Holly “Is that all you want to only be working together on a game level?” Jackson “I don’t know anymore.”

12:47pm Bedroom. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – I am annoyed at my body. I started my period today. I am annoyed at my body for the ability to make me that miserable for two days. Like I literally walked down this morning and said to Jess and Christie .. well the b***h is gone .. Holly is back! I am emotionally depleted. I am not used to doing that. Letting stuff out. Jackson – well its day 75 ..we’ve got 25 days left. Holly – what are you thinking? Jackson – whether or not you should throw the next HOH. Holly – as long as you’re not planning on turning on me because I pissed you off. Jackson – that’s on a personal level.. you and I on a game level have to work together. There are six people left. Cliff and Nicole, Tommy and Christie. Holly – is that what you want though… to only to be game? Actually I don’t even want..

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“We all have to be careful PMS is a real thing and I’m f*ing scared of it. “

11:47 am Jackson, and Tommy
Jackson telling him to do what he wants with the veto “I don’t want you to feel that you are not included. I know that in the past few weeks you’ve lost a lot of people but I’ve got your back I’m not going to do you dirty
Jackson tells Tommy that he’s not going up he would rather put Cliff up as a renom.
Tommy says after this week it’s battle of the duos
Jackson – would you rather go against Nicole and Cliff or Christie and Jess
Tommy – ohh ohh Cliff and Nicole

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“If those 2 and those 2 find out about each other and I’m not competing in this next HOH it’s 4 against 1”

1:20 am Holly and Jackson
Jackson – we get another week up here.
Jackson – you’re so hot it’s insane (ZOMG)
Holly – you just haven’t seen many hot girls in awhile
Jackson – I don’t want to. I have no desire to.
Holly – Tommy and Christie were thinking of coming up and talking to you but they didn’t Christie is exhausted. She was like I’m just sick of going up on the block.
Holly says when Christie was in the DR she talked to Tommy. She wasn’t sure if Tommy knew Christie was going up as the pawn but he did before she said anything. He told her that this wee Tommy wants to “talk game” and “be involved in stuff this week”
Holly – I don’t want to f* over Tommy, I don’t want to lie to Tommy, I don’t want to betray Tommy I don’t. F* how did we get here
Jackson – I couldn’t risk Tommy going after Cliff and Nicole
Holly – I know

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“Listening to his campaign & being like Wow, yeah! You don’t need to leave and then I was like this is why you need to leave.”

8:30pm HOH room. Jess and Holly.
Holly – I listened to his campaign and I was like yeah, yeah.. you should stay .. and then I was like no this is exactly why you have to go. Jess – do you think that the consensus is that everyone is sending him (Nick) home? Holly – I am guessing 4 – 1 or 5 – 0. Guessing .. but I don’t know. It could be 3 – 2 or I could be surprised. Ummm.. I believe Nicole is deciding whether to throw a sympathy vote or not. The only person to worry about is about to walk into this room. He (Tommy) would be the only other person that I would be worried about. Jess – I would be very, very, very surprised if he did that. Holly – I think he wants to .. well I know he wants to.

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“I’m like really against breaking my word but if stuff is happening I might have to”

12:30 pm Nick and Tommy
Nick reading the bible Tommy organizing his things.
T – how do you feel
N – Chill .. I feel fine whatever is meant to be is meant to be.
T – AS far as my vote goes I know I told you like, where like.. my head was at in the beginning and you know I’m in a tough place because how the beginning of the week went but. I just want to say to you anything can f*ing happen just still campaign to me

N – OHH I am, I’m campaigning to everyone
T – anything can f*ing happen

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“Are you guys really going to let Christie survive the block three times in a row. you can’t beat that in the end “

2:35 pm Nick and Nicole
Nick says to stick with Michie and Holly “they are trustworthy. Tommy will never vote for you he’ll do whatever is best for him”

Nicole – I love him but I know what you are saying
Nick says use Michie and Holly as a shield “they like you and they know you are super loyal”
Nick – if you win HOH next week and I’m not here hook up with them
Nick saying that Tommy was all about getting Christie out last week now he is not mentioning anything about it.
Nick goes over all his points to campaign to Tommy. He Adds after he gets evicted Jess will put up Cliff and Tommy because she’s probably made a deal with Michie and Holly so she will put up Tommy and Cliff.

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Tommy – “HOLLY!!” Holly – “F**K YOU! EW EW EW!”

8pm Kitchen. The house guests are talking about the evil clowns they’re seeing in the mirrors of the house. Christie – I thought one was coming but it was the smoke from the mac & cheese. Holly – I was so scared in the HOH room by myself. Nicole – that’s what goes wrong in every horror movie. Lets split up and then they die. So we can’t split up ..we stay as a group all night. Good idea? Good idea?! The others agree. Jess – I will be the one that dies last .. I’m a v!rgin. The v!rgin always dies last. If they stay in the walls we’re fine. If they come out we’re dead.

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“oh my god are those condoms .. that’s hilarious”

1:05 pm Tommy and Jackson (planes overhead so parts are missed)
J – how are you feeling going into next week
T – taking it day by day. every day I’m scared.
T – my light is being dimmed with every person that goes out. I got to dig deep and find some new strength. HOw about you
J – Scared

T – it’s terrifying this game. You try not to be afraid of it. I have the same conversations with myself. This is a game the point of a game is to have fun. we play games in lif to have fun.
T – I find myself being scared and I’m trying to cut that out.
J – I’m having a blast. Alliances are f*ing shot
T – As far as I know there are no alliances.. which is crazy
J – Everyone has a plus one
T – I’m grateful being part of the group that ended up staying .. now we have more of an opportunity. with every person that goes out our odds increase.
Tommy brings up checking out the rule book to see how much money 3rd and 4th and 5th makes, “it’s 10, 75. 5 which is cool” (10 grand 7.5 grand and 5 grand)

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Christie “I would obviously love to come off the block. Who the f**k wouldn’t want to be safe?!”

12:05pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly.
Jackson tells Holly about how Nick told Christie his entire plan / pitch. Jackson – she said that he wanted to know if he had her vote. Holly – wow! WOW! Jackson – I think we should get Cliff and Nicole up here and tell them and use it to instill some more trust. Holly agrees. Jackson – and keep them in the loop 100%.. so it could potentially drive a wedge between Nicole and Nick. Holly – maybe. Jackson – that’s not really the main thing but I thought it could gain some trust. Holly – maybe it would but it also might get back to Nick. Jackson – and if Nicole did that, then Nicole is screwing us over and then Nick is on the way out the door. I don’t think she would. Holly – I just don’t know what good it would necessarily do .. because them knowing that he is America’s prankster is whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

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