“It’s really lame, he’s with OVI, and Nicole and it’s called ZIING..he’s after the couples”

Big Brother Spoilers
Jack wins the Head of Household. Nominated Jessica and Kemi.
Power of Veto Players: Jessica, Jack, Kemi, Jackson, Sam, Bella.
Power of Veto Winner:  Sam and wins Fiji trip.
Jack won the whacktivity power can opt for a POV player redraw.
Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target.
Power of Veto Ceremony results = Sam did not use the Veto nominations stay the same.

9:40 am
Cliff talking to the feeders.. talking Game. Peacefully telling us what the plans are for ZIING ( and how he will save this season)

9:53 am Christie listening in on Cliff

Cliff talks about the fellowship of the ZIING Nicole, Cliff, Ovi. Goes on about his long game…

Christie runs back to tell everyone in her alliance.


Christie wakes up Tommy tells him she heard Cliff talking about the game

Christie tells Jackson, Tommy and Holly “I just heard his whole entire game”

Christie – I can’t believe I just got that lucky.. just a heads up he’s not working with you (Jackson)
Christie – I heard his alliance name like everything
Christie – It’s really lame, he’s with OVI, and Nicole and it’s called ZIING (your really lame)
Christie – I know it’s really cute.. but he goes.. he’s after the couples.. and he just pinned us (tommy/Christie ) as the fourth couple

Christie – he was talking about the 3 couples saying their the biggest threats in the ouse daying me, Nicole and Ovi need to rally more numbers one of us needs to win HOH to take a shot at the couples
Christie – he said these couples think I’m a floater working for them but I’m not we’re going to get more numbers for ZINNG.. he said Nicole is next after Kemi and Jess then I’m a free agent
Jackson – ceya.. that’s it

Christie about Cliff – he had me fooled..
Holly – Nicole told me something interesting last night Bella confronted her yesterday and asked her where her head is. and Nicole was like what.. and Bella was like right now who do you trust. Nicole couldn’t answer it.. she was overwhelmed. Bella was like obviously, I’m not one of the people.
Holly – she said later in the boatroom she felt like she needed to tell me so it didn’t get back to me first. She said later people were talking and Nick asked Nicole if you were in power who wold you put up
Holly – Nick goes it’ll probably be Holly right
Christie – NICK said that WHY… this house is crazy
Christie says she just got up to go pee and heard Cliff in the Boat Room
Christie – I just sat there for 6 whole minutes I thought he was talking to someone

10:03 am Jack and Jackson

Jackson – last night Kemi grabbed me at 3 am saying we have to talk she was about to cry
Jackson and umm… pretty much.. she said look I think there’s someone playing both sides of the hose. She like you know this is pretty hard I don’t let people into my life and I let this person in because I felt like her and I were very similar in upbringings and hardships. It’sd very dishearting because I feel like I’m taking the brunt end of her dirty work.
Jackson – she goes Bella did this or that she’s playing both sides of the house. Bella has told me since day two I know you her and Jack have a final 3 since day 2 and Jack is in a fake alliance with Ovi and this or that..
Jackson – Bella just spiled f*ing everything
Jackson adds that last night Nickl and Belle cornered Nicole and were like where’s your head at we need to know right now Nicole was rattled by it. Nick and Sam after that came in and strong-armed Nicole into a corner and was like what’s going on if you were to win HOH who would it be it would probably be Holly right

Jack breathes… and pause “and you trust Kemi”

Jackson – how the f* does she know me, you and Bella tried to make a final 3 day 2. I have had 1 conversation with her and that was yesterday.
Jackson adds that Bella got super pissed at Jackson when he tried to clear the air last night
Jackson – Bella was trying to stir the pot saying Kemi said something that she didn’t I don’t trust Kemi but I do trust what she said about the final 3.
jack – what does Christie no
Jackson – none of this..
Jackson – Christie has cliff’s info and the info about Nick I have the info about Bella

Jackson – Cliff was giving a shout out to TV and said, it might look like I’m working with these people I’m a float a number for them but I’m trying to get Ovi back into this game and pick them off one by one and we’ll rally soem numbers
Jackson – pops has to go
Jack – Nick, and Bella have to go before Pops
Jackson – I mean yeah, I’m just saying we thought we could count on cliff we can’t
Jack – If Nick and Bella can’t be trusted Sam can’t be trusted
Jackson – Sam is right there with NICK, asked shocked and oblivious when they tell you, we just have the opportunity while we’re out here because everyone is about to be out here until l11.. who knows when we’ll be able to talk without people listening (backyard is getting closed)

Jack – lucky I have HOH

Jackson – Cliff is gunning for us, Nick is gunning for us, Bella is gunning for us. Cliff is in an alliance with OVI and Nicole and it’s called ZIING
Jack – Cliff is in an alliance with Ovi and Nicole
Jackson – called ZIING
Jack – ok we still have 6 shooters
Jack – plan stay as follows Jess and Kat and whatever
Jackson – mmm hmmm
Jackson – Cliff goes he also knows teh order that people are going first it’ll be Kemi, Jess then Kat then US, Nicole/Cliff
Jack – we have been pretty vocal about that so I’m not surprised about that

Jack – if he thinks he can flip the cards on it we’ll just backdoor him on a week
Jack – Kay floats by week after week because she’s less of a threat
Jackson – we might need to lock in kat
Jack – she’s been distant this week
Jackson – I’ll do whatever the f* I have to
Jackson – we need numbers because if one of us IS HOH we only have 5
Jack – and if two are on the block
Jackson – yeah that leaves three

Jackson – we can’t do sh1t with three we’re like BLACK WIDOWS at that point
Jack saying he was going to backdoor Nick if Sam took Kemi off “that was my play.. Sam you want to do something without telling me yup you go ”

10:17 am Christie joins gives Jack the info what she heard. mentions how loud Cliff was talking “He was going off”
Christie – it’s so innocent and so dumb (ZIING is not dumb good god i’m pissed)
Christie – He’s not working with any of us.. he’s working with Nicole and Ovi they’re alliance is called ZIING which is really cute (it’s not cute it’s deadly)
jack – so cute
she goes on to say how ZIING wants to recruit Sam and Hopefully Sam can get Nick separated from Bella. Adds that ZIING wants to get rid of teh showmances (Doing gods work)

Christie says either Jack/SIS or Jackson/Holly will be ZIINGS first eviction
Christie says Cliff considers her and Tommy as the fourth couple.
Jack says the rest of the house is trying to make power moves and they are taking out bottom feeders.
Christie says that Cliff needs to go before Nicole. Adds that Nicole ran to Holly after last night about getting cornered by Sam and Nick
jack – yeah, I like Nicole and I like that guy over Ovi (David)
Christie says at this point Nicole is more trustworthy
Christie – f* Nick and Bella..
Christie – the two of them are so dangerous together
Christie – I’m not going to let Cliff know we heard him this morning.. Like how dumb
Jack – you buy him.. you want to be part of the 6 person alliance.
Christie – Is cliff beneficial to us.. I dont’ think we need to yet
jack – as a vote.. at the end of the day he will stick with ZIING
Jack – I hate I put myself into a couple, dude..

10:25 am Jack starts crying about a dream he had about his ex-girlfriend.. he was yelling out for her but it fell on deaf ears
Christie – I’m sorry ..
Jack – I don’t want to pursue this thing with SIS
Christie – I will do anything for yo u
Christie mentions that SIS was asking her if she should sleep downstairs or upstairs and have fun
Jack – I was asleep when she came up to bed.. I have to figure out how to bring this back to the friend zone.. Yeah, we played..
Christie – bring it back to your EX
Tommy joins them they agree to work on bringing in Nicole and David in.

11:53 am Jackson and Jack
Jackson telling him that he needs to ease out of teh showmance slow.
Jackson – your here to win you are here to play the game.. right now we are on thing f*ing ice..
Jackson – don’t make any rash decisions don’t go down there and blow shit up. Once you burn that bridge especially with a girl that’s 22 and significantly less mature than you
jack – yup
Jackson – there’s not going back, take everything into consideration .. talk to Christie talk to me.. just remember this ain’t real lif this is a game you gotta be smart and we need as many numbers as we can.

Jackson give advice that Jack should tell SIS they can still be together but when they are seen in public they have to be a little subdued
Jackson – I don’t think you have to cut off sleeping with her I think that’s a brash move (LOL the bros are always thinking of the vitals)
Jackson – you’ve been with her every night you need to taper that down every other night or every third night
Jackson – the block is HOT right now (it sure is)

Jack says he would rather it be the other way he keeps it open in the public eye but no more sleeping together
Jackson – whats the point (Okay that was funny)

Jackson – no one see y’all sleeping together all they see is you down there. That’s not having your cake and not eating it too
Jackson says breaking things with sis is like tearing an Achilles it’ll curl up and they’re done
Jack – I’m with you I got you ..
Jackson – I don’t want you to feel like I’m barking at you
jack – and I don’t want you to feel like I’m pissed at what you send to me
Jackson – we’re two grown ass men we can talk to each other

12:05 pm Holly, Nick, Kemi Chit chat about HEalth Insurance..
Holly talking about having Blue cross but the doctor that was on call didn’t accept it so she was billed 23 thousand dollars. Took her three years to pay off she pays 3 or 4 hundred a year. (As a foreigner hearing this it is beyond insanity)

12:18 pm
Jackson – you have to force yourself to think with your brain

1:09 am Kemi and Nicole
Kemi – I’m definitely going home
Kemi – If I know I’m going before eviction Night I’m going to blow up this game.. I would love her to be a comeback and I take her out (Bella)

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What an idiot. Cliff blows up his game cause he’s talking to the wall. Just say it in your head man. There’s 15 other people potentially ease dropping on you.


The mornings are actually his time to talk to his family, which was why he was so upset when David came back, as he thought David was going to go back to rooming with Cliff and he’d lose that time to speak directly to his family every morning.

Although, I DEFINITELY agree with your premise.
I can only imagine how paper thin those walls must be (intentionally, of course) & if he absolutely MUST do this family chat thing every morning, freaking whisper!
They can turn up the volume on their tv’s/computers/phones… sheesh!

That’s all they do is eavsedrop on one another in that house… has he never seen the show before?


Talk to your family after Julie asks for your vote, like everyone else does. This is a game. He was perfectly situated to fly under the radar. Now he put a huge target on himself and screwed Nicole & Ovi too. If your not mentally tough enough to stand the seperation from your family without having a nonexistent conversation every morning, then your probably not cut out for his show. Or at least keep the “conversation” to something non-game related, don’t give out your entire freakin strategy.

John Doe

He was deploying the Tom Green (CBB) strategy to position himself for America’s Favorite Player.

An ornery mouse

“Jackson telling him that he needs to ease out of the showmance slow.” Ha, coming from the dude we’ve already seen pork, dump, and ghost a chick before moving on to the next….. all in about 20 days time.

another name

agree… but he was moving on the the next before dumping and ghosting the first.


Exactly, he’s an expert so people should listen to him. Kat’s not even mad at him. I wonder if Jackson will include Analyse in his rounds next week.


Lol true. I think a lot of people sometimes look at sex as just sex. Like maybe they’re just wanting to have some fun and not tryin to blow up into a relationship. I think that’s prolly why Kat isn’t mad at Michie. My only thing is…the way most people still view chicks…Kat should have been more cautious about it being on national tv. It’s not right….but it still is a common-held view.


Bahahaaa “pork,dump, and ghost” …. not only in 20 days….but on national TV! Oy!

Isolation Nation

You’re right about the insanity. The U.S. should cut their military budget and tell the world that the U.S. will not defend in anyway whatsoever countries like Canada; even if Russia and China want to use all of that forested fresh water land, minerals, and energy deposits. Then the U.S. should build a climate controlled high speed rail from Mexico to the Canadian border so the millions of peoples of the south can enjoy the Canadian dream. You’re so right about the insanity.


Agreed. You seem to be a wise woman.

Thanks for sharing.


What a dumbass comment, the USA spends more on their military then the next 11 countries combined. You can cut the military budget by more than half and still have the most powerful force on the planet. The military has become largely a socialized jobs program at this point.

J e t s jets jets jets

As a veteran I find your ignorant comments insulting. Our military does way more than providing jobs. As a matter of fact I believe everyone should be required to either do 2 years in the military or 2 years in a community support organization such as the peace corps. Be proud of our courageous men and women who serve! Remember that everyone of them volunteered. What have you done besides bitch and moaned about them? Get your head out of your ass and be part of the solution and not the problem.


I’m not bitching and moaning about the men & women that serve, that wasn’t my point and I’m sorry you took it that way. My issue is with the absolutely insane amount of money spent on the military budget, most of which goes to multi-national corporations & lobbyists, who get fat off the giant contracts handed to them. Direct that money to the vets, especially the ones that need it. The ones that come back wounded, disabled and battle mental health issues. Spend the money so the millions of Americans (the ones you so courageously volunteered to defend) can afford health care, get a proper education & on infrastructure…

J e t s jets jets jets

How about we start taking care of our own. Why are we spending $4.5 billion to take care of all of these ILLEGALS. We worry more about non citizens than we do about our own. I’m a disabled veteran and I just got approved for housing. Now I have to find a place in Vegas to live for $713. Try finding a nice place to live $713. We do need to spend that money to keep our military strong. Buying new airplanes are not cheap. Keeping and training soldiers and making sure that they are well fitted is not cheap. Our men and women need the BEST equipment possible and that’s not cheap. Let’s worry about that and not about illegals.

Grumpy chat

Sometimes chicken
Sometimes feathers.
For two weeks nothing but feathers.
C’mon people
I’m starving over here!


I have no words for Cliff……….this season just keeps getting worse!

another name

well, at least we know now that grodner’s flying monkeys didn’t encourage cliff to have morning chats in order to gain some america’s fave points. They’d never let someone overhear if they had. the wake up call would have been on a loop.


He also shot Nicole’s game to pieces. Plus they are saying Nicole not trusting Bella is a sign Nicole can’t be trusted?! Bella already ratted Nicole out of one alliance there is zero reason Nicole should trust Bella. I guess I’m rooting for Nicole to be able to salvage her game.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Just getting caught up… Is Cliff’s game sunk?

another name

If it’s the Jackson lifeline, I’m saying now i’m against it.


I predict and hope production throws a lifeline cliff, ovi, Nicole’s way. This season could get away from them (production) quick and we’re stuck watching the couples and least likable houseguests.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I really hope Cliff’s game isn’t in the hands of that douche nozzle…

another name

reasonably speaking, it is.
Jackson wants cliff and nicole to be part of his secret side deal with Holly and Kat.
So… everyone that he believes will just say yes Jackson every time he speaks. He’s not liking it that he isn’t the only voice heard in the 8. (and thinking if Cliff goes down his side deals may be revealed).
Meanwhile play doh is trying to get pillowcase to jump ship to the Jackson team (or at least away from the Jack team and the 8… and Christie).

Club H.O.H

Any else getting BB19 PTSD?! Loving the side comments on the updates! I don’t know how this season can be saved….. David? Possibly Sam since he’ll go after the nomances. Ugh!

another name

why is Jackson (who wants Cliff and Nicole to join his side alliance) SUGGESTING Nicole and Cliff as next week’s targets to the group of 8?
So he can run to them and say look out, your names came up for next week?

Fruit Loop Dingus

4:23 BBT: Gr8ful has decided to nominate Cliff and Nicole if they win HOH next week.


another name

THAT will certainly test the Jack / Nicole ‘if i ever hear your name’ deal from a few hours earlier, now, won’t it?


This season is a mess, but I’m “gr8ful” for Simon’s parentheticals.

another name

…. am i the only one that can’t wait to read the kraken parentheticals? 🙂 🙂

Fruit Loop Dingus

(dang, I thought he got those cleared up last season?)


This has to be the worse season ever! Their families must be so ashamed of their kids. I cannot imagine Nick having a job working with kids after having sex with Bella on national television! Will Bella have a home to go home to with her Tiger mom after screwing Nick on national tv? It is like a version of Dumber and Dumber!!!


Note to self: if im ever on big brother never blab my entire plan to the cameras…UNLESS IM IN THE SECURE HOH ROOM lol


Cliff didn’t have a prayer in Hades to begin with, but man what an IDIOT!!! Those weakling alliances this year are making The Moving Company look like The Brigade, Friendship, and Chill Town all combined into one!!!