Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 10 Summary and Double Eviction Results

At this point Josh is starting to get worried about how Paul is playing, he feels that Paul is making game moves that really only benefits Paul’s game. Josh confronts Xmas about this but she doesn’t buy it, sounds like she thinks she can beat Paul in the final 2.  Xmas and Paul continue to reinforce Josh telling him that Paul playing the middle is best for them all. The tell Josh if Alex wins the HOH Paul can manipulate her to take out Kevin or Raven instead of Josh/Xmas.  Josh is worried that Jason/Alex will be pissed at him when he votes Jason out after telling them he was voting Kevin out. Josh is worried about jury votes, he’s worried about making enemies, and he likes Alex/Jason and doesn’t want to be a dick. 

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 8 Summary and Eviction Results

A Short Week in review..

Cody and Elena went out during the double eviction. Xmas won the Tales from Decrypt Head of Household competition. CBS shows her boasting she’ll make a BIG MOVE. We’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what this BIG MOVE is.

After Xmas nominates Jason and Matt, Jason wins the Veto and uses it on himself. Xmas is now able to hatch her Bad b1tch BIG MOVE and nominate Mark in his place. (I’m more mocking Xmas for saying she’s making a big move when she’s really making a pathetic move. Taking out Mark may be the best option for her game I’m not arguing that. I’m talking about her inflating it’s importance. A big  move would have been Jason or Alex getting backdoored.)

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 7 Summary and Double Eviction Results

Well folks.. Here we are the Double eviction. True to form CBS is treating us to no feeds, “But it will be worth it” they say, hardly. All that juicy awesomeness that happens after the double will be missed. I had some fun with this recap that I know will cause some of you great distress. the comments are there for you to vent at me. It’s just for fun. Enjoy ;)

Here’s how things went down

Jessica was evicted by a near unanimous vote. Cody, of course being her one vote to stay. In case you are wondering Jessica is not coming back, she’s on twitter. Julie also mentioned no Jury members will be returning. So hopefully this means there’s a damper on the late game twists. They’ve done enough damage already.

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 5 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Big Brother Spoilers A Crazy week in the Big Brother 19 house. Started with the entire house in the kitchen and Jess/Cody in that APSR. They started calling Jessica out to “ask you some questions” When she finally showed herself to address what they were saying..

Jessica takes on the house KABOOM

Alex, Josh, Raven, Paul, Christmas were essentially the people that participated in the blow up against Jessica/Cody. They bring up all the lies From the past weeks that have involved Jessica. Jess/Cody have been involved in a lot so everything is is brought up in perfect Big Brother Fashion. Alex and Raven seem hung up on the cat ears. Jessica is hung up on Alex putting her up. Raven completely flies off the handle. Jessica defended herself well and Cody kept quiet the entire time.

Jess and Cody retreat to the Hammock where the entire house follows them. Paul, Raven, Josh, Christmas and Alex continue yelling things at Cody and Jessica.

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 4 Summary and Live Eviction Results

This weeks Big Brother Spoilers summary is a bit short on game, not much really happened. There was a epic blindside planned but  Kevin spoiled that. Some might say it was a bit of snooze this week but under the surface (covers) there was some action. On Thursday morning Josh started terrorizing Mark reminiscent of Evel Dick BB18 and Dallas BBCAN5.  I encourage you to take a look at our ranking grid  and participate in the ranking here.

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Big Brother 19 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Cody was evicted as predicted but unlike the prediction the the vote was a little off. There was 3 votes thrown at Ramses and they were Christmas, Kevin and Jessica. The Big Surprise was Christmas, as we already knew Kevin was going to as he promised Paul on the feeds. For the houseguests having these 2 unknown votes caused all sorts of drama in the house as they houseguests work themselves in a knot trying to figure out the rogue votes.  The Head of Household Competition was a Spaceship themed wall endurance. Final 3 standing was Jason, Elena and Alex. Jason eventually falls off. It was amazing how well Jason did considering his size, historically the wall competition favours small light people. With Jason out is leaves Elena and Alex to make some deals. Elena offers a deal to Alex where Elena would drop if Alex would promise Elena protection for Elena and “Whoever else she wants safe” . Alex agrees, but later mentions how the “whoever else she wants Safe” is a bit vague and needs to be explained.

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Big Brother 19 Week 2 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Big Brother Spoilers Week 2

Groan… (not a Kraken Groan though)

Not the most exciting week. Everything Paul said he was going to do he was able to accomplish, no real surprises. Remember the BIG PLAN he had last week? He touted that Big Plan and asked people to throw the HOH to him. Many houseguests complied, a lot of them wanted Cody out anyways. At times it felt like 1/2 the house was playing for the chance to give Paul a back rub while the other 1/2 is playing to jury so that they can watch Raven win. There’s Hope!  Just look at the top two players in our Houseguest Ranker.

Here is how the week panned out.

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