Big Brother 17 Week 5 Summary and Live Show Results Jason Vs. Becky


Some drama from the week before influenced the early nominations plans but in the end Shelli, Clay, Austin, LIz and Vanessa stuck true to the 6th sense alliance.

In detail
The week starts with Jackie and Vanessa winning the HOH. Austin had a heart to heart with Jason. Or how he would put it an Emotional conversation that was “real”. During the conversation he talked about the twins and how he likes the one, Liz. He said he doesn’t care for the other one Julia. If they target the other twin and leave LIz safe he’s good. All he wants is to get to Jury because he loves liz.

Unbeknownst to Jason, Austin had already talked this over with Liz this was his plan to help protect the twins (His execution was muddled). Jason took the information gathered from this conversation and told the house. He painted Austin as the head of a three headed monsters (Liz-Austin-Julia) dragged his name through mud and got a sizable amount of people to support him. Shelli, Vanessa and Clay found out and panicked, they told Julia Austin was after her. They all freaked out. Vanessa grilled Austin on his conversation with Jason. He didn’t tell her the truth, they freak out again. They decide to target Austin, Vanessa using this Lie has her main reason. Shelli’s paranoia also fed a lot of this. They form an alliance called dark moon that was targeting Austin and the twins. Dark moon was composed of Jackie, Becky, James, Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Meg and Jason. A final 8 alliance. The nominations were James and Liz for Jackie, Clay and Becky for Vanessa. The plan was for JAckie to be the final HOH take out Austin or Liz.

Clay and Becky lose the BOB, plans change. Vanessa would have to be the one to send Austin out which is something she didn’t want to do. Clay wins the Power of Veto. Forcing Vanessa to make a decision.

Once Vanessa got a chance to talk to Liz and Austin she figures out Liz never told Julia that Austin was going to talk to Jason. Austin apologized for his lies and everything got sorted out. Shelli’s paranoia really started up gain but this time to benefit Austin. She begin to think the other side was trying to get Clay out this week. She had claims that James was not Throwing the BOB. Her and clay Start to distrust the other side.

The target shifted to Jason Sunday night. For a hot minute Jackie was going up. Come monday morning during the POV we got the first real blindside of the year and Jason went up as the replacement nomination. Clay of course saved himself. After the blindside something unexpected happened. The blindside blame actually stuck to Clay and Shelli. Shelli/Clay started telling everyone they only found out about the going up at the last minute. Vanessa tells them Shelli and Clay were in on the plan from the get go. Meg, Jason, Jackie and James blame the blindside on Shelli. They have identified Shelli as the Head of the other side.
The bottom line is they cannot make any moves unless they win a HOH, Something they are having difficulty doing.

Jason’s campaign was muted and centered around telling people he deserve to stay in the house more than Becky who was recruited via her tinder profile. Kinda expected more from Jason. Still he was a fun character.

(Personal note.. would be nice if things got mixed up this week)

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How did the week go down LINKS

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 18-30-32-802_jpg

Summary of live show

Battle on the block is over. First solo HOH is endurance.

JohnnyMac votes to evict Jason
Austin votes to evict Jason
Liz votes to evict Jason
Meg votes to evict Becky
Steve votes to evict Jason
Clay votes to evict Jason
Jackie votes to evict Jason
Shelli votes to evict Jason
James votes to evict Becky
Final vote is 7-2

Evicted Houseguest is Jason

[envira-gallery id=”125039″]
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 18-40-00-348_jpg

Liz tells Jason to have fun watching from his moms basement.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 18-47-59-686_jpg

Twins enter the game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 18-54-53-229_jpg

The Head of household competition is endurance.. watch it on the Live feeds Free for the first week.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 19-10-30-503_jpg

Endurance comp on the feeds!!!

Top 3 Animated Gifs of the week

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Audreys Balls

Thank you.


Big Brother Hall of Fame


Thank you, Dawg and Simon.


Simon, I didn’t write that! Every two weeks, I’ll announce the next inductee. It’s got to be wtfe wrote this. That’s not me!


Simon, you & dawg deserve the lifetime achievement award inductee into hall of fame. I did not write that. Take a look at my comments. That’s is not me.


Simon, I didn’t write this comment either. Must be two imposters in here. Wtfe is my favorite.


Who are you?
Your imposter!


Whoever cast this season at CBS needs to be FIRED!!!! They went safe because they didn’t want racist, crazy misogynist, anti-gay, or ageist stuff happening this season. But, this is Merica and that is how we roll. Trying to construct a reality show without those elements happening is like trying to make whipped cream without cream and sugar; it just ain’t right or worth eating or watching in this case.


BOTB really sucks out potential for power shifts, even if Jackie/James (not bothering to include meg because she sucks) pulled out an HOH they would just be dethroned and backdoored. It’d be really nice if the “takeover” this week was to end BOTB.


Only way things have a chance to change is if Jackie/James wins both HoH’s. They’d have to target both Shelli and Vanessa. I’d like Shelli and Vanessa to play against Clay and Liz leaving Austin and Julia open to take a spot if Veto is used.


PERFECT! I’ll take any combo of who would have the 6th Sense as targets, but would prefer a backdoor for Vanessa – just desserts!


If you love you some J-Mac, gimme a thumbs up!

If you love Shelli, give me a thumbs down!

Come to Play the Game!

I agree. These “twists” blow.


I hope bbtakeover happens tonight and also if shelli wins hoh and nobody wants to target her next week then everyone is a dumbass. Shelli will steam roll again. I don’t like her on a game and personal level she so annoying. And when she talks game to anyone she has this grin.


Sorry guys, in next two weeks. I’ll announce the next inductee. Right now, I’ll give you the run down
2015 big brother Hall of fame class of 2015 inductees
-Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13)
-Simon & Dawg ( 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award
-Erika Landin (BB4 & BB7:All-Stars)
-Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13)
-Joshuah Welch (BB9)
-Sheryl Crow (BB3) Celebrity Wing inductee
-Sue Hawk (BB2) Survivor Boeneo Celebrity Wing Inductee
In two weeks, I’ll announce the next inductee. And no, it will not Cancelled!!!


Who is this imposter!? This is not the real Hall of Fame! I cancelled this week. Wtfe stop joking!

Dawg and Simon always Lifetime Achievement inductees in Hall of Fame.


Hey, I’m the real Captainwedgiearchnemesis!!


Thanks Simon!!!


yah julie thank you that the bob is over but will there be hn comp this week. And also another thing will be there bbmvp twist or something is up.


Julia is coming and Battle of the Block is over. Let the new head games begin.


I wonder if botb is over for the season or just this week im praying for the season and praying Jackie or james can pull out this endurance win Jason is going to be so mad when he sees its endurance but your right Simon I expected him to fight harder


Simon, Can you check my emails and see who is the real Captainwedgiearchnemesis?


Kudos to Jason….classy exit. Johnnymac’s family interview…..where was his twin brother?


Liz goodbye message is so cruel and evil. I lost all of my respect for her. Hope she’s going home this week. What a b*tch.


The poll has changed quite a bit. Becky in 3rd?! And Vanessa 2nd. Interesting.

BoB is my favorite

With 12 house guests remaining, the odds of Meg, James, John, or Jackie winning HoH is 33% without the battle of the block.

With the battle of the block, odds are only 9% that two of them both win HoH (4/12 *3/11).

With the high chances of the battle of the block being thrown, eliminating BoB increases the odds of an “outsider” winning BoB by 24%.

Note that I am assuming that both Becky and Steve would be in Vanessa or Shelli’s pocket as HoH.


I hope julia gets pissed off that Austin didnt go home and turns on her alliance

Shelli the Pack Mule @DonnerPass

But, Lizulia! We carried you this far, don’t turn on us.
Wait, what is she doing to my Claby?
Give him back.


Go Jackie, go James! For the love of God, go! I’d say JMac, but not sure who he’d put up.


Everybody say it with me: Aaaaaaaamen!

Praise baby Jesus…or JMac….the BOB is no more!


BOB is over. Yayayayayayayayayay. James and Jackie and hopefully Meg pull out a win pls.

another name

getting ready for the what a b!t(h comments about Liz’s goodbye message. though, funny thing imo: When she said it I thought she was channeling Jason. Exactly the kind of thing he said about people while in the house.
yeah. it was pretty b!t(hy. surprised he didn’t appreciate it more.
End of BOB. production doesn’t want the steamrolling to continue either.

April in Paris

Oh please oh please let Jackie Meg or James win and put up 2 sixth sense members!


I agree w/out Jackie

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Jason’s interview was classy. He’s very articulate.

Liz is a BITCH.

April in Paris

Everyone watch for hands to come out by ankles and push. Oh look Steve has hoodie, did he get a hood up, I mean a heads up?


Lol a Johnny Mac bio…not the ones on the block? Weird…CBS is ass backwards scrambling since audrey…
Purple shirts no julia didn’t know lol
James better not fuck up!


Oh come on. Jason can dish it , but he can’t take it.

Canadian Kevin

Go Other Side!!!

I want to see jackie win. Lets see if she’s as vindictive as the other side thinks!

I hope she is.


liz is the nastiest person every. She deseves a dirt bad like Austin. And Vans do not lie to me is full of it when she is the biggest one. What happened to her LGBTQ connection. DONE WITH THIS CRAPPY SHOW!!!!!!


I know it rarely happens but I wish we could see the endurance comp on the feeds


Since we didn’t see Johnny Macs twin with his family, I thought he was going to walk in the Big Brother house after Julia.


I just noticed the HOH is an endurance. Good for Jackie. Good for James. Good for JMac. Not as good for the rest. YAY!


thumbs up if you think Jason will be on BB18.

Oh Mylanta

Anyone have a link for a live feed stream? I’ve got a feeling this could go on for hours. So many people are going to want this one.


Sadly, Shelli is built well for this comp. Let’s hope her age and lack of working out all summer hurts her. The twins both have a good frame for this comp. Not looking good for the other side of the house going into this endurance. James is small and light, so he has a chance. Jackie’s grit may help her, but she looks like she is wasting a lot of energy staying flexed all the time, even when the wall is vertical. J-Mac could win this, but he may choose not to in order to continue flying under the radar with no blood on his hands. Becky’s boobs may make her too heavy, no joke. Megs knees are too bad. Austin is too heavy but his promise of a kiss will make him hold on longer than most guys his size, and Clay may be too heavy as well. Steve is just too physically weak. Jason would have killed this comp. My bet right now is on one of the twins, probably the one who just came into the house, or Jackie.


Battie of the block is finally over. ????

Missing Ranceypants

I’ll admit Liz’s goodbye message wasn’t classy, but have we all forgotten that Jason referred to her as “fat Beth” when initially figuring out the twin twist? Those words hurt too!


Love the Julia gif. Looking forward to getting to know her!


Power shift? This comp should be all James or Jackie. Short and stout win this all the time. Tall and lanky have no chance.


Can’t take this sixth sense alliance much longer….they make me sick! Hoping for either Clelli or Vanessa on the block then that pompous ass Austin… Liz is a real ” c ” word with that stupid good bye msg to Jason


So whats are your bets on how many days it takes Austin to admit he is pisssed Julia and Liz spend so much time together? I say by Monday he blows a fuse over it. He will try to act like he is cool with it for a few days while it kills him inside.

Will make for good viewing seeing him slowly lose his mind with jealousy and insecurity.

I give him till Saturday to tell someone in the house “I hate Julia”


Missing Ranceypants

Why do people insist on ignoring facts? Jason said mean things about people all season, why was any of that ok? Because it was “funny”? Or is it just more acceptable for a guy to call a perfectly healthy looking girl fat more than it is for a girl to comment on a man’s economic status?


Liz, you know what? Jason is right…you are a nasty “ho”!


Honestly feel like Jason got a really good edit on the show. They made it seem like he did everything in his power and like he fought to the end when really he didn’t. He sat, smoked, and talked a whole lot of shit, finally on Wednesday night he made a bogus plea to shelli and clay. Not even trying to sway johnnymac, Steve, Austin, and Liz votes.


Liz is an evil person Jayson is out of the house have some class Liz