer about opinions being expressed being of the individual not the network when the network is actively participating by doing a pre emptive just in case block. Already there’s question, who they trying to protect?
Did Beth and her pillowcase ever tell the rest of them that they sent Kat in as a covert operative to get info from David pre-ditching? Doesn’t sound like it.

I wish Christie would stop talking.
I tried with her. I really tried. But hey, suggesting it wouldn’t be a bad idea to send Jesss the Pollyanna to the battle back because plus size so she ain’t coming back? Real spread peace and love. Hope the universe and Karma rewards.