Nick “Please don’t do anything stupid!” Bella – I’m not. I asked in the DR to give me a clear definition of what baiting is.”

HOH Winner: Nick
Nomination Plan: Nicole & Cliff

8pm Boat room. Kemi and Sam. Kemi – She (Bella) said that Jack, Jackson and I have had a final 3 since day like 3 and she claims that I was her closest person in this house .. and obviously Nick is. And I am close with her so why am I just hearing about this now? Sam – yeah I never heard all that and I never heard Bella trash talk you either. Kemi – not trash talk but campaign against. I heard you were campaigning pretty hard for me. Sam – I tried. Kemi – that she has to campaign for me but there have been a lot of things that I’ve said to her that she’s brought out .. brought to light. That like if I didn’t ask her, she never would have told me. Like that whole thing with Jack …and like she’ll spin it a certain way and this whole thing with Jackson. Everything gets spun in a certain way. And like I work in legal, like I know when people are g**king lying. Like when she starts tripping over her words and stuff like that. Like she is f**king lying but I just excuse it because like she is the only one I trusted in the game. And then to find out the conversation they had had in here was completely different the way she explained it from the way he explained it. When like he has no reason to lie. Its just disappointing .. and then I find out from other people that they’re the ones that told Jack that I wanted him out of the house and on the block. And that I wanted Sis that I wanted the two of them out. When in reality Nick was the one that said if I won I should put Jack and Sis up. Its a whole bunch of sh*t like planting seeds all over the place and everyone knows about it but won’t say anything. That’s why everyone was worried about the next HOH instead of who they were voting home. Sam – and its going to be awkward as balls. Kemi – everyone is going to kiss their a$$. But also you’re in camp comeback so talk. You have nothing to lose. Kemi – I am not a sore loser.

Nicole in the bedroom. I tried. I panicked. I spazzed out. We have to somehow detonate bombs so that the eight go against each other. I am so stupid! I know that show! I am so stupid! I didn’t stop and look at the big picture. Why am I such an idiot! Oh my god, I am officially one of the dumbest people ever but I can fix this. I could have won that. I was so nervous! Damn it! I don’t want them to put up Jess and Kat. Those are my people. I can fix this. They all have their own role. Bella’s roll was to get us into something to them blow it up. Why am I so stupid! Everyone ropes in little side people but I am in a catch 22 .. if Holly and Sis pull me side and ask what Nick told me ..if I tell them then it show I trust them and not Nick. And if I don’t tell them then I am siding with Nick and Bella. And of course Nick wins HOH!

Jack and Christie. Jack – we (Jack and Sis) talked right after the comp and we need to be cognizant of this.. Sis is like .. she got annoyed that I talked to you right after the comp. She said it kind of sucks talked to Christie right after and I am taking all the risk of being with you. Christie – oh no. Jack – I know. So I have to be cognizant of that. Christie – I hate that. Jack – its fine, she didn’t want to make it a big deal. I told her one night that I never wanted to get in the middle of you two and that I would stay away. Jack – it just needs to be understood that you’re my final one, she is not. F**K she’s in the f**king kitchen! F**K!

Kitchen. Bella is telling Nick about how Kemi and her got into it after the comp. Bella – she was like this. (up in her face) I had my hands down like this. I’m not a physical person. I would never ever ever in a million years. She was like why are you sitting there!? And I was like I can sit wherever the f**k I want. She was like why don’t you just go in the DR and I was like I’m waiting. That’s when she came up to me. Nick – so she was in your face .. and then what did Sam grab you away? Bella – yeah. Nick – just please don’t do anything stupid. Bella – I’m not. I asked in the DR what .. to give me a clear definition of what baiting is. Sis – what did they say? Bella – they didn’t tell me yet. They said if you ever feel like.. just walk away. I would never walk away but.. Nick – please, just .. I don’t want you to get in trouble. Bella – I’m not going to .. I’m a rule follower. Nick – I just don’t want anything to happen. Bella – I asked them if she just keeps harassing me, is that considered baiting? And they said they would give me answer.

Boat room. Kemi and Nicole.
Nicole – are you okay? Kemi – Yeah, I’m okay. I just wish that someone else had won. To say that I’m happy for them would be a f**king lie. Nicole – I know. Kemi – and then Bella and I got into it. Was I mean or anything? Nicole – no. Kemi – do you think that Amazon would be disappointed and not hire me? Or it was okay? Nicole – I don’t think so… you just have to be calm. Nicole – I’m starting to realize the dynamics. Kemi – who? Nicole – Jack and Sis, Michie (Jackson), Nick and Bella. They’re all together. I am just telling you. I just know. Kemi – do you think that if Jackson would have won this week.. would Nick and Bella have gone up? Nicole – I don’t know I’m starting to wonder. Kemi – Bella told me that Christie overheard Cliff talking to the cameras saying that you, Cliff and Ovi are in an alliance called like ZING. Nicole – Oh my god! This is why people are acting weird. Nicole – I am trying to think of how to make them blow up on each other. I wish that in the argument with Bella you had said well you called Holly a b***h and just see where it goes. ..because Nick called her a b***h the other day. Kemi – I’m going to talk to Holly because she said that she heard that Nick said that he wanted her up. Nicole – if you do get in an argument.. say that oh yeah you’re cool with everybody .. that’s why your telling me you would put up Jack and Sis. Kemi – I just exposed their whole game to Sam. Nicole – don’t screw over your whole game or your chance of coming back. Just state facts. Or call a house meeting! State specifics.. hit right in the gut. Just so you know I didn’t give you a sympathy vote .. they did to pin it. IT took that vote to make all the pieces click in my head.

8:50pm Bedroom. Kemi, Christie and Nicole. Christie – if you come back then you know where you lie with them. Kemi – and it sucks because if I had my choice of who to work with in the house .. alliances are what they are .. we all see them … It would be a different ball game. Christie – I know. When I was HOH that’s why I was like lets talk about alliances when I’m not HOH.

9pm Boat room. Jack, Sis, Holly Holly – it would be an idiot move for him (Nick) to target any of us. I don’t think he would. Jack – he will put up Cliff and Jess. Tommy – yeah but we have the votes so we have to tell him that we want Jess out. He will probably put Cliff and Jess up .. or Jess and Kat. Sis – no he told Kat that he had her back. Tommy – he might want Jess because they don’t get along. Cliff joins them. Tommy comments on how he doesn’t want Kemi treated like an outcast the whole week. Jack – Nick made it very clear that he doesn’t want Kemi in the HOH reveal.

9:20pm Bedroom. Jackson and Nick. Jackson – are you thinking Cliff and Nicole? Nick – ummm.. yeah, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. Jackson – or Jess and Nicole? Nick – I’m not worried about Jess. I mean, is she going to win? Jackson – honestly I don’t know. I don’t know these comps, I don’t know what’s coming. Nick – I’m way more worried about Nicole. And I think one of them has a power. Jackson – we can smoke it out. Nick – I’ll put up Nicole and say its because I think you have a power and put up Cliff and say its because he made a fake alliance named ZING. And that he’s America’s player. Jackson – can I borrow your shower this week? Nick – oh yeah for sure bud. Jackson – cool. Nick – is she (Holly) about it? (having $ex in the shower like Jack & Analyse) Jackson – if y’all are cool with it. If y’all don’t mind? Nick – yeah bro! I need that! Because I won that HOH because of it. Jackson – did you want to bring up Nicole being that vote? Nick – that would be the easiest way to.. Jackson – pin it on her? Nick – yeah. Jackson – she is freaking out about it. She is stressing.

9:50pm Bedroom. Nicole and Analyse Nicole and Analyse are talking about the rogue vote to evict Jessica. (It was Jackson) Nicole – I would never go out on a limb like that.. like especially not this early in the game. Hands to god it wasn’t me. I told Kemi, I am not voting to keep, I am voting with the house. I would never intentionally put myself in that position especially knowing that everyone was going to come up to me after and ask me about it. Analyse – I don’t think it was you either.

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Bella is going to do something stupid.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

A wise man once said “stupid is as stupid does”.


lmao. I just wrote that, and I hadn’t even read this comment. Well I guess another wise man said, “Great minds think alike.”


For sure!


Exactly your name!!!


Fingers crossed!


Stupid is as stupid does. You dang straight she’s going to do something stupid. She can’t help herself.




This could be a hard week to watch…or crazy fun depending on who Nick decides although I’m leaning to hard viewing

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Boring season so far!!! No game play whatsoever

This might be the worst season in BB History

another name

After the bugling crap to signal it’s time for Camper Kemi to get her uniform.
Jess now wonders when Kemi will be called to get her camp uniform…..
Jess says Sam won HOH.
Jess doesn’t think there is any discovery left in the house that could cause any implosion.

This is the only possibility for salvation in the whacktivity comp??

I think Jessica looked at Veronica’s season 16 game and said hold my beer.

Does Kraken come in an iv drip format, cus i think i’m dying.

another name

Holy Helen Keller.
Jess and Kat are talking game.
I can’t help it. I hear the Benny Hill theme as a background soundtrack.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

That was amazing to watch in the saddest way.


Two of the dumbest people in the house.


Am I the only one concerned and disturbed by the nonstop running water when anyone washes dishes? or brushes their teeth? WTF guys…doesn’t California have a water crisis? Turn the f***ing water off!!!


We had so much rain last fall/winter with El Nemo, we are out of the draught. I believe they recycle the water in the BB house on the lot. But, still yes it bothers this Californian


Good thing the cast gets tested for STD’s cuz they are horn dogs! I hope Flat Stanley lets it out that he was the rogue vote and fireworks erupt…we need something because this season ( and Anal) blows !

another name

How many secrets has Jack kept from Christie? Jackson told Jack.
How many secrets has Christie kept period.
Nick already figured it out, he just doesn’t appear to care and is willing to go with it. He shared his suspicion with Telebella.
Only a matter of time.

Not that she will remember it or ever admit it, but Jess told Jackson that Nicole was against him in the game last night. This is why Nicole was the target of choice.


Telebella… Love it… Perfect!


Yes I love BB but I am struggling to get into it this season. I don’t know if the cast does truely suck or we had such an amazing season last year that everything is a let down. There’s no real game play at all


Last year was too good…but at the same time I dont think any season comes close to the season they brought Paul back. That was the worst season ever and almost made me quit watching this show. Then last season came along and salvaged my BB relationship lol. This season isn’t THAT bad. If ya stop comparing it to last season and realize there are a lot more Fez’s in this season…then u realize this is ok. Is it great? No…but it’s still early and it’s moving along ok.



another name

Nick says he was reacting to Kemi’s accusations (he knew ahead of time she was going to call out his game, and knew what she was saying was right, and needed to cover). Nick overacts. not overreacts, overacts. He’s trying for righteous indignation, so of course he shows deranged. Overacting.