Jack “I did tell Jess if I win it (veto), I would take her off. However, that last part was a white lie.”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.
They got to see a commercial for the Power of Veto it will include a trip to Fiji. Jack intent is to put Jessica and Kemi up. Tell Jessica she’s the pawn and send Kemi out.

HOH room. Jack and Christie. Jack – what is your gut telling you? Christie – my initial reaction what that it was Jackson. Jack – because he’s a wrangler. A snake guy. Christie – but the more I talk one on one with everyone I think Sam. Jack – I think he is outright telling the truth to everyone… like I f**king won this thing and all he is saying is .. I got a red light. Christie – I think we are over speculating about it because it works out for us. It will expire before it gets down to that anyway. Jackson joins them. Jackson – what are you talking about.. Tommy, Sam? Christie – no Sam, I actually thought it was you. But then I figured you would just say it. Jackson – I would say it especially knowing. Christie – I was just theorizing downstairs about if I did win it … I would either not tell a soul or if I did win it what’s to stop anyone from yeah its me I won it. I ain’t telling you what it is but watch your step. I would wait and see what it was but I would instill a little fear in people not to mess with you because you don’t know what I’m capable of.. I could wreck your HOH. Jack – them calling Sam in first… I was like he doesn’t have it. They wouldn’t have called him in first. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christie – I don’t see anyone straight up saying they have it. Cliff has joined them. Jack – I told Jess that she is going up as the pawn, however I did tell her if I win it (veto) I would take her off, however that last part was a white lie. The conversation was like I respect you… it wasn’t like you’re caught red handed b***h! Cliff explains how David knows about season 2 where Justin pulled a knife on Krista. He said he’s only watched one season so how does he know that. Cliff says that Kat said she’s been talking to David and he hasn’t said anything bad about anyone. Christie – I heard he cried. Cliff – he did, that’s what they say. I was a sleep but they tried to console him. He was saying that he feels lost in this house. Whatever??! Jack – Cliff has no compassion for that guy. Get f**ked! Not dealing with it. Cliff – I told Jack, this guy just rubs me the wrong way. Its nothing personal. You know what rubs me the wrong way more than anything else and it goes against how I play this game. He talked about how he couldn’t sleep so I gave him a bandanna that he could use. He didn’t say thank you. Jackson – he also said something else about it.. Cliff – oh what? That word came up again. Kat – I hit him. Christie – no but it was even worse. Big Brother blocks the feeds..

5pm Bedroom. Jessica is crying. Holly and Analyse ask her what’s wrong and comfort her. Jessica – spoke with Jack. Holly – oh know. holy sh*t! They both say I’m so sorry. Jessica – he didn’t give me the okay that it wasn’t going to happen. I don’t want to make it a big deal. The thing is, its based on a total lie. Holly – what happened? Jessica – someone told him I’m the mastermind of trying to start an all girls alliance. Analyse – a mastermind?! Jess – yeah me, a mastermind. They laugh. Analyse – they get scared of how close us girls are. Nick and Sam join them and the conversation turns to talking about the competition.



5:23pm Bella and Jack

Bella tells Jack three nights ago Jessica told her Nicole and Kemi who all sleep in the same room she wants to start an alliance. Bella – It’s called the black widows.

5:20pm Kitchen. Jess tells Nicole and Kemi about how Jack told her she is going up because he thinks I am a mastermind trying to create a woman’s alliance. Nicole – did you talk to him about it? Jess – I told him it was an utter lie. Kemi – that’s why I feel like he’s going to put two women up. It will either be me and you or Kat. Jess – I don’t want us to be all caught together.

In the bedroom. Jess talks to Cliff and Ovi about why Jack said he was putting her up. Cliff – if its you and I then you do what you do and I’ll do what I do and if I’m not up then you have my support. Ovi – if you do go up, go out and win the veto. Cliff – don’t feel that you’re alone.

5:27pm HOH room. Bella and Jack are chatting when Nick bust into the HOH room in a new outfit. Jack tells him to get up on his bed and dance. Nick starts dropping it low.. Jack – I want to see you pop some bottles! Tommy joins them. Nick – would you f**k me? Tommy – feeds, feeds, feeds!

6:10pm Big Brother switches the feeds to kitties … the nomination ceremony is happening now. Kemi and Jessica are going up on the block.

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another name

I ask this sincerely, in hopes someone has a yes or no answer.
Did David say what Jackson has been saying he heard David said second hand?
Is this a case of he said it, or, like last night in Jackson’s planning discussion with Holly, is this a case where Jackson ‘is just going to say’ that David has said another inflammatory word?

another name

seemed to me that if David were repeatedly using offensive terms… he’d be called into the diary room for one of those stern lectures. that’s my reason for asking.


Bella told Jack all about the Black Widows at 5:23 PM


I feel like no one really has a passion for winning like last season. Even though there were several fame whore types in there they were playing to win. These guys seem like they are just at camp and occasionally they have to play this game.


I disagree. WIth the exception of Kat, it has seemed to be more about who gets to strike first. I really like the season so far.

I won’t be around as much you guys. It’s been fun.


Sorry to see you go. Take care love ya 🙂


Will miss you Granny, I enjoy your insights. Another cruise?


Thanks, Kailei! Cruise? I wish…not until October. I’m still lurking around. 🙂


When Nick asked Bella why did she tell Jack, she said because he asked. What a dim wit. Who all was in that Black Widows Alliance, Granny. Do you know.


Bella suggested the alliance with Jess, Nicole and Kemi. It was initially Bella’s idea. They brainstormed names and Jess came up with Black WIdows.

The alliance Jack was referring to was not the Black Widows…it was the original female alliance suggested by Jess prior to camp director, which included all the females + Tommy. Yet, when Jack asked Bella, she thought the BW had been blown, so she went ahead and told him more by revealing the name, members and when it formed. She is trying to save her game.

The Widows are surely done, now. (And a second earthquake is felt by the HGs around 8:19PM; 7.1 mag; 11 miles from Ridgecrest, CA)

another name

i thought Nick already told Jack there was a woman’s alliance in the last 24 hours, without telling Bella. So i thought when Bella asked Nick who told, he was covering his own tail by saying she did.


Thanks granny 🙂


When I read that, Granny, I just lol.
These women are something else. Why would she out the Black Widows and not the Gr8ful alliance.


I honestly think there is no reason to out Gr8ful because all the others know they are together in this game. I was hopeful that Bella really was siding with the Black Widows over the 8, knowing she and Nick were on the bottom of that 8 alliance, but now I realize Bella will just lean toward whichever side has the power and play that to HER benefit. Who can hate her for that? She is playing to win. I’m disappointed, but we see this every season. Few alliances really stick together. I think that’s why I loved Level 6 so much. They were the tightest alliance in a long time…and I’ve been watching since season 1.


Will season gate be the new frygate?!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Thanks, Nick; I can’t unsee that LOL